Ganja Gastronomy – Marijuana Finds its Way Into Food Products

Cannabis Cookbook

A new cottage industry is popping up in Colorado and Washington, where marijuana has recently been legalized. Ganja gastronomy has expanded beyond the pot cookie, to chocolates, infused olive oils, and candies. Cookbooks and classes are popping up like mushrooms after a spring shower.

The issue of portion size take on a new meaning with these foods:

“Users of pot edibles, such as cookies, are often advised to eat only a portion so they don’t get too high. Education about proper dosing has become a priority after at least one death and a handful of hospital visits were linked to consuming too much of an edible.” Read the full story in the Seattle PI

Have you ever eaten any pot laced foods?

  • VailView

    Not sure what this article has to do with nutrition. I would have much rather started my Saturday morning reading something informative in regard to healthy eating and/or healthy living.

    On a separate note, I resided in Colorado. I don’t ingest pot in any form and don’t care to do so. Frankly I am tired of hearing about it (and of looking at it , as I sit outside and see my neighbors pot towering over the fence). I don’t judge those who do use pot but I don’t know why it needs to be such an “in your face issue.”

    • ifoundbobmarley

      I know how you feel. I’m tired of hearing about it too. Hearing pot smokers talk about it really puts me on edge…but fortunately, one joint in the a.m keeps me calm enough to deal with those crazy hippies.

      • Fooducate

        Best. Reply. Ever :-)

    • Esther

      Totally agree with you.

    • Fooducate

      Fooducate is not just “nutrition”-cate. If it has to do with “food”, we’re interested. Agree with legalization or not, we thought it would be interesting to point out its growing use in culinary cases.

      • Brian

        I agree with VailView. I don’t think this is an interesting topic- food, nutrition pro/con marajuana aside. I feel as though a topic such as this belongs elsewhere. Thumbs down. Terrible. Fooducate is always on the defense- it’s because of ridiculous articles such as this. Stop being on the defensive would be a good business move. Instead, listen to what your readers want! It is not this.

        • Skyeee

          Actually, it is what I want. If it’s not what you want…delete your app or don’t read it.

      • VailView

        It wasn’t interesting. That’s my point.

        • CommonSense

          That’s your opinion, and not everyone would agree with you. You need to understand that there will be some articles in this app that you aren’t interested in. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean the rest of the world doesn’t like it either. I find your comments to be very disrespectful and ignorant. You live in Colorado, of course the subject of pot is going to be ‘in your face.’ Deal with it. As for the rest of the country, who don’t live in Colorado, we don’t get to hear as much about this stuff, and I appreciate the app for the little bit of education on this subject. This whole situation goes back to, ‘if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.’ Not everything is about you, and not everything on this app is about pot. The app is called Fooducate, and they were educating you on a subject within food, you obviously aren’t quite understanding the concept. Please stop being a Dick.

          • Dale W

            I agree with VailView. The article didn’t interest me either. In fact, it turned me off to fooducate. If it had just been this one article that was bad, over-simplified, irrelevant, you fill in the blank, whatever. I think the frustration stems from repeated doosies of articles and the unprofessional replies by Fooducate staff. Seems they should remain unbiased, factual and straight forward yet when you see a reply “Best. Reply. Ever :-) ” to a comment such as that makes one wonder about the professionalism of this team. I don’t live in CO myself, but also feel this pot issues has been “in my face” too. I can only imagine what it’s like in CO and WA right now. I’d like it if fooducate stuck to nutrition and health topics surrounding food. Next time someone scans an “edible” is it now going to come up with a grade? Sure, they say they are all about food education but I challenge them to think about if articles such as this are really necessary? Is this the direction they want to take considering it is one of the best food nutrition apps out there? Like other users of the app, I don’t want to read about it either. If that means I delete the app, no biggie to me, but is that what fooducate really wants? Maybe they don’t care? In fact that wouldn’t surprise me as comments coming from staff tend to be self serving. I agree with someone else’s comment. Listen to what your readers are asking for if you are truly here for the readers. If you are here for yourself to post whatever the hell you want then go for it. However, I don’t see other major publications succeeding with that business model. Lastly, there are young kids on here scanning their foods. Quite a few as many of the daily postings are uncalled for and immature. Is this what fooducate wants to educated children about? Marijuana edibles? That’s a tool that’s going to get them making better food choice. Lol

          • Fooducate

            Dale, thanks for your feedback. Fooducate has many readers and apparently touches an open nerve here and there. That’s fine. We’ll be here every day with some articles you’ll like and others you won’t.

          • Dale W

            That is more inline with a professional reply I would expect. Thanks Fooducate.

          • Tammy

            I wanted to read the article to see if there were any foods that I might be eating has pot in it, I don’t think if I fail a drug test that my employer would believe I unknowingly ate some in a product that I bought somewhere . Try explaining that one at work. I can’t eat anything with poppy seeds in it either.

          • Chlosophene

            Fooduacte, your dose of “unprofessional” comments are a welcome balance for the very professional and informational articles you post. I enjoy your actual sense of character, rather than some robotic, “We’re sorry this doesn’t please you” response. I think you’re exactly what I need this Monday morning, and if I didn’t find pot an interesting topic, I probably wouldn’t read the article labeled, “Ganja Gastronomy”. But I find pot interesting, and instead of sticking my head in the sand and avoiding upcoming topics, (or simply not reading the article,) I read and enjoyed this article.
            Thanks Fooducate!

          • Barbara

            Oh wow, who really sounds like the dick here? VailView was scrutinizing article content. You are attacking a person! I welcome debates and opinions on hot topics despite my agreement or not. I do not welcome people who attack people for their opinion.

  • H2O

    I think that if it can help people in pain and get them away from pharmaceuticals or helps people relax instead of alcohol go for it.

    • AnonymousJane

      I suffer from a chronic pain condition. Smoking pot does not help the pain in any way for me unfortunately.

      • H2O

        I heard you don’t have to smoke it . That they can take out the THC and what’s left is what is used for medical use. People don’t have to get high to get the medical benefits. They do have oils. I’m sorry to here about your pain and I pray that you will be able to find pain relief.

        • AnonymousJane

          Thank you H2O. How kind of you.

          • Skyeee

            A vaporizer is a great way to get THC. No carcinogens are produced from burning the herb or paper. The herb is simply heated and a vapor is produced. Very faint scent of popcorn and no irritation to your lungs. It actually has helped my asthma in this way. And saves money ! The marijuana lasts longer from lack of burning and no coughing attacks !

  • jadegreen_eyz

    I was 18 years old in 1969 and there was a lot of experimentation back in the day. I wanted to wear flowers in my hair but never made it to S.F. but I digress. I never became enamored with anything I tried (nothing hardcore). Didn’t like the effect of pot but to each his own. I believe it has medicinal properties and has benefited many to alleviate whatever symptoms they experience; many times, it is the side effect of pharmaceuticals. As time passes, there are a growing number of states that will be approving it for medicinal purposes. To that end, I think it is preferable to Big Pharma.

  • Sarah

    Some friends of mine are too many edibles once and totally freaked out. They were fine once the effects wore off, however that evening they were quite scared. I don’t see anything wrong with them, but do think some way of measuring their potency would be helpful so that others don’t have this experience!

  • Jason

    There sure are a lot of fooducate blog haters. If I followed a blog and didn’t like their content, I would not read it. That simple! Complaining solves no problems and accomplishes nothing. I for one really like this blog and enjoy reading something “different” and “interesting” everyday while I eat my lunch or breakfast. On top of that I get a lot of use out of the fooducate app. When I buy anything even remotely processed I always scan it now because I don’t know what all the darn chemicals they put in food are. Not to mention I’d like to avoid GMO products.

  • mfp142

    People with their head in the sand will never learn about the wildfires around them. This is an educational website about food. Unfortunately this is a thing now, people putting pot in food, and I am thankful for the warning. Never done it, never will. I’ll stick with the culinary herbs I grow!

  • Guest

    I think this article is implying that pot laced foods are good for those having issues with portion control…. I have not tried pot laced foods or smoked pot. Ever.

  • Household6

    Well now. You saw the topic, you decided to read it. Right? Well, then it must have intrigued you somehow!
    Sorry you live in CO. There are folks who live on the East coast who do find this interesting. Namely, myself.
    So move along now, nothing to see here.

  • bongo

    i made cannabis cookies on saturday night. first time ever. they’re chocolate chip and came out very tasty. quells my anxiety quite nicely.
    thanks for the story

  • Skyeee

    This isn’t new…not for a long shot. As a Californian native, I’ve been cooking with marijuana for years. Cookies, Nachos, grilled cheese…anything far soluble and THC latches on. Keep your temperatures low. High heat kills off THC. Crock pots on low all day are your friend ! Make some Cannabutter, store it in the fridge and enjoy when needed. The fact that marijuana is not legalized for recreational use in every state is horrible…the fact that it is not medically available in every state ? DEPLORABLE. I have anxiety, bipolar, ADHD, and trouble sleeping…it’s nothing short of amazing helping me. I am not vegetative on the couch. Such a stereotype. It NEEDS to be an “in your face” issue because people, children NEED it…not for a high, but for pain relief, seizure relief, to slow tumor growth, to finally eat, to stop vomiting, to get some sleep, to stop shaking…the list is long. Don’t go by the years of the DEA…it’s nothing but politics and money. Surprise, surprise.