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A list of helpful resources to better understand nutrition and nutrition labels:

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  • Kyle J. Merriam

    How does one get a Kyocera Rise phone to SCAN a barcode with this app? HOW???????

    • Kim

      I have the same question!! It worked great on my Galaxy s3, but I went to a cheaper wireless service and got a Kyocera Rise. Put my purchased app on it , but it won’t scan any bar codes!!


  • Kriek

    When will a Windows Phone 8 app be available?

  • Cookie

    Why can I only use food tracker on my iPhone and not my Mac. I need to print it out for my coach,

    • Jennifer Lazzarini

      I need to know the same thing. Has anyone been able to do this? Would be great if the food tracker was online and on the phone.

      • Fooducate

        On our to do list…

        • JustMe

          when will the report feature be available. My doctor needs my food diary information, but I cant print out :(
          Sadly, I may have to switch apps…

  • vacuumation

    Are you guys hiring? I have a background in nutritional research.

  • Pamela Schmitt

    I need to print this for my nutritionist and want to purchase the lifetime service. I will not do this if i can’t print this. would not be worth my time.

  • steve8004

    Hello. I received an email from your site telling me about an app to add ingredients from a recipe in order to calculate the nutritional values per serving. I need to use this on my computer. Can you tell me where to find it?

  • Gypsy Victoria McKinney

    Need to print out for a daily food meal plan for family..!!!