Nutrition 101

Are you trying to learn the basics of healthy eating? Congrats, you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s the syllabus (we’re working on adding more…hold tight…) :

1. All food is made up of 3 Macronutrients

Protein – is way over-hyped – read the Protein Marketing Myth

Carbohydrates – you need carbs, even if you have diabetes. Read the Truth about Carbohydrates

Fats – are not evil; read Fast Facts about Fats and Oils


2. Food also contains many Micro-nutrients

Vitamins – info coming soon

Minerals – info coming soon


3. Nutrition Buzzwords and what they mean

Antioxidants – Here’s why they are important for your brain

Omega 3 – A beneficial fatty acid. Here’s the lowdown with an enlightening chart

Fiber – don’t settle for farting fiber

Cholesterol – clearing up the confusion about cholesterol (and eggs)



Sugars – added to many foods to increase flavor  – do you know all the synonyms for sugar?

MSG – what is it and what to look for on labels

CaffeineHow much in various foods / beverages ?


 5. How to read nutrition labels

Coming soon. In the meantime – use our free apps :-)


What else do would you like to know?

Comment below and we’ll be sure to add more information with time.

  • Sherry

    I’d like to know how to use the Food Points please.

    • Rachel

      The Food Points system is very similar to other leading points system where you have a daily allotment based on your dietary goals. The fewer points the better.

      Our calculation is based on the amount of:
      Fat, and
      in a product. In order to calculate your daily food points needs, it is best to consult with a dietitian who knows your personal medical history, body type, and exercise level.

    • Liz

      I’d also like to know how to use the food points, please. Thanks

      • Derek McLaughlin

        Motion Third-ed. More info on the Food Point por favor!

        • Casey


    • Martha Linskey

      These are equal to Weight Watcher Points but they can’t use the brand name weight watcher. WW calculates how many points a day one should eat to lose weight by calculating many factors including age, height, weight, activity level, etc.

    • Kitten

      Food points are used with the Weight Watchers program.

  • Debera

    Trying to figure it all out myself Sherry. This is really a great idea to help those of us who are incharge of our families eating habits. Looking forward to using this app to it’s maximum ability.

  • Tammy

    Please include nitrite-free meats, along with hormone-free dairy and meat products.

  • donna

    i would like to know if garlic powder has any gluten in it.

    • Barbara D Holtzman

      It would depend on the manufacturer, but generally, as it’s powdered garlic, and garlic doesn’t have gluten in it, probably not. It certainly wouldn’t have wheat gluten in it, unless it was manufactured in equipment that also processed wheat or other gluten containing stuff.

  • Shannon Brinkly

    salt!! please, information about salt

  • Pilar

    “Yerba mate” How much Caffeine does it have? and what are the benefits?
    Mate is a tradicional drink from Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. It’s coming from the “yerba mate tree”. There isn’t much information about it.

    • Maggie

      yerba mate doesn’t have any caffeine in it actually. its energizing effects come from the chemical compound “mateine” which acts similarly to caffeine, but without the sudden rush of energy or the inevitable crash afterward.

  • Susan

    Is there a way to get carbohydrate info from this app?

    • Fooducate

      Yes, if you choose to see detailed product info, you can see the entire nutrition facts panel.

    • Fooducate

      Yes, if you choose to see detailed product info, you can see the entire nutrition facts panel.

  • Rochelle

    Is there a way to find out which food are better/worse for lowering your cholesterol?

    • Eddie Villarruel

      Foods that are high in fiber can help but the best way to lower your cholesterol is through exercise. Fibers will act as a bulking agent in your gut and prevent some cholesterol from being absorbed. Also, avoid or limit foods high in cholesterol which are usually only found in animal products (egg yolk, red meats, some seafoods, etc)

      HDL levels are usually only raised through exercise so this is your first line of defense against hypercholesterolemia. (HDL is a substance in your body that will pick up excess cholesterol that LDL leaves behind. Hence why you hear that you want your LDL levels to be low and HDL levels to be high)

      Source: I am a nutrition science student at Indiana University-Bloomington. I have been studying nutrition for four years.

    • Dawn Cyrus

      Cholesterol is a much needed hormone! Be careful & don’t lower it too much or you’re asking for a host of other health problems!

      • Michele

        Your body makes all the cholesterol you need, unless you have a rare genetic anomaly. Eliminating as much from your diet as possible is a good thing.

        • Dean

          False. There is nothing wrong with cholesterol. Watch:

          • Michele

            Eddie V is dead on. Yes there is emerging research showing that inflammation has played a significant part in cardiovascular disease. The extreme low-fat diets did not support anti-inflammatory and actually initiated moderate pro-inflammatory responses. Cholesterol is vital for hormone production, fluidity in cell membranes and neuro function. As with everything in the body homeostasis is key and deviation in either direction has physiological repercussions. As our body in most cases makes adequate amounts of cholesterol it is recommended to have a predominately plant based diet (as cholesterol is found in animal products) with a heavy emphasis on fish. Not only to provide lower cholesterol intake but also increase intake of anti-inflammatory compounds from omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in addition to the powerful impact of phytonutrients.

            Research comparing low-carb diets and the Mediterranean diet (which is high in essential fatty acids and unrefined carbohydrates) shows long term success rates over low-carb diets. In any eating plan, Protein plays a vital part; preventing muscle wasting, control of blood sugars and helping to maintain a “fed” state for longer time periods (which will allow for your body to burn calories instead of holding on to them when in a “fasting” state).

            Saying there is nothing wrong with cholesterol as a generic statement is not science based. Go straight to the peer-review journal articles yourself and follow up on developing research. As we have seen in the past, as science progresses we gain new understanding of how the body functions in a healthy state and what divergences have occurred in a disease state.

            BS in Dietetics from UNCO, Completed a Dietetic Internship of 1200 hours and 3 weeks away from sitting for RD exam.

          • danaleck

            Debunked Dean: please check out:
   and/or read The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell.

        • danaleck

          You are right Michelle, what you don’t need is the bad cholesterol from animal sources.
          Please check “”

      • danaleck

        Your body produces cholesterol naturally, what you don’t need is the bad cholesterol from animal sources.
        Please check “”

    • danaleck

      Please watch “Forks Over Knives”. My husband had high cholesterol for years and even medications wouldn’t bring it down to safe levels, that is until we watch the above documentary. Easiest, within your reach, free of medications now. Good luck!

  • Diana

    I’ve had the app for a while: it is the best app out there!! Love it in the grocery store, and live it for following weight watchers points

  • Ninja

    What about sodium?

  • Ruthie

    Do you have a way I can track what I eat? Like calorie counting?Or will you soon?

    • Fooducate

      Our iphone app v 3.00 allows you to track your food.

  • rosey

    I purchased the fooducate for diabetes but it won’t download on my smartphone…please help

    • Fooducate

      please email with details and we will do our best to help!

  • Guest

    Do a Gluten Free category. :D

  • Shanise Hatcher

    Y’all have the vegan and vegetarian selections… Can you make a gluten free selection for android too?! :D That would be great! I mostly want it for a friend of mine.

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  • portiasmaid

    I don’t understand how to enter food I ate – I keep getting messages that I should do it, but I can’t figure out how it works.

    • Fooducate

      Please contact support at fooducate dot come and we will be happy to help

  • Cheryl

    is a vegan diet healthy and safe?

    • Karen Luecke Belfi

      Sure, like any diet, if you eat properly. :)

  • nicole

    Please bring to Canada!!

  • Kristine

    I’d really like to know if which foods contain Genetically Modified Organisms and which don’t. For my money, a natural, healthy whet bread that is genetically engineered get’s an automatic F!

  • Laurie Candela

    I would like to know about phytonutrients.

  • JimD

    I like the App a lot, but here is a thought for your user interface: have a tab where you can create your shopping list through the app. For example: Enter what you regularly purchase today….research the quality of what those products are…look for alternatives…create an amended list and go shopping. If when you’re shopping and your anticipated purchase item is not on the shelf, bring it up on the phone app, look for an acceptable alternative and purchase accordingly. You can do this with the app as it is, but it’s one item at a time, so unless you have HOURS to shop, it tends to be short-circuited and you loose out in the short run. Your available data is massive and would be a great research/planning tool.

    • turanjr

      Great information

      Best 3 weeks diet

    • Katie

      Love this idea! I need this type of help with choices!!

  • Kim Leary Smith

    If a product contains GMO ingredients

    • Karen Luecke Belfi

      They have that!

  • Kitten

    This is one of the best apps! I use it whenever I am shopping and I want to check on the “grade” of a new food I am interested in. I recommend this to anyone that is health conscious or in the process of changing their bad habits into good ones!

  • Karen Luecke Belfi

    What does the net calories mean on the health tracker?

    • Fooducate

      Net calories = total calories consumed through food and drink minus calories burned through exercise

  • Marggie

    I would love, love, love, to see full nutrition data including; all essential vitamins, fats, amino acids, minerals and trace minerals, for all foods both whole and packaged.

    GI rating for low-carb no-carb diets would also be great.

    • Tam

      I would also love to see full nutrition data. I’m not interested in my calorie consumption but in nutrient consumption.

  • Garrett

    Argh.. I lose internet connection in the grocery store!

  • Sharon Bird

    I would like to know if modified food starch is OK? Usually it is listed as corn starch. Also, I know high fructose corn syrup should be avoided. What if it is just corn syrup (not high)

  • Kari Jo

    Please make an app for the windows phone!!

  • db

    Is there a way to use this site to journal what you eat daily and to get a grade for each day?

    • Diane

      Is there? I would really prefer editing online on my computer than on my mobile device/app.

      • David Ozuna Quezada

        That would be great if we could synchronized with our PC as well.

  • Kathy

    When will your app be available for iPad?

    • Fooducate

      It’s already available. Search fro Fooducate.

  • Gay

    I’d like to find diet information for CKD

  • michael healey

    I like to know how to use Food Points????

  • gabriela

    Hello, how about un app for BlackBerry , Please, noy just for BB10, for any BB :)

  • Katherine Brown Requilman

    I am trying to learn how to buy low salt foods

  • Darcy

    A listing of your A foods that we can click on from the main menu headings

  • Josée Sévigny

    Do you have a feature comparison page for your apps? I know some of the features are the same and prices are similar but what is in one that is not in the other?

  • Guest

    I would like to know what foods contains GMO ingredients.

  • KayLynne Schaller

    please add “water” to Nutrition 101 list so I can use it in my Junior High “Healthy Foods” classroom!

  • Coco

    Couldn’t use in the grocery store or internet
    no internet!

  • Barb

    Unfermented soy is toxic. Why don’t you mention that?

  • Amy Graves Mugnolo

    My iphone premium app keeps shutting down when I am using it. The app is nice if it didnt keep force closing!

  • lillyrose

    I would like to know if you are going to have a diabetes app for android….it would sure help many people…….please, please, please…..thanks

    • ToledoSteve

      I 2nd, 3rd, and 4th this one! I noticed that your app tracks DAILY totals, but for diabetics we also need MEAL and SNACK totals, as well as DAILY totals. I will pay for this update!

      • danaleck

        Please highly recommend you to watch “Forks Over Knives” it address your issue. Best luck!

    • danaleck

      Check out “Forks Over Knives” it addresses best, easiest cure to diabetes.

  • Leslie

    i’d like to know what companies produce food compassionately. for instance, are there companies that produce eggs or dairy in a humane way?

  • lucyshoe

    I want whatever I actually type in to be the first thing that comes up.

  • Casey

    How do you find out what your personal Food Point count is?

  • Glenda Phillips Waring

    Knowing all of the synonyms for gluten is helpful to newly diagonised Celiac people.

  • bigbob1000

    OK, I have the app, and have scanned some foods into the app. How do I locate the food that I scanned?

    • kjwowlb

      Recent list.

  • angie

    It’d be awesome to get a grade for the day! Since the foods are graded, I’d love for there to be a feature to take our daily food journal and give us an average grade for the day. I want to challenge my boyfriend to eat healthier, not just be within his calorie limit.

  • WinPh8

    Windows Phone 8 please! Used the app on Android and loved it. Moved to Windows Phone 8, will never go back to Android or iPhone.

  • James

    How about information about fasting. Also it would be interesting if your app could figure out what foods in a specific store are healthy and where to find them in your location. If there was a way to get a list of the stock on the selves of big name stores like Giant, Walmart you could list there healthiest foods. Like JimD said it would be nice to be able to log your shopping list in the app as you buy. Adding a scanner feature for this would be ideal, because it would allow the shopper to quickly scan and keep moving. After a food is scanned other healthier foods could be suggested immediately after a scan according the to the stores stock log.

  • Cap

    Most people pretty much have identical shopping lists from week to week (with minor changes from week to week). I would love to see somebody develop a diverse recipe list based on the common items that a buyer regularly purchases.

  • maddy

    Would love to be able to have the site list A+ foods for planning meals.

  • MP

    Need app for Windows Phone please.

  • SteveK

    I would like to know if there is a way to print out what you have entered over several weeks?

  • Katiebird713

    Recipes, PLEASE!

  • stephanie

    I think that you should add a notes section to the daily food diary. That way a person can add how they feel at the end of the day after a meal.

    • Fooducate

      We have it! In the health tracker, just tap “add” then “note”

  • Maleeka

    Is it possible to add your own recipes that you eat often to make it quicker and easier to add your foods each day?

  • iladybug

    I have only been using the app for a week. So far I like it but is there a way to see your meals and track your food online? Sometimes it is just easier to do it from a computer.

  • Food Allergy Gal

    More on Food Allergies would be awesome!!!! More clear identifiers especially for the hidden allergens that are not required to be listed on packaging in the US- like CORN and Sesame! More information about food allergies in products like shampoos and conditioners.

  • Laura Garcia

    Can the syllabus to measurements per serving be included in the app? Example; iced tea 1 serving = 1 g What does the “g” stand for?

    • Fooducate


  • RMN

    A way to save products to a grocery list would make this app 100x more useful!

  • ronart

    i hope you are still going to update this section:

    2. Food also contains many Micro-nutrients

    Vitamins – info coming soon

    Minerals – info coming soon

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