Consumers Confused by Foods Labeled Natural

All Natural

Consumer Reports recently conducted a survey of 1000 people to learn about people’s attitudes regarding food labels.It’s amazing to see how marketers manage to dupe shoppers with meaningless drivel.

The saddest example is the term “Natural”; 3 out of 5 consumers prefer a product labeled Natural because they believe it is healthier. This, despite the fact the the term is meaningless from a regulatory perspective. 75% of these consumers think products labeled as Natural do not contain GMOs, are pesticide free, and contain no artificial ingredients. Unfortunately, they are wrong.

Consumer Reports, together with TakePart, has created a petition to ban the use of the term “natural” in labels. Please take a minute to sign it.

  • Stardust

    That’s why it’s much safer to buy products labeled “organic”, since that term can’t be thrown around as much. Also, it wouldn’t kill people to flip the package over and read the stinken label! If someone was really into healthier options, they would take the time to do this, just say’in:p

  • Martian

    I do not feel the label should be banned, but it should be given a definition.

    • Seajay

      The problem with giving it a definition, is the corporate lobbyists that will be writing it with their cash flow. ‘Natural’ or ‘all natural’ or any form of it needs to be banned all together to avoid this possible conflict of interest.

  • Joyrideraz

    If “all natural” is used to intentionally mislead, (and it is) I say let’s ban it. I can’t even imagine how you could effectively and meaningfully define the label so as to be useful to the consumer.

  • H2O

    The definition of Natural is existing or caused by nature not made or caused by humankind. Ban it, it has no business on a box.

  • seasonal

    I fight my mom on this every week. Most of her dinners are made from “all natural” ingredients and she trusts the label completely to mean that it is healthy. The latest was over McCormicks “all natural” pork seasoning. Ridiculous that they let something so blatantly misleading be legal.

    • Stardust

      I know, right! My mom thinks that “all natural” potato chips, french fries, and ice cream are healthy!

  • lynne

    Its sad that people are literally tricked into buying food. This is completely wrong because people are thinking there is some type of progress when your actually still buying and eating exactly what you’re trying to avoid. I like to know what I am eating and know its not doing harm to my body so looking at something like this makes my stomach turn. Ban it!!!