• Casey

    Another reason to get mascots of junk food brands out of schools. #RonaldMcDonald? #MomsNotLovinIt

    • H2O

      I totally agree !!

  • PeaCat

    I’m beyond the age of having young kids, but I have a cousin who’s been battling the agressive marketing of junk and fast foods to her grade schooler kids. They don’t even watch regular television anymore. Netflix and Hulu selections carefully screened by mom are what the kids watch when their noses aren’t burried in books.

  • Stardust

    Are you serious? Just because a kid is familiar with the logos doesn’t mean that they’re overweight. Some just happen to see them on signs while they’re riding in a car or in tv commercials while they’re watching an educational program or something. Kids are smarter than you think these days; My little sister is FAR from being overweight and she can identify all of those logos. So can my skinny little cousins. There is nothing wrong with knowing simple facts.

    • Corey Rowland

      I think what this article is trying to point out is that there is a correlation between knowledge of these logos/mascots and a higher bmi. This does not mean that every child who knows them is overweight or unhealthy. However, just the fact that children know what all of these logos stand for says something about these industries’ marketing. Good marketing is a powerful thing.

  • H2O

    PBS is also a good choice for no commercials

  • Cijordan

    The purpose of a business is to do business and be the best at it. Children can not just walk in a store and buy whatever they want, it’s the parents problem. You can’t get mad at a company for selling “bad things” if that were the case every company that puts something in food that people don’t like would be under fire. Stop eating bad, instead of blaming others.

    • H2O

      When did it become ok to sell bad things and call it food ??

      • vroomer

        It is still food, just because it’s unheallthy doesn’t mean it’s not food.
        It’s (sometimes) the fault of parents if they can’t bother to cook/ look for healthier options.

        • H2O

          Well sorry food is to be eaten to help provide energy, promote growth, nurish and heal the body. Fast food is processed GMOs posing has food but makes you sick, fat and tired. How much real food can be in there?? Not a fan I love my family way too much to put unknown chemicals in their bodies. Good business is selling good quality items. Bad business is selling poison. I urge everyone to read lables see where your food comes from, and don’t make excuses to eat garbage.

  • Vsim

    I have to say that it is not the marketing that is contributing to the obese problem. It is today’s way of life. Very inactive children and working parents. I grew up having mcdonalds every Friday night. I never had a weight problem. I was a very active kid. Outside playing everyday and my mom cooked everyday except Fridays. Today working parents are tired and buy supper on the way home to bring to their hungry children that have probably been sitting in front of the tv since they got home from school. If anything it is us parents that are guilty of falling for the marketing.

  • Lisa

    It’s horrible what fast food resturants can do to you