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Hello and welcome to Fooducate!

My name is Hemi Weingarten. A few years ago, as a father of three babies in the San Francisco Bay area, I tried my best to buy and prepare healthy food for my family. But as the toddlers grew older and started eating solids, each trip to the supermarket became more challenging.

So many products. so many health claims, nutrients, and ingredients. So many promises by manufacturers.

Despite being a high tech exec with a graduate degree under my belt, I found it difficult to make rational, information-based decisions for a task as simple as putting groceries into my shopping cart.

Do my kids really need to drink juice?

How much sugar is too much in a breakfast cereal?

What are nitrates?

            Should we avoid all food colorings?

Is just a tiny bit of trans fat OK?

What about those yogurts especially designed for young children?

Which pasta sauce is more nutritious?

I was confused.

So I decided to do something about it. I began to educate myself by voraciously reading books and web articles about the modern food system, nutrition, and food preparation. At some point I decided that I need to share this information with other people, so that they too will be able to make better choices. And thus Fooducate was born.

Fooducate is a personal grocery advisor, helping people make healthy food choices for their families. Fooducate’s nutrition app is available online and for iPhone and Android mobile devices.

We also publish a daily tip (more or less), where you’ll find tips and tricks to help make you a better shopper of nutritious food. Topics include nutrition fact labels, hard to pronounce ingredient names, “health claims”, and other marketing tricks to watch out for at the supermarket. We also discuss current events and public health policy.

Fooducate is not funded by the food, drug, diet or supplement industries. Nor does Fooducate sell, peddle, distribute or otherwise offer magic pills, secret celebrity diets, and/or exotic supplements.

We’re here to help you.

Thanks for reading!

-Hemi and the Fooducate team


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  • Kelly

    Received the following email from Kraft foods after I sent an email about my concerns about the mac & cheese product ingredients in the US vs Europe. Thought you would be interested in how they try sway me to their other products (which I have used and prefer) while still not addressing the concerns about the ingredients in the mainstream mac & cheese. Also, would like to mention that the more acceptable forms offered (ORGANIC Etc.) are ALWAYS more expensive. I believe all this email campaign did was help them to justify the cost differencial and to help them forecast their target market numbers.

    Dear Valued Consumer,

    We received your recent e-mail about our Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

    We completely understand that as a parent, nothing is more important than your family’s health and well-being. That is one reason Kraft Foods is so dedicated to making the safety and quality of our products our top priority.

    So that is why we follow the guidelines of government agencies that are responsible for the safety of our food. In the United States, Kraft Foods only uses ingredients that have been recognized as safe for food use in accordance with U.S. Food & Drug Administration regulations. We will continue to use the current ingredients, which are recognized as safe.

    Our products around the globe are different to reflect local preferences and tastes. Yet we use the same standards to select ingredients, always putting safety first.

    We know some people prefer products made without artificial ingredients so we now offer more choices. For products with no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors, you might want to consider Kraft Organic Macaroni & Cheese in White Cheddar or some of the Macaroni & Cheese dinner options in our Back to Nature line. We hope you’ll give them – and some of our other Back to Nature products – a try.

    Just so you know, our Macaroni & Cheese products are sold primarily in the United States and Canada. Although we have a variation of pasta and cheese products in Scotland/northern England and Australia, neither has made any changes to their recipe since 2006.

    Thank you for sharing your concerns. Your views on our products are very important to us and we take them to heart.


    Kim McMiller

    Associate Director, Consumer Relations

  • Timothy D. Lytton

    I am a regular reader of Fooducate.

    I am writing to share with you my recently completed article:

    “Signs of Change or Clash of Symbols: FDA Regulation of Nutrient Profile Labeling” (available for download now on the Social Science Research Network; forthcoming Vol. 19, No. 2 Health Matrix (2010)).

    The article analyzes the new generation of front-of-package and store-shelf nutrition labels. It examines symbols of approval such as the Heart Check Mark and the Smart Choices Logo as well as more complex nutrition rating systems such as Guiding Stars and NuVal.

    This new generation of nutrition symbols and ratings—which I refer to collectively as nutrient profile labeling—is a complex phenomenon that encompasses a variety of different types of label claims, and this has complicated the task of figuring out how to regulate it. In the article, I argue that the FDA’s existing regulatory framework governing nutrient content claims on food labels is well suited to address concerns about fraudulent and misleading claims raised by nutrient profile labeling.

    Several types of nutrient profile labels fall squarely within existing regulatory categories. For example, many labels present simple quantitative statements, such as “200mg of sodium,” or they make explicit or implied descriptive claims that a product is high in fiber, low in fat, or a good source of calcium. Such label statements are already covered by existing regulations that require quantitative statements to be accurate and descriptive claims to conform to FDA definitions.

    Some types of nutrient profile labels, however, don’t fit so neatly into existing regulatory categories. For example, they may present only a symbol of approval indicating that a food is, overall, of high nutritional value. I propose that existing regulations governing use of the term “healthy” on food labels be applied to such symbols. FDA regulations require that any food labeled “healthy” must contain requisite amounts of nutrients such as calcium, iron, and fiber while not exceeding limits for fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Under my proposal, symbols of approval indicating that a food is of overall high nutritional value would have to meet this standard. Symbols like the Smart Choices Logo, that recommend foods of low nutritional value on the basis that they are more nutritious than similar foods of even lower nutritional value, would no longer be permitted.

    Other types of nutrient profile labels are more complex, rating the overall nutritional value of food, for example on a scale of zero to three, or one to one hundred. With regard to these labels, I propose that the FDA develop multiple definitions for overall nutritional value—a graduated scale of healthiness—that would provide a regulatory standard for ratings.

    I address concerns raised by the food industry that more aggressive FDA regulation of food labels would violate the First Amendment’s protection of commercial speech. I also address concerns that allowing nutrient profile labels at all merely exacerbates what Michael Pollan and others have called “nutritionism” and facilitates the marketing of highly processed industrial foods that are bad for humans and the environment.

    The paper may be downloaded at: http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1510283. I would also be happy to send a copy for your convenience.
    Timothy D. Lytton is the Angela & Albert Farone Distinguished Professor of Law at Albany Law School where he teaches Regulatory Law & Policy, Constitutional law, Administrative Law, and Torts. He can be reached at tlytt@albanylaw.edu.

  • Fiona Posell

    Just came across your site and want to congratulate you. I especially like that you have no industry affiliations. You’re on a commendable mission. Happy New Year.

  • http://www.cookusinterruptus.com/ Cynthia Lair

    Just found your site. Great stuff. I will check in often. You might consider having a look at our web cooking show at web site associated with this post. Similar missions, different format…

  • http://definingyourhome.blogspot.com Cameron (Defining Your Home)


    I am a home, garden and travel writer. I recently found a website that is using my content and my photos without my permission.

    Your content is also being used on that website. If you haven’t given them permission to republish your articles in full, then you need to let Google Adsense know. The site is

    ureader dot org

    I have had success in getting these content scrapers blocked by reporting them to Google and reporting them to other companies/bloggers/writers whose content or names are being used without permission.

    Best wishes,

    Defining Your Home, Garden and Travel

  • http://sweettater.wordpress.com Katie (Sweet Tater)

    wonderful site. thanks for all the quality information.

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  • http://www.eatyourheartoutsnacks.com Amy Sinaiko

    Dear Hemi
    I was thrilled to come across your article titled Why Michelle Obama’s Initiative to Reduce Childhood Obesity Will Fail. I am the owner of a woman owned small natural snack food company, EAT YOUR HEART OUT! and have been working with the USDA’s FNS and Commodity Processing directors in an effort to bring my Crunchy Apple Cinnamon Wedges into the national school lunch program. As a member of Main St and not Wall St it is extremely challenging to garner entry into this arena where the big food monsters have the clout and lobbyists onboard to push their unhealthy nutrient poor products into the schools and onto the plates of ever child in the US attending public school. I would be very interested in speaking with you… may we schedule a conference call?
    Thank you for bringing a voice of reality to the First Lady Michelle Obama’s initiative and the need for a major paradigm shift.
    Amy SInaiko
    332 Bleecker St
    NYC, NY 10014

  • http://www.fastfoodfree.org Koa Halpern

    Dear Hemi and the Fooducate team,
    My name is Koa and I am a 12 year old. I think it is great that you created a blog to help parents make better food choices for their kids.

    I created a non-profit to help parents and kids eat less fast food. Check it out: http://www.fastfoodfree.org One great feature on my site is a calorie counter that kids (and adults) can use. It is on the KIDS page.

    In October of 2008, the concept of Fast Food Free was born. At the time, we had a foreign exchange student living in our home who enjoyed eating fast food. Since I am an environmentalist as well as a vegetarian, my family did not eat fast food. However, my host sister’s interest in the food sparked my curiosity.

    Later in the spring, I was assigned an Independent Study Research Project on the topic of my choice. I took this opportunity to thoroughly research fast food.

    Initially, my research was focused on McDonald’s. However, in December of 2008, I expanded my mission to decreasing the consumption of various brands of fast food that were harming the world in some way.

    The mission of Fast Food Free is to reduce the consumption of fast food through education and community awareness resulting in healthier people and a better world. Fast Food Free hopes to partner with other non-profits and companies to help us achieve our mission.

    Fast Food Free is important to me because of the health risk fast food poses to people, animal rights violations, and the effects the fast food industry has on the environment. Personally, my number one concern is how the fast food industry impacts the world we live in. I don’t want kids growing up obese, I think it’s awful for chickens to be packed in cages with no room to move and it’s irresponsible to cause the deforestation of any country (like Costa Rica) just to feed the world fat-laden hamburgers. Well, that’s my story.

    Thanks for helping families in such an important way.
    Koa Halpern
    Fast Food Free
    Healthier People
    Better World

  • Luke

    This is a FANTASTIC blog. I have recently discovered it, and welcome every new post. I do, however, have a questions. One of your strongest (and most repeated) recommendations is to avoid the beverage aisle in the supermarket. I can certainly appreciate why this is. My question has to do with V8 (the original, or the spicy hot version of the original). Avoid? OK to buy? Please help!


  • Mendy Heaps

    Hi Hemi! I found a link to your blog on Mrs. Q’s Fed Up With Lunch blog and I’m lovin’ it…it’s awesome. Thank you so much.

  • Craig

    Great blog. Thanks. I found it from everythinghealth.net Have you read Michael Pollan’s book In Defense Of Food? very good book

  • http://evolvingwellness.com Evita

    Way to go Hemi! Self education on the health front is the BEST way to go. There is too much mis-information and too few people/agencies who actually care about us, rather then their bottom line.

    Your kids are very lucky to have you – all the best with your continued health journey!

  • Buffy Tapps

    I was wondering if you could talk about modified milk ingredients?? It seems like more and more products contain this mystery mix of fat and sugar.
    Thanks for this great blog!

  • http://prattleonboyo.wordpress.com Peyton Farquhar

    Quality info here without the usual Big Bu$ine$$/Big Agriculture propaganda. Discussion of Frankenfoods and disappearing honeybees is missing, however. You can’t have a discussion of nutrition & food labeling without mentioning how badly Monsanto is screwing the environment & our food chain.

  • Maria Amelia

    This is great!! I am from Panama and a friend of mine talked to me about your blog here. Panama is growing very fast but there is so much to do here in regards to food awareness..you are really making a difference where you are and your kids are very lucky to have a dad who cares about their health as you do!
    I have one question though…I haven’t found an article in your blog regarding to liqueur. I’ve always wondered how harmful is for one to drink wine for example? are there a lot of chemicals in a bottle?

    Thanks for this blog, this is very helpful! regards from Panama!

  • Chris Rowley

    Even though you don’t need to be told again – great site / great information. I wish we had something similar operating here in Australia.

    Keep up the good word.

    An avid reader.

  • http://ShopKardeaNutrition.com HealthfulMe

    Are you familiar with Kardea bars? Kardea bars are low fat, low carb, whole grain, natural, and high protein (not to mention zero trans fat, kosher, vegan and high fiber!). Kardea bars provide lasting fullness and are a tasty and healthy option for an on-the-run or quick snack.

    Kardea was founded by an avid cook and foodie, Rob Leighton, when he was diagnosed with high cholesterol in his late 40s. With a professional background in the food manufacturing business, he wanted to create healthy foods that were tasty and enjoyable to eat. His first products are gourmet wellness bars, which are unusually low calorie and more nutritious than most other energy or “nutrition” bars. Each bar contains 7 grams each of fiber and protein, and 1 gram of heart healthy plant sterols, in only 140 calories (we’ve recently reformulated the bars so our website still shows them as 150 calories). One bar is equivalent to two points on Weight Watchers.

    They come in four flavors and have great texture, providing both chew and crunch. More importantly, they are delicious and very satisfying.

    We’d be happy to send a sampler pack to any food, nutrition or health/fitness bloggers who would like to blog about our bars. Please contact us at customerservice@KardeaNutrition.com .

  • HealthNutLA

    I know that you have no industry affiliations but I found an article written from the staff of VitaMedica, a premium supplement brand, regarding water.

    Being that you are an avid advocate of people choosing plain tap water over soda and juice, I thought it may be a great “guest article” for your blog.

    Just a suggestion…here’s the link: http://vitamedica.com/what%E2%80%99s-in-your-water/

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  • http://www.rfrk.com lulu Cohen – farnell

    hey fooducate peeps!
    Great job you re doing at informing people!
    love your posts and forward them to lots of families + FB posts!
    At RFRK, we feed about 6000 kids everyday, amazing delicious healthy foods for lunch (litterless) and snack – check our site for more info- and teach them about the pleasure of eating, health and nutrition.. facinating work!

    what’s your take on agave? There are several types on the market. it was a great sugar alternative etc.. and recently got a really bad reputation being compared to HFCS.. as super processed etc..

    also do you know what process is used to make stevia become white and almost tasteless… from its original green leaf color and liquorice like taste… ???

    thanks and continue the wonderful informative useful work!!


    • http://www.fooducate.com/blog Editorial Staff

      @lulu thanks!
      We wrote about agave a while back http://www.fooducate.com/blog/2010/01/17/eight-facts-about-agave-nectar/ ; it’s not a health food for sure, but not evil either. By the way, HFCS is bad, but bad as sugar. We need to limit their usage. Will have to take a look at the stevia manufacturing process and get back to you on it…

  • Leah

    I found your website while searching the internet for some help in decoding ingredients on a salad dressing label. I love your site- I check it frequently and have learned a lot. I have been trying to give my family healthier options than we have been choosing in the past and have been very successful!
    I have a concern that I hope you can help me with. My 3 year old son loves canned beans. I choose the lowest sodium beans I can find, however, should I be concerned about the BPA in the cans? I hear a lot about BPA in plastic bottles and sippy cups but only a few mentions here and there about can liners.
    Thank you for all the information you offer on your website. I appreciate everything I have learned (and that you are also a concerned parent!).

    • http://www.fooducate.com/blog Editorial Staff

      @Leah – there is growing concern in the scientific community regarding BPA, including as a liner in cans. Try contacting the manufacturer and asking specifically about the products you purchase.

  • http://www.amyhenrynutrition.com Amy

    Can you blog about sugar free gum? I have many clients who chew at least 10 pieces a day. In terms of artificial sweeteners, could this lead to jaw cancer? how much artificial sweetener is actually in each piece? Also, is Baby Bell cheese made by cows without antibotics/growth hormones?

  • Tina Greene

    I think your blog is great! One of the best blogs out there…very informative!

    Thanks for writing,

  • Stephanie

    Thank you for such a great blog. It’s informative, to the point, realistic and my eyes don’t glaze over when I read it. Not having any kind of background in science I enjoy your deconstruction of products and their ingredients in simple, easy to understand terms.

    • http://www.fooducate.com/blog Editorial Staff

      thanks and you’re welcome :-)

  • http://www.sharelomer.com Sharel

    Hi Hemi,

    Thank you for creating a blog and product to help others live a better life :)

    Do you also write of sport and lifestyle ?


  • http://www.candostreet.com jean Campbell

    Hi, I came across your site and would like to ask if I may do a feature post about it on my blog site for parents/teachers(www.candostreet.com/blog-parents/), which is a feature of http://www.candostreet.com where young children learn to make good choices. The site is free, animated and interactive with a target audience of children 3-7 year of age, their parents and teachers.

    If, after checking out the site and the parent blog, you would like to have your blog featured on a post, you can either write what you want said or, I can lift information from your site.



    Jean Campbell, creator, “Can Do” Street.

    • http://www.fooducate.com/blog Editorial Staff

      @Jean, sure thing. I just sent you an email with some more info about Fooducate…

  • http://killgiada.blogspot.com APC

    Hey there, Fooducate.
    While I agree completely with your nutrition articles, reading food labels, etc, sometimes I wonder how certain statistics vary across America. A recent article said 50% of Americans would be diabetic in the future. I live in Santa Barbara California and I find it hard to believe that the citizenry here is at that risk (or to that extent). There are coffee shops that default to lowfat milk (instead of whole), reduced fat mayonnaise (instead of full fat), portions tend to be (sometimes maddeningly) small in restaurants, and local running events happen nearly weekly and have massive turnouts. Do any statistics exist that could show like, an average ‘health’ index (based on a combination of factors) in different regions of America?

  • NancyD

    Dear Fooducate:
    I read with great intereste parts of your blog and am very impressed with the info you provide and even more impressed with your iphone app. It could be useful. I would love to become a food taster for your group for many reasons:

    1. I am a living miracle — saved my own life by going on a raw food diet, cleansing, detoxing, very intensely for 5 years and re-gained my vision and many other health compromises when doctors and drugs were just hastening me further down the road to becoming an invalid (blind to boot). So now that I am much healthier, I still try to eat unprocessed food purchased through a CSA farm and local farmers buying network and literally prepare 3 meals per day for my family. We try to keep chemicals out of our life.

    2. I homeschool my 16 year old daughter and feel that being a food sampler and reviewer would be agreat part of her education. It would help her become even more aware of the ingredients in food and it might actually help her be stronger about food-decisions when she’s not under my influence. At the moment, she has great taste in food, and eats very healthy at home, but behaves like a real junkie when she’s at parties — loves anything in a bright package. So you would be helping her stay on the path of healthy choices if we could sample and review foods.

    3. The healthy food movement is one of my biggest passions. I am deeply involved in our CSA farm, farmer’s market, and alternative healing.

    I look forward toh earing from you so I can help spread the word.

    Nancy Dantonio, NYC

  • http://www.livingedie.blogspot.com Edie

    Hi Hemi, I love the site and think you are doing an amazing job! I’m just wondering if the fooducate app will be released for blackberries? I’d love to be able to use it in the supermarket on a daily basis! Thank you for all your hard work!

  • Don Orlando


  • Allen yip

    The iPhone apps is only downloadable from US only. Can you ask them to release for other countries. I’m from Malaysia

  • http://happyfeet26-2.blogspot.com Ginny

    Appreciate the information. I wonder if you have reviewed Lipton Green Tea. I use the Naturally Decaffeinated and the Orange, Passion Fruit & Jasmine – 1 bag of each per glass. Have you or will you review these? I wonder if this Green Tea is better or worse than some of the other brands. I do not enjoy green tea, but drink it for the possible healthy benefits. I would love the be reassured that I am not wasting my time and money.

    • http://www.fooducate.com/blog Editorial Staff

      @Ginny – thanks for the blog post suggestion, we’ll write about this soon.

  • KImR

    Just found your site and eager to read on. I was totally thrilled when I saw your iphone app…but I have a Droid. Any plans for launching your app to that market?! I’m already telling hubby we need to go get an iphone so I can have this app; thats how BADLY I want it!

  • http://www.clalit.org.il Yossi Bahagon

    Clalit Health Services is the largest HMO in Israel, serving 3.9 million customers. I would like to examine potential collaboration with Fooducate i.e. localiztion to Hebrew. Clalit would be responsible to managing and updating the bacode database. Please contact me via email.
    Best Regards,
    Yossi Bahagon M.D.
    Heead of eHealth wing

  • Kate

    Thought this might interest either you or your readers that care about nutrition and what they are eating:

    Like knowing what is in your food at a restaurant? @Menutrinfo is sponsoring a Menu-Makeover for an independent restaurant. Who do you want to nominate? http://fb.me/OgddF0xF

    Please reach out if we can answer any questions for you.
    888 767-MENU 6368
    The MenuTrinfo Team

  • http://earenleaf@gmail.com Earen

    How about creating an app for us Droid users like you did for iPhone users? I love the information you provide here. Thanks!

  • http://www.fooducate.com/blog Editorial Staff

    @Earen we are working on an Android version. Hope to have it ready soon…

  • Jennn

    I downloaded the app today and it won’t scan anything :( I have to enter each item’s barcode. I have the 3G iPhone, is the camera not decent enough to capture a barcode?

    • JSG

      I have the same issue.  Did you ever get it to work?

  • http://www.mealplanningmagic.com Meal Plan Mom (Brenda)

    I just found your site today and I love it! Can’t wait to spend more time here reading and learning. Thanks for this great resource!

  • Cniepokoj

    Hi Hemi,

    I was recently reading you blog and I notice you have an interest in informing your readers on food health risks and benefits. Not sure if you’re aware, but February is actually National Cherry Month, and you might be interested in the following information highlighting the wonders of consuming Tart Cherries.

    Just wanted to share with you a new study published in the American College of Sports Medicine’s journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. The research suggests that daily cherry juice reduces muscle damage caused by exercise. In fact, researchers suggest that the powerful antioxidant compounds in cherry juice likely decreased oxidative damage to the athletes’ muscles – the damage that normally occurs when muscles are worked to their max – allowing the muscles to recover more quickly.

    This research is the latest in a growing body of research linking cherry juice to muscle recovery post-workout and further supports why more and more athletes of all levels are training with cherry juice to maximize their recovery. In fact, cherry juice has been designated a top food trend for 2011 for its recovery benefits.

    I’ve linked the release here for your reference: http://www.choosecherries.com/Uploads/Documents/8589043962604702058.pdf.

    For more information on how your readers can incorporate cherries into their training routine, you can also check out The Red Recovery Routine at choosecherries.com: http://choosecherries.com/redrecovery/index.html

    If you have any questions, you’d like more information on tart cherries, or would like to speak with Dr. Bazilian or a representative from the Cherry Marketing Institute, please contact me at 312-988-2461, or cniepokoj@webershandwick.com.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Casey Niepokoj

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steve-Hoffman/100000607916622 Steve Hoffman

    Will you be releasing a version of Fooducate for Android? I assume you’re aware that Android is THE fastest growing mobile operating system! I’m eager to utilize your app on my Android phone!

    • http://www.fooducate.com/blog Fooducate

      Yes. An Android version is in the works. It will be out by summer.

  • Holly

    I just found your blog via Weighty Matters, and I’m so glad I did! I’m working on my MS in Nutrition to become an RD, and it’s nice to read some quality content and get my lolz at the same time. Your posts are the sort of thing I can pass on to friends and relatives to illustrate a point without putting them to sleep. Keep up the good work!!!

    • http://www.fooducate.com/blog Fooducate

      Thanks Holly!
      good luck with your graduate studies…

  • Amyscimedcomm

    Hi, Fooducate!

    I featured your App on my blog: http://healthtwisty.blogspot.com/2011/02/theres-app-for.html

    Keep up the good work!

    HealthTwisty (www.healthtwisty.blogspot.com)

    • http://www.fooducate.com/blog Fooducate

      Thanks Amy!

  • Erin’s Wildtree

    Thanks for your blog! I am a mom of twins who thought we ate healthy till we started them on solids. Now, I am a rep with a natural food company so now we have way to get our blends and sauces healthier AND helping others! I just found your blog and I love it!

  • Erin’s Wildtree

    Thanks for your blog! I am a mom of twins who thought we ate healthy till we started them on solids. Now, I am a rep with a natural food company so now we have way to get our blends and sauces healthier AND helping others! I just found your blog and I love it!

  • Helenareinert

    Every day on the evening news –instead of airing bits about some kid’s haircut —there should be a daily “fooducate” newsbit.. the ONLY way to convince and educate the masses that the crap they buy off the shelves in their local supermarket will kill them, is to actually reach them. Who reads blogs such as this one?.. the people who already subscribe to a healthier style of life. But we are not the ones who need be reached. It’s the millions of people who DON’T GET IT—-yet. And when the masses GET IT they will no longer financially support any companies who don’t give a hoot about their costumer’s well being. So the point is ….get on the 6 o’clock news and have a minute or two exposing all the hiddens about the food that north Americans put in their mouths.

  • Amy

    Dear Fooducate,

    What do you think about GMOs for industrial (ethanol) use? I’d like your opinion on this: http://healthtwisty.blogspot.com/2011/03/things-are-getting-complicated-out.html

    Soggy snack chips vs a tiny step toward energy independence? It’s complicated, and we need a dialogue.


  • oldrowley

    It is a pity there isn’t anything like this in Australia. Love reading about what it happening in the US and it provides a very useful comparison.

  • Joshh, RD

    Love the Website. I’m a Registered Dietitian and always enjoy reading your articles, seeing you bring many issues to light for the common consumer.

    Thanks for the articles and all the work that you do,

    Joshh Rager, RD

  • Nellie

    Regarding the Coke connection to heart health – could you please make a point of telling people about this:


    “Daily diet soda tied to higher risk for stroke, heart attack”

    The hypocrisy here is frightening. People are going to think Diet Coke is heart-healthy when exactly the opposite is true!

    Thank you. YOU DO A FABULOUS JOB!!!!!!

  • Kelli

    Thank you so much for this blog and your app. Very eye opening! I have a 16 month old daughter and I really want to give her healthy options, but like you and many other parents, I get so confused at the grocery store. I can’t wait to go to the store and use my app to scan for healthier options. In the meantime, I was wondering if you have a list somewhere of your favorite healthy foods. I searched several pages back on the blog and didn’t see anything like that. Maybe I didn’t look far enough back…

    • http://www.fooducate.com/blog Fooducate

      We should have a section on our favorite foods. Thanks for the suggestion Kelli

  • Diya

    i love to be a food tester. i am a foodie and am always looking for new products to try. kindly let me know how i can join your panel..

  • Matt

    Hey Fooducate,

    Thought of something I’d like to see you tackle, based on a recent TV commercial: What the hell is in non-dairy creamer?

    I usually use skim milk in my coffee, but occasionally at work and other places I don’t have access to fresh milk so I rely on those little pods. Is it nasty?

    • ben

      Hi Matt
      Try this:
      When ever we run training sessions we provide refreshments; tea, coffee etc, and provide fresh milk. In order to keep the delegates awake we let them have access to the tea and coffee through out the session, and the way we found to keep the milk cold for long periods was to put it into a steel thermos (0.2l, and 0.5l) flask. Most come with water tight screw lids, some of which have a pour spout that can be opened and closed.

      Not expensive in the UK and I would imagine you could source in your country via most major chain supermarkets or camping stores.


  • Samara

    Hey, for your “healthy food in disguise” blog, I’d like to inquire about Allbran Bars. I am sure they have fibre, as claimed, but what about the added sugar and other ingredients? Is it a safe buy? I’d love to hear some more input. Thanks!


  • Matsi6

    I’m having trouble getting my iPod touch to scan barcodes. Is there something I am missing? I thought it would scan automatically. Any help is great appreciated!

  • Natalie

    Hi Hemi:

    Delighted to have found your site. I too feel challenged with eating well while eating sustainably. I firmly believe that education is the key here and look forward to following your posts on RSS.

    Kind Regards,


  • http://www.excruciatinglyhealthy.com Lhinerfeld

    Great site–Thanks!

  • Cubfan4ever

    Hi – Long time lurker, first time poster. I love this site and look forward to my RSS feeds.

    Question: Why do sweet potatoes have more calories than a regular potato (russet, idaho, kennebec, etc)?

  • Lois Green

    Can you please post an opinion on “CLIF kid organic Z Bars”. Box says baked whole grain energy snack. Thanks. Love your blog. Lois Green

  • Damon Diamond

    Hi, where’s the Android version of the app??!! Thanks!

  • Felix

     Hi,is your service available in Europe? Does it work for manufacture´s brands as well as for private labels? Thanks!!

  • Monkeymom3

    I know this may have already been done, but I was wondering if you could do a post on the various forms of msg. I ask because I recently realized that a name brand chicken broth claims to be msg free, but the label says it uses yeast extract( which I believe is the same thing with a different name if I’m not mistaken). I would love a broth that is truely msg free( as I don’t really have the time to make my own) thanks!

  • B Johnson

    Hi. Been using your app more and more. However, I was STUNNED to see a “D” rating for La Croix Berry water. Everything I can find online says La Croix uses no artifical ingredients. I can’t even imagine how this beverage is worse than soda! Please enlighten me - why the low rating?  No sodium, no sugar, no fat, no calories – just like the unflavored La Croix….sounds like water to me! I really am truly curious. Thank you for your time.

  • Sean Moloney


    My name is Sean Moloney, with HealthTheater Networks. I just discovered
    your Fooducate website, loved your content, and thought we might have
    something to contribute.

    We are a top health video production company with several videos
    about food allergies and nutrition–all featuring real people telling
    the story of their personal battle with the condition. Please see my
    favorite one here about a unique food allergy:

    We are interested in syndicating these videos to your website, for
    free, in exchange for the targeted visibility that exposure on your
    website would provide.

    If interested, could we please schedule a short call to explain further?

    Thank you,


    Sean Moloney



    Dramatic Health

    45 Rockefeller Center, suite 2000

    New York, NY 10111 

  • Marsha Hallet

    I really like your blog.  I am addressing an older demographic in my blog KnowFoodNow.com, but the concerns are the same.  So many “healthy” foods are a marketer’s dream and a consumer’s nightmare.  Thanks for your clear concise insistence on debunking food content.

  • Mildred

    When can be available in Canada!! we want the app here too!!! :)

  • Ruth

    This app has changed the way I eat forever. I had no idea how many terrible things I was eating. THANK YOU!

  • http://www.redheadrecipes.com Lauri (RedHeadRecipes.com)

    I just finished a blog post ‘review’ on my experience with fooducate! Thanks for the AWEsome app!!


  • KillBill

    It would be great to go the next step and have a button that says “I ate it”… and store the data on at least calories by day… focus on making a better app and don’t get distracted support the ‘roid platforms…

  • chai

    Hiya-love your App–what about a version for Blackberry!?!?!?

  • cahealth

    I just got this app and love it!… what is the foodpoints for/how do I use them?

  • Leslie

    Just saw the commercial for the new WhoNu ”nutritious” cookies!  More propaganda – would love to see you review this one!

  • George Vella

    Am curious if the barcode scanner funtion for the ipad2 is unavailable or am I overlooking something?
    Thanks, George

    • http://www.fooducate.com/blog Fooducate

      It was available in a previous version but was not reliable, so we canned it for this version until we provide a better scanning experience.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZCBNNZV2U4LU2PP5TC6WQS2YI4 David

        i would press dislike if i could.  my colleague with an iphone just told me about this, and i loved it. so i downloaded for my ipad.  so sad it isn’t working.  cant wait to try it soon.

  • Debivmb

    We finally have Android phones and one of our first downloads was the Fooducate app.  My kids now “Fooducate” potential purchases regularly at the store (“Can I use your phone? I want to Fooducate this”).  I think if more people started to Fooducate their foods, the world would be a healthier place! 

    • http://www.fooducate.com/blog Fooducate

      Love it!

  • Jennifer Brindisi

    As a scientist I am innately skeptical and like you I would like to know what brands are more healthy to eat, but I must ask the question of how and who rates the products?  Please illuminate the rating process and the expertise of the raters. 

    • http://www.fooducate.com/blog Fooducate

      Here’s an explanation of how we grade products http://bit.ly/fdctABCD

  • http://www.facebook.com/cynthia.kapela Cynthia Burgess Kapela

    Would love to see your examination and commentary on the ingredients of EasyBake Oven mixes.  (Hello….transfats!)

  • Yan_hakim

    Hi I tried getting it for my IPad but because I live in Canada I can’t please fix that thank you

  • Beth George

    check us out. http://www.speltrightbaking.com  Kid friendly spelt baked goods on a mission. http://www.speltrightbaking.com

  • Beth George

    Hey There, just checking out other foodie folks with kids.  Please check out our website and story about how eating well changed our lives immensely.  www.speltrightbaking.com 

  • http://www.facebook.com/carolyn.rutter Carolyn Rutter

    how come i can’t try the app in australia?

  • http://www.facebook.com/carolyn.rutter Carolyn Rutter

    how come i can’t try your app in australia? just curious.

  • clc7

    Hey there.  Love your blog.  I don’t know if you’ve read this article by Micheal Pollan, yet, but I would love to see your distillation of it…I think the message would reach a lot more people.

  • clc7
  • Seungyong_lee

    I’ve used well and love it! I’m Yong Lee, a biz. developer in Seoul, Korea.
    I want to talk about business with you. Please let me know your e-mail address.
    My e-mail address is seungyong_lee@daesang.com 

  • Terry

    Love the concept, but cannot get our IPad2 to scan the barcodes.  Do I need a special barcode app?

  • Terry

    Love the concept, but cannot get our IPad2 to scan the barcodes.  Do I need a special barcode app?

  • Mike Legge

    Dear Fooducate- I value your information and follow your blog. I would appreciate an answer to a question that I have tried to get a reasonable reply to from various and sundry food experts to no avail. The dark green vegetables are the nirvana of the foodies. The humble pea never gets a favourable mention. It is a vegetable that is dark green and all kids/adults enjoy. Is there some sinister pea disease or nutritional crime to attribute to the pea? I would love to feel that I was eating a vegetable super star when gobbling down those delicious peas. I fear that yet again the anti-pea conspiriousy will prevent an answer. Keep up your good work. Thank you-Mike Legge

    • http://kibblesbits.wordpress.com/ Ann

      Probably because they’re very starchy. 

  • Hugo Deslippe


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    Hugo and I am the writer for an upcoming website called http://www.the-food-guide-pyramid.com

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  • Oneskweek

    I used your phone app this morning, and found two discrepancies in the first three foods I tried. I did “Great Value old fashioned oats”, it got a B- as well as a mention to pick something without added sugar. The product has nothing in it but oats.
    Second, “Diamond shelled walnuts” got a less than stellar rating for added oil, when it has no added oil. I think whoever is creating your database needs to tighten it up a bit.

    • http://www.fooducate.com/blog Fooducate

      Hi Oneskweek,

      1. Great Value Oats get a B+.  We don’t have any Great Value Oats product that receive a B-.

      If you can send us a screenshot of the product or the sugar suggestion, we can better assist you.  (email support at fooducate dot com)

      2) Not sure which Diamond Walnuts you are referring to, but our database indicates they have BHT + oil added to the bag itself (which rubs off on the nuts).  The company may have changed its product formulation recently. We’d be happy to update our database if you shoot us an email with a photograph of the package.

  • Van Rose

    I have a case of Nesquik Chocolate low fat milk in 8 oz bottles. The label on the box reads UB29Oct2011.

    Should I throw this away? I have had it stored in my basement for 3 months.

  • SusetteR

    Hello Fooducate! Love the blog and the app. I have a question about Grass Point Farms, is their milk really better than Organic milk? I’ve bought it a few times and love it! You have given high grades (in this case A-) to products that aren’t organic. Organic practices are important to me. Just want to make sure I’m doing right by my family

    • SusetteR

      Is there a better place to post a question to fooducate? Would like an answer about Grass Point Farms. Thanks!

      • http://www.fooducate.com/blog Fooducate

        Hi Susette, while we appreciate the benefits of organic practices, the Fooducate app does not currently focus on this. In future versions we may enable users to specify their requirements and make recommendations based on that.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Fooducate gang- I’m Mike of the “Give peas a chance”. Thank you for your expertise and humour. I  am always trying new dishes with an unreliable record of success. I recently tried to make a tinola. It needed fish sauce. An unknown to me. After several stores,I got a bottle and did not look at the nutrition label, just happy to get the stuff. It was part of the trifecta of this dish-reason enough. At leisure I looked at the nutrition label. A poor photo is attached. My question , for you computer scanning fanatics, is–can you beat this label for lack of information? It appears to be water,salt and an iron pigment.Another trifecta?Cheers- you are the greatest. Peas Mike

    • http://www.fooducate.com/blog Fooducate

      Mike – please send us the ingredient list as well…

      • Anonymous

        Hope this is satisfactory. Cheers Mike

    • ViableWay

      I watched a video on GARUM, which is a fish food sauce used by the Romans…it is essentially MSG. They used it on EVERYTHING and it was very expensive. After watching how they made it (fermented fish and salt left for days!) I was a bit put off, but fermentation makes for some great food too!

  • carolee1945

    I absolutely love Fooducate.  However, could you moderate the comments a little bit more?  On the Twinkie blog, a person wrote terribly attacking type responses to people’s comments, and I felt I had to stay away from Fooducate for awhile.  Please answer me. I would appreciate it.

    • http://www.fooducate.com/blog Fooducate

      Unfortunately we became popular enough for trolls to become regulars. We try to moderate the spammers and trolls, but sometimes we miss an evil comment. You can help us by clicking the “flag” on comments that are offensive to you. We then get notified and investigate.

  • carolee1945

    I do not see where the flag is. I am sorry, I do not even know what a troll is, but I can guess.  All I see is the little picture, the like, and the reply with people’s comments. Thanks

    • anonymous

      Hi carolee: if you let your arrow hover over the offending comment, you will see a tiny flag pop up next to the place where the comment’s date is written. For example, when I hover my arrow over your comment, a flag appears next to where it now says “3 weeks ago”. Click the flag to report a comment you feel is offensive. Hope this helps.

    • Test


  • Ramiro

    what about GMO products? I would like to know if a product contains GMO on the app!!!

  • 2loisgreen

    Just read some scary stuff about organic brown rice syrup.  Can you blog about it please?

  • Sandra

    Love your site – Would like to chat with you about our product – Iskream – we are the first no sugar added ice cream sweetened with Truvia – a Woman’s based company in Ct – we launched April 2011 with three flavors – Vanilla – Berry Good and Chocolate Brownie at Whole Foods, Stew Leonards and are expanding in March 2012 with four more flavors – new website 3-1-12 and much, much more – please either email me at:  sandra@iskream.com or cell phone contact 203-650-0486 – Make It a Great Iskream Day!!!!!!  congratulations!!!

  • Cotlernutrition

    Love this app. As a dietitian, I spoke to middle school kids. We used the app in the classroom! Kids loved it.

    • http://www.fooducate.com/blog Fooducate

      That’s awesome!

    • Smitty

      Nothing quite like misleading middle school kids with this opinionated quack information, is there! How sad our kids are so poorly educated they will fall for foodie nonsense.

  • Laura Hale

    Stumbled across your blog.  It’s awesome.  Thanks for all the interesting info! If you’re wanting some healthy recipes, check out http://www.halehealthyrecipes.blogspot.com

  • foodie

    I heard about this app on the radio (my splendid table) while visiting in FL. I decided immediately to purchase it.  However, it wasn’t available for a Canadian account.  Even when itunes offered to switch me over to the American store, it would not accept my Canadian password and email address.  Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

    • A

      Same for Australia. I wish I could use it too!

  • Norma

    I’ve been reading Fooducate first thing in the morning every morning for at least two years and have used the search feature many times to look back at prior posts I’d missed on topics I’m interested in.  And I’ve always been impressed by your site’s integrity and investigation and presentation of facts. However, you fell from the sky HARD with yesterday’s RIDICULOUS “HINT” water post.  What a sell-out.  I have lost all respect for this site and won’t be reading, recommending or linking to it on my blog any more.  I really thought you were above that kind of thing.  And, for the record, if the post had been a thinly-veiled plug for an actual FOOD, like one written by someone on the payroll of The Carrot Farmers’ Association or something, I would STILL be offended. I was under the impression this is an independent forum, not a platform for particular brands, foods or interests.  Bye!

  • Janie J

    “Topics include nutrition fact labels, hard to pronounce ingredient names, “health claims”, and other marketing tricks to watch out for at the supermarket.
    Fooducate has absolutely no relationship with the food, drug, diet or supplement industries.”

    LOL!  Unless it’s Heather and her pointless “HINT” water and spammy links! What did you get for letting her write that commercial on your site? A few cases of the junk?

  • Marcus

    Hi Hemi, 


    name is Marcus and I work for the digital agency Glow Labs. We are working with
    the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) on their Taste Success campaign, which aims
    to change the perceptions of the industry and to raise its profile. The reason
    that food manufacturers have made this work a priority is because the industry
    faces a serious shortage of talent in the not too distant future. By 2017 the
    industry will require 137,000 new recruits and already 1 in 5 food sciences
    roles is hard to fill.


    spent some time busting the myths around working in the food industry and
    building a bank of case studies that young people can identify with, the
    digital phase of the campaign which we’re involved with, has the objective of
    getting more young people interested in the food and drink industry as a career
    destination of first choice. To that end we have created a couple of fun
    videos, a website and a game on Facebook for the digital phase of the campaign
    in order to engage with young people in the best way possible.


    are convinced that we can reach out to many young individuals who will be
    carefully considering where they might go next. Through the campaign we want to
    highlight that there are so many different types of opportunities available to
    them and the food industry is a great path for anyone’s career. Our aim is to
    highlight the positive aspects of working in everything from engineering to
    marketing to food science.


    reason why I am contacting you personally is that I have been following your
    blog and what you’ve written about food and wanted to ask if you could maybe
    write a post or just link to our campaign website. Your blog is a great forum
    for people with an interest in food and we would be more than happy for just a
    small comment or even a link to one of our videos.      

    this link to find FDF’s campaign website with all the videos and further
    information; http://bit.ly/fdftastesuccess

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  • Andityler01

    How does Armour Vienna Sausage, B-, score better than Trident Seafoods Salmon  burgers C+?  I’ll need some clarification, what do you base your results/grade on, before I can call this blog credible…

    • DyeDiet

      I understand your concern very well. No system without blunders. But I have found Fooducate approach confusing too often, Their estimation comes automatically from using an algorithm which is based on arbitrary chosen scale (grades). As the result many products that get superior grades are in fact of inferior quality and vice verse. You can see that upon MANUAL direct comparison. For details you may want to look into this: Food Rating Systems at a Glance http://www.dyediet.com/2013/06/29/healthy-diet-2/dye-diet-calculator-quick-outlook-of-food-rating-systems/ Nevertheless, Fooducate approach is useful.

  • http://twitter.com/chazepping Charlie Holtermann

    Hi Hemi,

    Our daughter is at university in the UK, and I was wondering if your Android app would work there for her- she’s very keen to find out more about the products she buys.

    Thanks in advance,

    Charlie Holtermann

  • Cyberchick

    Seriously, no Blackberry app?  That’s a miss in my book. I know many BB users who would welcome this app.  I am subscribed to WeightWatchers right now and it’s bad enough they don’t have a a scanner for Blackberry.  Please add us to your group.

  • Tracy Rose


    Healthline recently finished an infographic that shows the increasing impact type 2 diabetes has on everything from pregnancy to national health expenditures. You can find the infographic at: http://www.healthline.com/health/type-2-diabetes/statistics-infographic

    We encourage you to embed this graphic on your site & share with your followers, friends, & network.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Warm Regards,

  • Val

    Please advise why so many gluten free cakes/muffins do not have Baking Powder as an ingredient. I have recently learnt that most baking powders are gluten and wheat free; i.e. starch (maize), disodium disphophate, calcium phosphate and sodium bicarbonate or/and calsium sulphate.  many thanks, val Johannesburg, south Africa

  • http://www.facebook.com/gabriele.gray.5 Gabriele Gray

    Just read your post
    Three Reasons Your Food is Now Safer
    and wanted to make you aware of a fresh produce person who has serious concerns with what the USDA is actually doing.
    While I am not involved in anything except trying to source and use the best foods I can for my own use, I still look for all sources of information possible (hence reading your blog and enjoying it so much).
    Here are the links:
    If you haven’t gotten to know any small scale farmers in your area and find yourself on the Northcoast, do check out Tom O’Gorman at Trinity River Farm:
    I’ve known Tom and his wife Kay (who was the librarian in Willow Creek until she retired) since Tom first started farming on his uncle’s land. Time permitting, he’d discuss what’s involved in what he does (the farm), his joys (all the trees he’s planted), his regrets (that farming organically isn’t economically feasible, etc. He has said that Mexican produce (esp from the west coast) is probably not as treated with pesticides as the same product produced in the US. (it costs too much).
    [I do know that the majority of the produce we (LA) receive comes from a fertile area on the east side of the Sea of Cortez (northern Mexico) I have also noticed that several farms in the area are Japanese firms who ship into the US and by ship to Japan…know how demanding Japan customs (and their counterpart to our USDA) are on honey imports, I imagine they are equally demanding with the produce, which makes purchasing produce from there an easy choice for me.
    Here’s a website that shows the USDA Fruit & Veg produce coming from Mexico by commodity and portal.
    This is the main page for all sorts of information to help you know what’s in season (not what the store says is ‘in season’)
    Another link, this for something quite different:
    Dairy products in California are all packed with a code on the packaging–a sequence of numbers (or letter and numbers). Here’s one to start you out..
    For every name brand there is often another ‘house’ brand. Here in LA Swiss Dairies is the house brand for Alta Dena Dairies…if I know the lower priced milk is processed by the same company then I have choice, and can save money. Once you identify ‘your’ dairy you can see what else they produce so you can make other choices.
    I hope you find these links useful. While I try to keep my ‘inbox’ clean (so don’t like receiving email newsletters) I’ve put you in the folder where I have links to all the local stores so I’ll be checking in on a weekly basis to see what’s new.

  • Pingback: Five Handy Apps for Keeping Healthy | PCMech

  • RYan Green

    Dear Mr. Weingarten,
    My name is Ryan Green and i am currently attending a military school in Waynesboro, VA called Fishburne Military. I am on yearbook and am in charge of designing the yearbook. See, when a new cadet comes into Fishburne’s community they are called a RAT. I would very much like to use your excellent picture on page http://blog.fooducate.com/2012/08/08/will-sodium-fat-reduction-efforts-lead-to-a-healthier-cheese/ of the rat inside the cheese, as the cover page to the RAT page of the yearbook. Please respond to me VIa email: gman78911@gmail.com

  • kc1

    I LOVE THIS APP. SO MUCH, I WILL USE ALL CAPS. Seriously, I love how much info you can find quickly, the ability to crowdsource to improve the availability of info, how easy it is to use (to look up info and help you build your database), and it’s harm-reduction focus summed up in your tagline: ‘eat a bit better.’ yeah, i can commit to that. Thank you thank you thank you.

    • http://www.fooducate.com/ Fooducate

      Thanks kc1!

  • Ray

    Love it, I found things in food I didn’t now it was in it.

  • http://twitter.com/Lexie7457 Lexie Leigh

    Are yu going to be making this app for blackberry?

    • http://www.fooducate.com/ Fooducate

      Not any time soon.
      We are focused on Android and iPhone.

      • UofAZWildkitty

        Pity. BB users are more educated and have higher incomes. Then again, it might simply be the security of the BB OS that’s problematic…

        • http://www.fooducate.com/ Fooducate

          No, it’s simply a matter of limited resources.

          • A

            And how about other countries please? Australia, Canada…

        • Siri

          BB users are more educated and have higher incomes? This just made me laugh.

        • perspicaciouschichi

          That is an interesting comment. Would you please share your reference on the comment “BB users are more educated and have higher incomes.” Thank you.

  • Damien Myers

    wish this was available for uk android devices

  • Shawn

    Just got my Z10 and was bummed out this wasn’t on there.
    come on guys please!

  • Kelli

    Can you tell me how your app knows which foods contain gmos and which do not?

    • http://www.fooducate.com/ Fooducate

      info from manufacturers, the non-GMO project, and ingredient list analysis

  • Alicia

    Did Registered Dietitians help with designing this program in accordance with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. I’m wondering who the Fooducate team is. Thanks!

    • Dave Sill

      I hope not. AND has unacceptable corporate sponsors. See http://www.eatright.org/corporatesponsors/

    • Frank

      Correct, this is only the opinions of someone with no credentials….

    • Justfood

      I certainly hope not. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly ADA) is funded in large part by the commercial food industry. Icky. I would rather not have those folks telling me what to eat.

  • Alicia

    Did Registered Dietitians help with designing this program in accordance with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics? I’m wondering who the Fooducate team is. Thanks!

    • http://www.fooducate.com/ Fooducate

      Yes, but not always in accordance with AND. AND purports that artificial sweeteners and colors are safe. We do not.

  • sigmatic_minor

    Please make this available in Australia/Canada on the play store! Even if you don’t have all the products, a lot of stores here in Aus import the same things!

  • Maria Tsimikas Sable

    Just curious if you have Registered Dietitians on your team

  • thefoodguru

    In the dark shadow of Monsanto’s buying power of votes in Washington state I’m grateful for Fooducate for providing SOME GMO warning in its product summary. Until we can tumble the behemoth we need as much information as we can get regarding Genetically Modified Ingredients. Thank you!

  • vezeau5

    Mayo?!?!?! as a B- or C — come on fooducate?!?!? it is 100% – F as a grade – no nutritional value comes from Mayo — or light (ya right) mayo — or olive oil mayo!!

  • PeterKenneth24

    You did a good job with the post. Thank you so much for sharing. Keep up the good work. http://www.canieathere.com/

  • Keerthana Kumar

    How could fooducate not rate things like whey?

    I used to buy body fortress whey protein because it was cheap, until I looked at the ingredient list and realized it was mostly soy, plus contained lots of sorbitol.

    As an active vegetarian who eat tons of fruits, vegetables & nuts, my micronutient intake is pretty optimal, but I feel better when I have more protein, and whey is the easiest way to do that. How is that a bad thing?

    Meat is murder, and I don’t digest beans that well. Is whey really so terrible or unnecessary that you can’t rate it? Especially products that just pretend to be whey?

  • Ms. Emma

    I purchased the $1.99 Fooducate+ app; shortly thereafter, they discontinued updates. A few days ago, I purchased the $14.99 Fooducate with Premium Features; unfortunately, the app won’t restore the purchased features! I just want to identify GMO foods! PLEASE HELP!

  • Ellen Lee

    The Nutrition Facts listed on this website for Ruby Rocket’s Galaxy Green pop are incorrect. Each pop actually only has 35 calories (not 250 as listed), 10 calories from fat (not 50 as listed), and it does NOT contain any artificial flavors. Please correct this listing!

  • Ethnic Food

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  • Jodi

    What are your credentials for educating yourself? Who educated you? Credentials please! Sounds like a lot of opinions – without due diligence of educating yourself on many many topics – such as research and how it is funded for example.

  • Angry

    I uninstalled the app months ago and I am still getting spam email from this company. Can’t find any contact info anywhere and found out that they are based in Israel. Forced advertising only pisses people off.

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