Introducing Fooducate 4.00 for iPhone

Fooducate home screen

A new version of Fooducate for iPhone is out today, with lots of goodies to help you eat a bit better.

First, we’ve brought the design up to iOS 7 and iOS 8 standards.

Next, the home screen has been redesigned and includes quick access to the app’s top 3 functions: the food scanner, the health tracker, and a new feature called discussions (see below). Under these three buttons you’ll see a feed that includes trending products and discussions.

Discussions are a new feature that enables community members to ask, discuss, and learn about any topic that is food, nutrition, or diet related. You can share a helpful tip, or your favorite recipe.

Discussions on Fooducate

When you scan a food, the product screen is now organized into 4 tabs:

  1. product highlights – including its nutrition grade, calories, and top comments
  2. Explanations – a list of bullet point explanations describing the pros and cons of the products
  3. Nutrition – the products nutrition facts label and ingredient list
  4. Alternatives – a list of 10 healthier options, where relevant.

If you like a product or a discussion, you can follow it by tapping the star button at the bottom of the screen. You can easily comment on any product or discussion by tapping on the “Add your comment here” input area. You may initiate a new discussion from either the discussion screen or the home screen.

Product screen

In the account screen, you can now easily update your email address, password, and profile picture. You can also add a little blurb about yourself.

Please update the app to version 4.00 and take it out for a spin. Let us know what you think!

  • Johnny Cakes

    What about an android update?

    • Fooducate

      Android has had the new product page layout for many months.
      The discussions are coming soon!

  • Stardust


  • Ryan

    I sent in a suggestion a while ago when this app was still young about how they should add the ability to reply to other users. Nice to be heard! :-)

    • Fooducate


  • Alicia

    Please do a windows phone version of this app!!!

  • timlockk

    Daily Tips are still easy to find, so I’m happy.

  • sammie

    Just switched from iPhone to the galaxy and I’m missing the discussions :( hope the update comes soon!

  • Vic

    I am still looking for a WIndowsphone version. I miss having the scanner available when I shop since upgrading my phone.

  • timlockk

    So the comments on the website version and the mobile version aren’t linked? I see you’re using Disqus for the web but another service for your app. Is that correct?