4 Ways Juice Plus is Scamming Americans

Juice Plus Snake Oil

A friend recently told us she was thinking of starting a Juice Plus supplement regime for herself, and perhaps becoming a distributor. As she was about to drop $178 just for her own consumption, she asked us what we thought.

At first pass, the company seems legit. Its tagline - the next best thing to fruits and vegetables – is very convincing. Juice Plus capsules include a powder blend of 17 fruits and vegetables with added vitamins and minerals. Its website is rich with links to clinical research from respected academic establishments.

However, after slightly deeper research we can firmly recommend: Stay Away from Juice Plus!

Here is why:

1. The “clinical studies” supporting Juice Plus were all funded by…Juice Plus. If you don’t think that is a problem, read this.

2. Preying upon your guilt for not consuming enough fruits and vegetables, Juice Plus claims it can fill the gap for you. However, concentrated high doses of nutrients in pills may not always be bio-available. Which means you are most likely peeing away the nutrients you paid so dearly for. Generally speaking, it’s much more effective to consume vitamins and minerals in their original packaging (whole fruit, veggie salad) and not after they have been extracted and processed.

3. There are no shortcuts to getting healthy or avoiding disease. Do you really think Juice Plus can protect your DNA? Improve your Heart Health? The company actually makes these claims. If the multi-billion dollar supplement industry was so effective at preventing disease, why are more people than ever getting sick?

4. On an ethical level, multi-level marketing creates financial incentives to lie to your friends, relatives and peers in order to get them to buy something.

Juice plus makes a lot of money for its owners and maybe some of its top salespeople. The rest of us should spend our money on buying more real fruits and vegetables.

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  • mickdaly

    Disappointed in Fooducate I am! You pride yourself on getting your facts right – this article is an epic fail in that category. I would challenge you to do real research into Juice Plus+ because it’s evident that you spent an hour at most on this article.

    • Max_Freedom

      Are you Yoda?
      Why are you talking like that?

      • Truth

        Nicesidestep.people talk different. So back to the issue. Study and choose for YOUR life. Don’t base dessisions on other peoples point of view.

        • GiveMeLibertyNow

          What are ‘dessisions’? Are you taking JuicePlus brain enhancements that make you so smart you invent new words?

          • BluePotion

            Girls, you are all pretty.

          • McPeak

            SMART! You know he was saying decisions right…..stop being cruel!

          • GiveMeLibertyNow

            DUMB! Stop being an idiot!

        • marfalicious marftastic

          Pmsing, she is

    • OutThereBad

      Seems like you sell it and are bothered by fooducate analyses. It sounds obviously accurate what they posted

      • http://www.dallasurbanfarms.com Maximillias

        Lmao. “It sounds obviously accurate”??
        Read my reply.

      • NOTajuiceplusrep

        Why is it obviously accurate? It states that people should buy ‘real fruit and veg’ because juice plus isnt bioavailable as it extracts the nutrition from food – yet if you spend around 3 minutes to bother reading, you’ll see its ALL real food. That’s why it has to carry a food nutrition label and not a supplement label like other vitamins.

        Please feel free to carry on with what ‘sounds obviously accurate’ because you’ve decided that.

        • Baker boy

          The real question is how much of the vitamins remain after drying the fruit. Also, why doesn’t Juice+ provide nutrient data? Can’t find anywhere.

          • Ltorres

            Enough phytonutrients to maintain your inmune system and protect your dna

          • Chemical Free Health

            You find the nutrient data in the same place you find the nutrient data on an apple :-)

          • coco red

            These comments are hilarious

          • Cmedia

            Juice Plus is an amazing product and company with an A+ BBB rating. All good companies, that can afford it, do their own research. Who else would want to research a product that belongs to someone else? Pharma companies do their own research and usually don’t do enough! JP has 30+ studies over 16 years… Impressive! After proving it’s efficacy, other entities began to ask to do their own independent research on our products for their patient population. JP just makes sense!

          • fyi_im_me

            You are missing the point. Tobacco companies have great ratings too and do their own studies. They make lots of money too. JP is a company that produces a product that contains ingredients that do not come from nature. A product that all the JP sellers and supporters clain does all these phoenominal things like prevent cancer, protect your dna, etc… It is a scam. Not healthy.

          • Tilly Tall

            You’re citing the BBB!? hhahaha! You do realize that you just pay them for a rating, right? Clearly showing that this is a sham.

          • Susan Parris

            I wonder how many universities, of good reputations, would put their names to the research if they hadn’t thoroughly investigated it. I know that Sydney University definitely wouldn’t.

          • fenderclass

            JP+ is not a multi-vitamin, it has a nutrition facts label and not a supplement facts label.. when you buy a bag of apples it doesn’t list the vitamins cuz it’s a nutrition facts label. I no longer sell JP+ but still take it for 7 years and notices major changes that were positive.

          • loobeylou86x

            What nutrient data do u need? Because it is found easily on the back of the packaging exactly where you would expect it to be funny that isn’t it!

          • Esther

            I’m chuckling about the fact that people don’t question this much when being sold $100 of food and drink in a restaurant (who knows what’s in it or where it’s been sourced from) but when someone recommends veg, fruit and berries it’s a BIG DEAL

          • fyi_im_me

            If that’s actually what was only in it, it wouldn’t be a big deal. It becomes a big deal when it is sold as a miracle product that is clean and pure. It’s full of garbage, is horribly expensive, and the reps pretend they actually know nutrition. Just more snake oil.

          • Rachel Belmont

            If u actually take some time and research how it’s made and how it’s carefully juiced and extracted . U can go on you tube , look up how is Juice Plus made ! Or you tube Juice Plus .

        • fyi_im_me

          Interesting….you say to disbelieve what we read here but believe JPs propoganda.

          • Brian

            Propaganda and independent, peer-reviewed research aren’t quite the same thing.

          • fyi_im_me

            JP says peer reviewed but further research shows bought and paid for….that makes it propaganda not true peer reviewed. Frankly think….really think…about what they are saying lol. There are a lot of contradictions on their website… also a lot of big words used as jargon and not in the context of what they truly mean. JP is proof that you can market anything to our society. If you change your lifestyle to a healthy one you will be way better off. Eliminate supplements, additives, and chemicals, all of which JP contains, as much as you can and you will be surprised how healthy you will be.

          • Khope47

            The parent company of JP has paid for most of their studies – but not all. Also, most companies have to pay for their own clinical studies. Unless you’re offering to pay for it?

          • fyi_im_me

            Yes that is somewhat true; however peer reviews are common and should not be paid for. Those are missing in JPs case.

          • Frank Walton

            The peer-reviews are NOT paid for. You need to get your facts right before you go on a rampage of attacking something you do not fully understand.

          • fyi_im_me

            Have you read any of the links posted on here? Independent reviews prove the JP studies were flawed and did not clearly prove anything.

          • fyi_im_me

            The studies were paid for and flawed.

          • Ave. Joe

            Dummies. Everyone posted here makes Forest Gump sound like Einstien.

          • jill

            This is all fun plain and simple if your a septic don’t get the product if you feel it works get it try it out but don’t complain if you don’t want to try it everyone it’s free to so what they want let life just be no need to slander a product because you feel it’s to expensive no one is saying that you need to take it

          • fyi_im_me

            The truth is not slander. If JP had left me and mine alone, I would have left them alone. I can’t abide people and companies that lie and take advantage of others.

          • Frank Walton

            where are the lies? Juice Plus has helped many thousands. It you know how to analyze it, its a good deal for what you are getting.

          • fyi_im_me

            It does not protect your DNA. It is not in any way better than eating properly. It is horribly expensive especially when compared with other products containing the same added nutrients.

          • Ariel188

            you said “Eliminate supplements, additives, and chemicals, all of which JP contains,” Please list what it contains as chemicals and additives??

          • fyi_im_me

            There are different ones in different products but predominantly folic acid which is manufactured. Citric acid is added not naturally occurring….um the gummies contain 3 kinds of added sugars. The shakes are just plain full of crap….etc… Easiest way is to research each of the ingredients thru independent sources….not JP. All of their studies and info are bought and paid for and fo not adhere to true scientific method which is why their studies are not acknowledged as truely proof of their claims.

          • fyi_im_me

            All their products. . Folic acid…citric acid…many have sugars. All the nutrients listed come from the additives not naturally occurring.

        • Nikkig

          Hmmm….If it’s all real food, why does it contain folic acid which is synthetic? https://www.drfuhrman.com/library/harmful_ingredients_in_supplements.aspx

          • jaded39

            Where are you seeing anything synthetic about folic acid? Either I have missed something or nutritional data is wrong when it says you get folic acid from leafy green vegetables, such as a large spinach salad or collard greens and kale.

            Citrus fruits, such as orange juice.
            Beans.Breads.Cereals.Rice.Pastas. Sure, you can also get folic acid from prenatal vitamins (such as the link you posted) but you really want them from fruits and veggies..and Juice Plus is nothing but fruits and veggies.

          • Kandace

            The ingredient in the leafy greans etc isnt “folic acid” it is folate. Folic acid is the synthetic version of folate.

          • Nikkig

            I’m looking at the bottle right now. Under directions you will see a section called Ingredients. The last ingredient is folic acid which is artificial and therefore added! Anyone with the MTHR defect (50%) of the population should not be taking folic acid. Read my links and educate yourself.

          • becky

            so Nikkig for someone with MTHFR is JP good for us? Me and my daughter have MTHFR and are considering JP. You just said in your previous statement we shouldnt be taking folic acid, I thought we lacked folic acid. if you would want to privately message me you can. bs21665@yahoo.com

          • fenderclass

            it’s folate not folic acid, there’s a difference

        • fyi_im_me

          Read the ingredients on the package and then look them up….they arent grown, they are produced.

        • Rachel Belmont

          Thank you !! Well said ! People that are putting Juice Plus down have no knowledge about how amazing it it for out bodies ! If anything there missing out ! Lol

      • Marcus Kolodjski

        It’s not real analysis. Juice Plus is the most widely independently studied supplement there is! http://www.juiceplus.com/content/JuicePlus/en/clinical-research/juice-plus-clinical-research.html#.VXve56YeJFQ

    • http://www.dallasurbanfarms.com Maximillias

      This person is silly, Mick.
      I don’t know why I wasted so much time of my life writing all this crap out and actually reading what they wrote, but maybe I’ll just save my post for the next loon :P

    • http://minikon.com/ Denty One

      Look at all those upvotes from your Juice Plus buddies.

      • Bill Stevens

        Remember the good old days when up and down votes were the real deal? Now a maze of blur…

    • carla

      I don’t sell Juice Plus. I have been taking it for 5 years. After about 4 months of taking it, I stopped getting sick. Literally stopped getting colds and the flu. Spend some actual time researching the company and go tour the facility where they make Juice Plus. Yes, the company charges for their product. I am happy to pay for it, just as I would pay for a piece of fruit at the grocery store (just as I am happy to be paid for the work that I do).

      • Nicole

        The mind is a very powerful thing when it comes to our health…just something to keep in mind.

        • Truth

          Yea. Please think before you speak

          • fyi_im_me

            Likewise. Learn to read.

        • Cristian

          Well then don’t even think about going to the doctor cuz it’s all in your mind and you have the power to heal yourself, it’s all in your mind

      • Common Sense

        I exercise and eat healthy and I don’t get sit, ever, and I don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on Juice Plus. My way has been working for a number of people for quite some time now.

        • Brian

          Juice plus wasn’t really created for those that eat perfectly already. It’s mostly for those who aren’t able/willing to eat perfectly all the time. That’s why their slogan is “The next best thing to fruits and vegetables.” They didn’t say better than…

          • jujuz

            Good Point Brian…. No one ever said taking a supplement will cure you of all disease. Many people take supplements, mistakenly thinking they can continue eating and lousy diet, not exercising and not doing anything to control their stress levels. If you put all your eggs in a basket outside of yourself they will all get smashed.. People have to take responsibility for every aspect of their own health.

          • fyi_im_me

            That’s not technically correct. It was created to make money.

          • fenderclass

            what’s so wrong with making money?

          • fyi_im_me

            Nothing if you do it ethically and honestly but the sleazy slimy way many of the JP salespeople act is wrong. They make ridiculous claims and flat out lie to make the sale.

          • Rachel Belmont

            Ur wrong , your obviously not that knowledgable about Juice Plus!

          • fyi_im_me

            Really…i have been told it prevents cancer, protects dna, helps you lose weight, makes you healthier, it’s real food, it’s better for you than fruits and veggies you buy in the grocery store, etc….thise would be lies. I gather you sell it….therefore you have no integrity. Very simple to prove…..read the ingredients

          • Amanda Hayes-Flemming

            Your flat out ignorant and should stop breathing.

          • fyi_im_me

            How nice.

          • Susan Parris

            Not nice

          • fyi_im_me

            Really? I have read their website and several of their studies as well as many articles from independent souces plus independent studies. Also the ingredients tell the story….read them ..lots of crap in there.

          • fyi_im_me

            Obviously I am more knowledgeable about than you are. If you disagree, you haven’t read the ingredients.

          • Susan Parris

            I think the knowledge shown by this particular person would be limited to not just JuicePlus+

          • Frank Walton

            You make false accusations with no proof. You are not a nice person.

          • fyi_im_me

            You are lying to people. You are not very nice. Post the ingredients

          • Amanda Hayes-Flemming

            Just shut up already… clearly no one cares about the jargon coming out of your mouth… people are free to do as they please and the only thing you care about doing is discrediting juice plus. Can it already!

          • fyi_im_me

            Nice try.

          • McPeak

            No, because I have bowel problems in my family (my grandmothers brother died from backed up bowels & my brother had surgery at 1 years old for his bowels) since taking Juice Plus I am regular so speak about what you know NOT what others have told you or you think you know!

          • fyi_im_me

            So you changed nothing else…Not one thing? Because a change in your diet without JP would cause that. The actual ingredients would definitely not help as there is no fibre in the capsuls. Is you are doing the shakes and adding fibre….the fivre is what’s helping not the toxic mess from JP. And I do know of what I speak. Perhaps you should do a little none JP research and quit drinking their koolaid.

          • Frank Walton

            False, there is some soluble and insoluble fiber in the capsules.

          • fyi_im_me

            Lol…so the itsy bitsy bit replaces an apple….try again. Read your ingredients and do some independent research.

          • Frank Walton

            It was created to help people get healthier and is doing a fabulous job at that. You are harming people by spreading distortions.

          • fyi_im_me

            It is not proven to do snything other than be a placebo. It does a very good job of parting people from their hard earned money. It is a crutch not a solution. Another attempted quick fix. You lie when you say JP makes people healthier. Read the ingredients.

        • Rachel Belmont

          Not everyone has the same immune system as you or health issues . And it’s not about getting sick . I’m sure u don’t eat 7-13 servings of fruit everyday ? Juice Plus helps to bridge that gap .

      • callie

        you can also keep from getting sick by not eating so much red meat and drinking cow milk; i stopped drinking milk a long time ago and i can’t remember when the last time i got sick; well yes i can, it was in nov of 2012.

        • Bowhunter

          I eat red meat all the time and drink cow milk and never get sick… Hmmm

          • fyi_im_me

            Me too. There are a lot of people on here relying on old wrong nutrition information. I don’t drink much milk as I believe you don’t need it so is wasted on us but I do eat good quality non hormone non antibiotic non feed lot beef :)

      • Becky Morrissey

        Thank you for sharing your Juice Plus story, especially as a non-employee.
        On the original note of Juice Plus paying for it’s research, a blog such as this should know that this is standard. That is, it is standard for companies to seek outstanding institutions and researchers to complete their 3rd party analyses; institutions that would be unlikely to taint their standards or reputations by skewing data) At least it is not done ‘in-house’ (an all too common practice in the pharmaceutical industry)

        • fyi_im_me

          The difference is in how the scientific method is followed. That is where JPs supposed results are questioned. If a test subject is taking JP or a placebo, it must be perfectly controlled and not one other thing changed which is not the case in the studies. Also with the person’s comment above, if they had improved their diet without the JP; therefore the JP is irrelevant.

        • Rach227

          Trust me, pharma’s don’t do it in house. They outsource a lot of the work and any scientists that work on the experiments (including doctors who must apply the dosage) do not get any extra benefit for saying the drug works. The only bonus they get is for actually carrying out the experiment. There are thousands of drugs tested every year and only one or two make it to the shelf. Juice plus don’t need this standard so they choose not to follow it. It’s not been found by any peer reviewed body to be effective.

      • fyi_im_me

        So….all you did was add JP to your existing lifestyle, made no other change in diet or lifestyle? You may want to do some non Juice Plus research. Their studies have been questioned repeatedly for not following proper scientific method. Read the ingredients and research them. Eliminate the JP snd eat good food and you won’t get sick and will have more disposable income, win win.

        • Frank Walton

          Juice Plus has a ONE SIMPLE CHANGE program to encourage healthy eating, exercise, 8 hrs. of sleep and hydration. https://youtu.be/AOh4FZb6VuM

          • fyi_im_me

            So do it without eating the toxic crap.

    • OrganicSquared

      Juice Plus states that they offer whole food based nutrition, including juice powder concentrates from 30 different fruits, vegetables and grains and therefore provides a far greater variety of naturally occurring vitamins, antioxidants, and other phytonutrients – even some of the fiber – found in the fruits and vegetables themselves.

      I should add, if your child is over 4 years old and you as an adult purchase the monthly adult version — You can sign up your child for the Children’s FREE monthly product program (for up to three years). Here is the link to purchase adult chews or capsules and they will contact you to get your child’s monthly chews FREE. (copy and paste the goo) goo.gl/BdrVNT

      Clearly the author has not
      done adequate research in Juice Plus. It was flippantly written. Here are the
      facts: Juice Plus teams with Family owned farms in contract, each batch is
      tested 5-6 times, guaranteed herbicide & pesticide free in every batch. Non
      GMO, Gluten free, Kosher. NSF Certified. Everything
      that goes into Juice Plus comes in as WHOLE FOOD & leaves in their
      packages, they don’t add anything to it or do anything to it.

      Juice Plus is beyond organic
      because there is not a single trace of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides,
      bacteria, mold, heavy metals, there is nothing in it except on the label (it’s
      NSF certified). It’s kosher, non-GMO. The formula is based on meridian energy,
      formulated by a naturopath. All food has an address. JP was formulated to make
      sure every cell in the body gets the nutrition that it needs.

      Juice Plus farmers have had their land for long time, some fore
      centuries, they are dedicated to rotating crops, the soil is tested & is
      super nutritious. JP is pretty passionate about nutrition, if you couldn’t

      • Sceptical

        How is that even possible these days?! What makes you think a pill can really replace an apple?

        • srf226

          it doesn’t replace an apple, it bridges the gap for the 1-3 servings of fruits and veggies you’re getting to the 7-12 servings you’re suppose to be getting… and the variety you don’t buy.

          • harry

            I don’t doubt that the fruits and veggies that the JuicePlus+ pills/supplements come from are healthy and even organic-BUT those are fruits and veggies in their natural state, not in a pill or gummy bear form! Firstly, most of the vitamins in fruits is on the skin which you don’t get in the supplements, not to mention the fiber. Moreover, if you just look at the ingredients, you will see that all the vitamins and minerals that are indicated on the back of the box (the RDA values/percentages) are basically added to the vitamins; they are not naturally occurring; otherwise the only ingredients would be…the fruits and vegetables to a series of added vitamins.
            There have been many INDEPENDENT studies that show supplements are just not effective nor worth the huge relative cost. Yes, vitamin deficiencies- TRUE DEFICIENCIES like lack lack of Vitamin C (scurvy) or D (rickets) etc is extremely bad…..but, in this civilization there hasn’t been a true vitamin deficiency among normal people in decades or centuries.
            If you’re not eating that poorly that you need $200/ month of compressed “fruits and veggies” then you have a lot more problems that all the vitamins in the world won’t solve. Vitamins are micronutrients; we only need a few MICROGRAMS (which is 1/1000 of a milligram). What we really need in our diet is more fiber and less refined foods, not 50 times the daily RDA of Vitamin A.
            JuicePlus+, or any other supplement will not hurt you (most likely) but it also will definitely won’t help you- not to the tune of $100-$200/ month anyway.
            Invest in a gym membership that you will actually use, instead.

          • harry

            EDIT: “if you’re not eating that poorly that you need $200/ month of compressed…” SHOULD read ” if YOU ARE eating that poorly…”

          • Khope47

            Um…Juice Plus isn’t anywhere near $200/month. I think it’s like $40/month, depending on what you use

          • KLD

            $40 a month!? No, here is Canada it would cost me over $100 a month for the most basic package! And then the fact that they continue to charge me and send me bottles like a subscription, forget it!! Sounds like a big money grab!

          • Granny92306

            This is funny…didn’t you know that Juice Plus actually “juices” the entire fruit which “includes” the skin where the bulk of the nutrients are?
            And check again, Juice Plus is not a “supplement” but an actual “whole food” which is why it has a nutrition label. Moreover, the fruits & vegetables used in Juice Plus are vine-ripened so they are much more nutrient dense than any fruit or veggie you get at the market.
            Cost is subjective when it comes to health. How much are you willing to pay for good health?

          • fyi_im_me

            I have a bridge for sale too. Keep in mind the ingredients. JP has had to add nutrients to their products because under investigation, the amounts they claimed were not in them.

          • Frank Walton

            An independent meta-analysis shows positive benefit http://ibehealthy.com/science/clinical-research-29.pdf

          • fyi_im_me

            You may want to actually read that. Nothing was proven. There is a possibility and more study is required. In some of the other reviews posted here you will read how the scientific method was flawed in their studies. The subjects cannot change anything but add JP. No added exercise or improved diet as it invalidates the results.

          • KLD

            You are a sales rep right?

          • Penny

            I commend you for your bravery; however, your ignorance blinds you from seeing the truth. I use Juice Plus for children with autism who additionally suffer from food aversions. All of my patients started NPO and are now eating a regular diet. Years of suffering ended when I used a nutrition that allowed the brain to crave food. You may not like the multi-level marketing aspect of it but don’t bash a product that started honestly by a doctor who was just trying to save his father’s life. Don’t knock a product that leads people to eating and choosing healthier options. Furthermore, I used the product for seven years with no interest in the business side. I change lives! What do you do?

          • fyi_im_me

            Cheaper and better choices exist. Even many supermarket viamins and suppliments are better than JPs products. If you truly want to “Change Lives” then do your research. JP is not in it to help anyone nor are their products designed to do anything except make money.

          • Frank Walton

            Fragmented supplement don’t work well. Juice Plus also has a foundation called INSPIRING HEALTHY GIVING AROUND THE WORLD. Juice Plus+ raised $8 million for St. Jude’s last year. How much did you give to help St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital?

        • JEC

          It doesn’t replace an apple- the slogan on juice plus says that “the next best thing” not “replacement for”.

          I heavily admire you if you can get nine servings of fruits and vegetables a day- but I can only get a couple of a few usually- this helps me get a couple more quick and easy. It’s a short cut but an acceptable one for me.

          • KLD

            I do and am very proud to say it! Heck I get about 4 servings before lunch and I don’t need crazy expensive pills to do it either!! :)

          • curiosity

            Good for you, seems like you have the time and the type of work that allow you to spend all day eating at your desk. Well, I don’t have time to eat four serving of what ever you said you are eating, before nor after my lunch. Vitamins don’t seem to be enough for me, so with all these discussion, I feel like given JP+ a try, with all these buzz, there must be something good with these capsules that have some people upset. Oh, regarding the expensive part, I would say, I would stop eating out once a month, so i can get these mysterious capsules. That’s about how much I spend when I go out for dinner, so why not then spend the money on what so many people have something positive to say. Every body that have something negative to say here about the products have not taken it yet, so I will go with those that are consuming it, and then I will give my opinion. People love to talk about what they don’t know.

          • KLD

            Geez, you sure are defensive! I am entitled to my opinion am I not? And FYI, I don’t sit at a desk all day eating….I just put the time and effort into incorporating fruits and vegs into my diet than relying on a pill form. I acutally like the taste of them and much perfer to eat them in their natural form. As well I do not eat out as I am celiac. In fact I do know what I am talking about as I have sampled them and researched the product extensively. So you need to stop making assumptions. And I am not interested in a pyramid type scheme which JP is, especially when it comes to a health product. The fact they continually charge and automatically ship you more product is also something I have a problem with. And I have heard from a few people that is not that easy to get payments stop once you enroll! No thanks, not for me!

          • fyi_im_me

            You make very valid points. My husband and one of my daughters are celiac as well. Eating properly is nothing like what you guys go thru trying to keep away from contaminants. I very easily get all my servings just eating regular meals.

          • Frank Walton

            Juice Plus+ Complete Shake is gluten-free and costs $2 per shake. Great deal.

          • fyi_im_me

            Compared to what????? Horribly expensive….if you only have one a day, that’s a minimum of $60 a month not including the rest of the crap they want you to buy. Gluten free…lol so what. A homemade smoothie is glutenfree and has do additives or suppliments, just good old fashioned nutrients coming from actual fruits snd veggies.

          • businessmama

            I don’t have any emotional investment in this conversation, but I do want to comment on the pyramid scheme comment because I don’t think that’s quite fair. All of corporate America looks like a pyramid. Think about the structure of the companies most people work for (i.e. employees on the bottom, middle management, upper management, one CEO on top…little chance of advancement). Juice Plus and other legitimate network marketing companies have the only business model that allows for all people starting on the bottom out to rise to the top–usually as a team effort rather than dog-eat-dog competition…and since there’s a product given in exchange for the money paid, we can hardly call this a pyramid scheme. Look up the definition of a pyramid scheme before labeling companies who’ve been around for 20+ years. If it were a pyramid scheme I think they’d have been found out by now.

            I actually have begun to seek out network marketing companies for products I use in my life, like make-up and cleaning products, etc. I have found that in a lot of cases the quality is really good and since these companies are not paying for advertising and they’re cutting out the retailer (brilliant business strategy), I get a lot more bang for my buck. Two other things I love about ordering from companies with a network marketing structure: I have a expert personal contact (rep) who can help me out and answer questions and manage my orders. Target doesn’t do that for me! And secondly, I love knowing that my purchase is helping someone be an entrepreneur. As a business owner, I can’t say enough good things about entrepreneurship, and the network marketing model is helping tens of thousands of people be their own boss! I love that for them.

            Regarding canceling orders with JP…I am a Juice Plus customer, and for the record a couple of different times in the first year I needed to hold off on shipments. It was never a problem and I was extremely impressed with the customer service. In fact I forgot to cancel a shipment once and they not only refunded the money in full, but they sent me a shipping label so I could return the product that I didn’t need, at their expense. Juice Plus ate both shipping charges and I didn’t get penalized a single penny. I’ve never bought from a company that did that before.

            Thanks for facilitating a good discussion!

          • fyi_im_me

            Lol…and we are supposed to believe that you aren’t already involved with JP…..nice try.

          • fyi_im_me

            So you dont have time time to eat 3 meals a day?????? Obviously you are on it or probably sell it.

          • fyi_im_me

            Getting the appropriate amount of servings of fruits and veggies is easy. I question where you are getting your appropriate calories to be healthy if you don’t have time to eat any meals and have to rely on pills.

          • Frank Walton

            Out of touch. 85% of people don’t eat the recommended 9-13 servings of fresh fruits and veggies daily.

          • fyi_im_me

            9 -13 is not the recommended amount of servings in either Canada or the US. And it is very easy. You must eat something so est good food not crap.

          • Jennifer Emick

            So, for twelve times the price of an apple…you can have the ‘next best thing?’ Sounds perfectly legit!

          • fyi_im_me

            Where do you get the number of 9 servings? I do get more than that a day but both the Canada Food Guide and the USDA My Plate recommend significantly less. Since a large apple is 2 servings and a cup of most other fresh fruits or veggies is a serving, it isn’t hard at all, nor as expensive as JP. JP Reps keep saying it only costs 2.00 per day. Well that’s per person. So for my family, thats 14.00 per day or 420.00 per month. That is a HUGE fruit and veggie budget to purchase the REAL thing rather than a processed “next best thing” that is full of processed suppliments and sugars. REAL food doesn’t need a label and doesn’t processed in a factory. It’s grown. JP is processed and is full of non-naturally occurring crap.

      • fenderclass

        from what I hear, there is some GMO in JP+ but they won’t admit it. I still take it though.

      • Jennifer Emick

        “The formula is based on meridian energy,”


    • Melissa DiMaggio

      AMEN! Do your research!

    • G

      That’ right! JP+ is the best! Proven research!

    • Fred

      bet you buy/sell juice plus

    • Princess Heidy Aimee

      You guys are very defensive which makes people wonder why u are so rude and quick to say epic fail-I believe because u are quick to judge u aren’t willing to learn or accept anything other than what’s going on in your little head-are u are a buyer or seller ?regardless of what it maybe u don’t need to represent yourself so poorly . By reading what u wrote it totally makes me back away from wanting to sell buy or socialiZe with the company or people selling it.you are bad representatives for what u believe or what u sell.

    • fyi_im_me

      Independent research reveals that JP is crap

    • Marcus Kolodjski


  • Cate

    I agreed with everything until your last point. I am not in multi-level marketing but have various friends who are or have been (in various companies over the years). That is a really naive, overly generalised and mostly ridiculous statement. Most people who go in to multi level marketing are just looking at an honest way to make some money with products they already love. They are NOT encouraged to lie to ‘scam’ their friends and family. Really. I expected better from this site. You could say the exact same thing about every single salesperson if it came down to it. Shame on you.

    • http://minikon.com/ Denty One

      All marketing relies on value propositions made up of half truths, simply because it is IMPOSSIBLE for all products to be the best. By repeating these half truths, having never experienced the entirety of their claims, to friends and families to get them to give you money is, in my opinion, low. Multilevel marketing is a truly nauseating concept.

    • fyi_im_me

      Really….they sure lied to me! The reps give false medical claims to get the sale all the time. Very pushy sales process.

  • H2O

    I think for a $178. You can buy real fruits & vegetables . Those companies are bogus they prey on the fat and sick. People are looking for the magic pill or drink that will Miraculously make them healthier, skinnier and more energetic I know I’ve been there. You have to make liflesyle and eating changes. I’m not into getting what God made for us out of a capsul or powder. I like to skip the processing has much has possible. Take that 178 join a gym buy a bike get real fruits & vegetables buy a real juice make real juice.

    • dontgiveadamn

      I agree

      • http://www.dallasurbanfarms.com Maximillias


    • Ann

      You think in people’s busy schedules, that they will get enough fruits & veggies DAILY? That they have the time to go to the store often enough to always have FRESH RIPE fruits and veggies? That don’t go bad when you buy in quantity? Please do this experiment yourself. It’s $2.50 a day for it. The price of coffee in some cities, def the less than a Starbucks.

      • Nicole

        Yes, it is possible. I work 40+ hours a week with an hour commute both ways, three kids all in extracurricular activities and we eat plenty of home cooked meals, mostly from scratch with plenty of fruits and veggies.

        • Ann

          You are unaware the journey store bought fruits and vegetables take nor are they ripe. Their nutritional value doesn’t even compare. What you think is plenty isn’t nearly what the truth is of what our bodies need to run at maximum capacity.

          • Nicole

            Sure…same for the supposed fruits and veggies in JP capsules. But there are Organic choices at the store.

          • get real

            Once again hasn’t been proven if organic is better or not… you may feel better about your choices but the scientific community can’t agree!

          • dobyblue

            I suppose if you think that a highly conflicted organization like Stanford U demonstrating at least a 30% reduction in exposure to antibiotic-resistant bacteria isn’t “better for you” then we have different definitions of health.

        • Mikeslove

          How many fruits and veggies is “plenty”? How much variety do you get? Most people stick to only a few types. How is the recovery time after your children’s extracurricular activity? How often do they get sick and miss school or you miss work because of sick kids? I am a Juice Plus consumer of almost 3 years and Juice Plus saved my life.

          • Nicole

            My 12 year old had never had to consume anti-biotics and I can count on one hand how many days she had missed school since starting at age 3. My 8 year old only recently had his first round of antibiotics for a sinus infection and since having his adnoid removed three years ago only missed a couple days due to his sinus infection. My 6 year old has never taken anti biotics and has only missed one day of school since starting at age 4. We eat whatever fruits and veggies are on sale/in season so there is definitely a variety.

          • Mark

            So then what ever is on sale everyday is reds, greens, yellows, purples ? because you need the rainbow effect. You are telling me because you shop organic that it is guaranteed to be organic? what happened in the shipping process? wonderful so how many servings are you getting each day? tell us yesterdays meals that you consumed? each meal and the amount? You sound pretty busy I take it that you get 7-13 servings? wonderful but the more active you are the more servings you actually need.

          • Nicole

            I am comfortable enough with my food choices I don’t feel the need to keep track. I make sure to feed my body when it is hungry and am mindful of what I choose to feed it with, if choosing healthy choices that is all that is needed.

          • fyi_im_me

            Nicole, do you purchase all yours or do you grow some of your own? I do a combination. I can my extra produce or freeze it to carry thru the winter.

          • fyi_im_me

            JP isnt guaranteed anything. Not organic not fresh nothing. They try their best… also the powder does not have the rainbow either….hence the additives.

          • fyi_im_me

            Curious….where do you get your 7 to 13 servings from and how are you getting enough out of your JP to achieve that number yourself?

            According to Harvard:
            “The latest dietary guidelines call for five to thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables a day (2½ to 6½ cups per day), depending on one’s caloric intake. (1) For a person who needs 2,000 calories a day to maintain weight and health, this translates into nine servings, or 4½ cups per day (2 cups of fruit and 2½ cups of vegetables).”

            A person needing 2000 calories a day is VERY active and 4.5 cups a day is VERY easy to eat and not expensive to purchase in good quality or to grow yourself.

          • fyi_im_me

            Interesting….what scientific research do you base that on. Most of the people I know especially parents are very cognizant of the need for variety and use a combination of organic, nonorganic, local produce and their own home grown to feed their families. If you had simply changed your lifestyle to a healthy one….your health would have been fixed.

          • Khope47

            “If you had simply changed your lifestyle to a healthy one…” That is the point. Juice Plus helps those that don’t live healthy lifestyles transition to a healthy lifestyle.

          • fyi_im_me

            Um…not really….you pay a lot and don’t need to. Just eat better…it’s not complicated. JP serves no valuable purpose.

          • Yvonne Mckechnie

            was not saving the life of a women over 51 years, she had to come off those jp to save her life, due those jp caused her cancer and liver failure due to the chemicals in jp. I eat fresh fruit and veggies within my budget. only buy within your budget. make my own food from scratch, plus I blend my fruit & veg and greens. I do not need any kind of meciation from jp or their fruits & veggies. as one person says above those capsules are addictive. even if ya wanted to come off them, gonna have a hard time of it.

        • Truth

          You are one of the few perfectly balanced people I’m the world. Most people need the extra help. I’m glad your family is so healthy but its not about you its for people who need the extra … So your comments on JP are really pointless.

          • KLD

            Nice patronizing attitude you have! Her comments are very relevant to this discussion! I happen to agree with her 100%, oh sorry, I guess I am just another one of those “perfect” people in the world who chooses to EAT my fruits and vegs as part of a healthy diet, than spend thousands of dollars a year on tablets from a pyramid sales scheme! NO THANK YOU! I will put that money towards buying the REAL THING!!

          • JK

            “one of the few perfectly balanced people I’m the world”, need I say more?!. Who are you that you can speak for “most people”? Are you in there homes, did you conduct your own study? How do you know “most people need the extra help? You are just another clown……hahahahahah

          • Yvonne Mckechnie

            what’s pointless about the comments on jp, jp are using chemical that cause cancer and liver failure. i take it all the reps are mis guided, have signed up for chemical drugs that cause cancer and liver failure, though may not notice it now, will through time. there are many people whom had to come off them due to causing them cancer, liver failure been on them for over 51 years. yes its the rep choice that they choose this kind of life. if I can help it, I will get my family off it. it rang alarming bells when my daughter in law mentioned she has to take dried fruit & veg in capsules.

        • get real

          Who’s your nanny!?

          • Nicole

            No Nanny. Hubby works nights. Comes home and takes kids to school, sleeps, picks them up. Then homework and I am usually home by 4:30pm to get dinner while he gets ready for work. We both shuttle kids to any activities at that time if needed.

          • fyi_im_me

            Me too. 5 very active kids and both hubby and I juggle nonstop. I can’t afford JP over good nutritious food ever!! We eat very well and are exceptionally healthy.

    • http://www.dallasurbanfarms.com Maximillias

      Yes, they can buy fruits and veggies. They can’t buy everything that’s in JP for the <$80/month it costs, though. And they're real fruits and veggies.
      I could name at least three companies off the top of my head that prey on the fat and weak, but Juice Plus+ is not one of them.
      I could say more to prove my point, but you probably won't ever read this anyway.

    • Bri

      They don’t recommend that you just have the capsule and eat no fruit/veggies afterward. This is more like a foundation and the fruits and veggies that you eat are bonuses :) In addition to another statement that you added, it isn’t a “magic” pill. This is is a capsule that has all the vitamins and minerals that your body is needing to consume.

    • Linda

      just surprised that no one has mentioned the $178 is a FOUR month supply which breaks down to 44.50 per month ..if you were frugal you MIGHT get a week or two’s worth of fresh vegetables for that price but what about the quality and how much would be wasted due to spoilage or just not eated

      • fyi_im_me

        Per person. Very expensive.

        • Martha

          How many sodas do you drink? Or how many snacks do you buy per day, or coffee??

          • fyi_im_me

            I don’t drink soda or coffee and rarely do I buy snacks.

        • Ann

          $2.40 s day is expensive. You drop that in the couch.

          • fyi_im_me

            I dont. My money is all accounted for and frankly Juice Plus is a very bad investment both from the financial side and the health side. Lots of blind sheep involved in this scam.

          • Dashe

            I must be blind…. since JP, we have completely removed ALL prescription drugs and over the counter medications in our house. Since we have been on the product, we have not had 1 sickness in our house for almost year. The Tower Garden has cut our grocery bills in half, I know where my produce comes from with JP and my TG, and I have lost weight without gaining it back. Results speak for themselves. Don’t knock something you’ve never tried, and don’t comment if it’s been less than 4 months. You can’t see Cancer and you CAN’T be too healthy in this day and age. We live in a completely non-GMO, Organic, Chemical Free home. Before JP, we were still sick every winter and my husband took a daily allergy medication. This product has done wonders for me and my family and I will forever be grateful.

          • fyi_im_me

            My household eats very good foods and most are home grown. Our focus is on real food from the source. We very rarely if ever get sick. We dont take suppliments or vitamins. You dont benefit from the JP suppliments and meal replacements…you benefit from the lifestyle change. JPs website today says they cant guarantee organic, pesticide chemical free.

            The tower garden sounds like a great idea but I dont know anything about it. It would depend on the medium the produce is growing in.

          • KLD

            Yes, and how much is the tower, initial cost and maintenance costs?

          • Granny92306

            Depends on if you want the Cadillac version or the beginner version. And maintenance costs??? How much would you pay for elbow grease because that’s generally your typical maintenance, cleaning it every 6 months to a year.

          • fyi_im_me

            What medium are you growing in though?

          • Nicole

            The tower garden is almost $500 plus electricity, water and the stuff you buy from JP to feed the plants. Plant a regular garden for way cheaper. Your health has improved from eating fruits and veggies not the JP stuff.

          • fyi_im_me

            What medium and suppliments does the tower use? More toxins?

          • Victoria Oehl-Miesle

            You can grow any vegetable or herb plant that grows above ground. I have tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, lettuce, green peppers and other plants! You can purchase minerals from our company or any aeroponic store that sells the minerals specifically for vegetables.

          • fyi_im_me

            Thanks for the feedback. It appears that the aeroponic minerals are processed and not natural source. I will stick with my garden where i control what goes in my food.

          • Laurie Beadle

            do you think you control what goes in your “dirt” garden?

          • Nancy

            Exactly! What’s in your soil? Dead and decaying plant and animal matter. Yuck! You have no control what’s in the soil. The Tower Garden uses no dirt but natural nutrients derived from the earth and the sea. The man who developed and ran “The Land” aeroponic exhibit at Disney World in Florida is the one who designed the Tower Garden system and the nutrient tonic. He is the most knowledgeable in the field. I have one and my grandkids love it!! You can grow 20 vegetable plants on your apt. deck all summer!

          • fyi_im_me

            Dead and decaying plant matter is what plants need to be healthy. If your liquid medium does not contain plant matter then all it contains are chemicals. You would be better off buying produce at a market.

          • Yvonne Mckechnie

            β-carotene this chemical causes cancer and is added into juiceplus capsules to put back a very small fraction of nutrients.

          • fyi_im_me

            A lot more than you control the nutrient sources in your chemical soup. My land, my water, my fertilizer. I control it all. Even my seeds or friends in most cases.

          • Tiffany

            This is on the Tower Garden Q & A page: Q: Hydroponic growing isn’t necessarily

            “organic”. I thought that organic was the most important thing when it came to food. And

            what about organic fertilizers?!

            A: In certified organic growing, the fertilizers used must come from a plant or animal

            base. In hydroponic systems, we use earth minerals, otherwise you’d have dead plantor-

            animal matter floating around, and it would rot and stink. The thing is, plants have 16

            major macro and trace elements that they require. Whether those come from earth

            minerals, or from minerals in organic matter is irrelevant. [Note: minerals are, by

            definition, inorganic. The word organic actually means carbon-based, or living, which

            refers specifically to plants and animals. Hence, an earth mineral cannot be organic.]

            The key difference between field organics and hydroponics/aeroponics is that we utilize

            earth minerals refined in their purest form so that we know exactly what’s going into the

            plants in the right formulation to get what we want to get out of the plant.!

            NASA worked to develop mineral solutions that would put more nutrients into plants so

            that they could grow a healthier plant (for astronauts in space, because their food

            sources are so very limited). The question must be asked: if we’re raising nutrient

            dense, healthier plants for astronauts, why aren’t we doing the same thing in

            agriculture? And the answer is, invariably, we’ve never done it because we don’t have

            to. Agriculture is very price-point based; whether it’s organic or conventional, farming

            isn’t a high profit venture, so farmers put the least amount that they can into producing a


            One of the key goals that inventor Tim Blank had with the Tower Gardens™ was to

            develop a system that you could open up and, without having a bunch of expensive

            electronic equipment (which you’d typically need to do with conventional hydroponics),

            set up in 30 minutes. And the one nutrient solution you’d use (as opposed to the dozens

            they’d need for different crops with conventional hydroponics) would work well for

            tomatoes, for flowers, for lettuces, for cucumbers – whatever crop you want to grow.!

            And that’s really what we did with the Tower Tonic™: rich, abundant, ionic earth

            minerals that are important for plant growth. And those minerals would be nitrogen,

            phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, and trace minerals, like boron,

            chlorine, manganese, zinc – these are all essential for good, healthy plant growth. But in

            addition to that, we have a wide range of trace minerals that are also important to

            human health, and they’re in that nutrient solution in very small amounts, and basically

            the plant may or may not need to use those minerals but they are available for take-up

            to help aid in the nutrition, and the health of the plant.!

            Also, one of the key differences in the Tower Tonic™ compared to any organic or

            conventional fertilizer that’s used in agriculture today is that we stay away from

            ammoniacal nitrogen. Instead, we use nitrate nitrogen. A good comparison to human

            nutrition is the difference between white table sugar and a complex carbohydrate found

            in a grain or vegetable. Ammoniacal nitrogen used with food crops force quick,

            explosive growth, which is why modern farmers use it. The problem is that with that kind

            of explosive growth, you get a weak cell structure; the most important component to

            every plant and cell wall is calcium, and when a food crop is forced to grow quickly like

            that, it becomes more susceptible to insect damage and pest damage. Just like if we

            were to eat lots of table sugar: we get quick energy, and we crash later – our immune

            system is weakened, we feel tired, etc. But eating a complex carbohydrate gives our

            bodies longer-lasting energy that doesn’t take a toll on our health. The same is true for

            food crops that are grown with nitrate nitrogen.!

            There are several dozen differences between the Tower Tonic™ and conventional

            hydroponic solutions and systems, but how we feed our plants is just one of the key

            differences: it’s rich in calcium, and rich in trace minerals that are important to people.

            Balanced plant health and wellness, along with human health and nutrition, is at the

            center of what we’re about.

          • Tiffany

            NOPE NO CHEMICALS THERE but you go ahead find some more questions or wrong accusations you may have, and I’ll get you the correct answers every time because the truth is you will find NOTHING at all…Though you should do your own research …

          • fyi_im_me

            The growing solutions are “organic”??? So nothing in it is chemical and/or manmade?? I call bs. JP could care less about providing an honestly natural and nutritious product; reading the labels makes that evident.

            The nutrition needed for astronauts focuses on most good vs negative within a very limited scenario. It is not even comparable to the proper nutrition levels is real food grown naturally. It is truly irrelevant as a comparison. But throwing around NASA etc makes it dound smart. Too bad it isnt.

          • Victoria Oehl-Miesle

            Nicole, I have had a garden in the past. I don’t have time for a dirt garden to plant, WEED, WEED some more let alone go to it and pick! I bought the tower garden which I started in March in my house and I now have 20 plants in a 3 foot circle which is now on my deck. I walk 10 feet to pick my lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers which have grown 10 times faster than any dirt garden I have ever planted. My husband is a farmer of cash crops-yes we know how to grow in dirt. The Tower Garden is best for me now as I don’t have the time to spend weeding AND I will have fresh produce YEAR ROUND.
            I encourage anyone who gardens to do your research on aeroponic gardening. Disney found it to be a good idea.

          • fyi_im_me

            Chemical soup…producing toxic food. Ew

          • Tiffany

            The electricity is only $6 a month.. actually.. and you save grocery money by buying the tower garden look for yourself.

          • fyi_im_me

            But you can’t grow in a natural product. You are growing what all these reps on here critisize. Fruits and veggies grown with chemicals.

          • Tiffany

            Sorry there are no chemicals… what is your issue?? What products do you sell come clean now… no one would go to these lengths to try to discredit something with such effort unless they were selling another products they thought even came close to Juice Plus which none do so lets here it then??

          • fyi_im_me

            Read the ingredients….you are growing your food in non-natural source nutrients created in a lab….hence chemical. The nutrients used are created. Again a shortcut instead of doing it properly.

          • Yvonne Mckechnie

            β-carotene this chemical causes cancer and is added into juiceplus capsules to put back a very small fraction of nutrients.

          • Yvonne Mckechnie

            you say you have done 30 years of research, why have you not noticed that after people have come off these capsules their health has improved. People have got liver problems, cancer from taking those capsules you love selling. I agree with fyi_im_me telling you the truth. they have chemicals in them. through time have cancer, I really hope you dont ever have cancer. to sell that stuff, they use chemicals to put a small fraction of supposedly natural nutrients in those powdered fruit and veggies. Cancer causing chemicals. what part did you not search, what part did you not look into of 30 years of research. gosh, I didnt need 30 years of research to find that out. two nights, I found that info out. where have you been all those years of research.

          • hailo

            I live in an apartment and cant plant a real one. This has been an amazing option for those of us in the inner cities to grow our own produce. And I pay for it monthly not all at once. Not everyone has access a “garden space”

          • fyi_im_me

            No they don’t but there are other choices for apartment dwellers that don’t involve eating foods grown in chemical crap.

          • Yvonne Mckechnie

            have you heard of container gardening, very therapeutic and very healthy, far better than those capsules juice plus through time anyone on them become ill, I hope that none of you whom take them become ill. its the healthy eating that has made a difference to your life, not those capsules juice plus who needs a garden to grow your own.

          • fyi_im_me

            If you are using JP you are not guaranteed chemical free at all. Read your ingredients and research it. They are full of suppliments as their nutritional claims could not be proven when analysed, now they are adding the nutrients artificially. Check the added sweeteners as well. JP is very careful on how they word things. Their website is very clear that their products ate NOT better than eating nutritious; however all the supporters here seem to believe their products are better than real food. The brainwashing is unbelievable. Common sense should kick in at some point.

          • Bonk

            Wrong – JP distributors do not believe it is better than real food, unless the real food has been loaded with preservatives to keep it from rotting. Some people on this post are going to great lengths to disparage a product that has helped a lot of folks. Since this help can’t be quantified, it leaves it open to criticism. I’ll just say this – ignore the naysayers – try it yourself — it is not expensive (45/month, not 178, as a few here have suggested (actually, that’s a lie)). If you don’t think it’s helping you, then don’t take it anymore. Again, it will never be proven without a doubt that it will cure or prevent anything. However, I live in a retirement community where the average resident takes twenty or more pills per day to fix whatever problem the last pill caused. I take none, exercise, eat a fairly healthy diet, and take JP. I don’t push it on anyone, just use myself as an example, and then suggest to people that it is one more way to keep healthy.

          • fyi_im_me

            So as I keep asking, when you started taking JP, you changed not one other thing? You never improved your diet or started exercising more? It is IMPOSSIBLE for the product to be as miraculous as you are claiming. Read the ingredients. Seriously. …how can you be so blind.

          • Mom2seven

            Ok- bash me if you want to, I am sayin it and owning it! I AM A JP REP!!!!! Don’t hit me or hate me…as a rep, the way I run my business and the things I say are not the same as other reps. I work mainly with families and picky kid eaters. I start off by sharing the Complete first because most kids and I say most not ALL like shakes and making a healthy fruit and veggie packed smoothie can be quick and easy and a great way to get a large quantity of fruits and vegetables in one serving. By adding the complete they now have added the Juice Plus and protein powder that is family friendly. Now if a family says that it’s just too much right now financially I don’t shrug them off or push the capsule product, no. Instead I do a pantry sweep with them & show them how to maximize their whole food nutrition in their meals (basically getting rid of boxed foods and replacing with whole foods). My family and I have been on JP for 5 years. In that 5 years we have made very small simple changes. I actually tried to stop taking JP over a year period and found myself to be sluggish, craving foods that I hadn’t craved in a long time (unhealthy stuff) and I was eating clean, exercising and resting well….the one thing I changed was removing JP….So I ask that before you label me as a cheat, scammer, lying person, horrible person or any other horrific labels you have for me….I ask that you remember no one is the same. No business is the same and this is my choice not yours. I’m sorry that a JP rep treated all of you awful and now you have this awful taste in your mouth for the rest of us. For me, I am a wife, mom, and friend first then I am a JP rep, Fitness Coach, Nutrition Coach and Child Activity instructor. Mostly only my family and close friends know that I am with JP because I don’t cram it down everyone’s throat….it’s my friends who say “oh I have a friend who may be able to help you with this issue” and they connect me with them….I think because my relations come first it’s not so threatening to everyone in my life.

          • fyi_im_me

            I agree smoothies are healthy. ..without the Juice Plus why add it? Why add the chemicals? You have said it’s healthy…it isn’t. That is the problem. You are telling people this is a healthy choice so you are lying. If you have taken any proper nutrition training, you would know that . Actually if you read the ingredients you would know it.
            So why do you do it? Is the almighty dollar that important to you? Is it worth compromising your integrity?

          • Mom2seven

            My integrity??? Hmm no I’m not risking my integrity. I’m not lying or forcing anything on anyone….I think you are ruining your integrity by the way you are handling this….taking it on as a personal attack. The sun will rise and set regardless how you feel and Juice Plus will continue to help others. I’m sorry that you see it as anything other than that.

          • fyi_im_me

            If you sell the gummies as good for children then you are lying and you are well aware of it. That makes your integrity questionable. If you claim your products prevent cancer or protect your dna…then you are lying and again that brings your integrity into question. If you say your products are better than supermarket fruits and veggies then again you are lying.

          • Tina Elliott
          • fyi_im_me

            Look around more…. folate and folic acid are similar but one is naturally occurring and one is a man made suppliment.

          • Me Ted

            The sun will rise with other active pyramid schemes as well. It doesn’t make them beneficial.

          • Victoria Oehl-Miesle

            There are NO chemicals!

          • fyi_im_me

            There is folic acid. It is not naturally occuring. It is chemically processed in a lab. The other suppliments are derived thru chemical processes too.

          • Laurie Beadle

            what chemical processes do you speak of?….grinding down an apple into powder? There is no folic ACID…only folate, which is found in vegetables naturally.

          • fyi_im_me

            Post a picture of your ingredients from your pkg….see where it says citric acid and folic acid….those are added….thus suppliments. Citric acid can be added from a natural source but it is added none the less….folic acid has to be man made in a lab, it is not naturally occurring

          • Tina Elliott

            Just a little FYI…. Folic acid is a type of B vitamin that is normally found in foods such as dried beans, peas, lentils, oranges, whole-wheat products, liver, asparagus, beets, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and spinach. NO I do not use Juice plus! I don’t wast my money on these types of products. I eat my fruits and veggies!

          • fyi_im_me

            Folic acid is made on a lab. Folate is naturally occurring. I tesearch it before I eat it.

            Chemical Compound

            Formula: C19H19N7O6

            IUPAC ID: (2S)-2-[(4-{[(2-amino-4-hydroxypteridin-6-yl)methyl]amino}phenyl)formamido]pentanedioic acid

            From Mayo Clinic: Natural Standard® Patient Monograph, Copyright © 2015 (www.naturalstandard.com). All Rights Reserved. Commercial distribution prohibited. This monograph is intended for informational purposes only, and should not be interpreted as specific medical advice. You should consult with a qualified healthcare provider before making decisions about therapies and/or health conditions.


            Folate and folic acid are forms of a water-soluble B vitamin. Folate occurs naturally in food, and folic acid is the synthetic form of this vitamin. Folic acid is well-tolerated in amounts found in fortified foods and supplements. Sources include cereals, baked goods, leafy vegetables (spinach, broccoli, lettuce), okra, asparagus, fruits (bananas, melons, lemons), legumes, yeast, mushrooms, organ meat (beef liver, kidney), orange juice, and tomato juice. Folic acid is frequently used in combination with other B vitamins in vitamin B complex formulations.

            Folic acid supplements are effective for increasing folate levels in blood and decreasing symptoms associated with low folate levels. Folic acid supplementation, with and without other B vitamins, reduce levels of homocysteine in blood (a cardiovascular risk factor).

            Folic acid supplements are suggested for use in women of childbearing age in order to prevent neural tube defects. Neural tube defect risk appears to have decreased in many countries since folic acid fortification of flour and cereals.

            Folic acid is also of interest with respect to cognitive enhancement, cancer, psychiatric illnesses, and cardiovascular conditions, although conclusions may not be drawn for many of these uses at this time. Some concern exists with respect to increased folic acid intake masking symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency, especially in the elderly population

          • Michael JC

            The writer fyi-im-me is a nut case full of anger and hurt. Momto7 do not give up whatever you are doing. You are helping your family. I did a lot research on Juice Plus before I started giving my family. JP take the fruits and vegies straight from the farm at the ripen stage and process them right there in the farm location. Then they are transported to another facility to process them . There are hundreds of nutritionists I have spoken to who have recommended JP. Also if JP is all about money then they would not give JP for FREE to kids. JP wants the future generation to grow healthy eating fruits and vegetables in the purest form. There aren’t any chemicals. This fyi-im-me would not have even visited the jp facilities to see what goes on. May be this person did a few minutes research on the product. Momto7 I commend you for what you are doing and keep on doing the good work.

          • dobyblue

            “There aren’t any chemicals”

            Citation please.

          • fyi_im_me

            Post a picture of the ingredients and prove me wrong. I have posted the chemically processed ingredients repeatedly

          • dobyblue

            It’s clear you don’t understand how the Disqus comment engine works. If you look beside someone’s name you’ll see who they replied to. You’ll note beside my reply it say “Michael JC” which means I was responding to Michael JC who claimed “There aren’t any chemicals”.

            I asked him to provide a citation to support his claim.

            I have neither replied to any of your comments nor challenged any of your claims, so why are you asking me to prove you wrong?

          • fyi_im_me

            Sorry hit the wrong name. Didnt mean to give offence

          • Victoria Oehl-Miesle

            Thank you Michael, as I have gone down this thread I have realized he has nothing better to do than argue.

          • fyi_im_me

            As asked repeatedly….please post a picture of the ingredients and prove me wrong

          • Yvonne Mckechnie

            fyi_im_me is not a nut, telling truth is hard to hear. there are chemicals in those capsules, which cause cancer, liver failure, do the research, it’s much deeper than that, I only done two nights of research to find out about the chemical’s in those capsules. to give those chewies sweets to kids, is one way to use kids. to sell their product. to make it look really healthy, when its not.

          • JK

            Just because you removed JP doesn’t mean there weren’t other things going on that could have cause the sluggish, craving of bad foods you speak of, and the other thing I notice is there is no way to prove that it just wasn’t the placebo effect, you stopped taking something so your mind invented what you thought were things that were the cause of you stopping the JP.

          • Yvonne Mckechnie

            so what your a rep for that company, whom are making billions from
            you, your making them rich for putting chemicals into those capsules,
            the biggest buyers of that company you work for, is you, the one whom
            buys and uses them, then gets others to buy and use them to get others
            to do the same, what do you get in return, sometime down the line a very
            sick illness that you didnt bargin for, you signed up for. its your
            healthy eating life style that has helped you, not those capsules. it
            says on the research I did, that people whom buy and use these capsules and sell juice plus start to believe in magic,
            like those capsules are magic. 5 years of chemical causing cancer,
            liver failure, gosh I really hope you and your family do not get that at
            all. oh my you tried to stop taking them, those capsules caused that,
            oh my that is shocking, that means they are addictive. that is
            really awful. they defiantly did not help. that you felt
            sluggish, etc… without them. does that not tell you that there is something wrong with them. maybe you do not realize that drug you took has chemicals in them. caused you to feel crap after coming off them.

          • Victoria Oehl-Miesle

            I started the JP+ and NO OTHER CHANGES and my blood pressure reduced-as my doctor has the results in my chart.
            AND, as a result of JP I stopped craving sweets and started craving more fruits and vegetables, but again NOT ANY DRASTIC CHANGE, and my cholesterol went down from 311 to 233! Would you like my doctors # to call so she can verify?

          • Laurie Beadle

            of course you change things…because your body CRAVES what it gets. It’s NOT rocket science….fruits, veg, berries ground down and put in a capsule –wake up. I would NEVER tell anyone NOT to get more fruits, veg, berries. It is bio-available with most of the sugar removed….and tested by the most renowned. Enough research (outside what JP commits to) has been done to show the benefits of increased/added fruits/veg/berries.

          • fyi_im_me

            JP has 4 nutrients in it….a lot more is “removed” than sugar. ..any naturally occurring nutrients and the fibre. READ THE NUTRITIONAL INFO ON THE PACKAGE. Where is the potassium or iron or any of the other wonderful nutrients in fruits and veggies??? Eat properly and quit buying that crap.

          • dobyblue

            Folic acid is synthetic, FOLATE is natural, read the ingredients and see which one this has – http://www.juiceplus.com/content/dam/juiceplus/productimages/Product%20Labels/USA%20Capsules/GardenCapsuleLabel_062015.jpg

          • Tiffany

            Abosolutely changed things for me… I have bloodwork to prove it.. not that I need too prove anything to anyone but I hate uneducated negativity..

          • fyi_im_me

            Really…your bloodwork proves that adding citric acid, folic acid etc to your diet, made a difference that eating properly couldn’t do? Why bother taking the suppliment…it’s not needed. I absolutely detest uneducated opinions not based on true science but on bs.

          • Dora

            So much delusion (and I don’t mean from you fyi_im_me) From what I have seen and read about Juice plus it feels like a cult. I imagine the people who use and sell this stuff sit with their fingers in their ears shouting, “La la la la la.” whenever someone says anything detrimental about their product, instead of going and investigating whether what was said is valid or not. Such craziness…

          • fyi_im_me

            Lol…that’s certainly what it seems like!

          • K

            I have not taken JP but am skeptical about these types of products and sales schemes. What fyi_im_me is saying makes the most sense to me. It is likely that the differences people notice come from the overhaul of their diet, in general, not by taking a supplement. There is no miracle pill. It is better to get your nutrition naturally, through whole, unprocessed foods. Do the “Transform” plan withOUT JP, and you will see a difference in energy, illness, etc, simply by improving nutrition (and exercising regularly).
            And to all the posters with a combattive, sarcastic tone… It is not necessary. This is a discussion, not an attack, board.

          • JK

            That was a very funny joke! hahahahaha, bloodwork to prove it….hahahahahah, good one!

          • Yvonne Mckechnie

            do the research, its much deeper than that. those capsules are not the reason you are healthy, its to do with what you eat, those capsules have chemicals in them, they cause cancer, cause your liver to fail, may not happen right away, in due time that is what they cause. dig deep and do the research. only taken me two days to find that info out. of my research.

          • Tiffany

            You need to research it because its not a supplement at all. I think 30 years of research outweighs your uneducated comment. No one believe that its better than real food you are delusional!

          • fyi_im_me

            Please post a photo of the nutritional info off the pkg, including the ingredients. Citric acid is added, folic acid is added….etc. those are suppliments. Citric acid can be added from natural sources but folic acid is man made

          • JK

            First you have bloodwork, now you have 30 years of experience, sounds like 30 years practicing compulsive lying. You don’t even know you look like a real clown, red nose and all. hahahahahahaha

          • Tiffany

            I believe I said 30 years of research not experience. Do you even read the posts or do you just come in spewing crap about things you know nothing about? Who’s the clown now…
            This will be my last post to you. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone. I just simply wanted you to know that you should research something you want to discredit so you have proof to back up what you say. It’s obvious that by being immature about this you only discredited yourself.
            Good day JK… best of luck next time!

          • JK

            If you have 30 years of research, that is experience, right?!, In your mind, researching it for 30 years gives you enough ‘experience’ to debate the topic. We see who is making the uneducated comments….clown….hahahahah

          • fyi_im_me

            There is not 30 years of proof. The studies,when reviewed, were svientifically flawed: too many variables, improper controls, etc. All the studies proved was that JP in conjunction with other changes may or may not improve your health. Reading the ingredients and understanding what they are and where they come from is the best place to start

          • Yvonne Mckechnie

            30 years of research = 30 years of experience of not asking the right question when doing research.

          • Yvonne Mckechnie

            Tiffany has been mislead, as all the other reps who sell this crap juice plus, when you do research you have to ask the right questions, maybe that is why you never came up with the info that I found in two nights, I found cancer and liver failure chemical added to juice plus capsules. its much deeper than what you have been led to believe all those years of searching. you not asked the correct questions in your research.

          • shannon

            I’ve suffered from allergies so severely for the past 38 years, no doctor has ever been able to help. I take multiple allergy medications daily. The migraines, the sickness, it plagued me and I had no quality of life. Wasn’t living. After 3 months of Juice Plus the symptoms almost completely stopped for the first time in my life. I am very grateful I found JP, wish I had sooner. The payments are reasonable for what you get in return. All these haters, they’ve not tried the product, they haven’t had a lifetime worth of sickness just simply ended. Sorry for those people who chose to cling to negativity and close mindedness, they’re missing out on improvements to their health like they have never seen before.

          • JK

            I like how you confuse clinging to negativity with stating the facts, if you were indeed educated, you would know that they are not at all the same. You likely experienced the placebo effect, and just because you had such an effect, doesn’t mean you can assure millions of people if they spend $200.00 it will help them too. Furthermore, the fact that you used “haters” clearly indicates your level of education. Your sentence, “they haven’t had a lifetime worth of sickness just simply ended”, reflects your education. Therefore, wouldn’t consider any information you provided to hold any weight. clowns….hahahahahaah

          • Yvonne Mckechnie

            so sorry you have went 38 years of illness, you maybe on these capsules for life, whats wrong with accepting healthy life style plan without any kind of medication including those capsules. I started on taking natural herbs, which I only need to take a two months, which will correct my body make up. no more feeling exhausted, ill, so far so good immediately have started to heal. how long where you on those capsules for before you felt any difference,how many capsules did you take until you notice any sort of difference, while having a healthy meal each time, it was more likely your healthy life style that help change you, not those capsules. one women says she was on her healthy eating life style for 3 weeks, thought it was those capsules that helped her, no it was her healthy eating. when you do the healthy eating you notice you have more energy, you can do things you not done in years. it takes time, faith and belief that healthy life style without any kind of medication will make a difference to your life.

          • Hannah

            It’s the same in my house we are very thankful too.

          • Gregg Jowett

            JP us not s substitute for food! Seriously people!!! Just eat better. Placebo my be looking after your health. Now that’s science!

          • Gregg Jowett
          • Ryan Perry(My real name bitch)

            Why don’t you go to school you poor piece of shit

      • Gin Goode

        Yep..I’m ashamed to admit I was conned into this scheme..it was a few months later I realized they were still taking $178 a month out of my checking….for 3 more months & after I had cancelled….

        • Martha

          If they were still taking money out, then somehow you had NOT canceled or returned what you had!!!! You have to pay for what you have or return it. They are VERY good about canceling and with NO pressure!!!

        • Ann

          It’s not a scam that you chose to be ignorant of the payment plan, which was made FOR you so that they are affordable to most everyone.

        • Dawn

          Really? I was $178 / 4 mos for shakes and capsules. Mine is $71/mo.. thats $2 something a day. They’ve only ever taken what i agree too and it stops when you cancel it. If you didnt cancel, of course they will take it.. just like a monthly membership like a gym.. etc.

        • Mikeslove

          Hmmm, have you been buying a 4 month supply (one time payment) EVERY month? I chose to be charged in $44.50 a month installments for my order.

        • Name

          If you were still paying, they were still sending the products. You didn’t notice the boxes at your house?

      • Chemical Free Health

        Oh thanks for that, I just challenged the $178 lol

      • Nicole

        On top of eating fruits and veggies…not really saving money since you still need to eat.

        • Yvonne Mckechnie

          buying fruit and veggies and growing your own, is a lot cheaper in the long run, plus you know what is in your own food,

      • Croly

        I signed up for the shakes, pills and the bars. I was told that they would ship all 4 months worth at once, but charge my debit card in 4 monthly payments of $ 131.50 each. My sales rep told me I would have one shake for breakfast, one shake for lunch, a bar in between breakfast/lunch and a bar in between lunch/dinner, then eat real food for my dinner meal. The amount that I received in my first delivery was NOT 4 months worth. If I were to take as she told me to, it was only 1 months worth, but I would still be charged the next 3 payments. That’s $ 526.00 for 1 months worth of product. The only item that was actually 4 months worth was the pills. The bars and shakes were only 1 months worth…period. When I questioned it to the sales rep, she said those were not meant as meal replacements but to use as snacks, so I would not snack on bad stuff. TOTAL BULL CRAP. She never told me that up front, or I NEVER WOULD HAVE SPENT OVER $ 500.00 on frickin “snacks”. I feel she scammed me in to buying by not telling me all the facts. I cancelled my debit card so no further payments can be taken. Only the first payment was done. The sales rep said she was going to cancel but I should probably do it, don’t trust her now. My Opinion, SO NOT WORTH THE MONEY…SCAM!!!

        • Susan Parris

          I think your rep would be incorrect. 3 meals per day of real food. The shake is for morning or afternoon tea with a piece of fruit and/or handfull of activated nuts. 2 of each capsules once per day. The bar is just a filler if you’re out on the road. Keep one in your bag. Either they made a mistake or have misinformed you to sell more product.

    • Guest

      You don’t have to spend $178 that’s wrong.

    • Busy

      Yes, join the gym. Do a lot of people have time. Yes, ride a bike. Do a lot of people make the time? Make real juice? Can people make the time? All sounds to easy

      • Candy

        How about spending less time moaning here about the little time you have, you might just have the time to join a gym or make real juice

      • fyi_im_me

        Do you eat? Choose healthy choices..it is easy. I have a large family and we both work full time. It is easier and cheaper to just eat simple good food. Why purchase processed crap…

    • healthnut

      I workout and eat fruits and veggies but still don’t get what my body needs and really the price is affordable how about those expensive whey protein powders out there that cause inflammation?… They are expensive and taste nadty but people continue I take Juiceplus cause its awesome and it does work! Don’t hate it unless you try it!

    • Jaime Kerns

      You are correct, with $178 I can buy a plethora of fruits and veggies.
      Here’s the catch, I have a stomach that can only hold 8oz. (bariatric patient)
      In order to get the minimum 64oz of water a day, plus my 3 meals and 2 snacks, there’s no way I can get enough nutrients.
      I must focus my 3 meals on consuming at least 30 grams of protein, which takes about 6oz of the 8oz I have. That leaves 2 oz to get green or colorful veggies.
      My snacks are fruit. Snack #1-Apple and Snack 2-banana and raisins
      Why so basic? I teach and that is the easiest thing to eat with without disrupting my classes.

      All this being said, I must incorporate quality vitamins into my diet to replace what I cannot consume.

      I personally used Juice + for only a few months because my budget wouldn’t allow it. By the end of my use, my hair, nails, and skin were much healthier and stronger. So I do believe that Juice+ is a quality product.

    • Chemical Free Health

      $178 for personal use? I think this is massively embellished

    • Brian

      They don’t say to not go buy real fruits and vegetables. They say if you’re not getting enough (whether because you can’t or because you won’t) then it’s the next best thing. Obviously the real stuff is best (assuming you’re buying everything local, organic, and vine-ripened).

    • jujuz

      Sorry, but $178 will not buy several months worth of quality fruits and vegetables. As Ann states, they will go bad. Have you been to a farmers market lately? Although I do support produce grown locally, IT’S EXPENSIVE! You might be able to buy a bike for $178…The real exercise will come from lifting the bike on and off the $500 bike rack you need to purchase so you can go to a bike path and ride safely. I guess you can join a gym for $178 for 3 months. I don’t mean to be rude… BUT….Get real H20 what century are you living in? That’s why they call them supplements.

      • fyi_im_me

        I feed a family of 7…how about you multiply that out. Trust me I can feed my family VERY well on what JP costs.

    • fyi_im_me

      It is interesting to watch the JP supporters come on and say the same thing over and over that have not actually read and understood the article and the comments. The message is that JP is NOT a miracle product. It IS a PRODUCT….it is produced. It has added sweeteners and additives. It is NOT good for you. However they encourage you to eat healthier and exercise….THAT improves your life. JP was created to make money. It is expensive and targets desperate people who are searching for an easy way to improve their lives. There are many salespeople that lie and exaggerate the benefits of the product itself. Read the comments and the wild claims being made. I have, personally, experienced the lies and from many salespeople….not just one. Use your heads and research the ingredients. You want to take it, fine; but don’t keep trying to sell others on its quality and miracle properties that do not exist.

      • Annie

        fri_im_me, I feel sorry for you. You sound like life has really taken a toll on you. You are so very negative. I have personally seen fantastic things these products can do. If you dont want to take it then dont! Why is it ok for you to spout your mouth off with your opinion of JP but no one else can tell people that they think its a great product? And I do agree with the many others…you really dont know what you are talking about! Do you understand anything about Freeze Dried? Apparently NOT! It is a product, what the heck is anything that is sold in stores, yes even real food, as you call it!! You dont even have your facts correct about price! I just checked and its $71.00 a month for a lot more than I can get at my local Health food store. Sounds to me like you just might be a little jealous that some of the people that work hard on their business’s are making good money! Do you really think grocery stores dont make money. I have also searched the internet, youtube and anywhere else I could find and so far YOU are the only negative thing I could find about it!

        • fyi_im_me

          LMAO so resorting to personal attacks are you. I’m glad you are happy filling your body with additives. I’m not. You sell the crap. How very altruistic of you. I feel sorry for you that you need to lie and cheat people to make a buck; that you sell such a flawed product that you can’t take just critisism. It is very unethical.

        • fyi_im_me

          Now you resort to personal attacks??? How adult of you. Obviously you have not searched the web very far because there are numerous sites not in support of toxic supplements like this one. I am not jealous in the slightest; but I do question your ethics. You lie and cheat to sell a bad product to people. It isn’t ethical and you know it. All the JP sellers have to come on here and lie and lie to prevent the truth from being heard and why is that??? To protect profits! Before you attack others, you may want to look in the mirror and truly question your motives. Shame on you!

        • JK

          There is where you made a mistake, “no one can tell people that they THINK its a great product”. The fact that others are saying what they think is an opinion. The fact that the product is actually not good for you is a fact based on the ingredients, and your calling someone negative, facts and negative are not the same, stop trying to relate them. You people, if you invite the mailman into your house and he says boy your house smells, you would be the one to say that’s rude, instead of, sorry about that I have some pets running around here. Your just another clown….hahahahahah

        • Yvonne Mckechnie

          because we care, we are stating a point, that jp is very bad for you, why dont you start to dry your own fruit and veg, its very easy to do, no chemicals added. much much cheaper. put your sliced fruit & veggies on a baking tray, turn the oven on to a very very low heat, keep in low heat for 4 hours, after 4 hours turn the oven off, and leave in the oven over night, then you can put your dried fruit and veggies into the coffee grinder and you’ll have your powder chemical free. you can store it into a jar, just take two teaspoonsfuls into the blender, blend some fruit and veggies, there you are getting the very thing you are paying mega for.

    • livinfree

      That is for a four month supply of Juice Plus. It is difficult to get that big of a variety of organic fruits and vegetables (now 20 fruits and vegetables) for anywhere near that cost in the store. We should still eat as many fruits and vegetables as we can, but I find Juice Plus more affordable than trying to buy (and find time to eat) all 10 servings I should have every day. You can’t eat junk, not exercise, and not eat any other fruits and vegetables and expect to be healthy. This is a step in the process of healthier living. I know two separate teen boys personally that had severe asthma all of their lives. Within two weeks for one of them and within two months for the other, they are off all of their asthma and allergy medications and breathing treatments and have stayed off for over a year. They can now play sports without getting out of breath and having to sit down every couple of minutes. Teenage boys are not going to use the power of their minds to be able to get off asthma meds. You can’t fake those results!

    • Suzanne Day

      Hi, visiting this website to see what one of my friends has gotten themselves into. Have to say I’m a Nutribullet and oxygen therapy person myself (Nutribullet is a juicer that lets you drink the pulp and skin, well worth it and oxygen therapy will clean out your entire body of viruses – both these work and don’t cost much for the great health benefit in my opinion). After reading through many comments, I want to tell people to buy their fruit and veg away from the big chains, look for markets and farmers – the difference in your health in shopping at these places is AMAZING and I find it cheap ($40 per month for a family of 3). No doctors needed since I switched sources to buy my fruit and veg from.

      As for JP, well there is a giant industry making money from people being frightened about their health at the moment, especially because the food chain is a bit broken. If you are suffering serious health problems and don’t know what to do, google food grade hydrogen peroxide therapy (people with cancer and AIDS have found it useful) and Nutribullet, they fix a lot of people’s common health issues in the short term. They fixed mine. Long term, you need to find those fresh fruit and veg from a good source.

    • Joseph Thomas

      try it

      • fyi_im_me

        Try JP???? Why??? That would be silly.

        • Joseph Thomas

          How do you know what you don’t know ?
          Invest $100 bucks and try it. What if you find out it actually helps. Intellectual discussion is one thing but experient knowledge is totall different. History if full of experts who were wrong. When you don’t know enough to questions your own assumptions you have created a barrier to expanding your knowledge. When you already know everything then your are so full of yourself there is no room for truth or wisdom.

          I didn’t believe until I read the research. low antioxidant level and chronic inflammation is the foundation of many illnesses. a easy way to increase your antioxidants since we don’t get the 5 to 10 servings of fruit and vegs. Eat better but even if JP is only a catalist for change it is worth it.

          • fyi_im_me

            It is super easy to get enough fruits and veggies. Especially with $100. I know smoking is bad for me without having to try it just as I know man made suppliments are bad for me too. Folic acid is linked to many health problems including cancer. I would suggest you try eating properly rather than suggesting we try smoking.

    • Frank Walton

      You’re entitled to your harsh, uniformed opinion to telling people what to do. Juice Plus+ is rendering a value service that has grown worldwide in helping people improve their health. Juice Plus+ recommends eating as much fresh produce as possible and let Juice PLus+ bridge the gap to reach the optimum intake of 9-13 servings DAILY (more for athletes). https://youtu.be/H5S7_DOgVvk

      • fyi_im_me

        Post the ingredients…prove there is no folic acid or other man made ingredients….show us how there ard no suppliments added to it. Prove it is only fruits and veggies.

  • Lea

    Sad. IMO – you are scamming Americans. Juice Plus is not new. It’s been around for 20 years. Plenty of researchers have done their own reviews to get to the “real truth” and most of them are now supporters of the capsules. How can you tell people to stay away from a natural product that has the potential to improve health? I knew it improved my circulation when I stopped having cold hands and feet. I was pleasantly surprised when my yearly physical results came back “excellent” instead of “normal”.It’s not magic, it’s food.

    • dontgiveadamn

      Don’t be naive. Natural means natural as in the package where it’s contained: fruits and vegetables.

      • Leah Brooks

        Juice Plus+ is real fruits and veggies, including the seeds and skin. Juiced and dried.

        • Max_Freedom

          Please detail the proprietary method of producing these pills, and what level in the pyramid you are.

        • fyi_im_me

          Give your head a shake. Read the ingredients. NON organic fruits and veggies concentrated into a powder. Great, concentrated carcinogens and chemicals plus high dose fructose and no fibre…..additives too…..I think I will eat Real food that I control where it comes from, how clean it is, and how fresh it is.

          • Leah Brooks

            It’s too bad that you feel this way. I eat healthy. Today, I’ve already consumed sweet potatoes, parsley, almonds, asparagus, and broccoli, and it’s just past lunch. However, even eating lots of fruits and veggies, I still suffered with asthma and was on steroids 2-4x/year. Juice Plus+ for two years and my asthma symptoms are gone. Hubby is off his cholesterol medicine too. My kids are off their asthma medications. You’d really deny me that because you won’t look at common sense research? I’m glad I didn’t listen to people like you. I’m glad I did my own research. And guess, what? The fruits and veggies are all non-GMO and grown with no pesticides at all. Tested 7x post production by an independent company. That’s better than organic. I hope you are eating local and organic and getting 8-12 servings total. If you are, good for you!

          • fyi_im_me

            So you credit non organic toxic food with your progress? Read the ingredients and how it is made and stop lying to yourself and others. If you are better it is a direct result of changing your lifestyle in other ways not from the JP products. It is impossible for them to make you healthier….at best, they won’t harm you.

          • fyi_im_me

            Oh read your own marketing materials…..the produce is NOT guaranteed organic

          • Leah Brooks

            It’s not organic. I already said that. This is grown without pesticides or herbicides. That’s waaaay beyond organic, my friend. It makes me SO SAD that you are reacting this way. You are really missing out. But worse, you’re causing others to miss out. This product is life changing. I’ve seen it change lives over and over and over. If you’re open to seeing how life changing, I’ll send you information. But if you’re not open to it, please don’t spread misinformation that stops other people from getting healthier.

          • fyi_im_me

            http://www.juiceplus.com/content/JuicePlus/en/community/2014/08/organic_versus_local.html#.VGEeLKRQ3qA. if it is not certified organic it isnt. And every ingredient in everything JP sells is nutritious is it? I am sad you are so brainwashed that you believe this stuff is nutritious and I wish you would stop spreading false information. Corn syrup is not good for you. High dose fructose is not good for you. Binders and preservatives are not good for you. I feel very sorry that you can’t see what a lie you are perpetrating. If you did your own research instead of believing the propoganda of a big business intent on making money rather than health, maybe you wouldn’t say such preposterous things.

          • Leah Brooks

            I’ve done lots of research. Do you know what organic means? Organic is a minimum standard we should adhere to, but it’s not without its issues. http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~lhom/organictext.html

          • fyi_im_me

            Go to a farm….find out the difference between organic and non organic. Produce that is even certified contains “acceptable” levels of toxins. Do your own research…..dont spout JP. Concentrate the fruit or veg, concentrate the toxin.

          • Leah Brooks

            I run an organic co-op. I have over 100 families involved I do go to farms. You say, “Corn syrup is not good for you. High dose fructose is not good for you..” Where are those things in Juice Plus+? Do you know what NSF certication means? You haven’t even read the label: http://www.juiceplus.com/content/JuicePlus/en/buy/capsules/juice-plus–orchard–garden—vineyard-blen-capsules.html#.VGEmn8khP5U You’re just out to hurt people.

          • fyi_im_me

            So the gummies have no corn syrup? The capsules contain no fructose? Might want to check your ingredients. I am NOT out to hurt people. I am not getting paid to lie to people.

          • Leah Brooks

            Yes. That’s correct. The gummies contain no corn syrup. The capsules contain no fructose.Here are the ingredients in the capsules: http://www.juiceplus.com/content/JuicePlus/en/buy/capsules/juice-plus–orchard–garden—vineyard-blen-capsules.html#.VGEmn8khP5U here are the ingredients in the gummies: http://www.juiceplus.com/content/JuicePlus/en/buy/chewables/orchard-and-garden-chewables-adult.html#.VGEoEckhP5U

          • fyi_im_me

            First if the capsules contain no fructose how is it being removed from the fruit? 2g of 5g per portion is sugar…..that is fructose. That concentrated a dose is not good for you. When consumed as a real fruit, the fibre etc can offset that somewhat but not in a concentrated capsule. That label is not the one on the gummy package I just read. 1st ingedient is corn syrup….not the chews, the gummies. The added vitamins also negate the usefulness of the powdered vegs and fruits.

          • Leah Brooks

            I don’t know what label you are reading. Maybe from a very old bag? Remember, this is a 25 year old product. Corn was not always GMO. The capsules contain less than 1 gm of sugar. Are you sure you are reading a Juice Plus+ label and not the label of a knock-off product?

            The daily ration of four Juice Plus+ capsules contain less than 1 gram of residual sugar, which represents
            less than 4 calories. This is insignificant from the glycemic standpoint, and also insignificant even in the
            most restrictive of diabetic diets. The process of sugar removal we have talked about in the past is basically a
            simplification of the proprietary process to reduce the stickiness of the powdered juices, which causes the
            sugars to be bound by the more complex carbohydrates. This technique decreases the “water-loving” nature of the
            powder, and improves flowability in the encapsulation process. An added advantage is that this process allows us
            to retain some of the soluble and insoluble fiber from the fruits, vegetables and berries which also contributes
            to the benefits of Juice Plus+.

          • Leah Brooks

            Now, the gummies have 4 grams of sugar. This is a product for children. Most children cannot swallow a large capsule. Some parents choose to get the capsules and open them up and put them in smoothies. However it works – it’s their choice. The sugar in gummies is from tapioca syrup.

          • fyi_im_me

            No a new bag.

          • Leah Brooks

            OK, go ahead and take a picture of it and upload it. I’d love to see it :)

          • Leah Brooks

            It’s very simple. This is dried concentrated food. They take out some of the carbohydrates so the powders aren’t sticky. They add some fiber back in. So simple.

          • fyi_im_me

            Lol thats really scientific… there are 2g of sugar…..that is fructose. Not good for diabetics pre diabetics or gestational diabetics and jyst not good for the rest. It is not real food. It is processed and it is NOT good for you.

          • Leah Brooks

            It’s tapioca — which is glucose. Not fructose.

          • fyi_im_me

            The 2 grams of sugar is tapioca???? What??? Its fruit sugar aka fructose. Do you know anything about food and nutrition at all?

          • Leah Brooks

            Yes, if you’d look at the link to the ingredients which I’ve posted over and over, you’ll see one of the ingredients in the children’s gummies is tapioca syrup, which contains glucose. Silly you — insulting me is not nice :)

          • fyi_im_me

            You insulted me first….repeatedly I might add. I am not hurting people, i am being honest. I said fructose in the capsules. …fruit sugar 2g for every 5g. And corn syrup in the gummies. Glucose is even worse than fructose but whether better than corn syrup or not is debatable. Processed is NOT good for you. The reps selling this garbage give very bad advice on health and nutrition. I myself have seen them recommend high sugar to diabetics, high iron to those with hemochromatosis and seen them hint that your kids will get cancer if you don’t love them enough to feed them JP. I love my family enough to take the time to feed them good quality real food and no garbage. Why have all that crap when for WAY less money you can eat the real thing?

          • Leah Brooks

            Could you please post a link to where there is corn syrup in the gummies or fructose in the capsules? I do apologize if I’ve insulted you. Many excellent doctors recommend Juice Plus+ … especially for diabetics, who have trouble eating enough fruits and veggies due to high sugar content in many fruits and veggies. And 30 different fruits and veggies for about $2.00 a day is super cheap. Especially when your children get it for free. Carla Anderson, I do apologize for insulting you and I hope you have a lovely night.

          • fyi_im_me

            I went to the link you posted….there are no proper nutrition labels there. I have looked at the chewables label you mentioned with the tapioca sweetener….maltodextrin is also sugar as is cane sugar. So you maintain it is good for you when the first 3 ingredients are sugar????? Not only that but that means there is more added sugar than fruit….so it is candy that is even less healthy than the yucky fruit snacks in the grocery store. How do you explain the rest of the ingredients? Additives to attempt to make them healthy. Now $2 per day is cheap? Really not where I live. A family of 4 would cost min $240/month. Thats a lot of money. Money that should be spent on good food not on an additive.

          • Angie Stanfield Whitten

            Kids can get their product for free from an adult that sponsors them so it actually brings the cost down….

          • fyi_im_me

            But with the high sugar content….the gummies would be very bad for kids.

          • Angie Stanfield Whitten

            The children’s chewable’s have 2 grams of sugar per serving. I feel confident giving my son these because the food choices I make for him now will stick with him. Milk and juice have much more sugar per serving yet kids are drinking that daily and much worse. My son drinks water and would rather have a fresh peach than ice cream (coconut icecream). His immune system is so strong. He looks really healthy and I feel that jp gives our family an edge. It’s $44 per person that is not expensive. I’m not rich. That’s one night less a month we go out to dinner. I feed my family good food I shop on the outside of Costco and go to farmers markets and a local boys market we didn’t and still don’t eat enough fresh fruits and veggies but it’s more than most and proud to say we take juice plus.

          • fyi_im_me

            2 grams of artificial sugar. Juice and milk at least are natural. Why not feed your child real food instead of something packaged full of artificial sweetener? At $44/person, you certainly could afford good food. Why waste your money on a product you obviously don’t need? Flinstones vitamins are about as good for you. I have researched the JP products and the ingredients so if you are so health concious, I find it surprising that you consider products full of additives and pesticides and artificially added nutrients good for you.

          • Suzanne Day

            Or people can just buy a Nutribullet if they find eating fruit and veg hard – that thing really works well….

          • fyi_im_me

            Lol….I don’t know what a nutribullet is…blender type thing I assume? If so, ya, that would work. Anything so you are eating the real fruits and vegs.

          • Melissa Nienhuis Boersma

            There is not corn syrup in the gummies. It’s evaporated organic cane juice.

          • Guest

            You tell it girl!

          • Suzanne Day

            Tapioca is a sort of rice.

          • Leah Brooks

            Tapioca comes from the cassava plant, which is a root vegetable. Tapioca syrup is in the children’s gummies. The adult version does not contain it at all.

          • Leah Brooks

            I think you’re just making stuff up now. And playing games.

          • Leah Brooks

            Dehydrated foods are not bad for you. They are nutritional powerhouses!

          • fyi_im_me

            Yes good quality dehydrated foods can be good in some cases. Not for all. The capsules are powdered food not dehydrated. The fibre and a lot of nutients are gone thus the added suppliments to try to make them appear healthy. Again….you claim to know about food????

          • Leah Brooks

            Silly you — yes, you’re right– the capsules are powdered food. But first they are juiced then dehydrated. You know juicing? Most of the fiber is gone when you juice. Juicing is very healthy.

          • CuriousSam

            actually, juicing isn’t all that healthy.. unless you also eat the pulp. http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/nutrition_articles.asp?id=1800&page=2 shows the vitamin content vs. whole foods (with the fiber.) It isn’t UNHEALTHY, it’s just not as healthy as it could be.

          • Melissa Nienhuis Boersma

            The gummies do not have corn syrup. The have organic evaporated cane juice.

          • fyi_im_me

            They have tapioca syrup maltodextrin, and cane syrup. Full of sugar and certainly not good for anyone and especially not for diabetics.

          • KLD

            Notice she could not defend the corn syrup found in some of the JP products, like are you kidding me?!? Corn syrup is one of the worst things you can put in your body! And these guys are claiming their products are all natural and healthy, sure….nothing but a money grab!

          • fyi_im_me

            They are all so brainwashed they can’t read the ingredients with an open mind. Now JP has started adding supplements to their products because those products did not contain the vitamins and minerals as advertised. They still argue that it’s healthy “food”. I really can’t understand it. It is so silly.

          • KLD

            Totally! It is easy to spot those that have a profit to make on here….brainwashed is right! So typical of pyramid sales…

          • acupunk

            Leah, stop feeding the trolls. You are never going to convince fyi_im_me of anything. Stop wasting your energy.

          • fyi_im_me

            I am not a troll and I take offence to you calling me one. I have a family member that has been brainwashed into selling and using this crap. She has not improved her life. She has spent every dime she has on it and has to push it to justify it. It targets the most vulnerable. I am VERY passionate about it. If I can stop even one person from getting sucked in and encourage them to do their own research and make their diet and health a priority and eat “real” food not processed food then I will have made a difference.

          • acupunk

            I have been using JP for 8 years and it has helped my health tremendously. It’s not crap, it’s backed by excellent research and is a high quality product. I recommend it to my patients friends and family. Your accusations are crap. You are a troll. Be offended I can care less.

          • fyi_im_me

            Really….I have read lots of research….not paid for by JP that says it is crap. So your lifestyle did not change in any way….you just take pills and shakes…..didn’t start eating better and start exercising….folic acid is very bad for you….artificial sweeteners are bad too. I think you might want to do your own research.

          • Chemical Free Health

            sorry which part is toxic? I have friends who have been to the farms and factory in Memphis and have seen how JP is made. You have the ramblings of a 12 year old. I just hope the many have read the comments and read the real information.

          • fyi_im_me

            I have read Juice Plus’ s website and their advertising. My family also farms. Because of my experience, I know a lot of JPs claims are bs. If the produce is not chemical free, which it isn’t, concentrating it, concentrates those chemicals too. There all also adding additives to the product to try to make it contain the vitamins the claim they contain which are chemically processed too. Now, that means, JP is not real food, it contains a lot of toxic crap. Also, concentrating that much fructose is very toxic to a lot of the people JP is being pimped to.

            Like many other get healthy quick, expensive products on the market, it takes advantage of people. The wording and their teaching is not truly about being healthy. Do your own research, not from JPs propaganda. Maybe try not taking it for a while and try eating real fruits and veggies. It isnt difficult and it isnt anywhere near as expensive.
            I guarantee you will feel better and be healthier.

          • fyi_im_me

            I eat extremely healthy and do not need suppliments. If you eat properly you dont. Spend your money and time wisely and eat real food not powder.

          • some

            fyi_im_me: Good for you – you get the gold star for the day.

            Many of us eat very healthy but it is still difficult to get in all the nutrients needed in a day. Many (including myself) have been helped and benefited from Juice Plus. I do not sell it and yes I eat healthy and have a healthy lifestyle and I still supplement because it helps me stay healthy. Unless you have tried it and have some clear evidence it does not work for you then disputing it’s benefit has no merit. I know MANY people that it has helped and they are healthier for it.

          • fyi_im_me

            Have you read the ingredients? My point is that they can’t make you healthier. Your other choices did. Their products are not good choices.

          • Jennilynn Steffens-Silvestri

            I have a bottle that was given to me…I see no non organic on the label also fructose come from fruit….also it says date fiber and prune fiber…Im not a juice plus pusher..in fact i have never bought a bottle..like i said these were given to me by my step mom when i was sick..I dont care if you purchase or not…But atleast have your facts right..

          • fyi_im_me

            Read the juice plus website they say their fruit is not all organic. Also high dose fructose whatever the source is bad for you. You might want to check into it especially about the chemical processes and the mechanical processes.

    • Get an education

      Some of the researchers did their own reviews but NO TESTING, they were all funded by juice plus with little or no proof of any SUBSTANTIAL differences. If you believe these guys then global warming isnt real. Keep drinking the Kool Aid

  • Theodora

    Wow. Way to join the negative side. Maybe this article could of been about the importance of fruits and veggies and a little about products out there you think are not worthy? There are tons more out there besides this one who claim to be whole food and such. Also, I know a lot of network marketing people who are not scamming their friends. I think a lot of people are getting sick because they eat a lot of crap and sugar. I’m sorry if I think this is a weak post. Recently your posts have been less than helpful.

    • fyi_im_me

      So you have read the ingredients and how it is made and you still think it is nutritious? Common sense is sure missing among JP users

  • Aaron Voog

    Poorly writt n

    • http://www.dallasurbanfarms.com Maximillias

      Love it. Hear hear!
      Well written, too :)

  • Kathleen

    Wow! I’m glad you don’t call yourselves Educate. Obviously you have no idea and nothing to back up these false statements. If they were someone would need to be letting prestigious places like MD Anderson, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, U.N of Maryland, Sports Medicine Journal, Nemours Pediatric Center, etc, etc, that they have wrongly published THEIR research on Juice Plus+.

    • Max_Freedom

      Etc, etc, etc, are the top medical institutions in the world. Good citations.

      • Kathleen

        Etc. simply meant that I did not feel it was necessary to type out 25 or so of the research institutions. They are all posted for anyone to see on our website.

      • Stardust

        You really need to stop calling people fake! Maybe some people really are dietitians, we don’t know. But you can at least show some respect. Just because you’re on the internet doesn’t mean that you can go around and talk to people like they’re trash.

        • tennysmom

          I do agree with you stardust! This app is to help educate people yet some people get on here and talk to others like crap..come on…everyone is entitled to their own opinions and views on things in life..give it a rest negative people..

          • Stardust

            Thank you!

  • Dee

    I strongly disagree with your comments about Juice Plus. As a registered dietitian, I have encountered many patients who do not
    consume enough fruits and vegetables to prevent many diseases. If this product is able to provide 25 fruits and vegetables in a capsule, then your advice is completely wrong! Many physicians have given their testimony and many, many peer reviewed journals have been sited. I officially ‘unsubscribe’ from your blog.

    • Max_Freedom

      How big are these capsules?
      No one believes that you are a registered dietitian.

  • Clarinetcountry

    Poorly written and misinformed article. I expect better from this site.

    • Max_Freedom

      Fake commenter, fake Disqus profile.

    • fyi_im_me

      Really??? You must sell this stuff. Have you read JPs stuff….if you have and you still believe in it, then I feel sorry for you. A healthy diet and excercise is good for you not toxic pills.

  • Sarah

    Fooducate, what are you thoughts about Zija: http://drinklifein.com/? Do you guys have information about moringa?

  • Leah Brooks

    Goodness gracious! Juice Plus is NOT a supplement — it’s food. Dried fruits and veggies. You are seriously misinformed.

    • Max_Freedom

      An apple is food. These are pills.

      • Kathleen

        Apparently any dried food, such as a spice in a bottle is no longer a food? Bottle or capsule…you can put real food into either one.

        • fyi_im_me

          This is about as nutrious as an old dried spice from a discount store.

  • BaliHai84

    Of course Juice Plus pays for its research. But the research is “double blind” gold standard and peer reviewed. Meaning the researchers themselves do not know which subjects are taking the Juice Plus vs. the placebo. And the findings are reviewed by medical experts in the field being researched. Also the research institutions that have done research on Juice Plus are highly recognized institutions — MD Anderson Hospital in Houston for example that research ovarian cancer survivors, and found that those that took Juice Plus along with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables had a higher survival rate. Or perhaps the University of Texas Health Science Center School of Dentistry that found that taking Juice Plus improves gum health. The writer of this article was biased from the beginning. The “research” was shoddy and misleading.

    • Leah Brooks

      I agree with you! Except one small and important point. Juice Plus+ does not pay for the research. They pay for the product. Researchers almost never pay for their products (whether it’s drugs or supplements)– they are almost always given to them.

  • Heather Desmarteau-Fast

    I disagree with the article. Do a little digging. You will find that it’s 100% legit.
    No one is claiming that you will get anything other than nutrition that we Americans are seriously lacking. Why don’t you take a jab at some company that is really sewing us over. Like Bayer or Monsanto. This is so petty.

    • Max_Freedom

      Fake commenter, throwaway Disqus profile.

  • Aimee

    This is completely
    bogus! You have done your so called friend an extreme disservice. You have not dug deeper at all. Your “facts” are all wrong. With friends like that, who needs enemies? DISLIKE & UNFRIEND!

    • Max_Freedom

      Throaway profile and fake comment.

  • terifrog

    $178 is for 120 days of the product, right? Thats a 4 month supply! You make it sound like its comparable to a weeks worth of vegetables. How much do you spend on produce in 4 months?

    • Max_Freedom

      Why did you use a throwaway account to post this?

      • terifrog

        I don’t know what a ‘throwaway account’ is… I am obviously not a ‘professional commenter’ like you. This article was brought to my attention and I did my best to add some insight with substance to an article that was written out of ignorance. No need to argue or get heated; I will continue to benefit from what I know and those who chose ignorance will reap those benefits :o )

        • Angie

          Nicely stated, terifrog. Max seems to just jump on anyone who provides legitimate information and his ignorance manifests itself in hostility. This is my 2nd exposure to this site because someone told me about the “buzz” of this latest info. I was interested in reading the responses. Pretty disappointed. Not sure I’ll put much weight in future “reports” if this one was written with little or no research.

  • Max_Freedom

    Excellent article.
    JuicePlus is nothing more than a pyramid scheme.
    You might as well just eat actual fruit and vegetables.
    They do a great job with Multi Level Marketing, and trolling the internet with BS claims.
    The angry, bizarre comments here are a good example of the cult-like followers.

    • JP Troopers

      You’re failed logic and closed mindedness are all the proof that I need to believe that we were once knuckle dragging apes. I bet you can’t even define “pyramid scheme” accurately. As for the cult following reference I would point out to you that there are hundreds of religions all across the globe boasting all powerful Gods who do wonderous things in our lives of which none have a tangible, visible, or evident implication that there even is a God. Juice pulse has clinical research, plus the word of millions of consumers who have experienced the benefits. That’s tangible. That’s real. And unless you’re an atheist then you’re a hypocrite and a moron.

    • Mary

      You are so Wrong! I take juice plus but I am not a distributor. I believe it has helped me maintain a very good health profile for my age. (67). Also I am an MS patient and rarely feel up to grocery shopping several times a week. I spend a lot if money on fresh organic vegetables so I know how little $44 a month will buy. I am confident that Juice Plus is helping to keep my overall health and wellness tests in the excellent health range. JP has always stated that it is not a “miracle pill”. If you think that a supplement that contains nutrients vital to our health can’t be achieved you should take the time to see how the research and production of JP products is achieved.
      They are a legitimate entity with a goal of serving the people who want the best for their lives and who see a niche in the world market place to do this. Nothing is free. Add up what most of you critics spend on Starbucks, cigarettes, fast foods, and pre packaged foods and you see that $178 for a 4 month supply of JP.

  • Dan the man

    So $178 for a fruit/vegetable pill? With $178 you can buy alot of fruit and veggies. A pill is not going to fill you up. Veggies and fruit can. What a waste of $. I would bet that all the negative comments here are from the sellers involved in this pyramid scheme.

    • NOTajuiceplusrep

      Hahahahaha pyramid scheme! A 40 year old company that uses an illegal pyramid scheme! I bet you summon all your brain power to get out of bed in the morning!

    • Lou

      … The pill is not to fill you up. It is to add to what you are already eating each day.

    • JP Troopers

      $178 is a four month supply. Its $44.50 a month. How many fresh fruits and veggies do you believe you could purchase and consume in a month for $44.50? And as for your “pyramid scheme” comment, I would bet your the typical kind of idiot that tells me all the time that a pyramid scheme is where the person above you makes more than you and gets paid off of your labors and that their boss is the same as that. Why don’t you tell me about the structure at your work… does your boss make more than you? Does he get paid because of the work that you’re doing? Yup. What about his boss? Makes more right? Do you get paid more if you work harder? No? That’s a shame. Trading time for money must suck. While you’re miserable in your workaday job where your boss controls your life I’m traveling the world making a residual income with no boss and total freedom helping people I meet in airports and supermarkets make healthier decisions in their lives. www. jweyrauch.juiceplus. com

  • George Economides

    Good points Mick….Yes, it’s obvious the author sounded like someone that never attended class and pulled an all nighter ti barely pass the exam.

  • wholehealthgirl

    Juice plus may or may not be a good product. The heart of the matter is people should be eating real food, plain and simple. Yes, it may be from juiced and dried fruits and vegetables, but seriously, feed your body with whole, unprocessed food. It is not that hard.
    The main aggravation with Juice Plus is the distributors who label themselves health educators and nutritionists. Give me a break. Listening to a few webinars hosted by Juice Plus or attending training nights with your group leaders does not make one a professional in the field of nutrition.

    • Granny92306

      Actually, many of the distributors are health educators or nutritionists. They’ve taken the courses necessary.

      • Wholehealthgirl

        Health Educator is what JP sales people call themselves and that is what they are, sales people. A few courses taken by JP does not qualify anyone to be a nutritionist.
        Granted there my be some degrees professionals who sell JP, but to date in all the years I have been asked to try and buy JP, it has been moms trying to make some extra money.
        Again, nothing wrong with that, but still just a salesperson and nothing more.

        • Mark

          Maybe the people you have been asked to try it were moms but a lot of the juice plus people are health educators from real institutes. Second they never claim to not eat real food this is an insurance that you get the minimum amount of variety based whole food nutrition and then any items you eat you can be above that amount.

  • Sharyn Guthrie

    Hmmm kind of reminds me of the FDA and GMO’s, which were approved without independent testing! JERF – Just eat real food :)

  • Nichole

    Looks like the comments are full of pyramid schemers!

  • Stefan

    No different than Genesis Pure, Amway, or an other pyramid scheme. They prey on weak-minded individuals who are desperate for a shortcut to the easy life. They target you through your financial greed and your lazy approach to dieting. I completely agree with this article.

    Heck, last month my wife and I dropped $700 on vitamins at Vita-Shoppe to try out a new ‘regiment’ they were advertising; Only one of the ‘supplements’ did anything and what it did was more like cocaine than vitamins. Since then, her and I have started exercising, eating whole fruits and veggies more and more in place of heavy pastas, breads, and meats, and we’re both feeling full of energy and are toning our bodies very fast.

    (She’s 31, 5’6″ 120lbs and I’m 28, 6’3″, 184lbs)

    • Angie

      Great job eating the whole fruits and veggies! Congrats on your success! THAT’S the way to get healthy. Supplements and latest “gimmicks” will not do anything for you, as you’ve discovered; they are the money grabbers. From all I’ve read, Juice Plus IS whole fruits and vegetables. Looks like it fills the void when we can’t “get” whole foods (like when business traveling or on vacation). If everyone did what you did, we’d have a super healthy country and not such a rapid increase in morbid obesity. Keep up the good work. Although, you are wrong about it being a pyramid scheme. Sorry.

      • fyi_im_me

        So if it is a whole food, where is the fibre? It isnt in there…. just powdered fructose, additives and chemicals yummy.

        • Lou

          There is no fibre. Because it is not meant to replace anything. It is in addition to what you regularly eat everyday.

          • fyi_im_me

            That’s not the way the reps tell it. They say it’s real food. It is an utter waste of money. Eat real fruits and vegetables. They are cheaper and better for you and frankly more fun to eat.

          • Lou

            Well maybe there are misinformed reps, I do not know. I think consumers have a choice. Canada’s Food Guide recommends that I eat 7-8 servings of veggies a day. I do not have time to eat that many veggies, and frankly, I am bored of eating easy quick veggies such as carrots and cucumbers. If this helped me reach my recommended servings, heck, why not.

            Sugar, on the other hand, as you are so worried about – it is recommended that I have 25 grams of sugar a day. Now I don’t watch my sugar intake, but 2g of sugar (as you say) is not going to kill me. Maybe not watching the rest of my sugar intake could, but that’s up to me. The consumer.

          • fyi_im_me

            To each his own….you may be fine with that sugar but diabetics, pre-diabetics, and those with gestational diabetes shouldn’t have it. But reps say this crap is good for diabetics. It most certainly is not. It is not good for anyone. Eating enough veggies and fruits is easy it is also better for you and cheaper. The fibre is essential to keep healthy. Why take something processed and packaged when you can gave the real thing? As the article says…it’s a scam. Gets you to spend a ridiculous amount of money on crap. I have a medical condition….juice plus rep says I should talk to “their” doctors rather than my specialists that maintain JP would make me very sick if not kill me. Numerous reps sell this crap that way. Push it as a healthy lifestyle that will give you a six pack….make you lose weight….prevent cancer…. “Jesus and JP baby”….etc… all a scam to get your money. The ingredients say it all.

          • Lou

            Nowhere on the website have I seen “..that will give you a six pack….make you lose weight….prevent cancer…. “Jesus and JP baby”" .. I have seen, however, that it helps you reach your required fruit/veggie servings.

            I am not here to argue, I just think you should slow down your argument. Reps may say the wrong thing or believe the wrong thing – that is their fault.. that makes them bad reps. There are bad reps and workers out there for everything, giving misinformation or doing things wrong.

            Fibre is good for you, yes – it can, however, be gotten from other places. I get my fibre elsewhere.

            Have a good day, fyi_im_me. :)

          • fyi_im_me

            You truly believe those pills replace real food? You say you are bored with cucumbers and carrots so instead you would rather take a quick fix pill. I hope someday you realize how silly that sounds and how badly that company is ripping you off. I have only quoted what many reps are saying. Google it and you will find even worse clains. Good day to you too.

          • Brian

            How many times do you have to be told, JP does not replace fruits & veggies, it bridges the gap between what we should eat and what a lot of us actually eat. Its not a quick fix, its to aid a lifestyle change (long term). Their are lots of reps out there that are “not doing it right”, they should not give advice, they should share their own experiences, therefore it is up to the individual. Please do not generalise about a world wide size company and product on the basis of a few distributors that you have spoken to.

          • fyi_im_me

            Just as many times as you have to told that it doesn’t bridge anything.

          • Kris

            I think that you are in a competitor business against JP. You are not passionate about helping people. You only want to argue your point and be right. Delusional.

          • fyi_im_me

            No I am not a competitor….I am actually a financial planner. In my world, if it seems too good to be true it probably is. I wish I was a sheister because if you will blindly believe this crap I bet you believe that you can get 20% returns on investments with no risk. Part of my job is to protect my clients from exactly this sort of thing. JP is not good at all. It is a product that preys on people that are not inclined to truthfully eat properly or get healthy and pulls the wool over their eyes to the truth. It preys on people and uses bs science that cant be supported outside of studies paid for by JP. I can’t abide by JP or anyone, lying and cheating people. I have heard both sides and researched it very carefully. The most telling comments are the ones that say this article is wrong and all JPs ads are right. Really…..you do realize they are ads….designed to sell you something…right? Give your head a shake.

          • fyi_im_me

            It is delusional to still argue for a product against all common sense and even against JPs own words. No I am not with a competitor. I am a financial planner and I take offence to companies preying on people and ripping them off as this one does.

          • fyi_im_me

            How many times do you have to be told it doesn’t replace anything. It is an expensive processed product that has the sole goal of separating you and your money.

          • Nancy

            My 7 year old granddaughter is the pickiest eater I have ever seen. She eats very few fruits and veggies. She seems to be sick a lot (imo). I’m thinking of trying jp for her. I’ve done some research and I’m confident that even if it doesn’t help, it won’t hurt her. I have a couple grandchildren, my stepson and his wife who have taken it for a couple years. One of my granddaughters has not had to take any allergy meds since she started taking it. If I am reading the info correctly, the fiber comes from the skins and seeds from the fruit and veggies.

          • Lou

            Someone said this on a review site, which describes exactly what I’m saying: “Again, you could do this yourself by just eating clean and including a lot more fruit and vegetables in your diet, but for ease of use and results, it’s a great solution.”

          • fyi_im_me

            But there are no results….that’s the point. It cannot replace real food. So it is a waste of time and money. Any results you see from juice plus you would have had without it. Any vitamins it has are added….fillers are added….the fruits and veggies are not guaranteed organic either so you get unknown levels of dehydrated chemicals too. Buyer beware.

  • LDM

    I feel the comments for this article are getting a little extreme. It is not a false statement to imply that we should be trying to get most, if not all of our nutrients through real food. There is such a wide variety of supplements out on the market today; that for the average American…it is hard to distinguish between what is truly “healthy” or just a “scheme”. I have never heard of Juice Plus+ and I am sure that it has its appropriate place on the market; however, whenever there is an option to eat whole fruits and vegetables–we should take it. It seems “as a society” we are highly reliant upon “magic” pills to solve all our problems–from anxiety/stress to nutrition/exercise. I feel the point is to question what we put into our bodies…and I applaud Fooducate in bringing up the topic, so that we may have these conversations. In either case, it is apparent that both parties in the discussion have the best intentions for those that they serve.

  • Nanny

    I just started taking juice plus a couple of months ago and a precancerous lesion I had on my lip disappeared My dermatologist asked me what I was doing differently. I said juice plus. I noticed that the ratings of some foods on this site are completely off

  • APMV

    Wow! Very disappointed in Fooducate. What a terrible piece and written by someone who should get an F in his or her research or lack there of. Ever heard of epigenitics? It is a fact that the phytonutrients in fruits and vegetables do in fact fight and cOntribute to the prevention and cure of diseases. Ever bothered to ask around at a university to find out that Almost all research is funded by outside sources? The funding sources of a research project have no control over the research itself. Did you bother to take note of the institutions doing the research? All very credible. I have read 20 of the JuicePlus studies myself and at least three of them demonstrate that the nutrients in JuicePlus are in fact 100% bio absorbable and bioavailable. Did you read any of the studies? Ok and on the note of how the company makes money. So . . . What is wrong with making money on a product that is good for you? Guilt, what? I have never had the feeling that anyone at JuicePlus was trying to do anything other that provide me with a way to improve on my family’s nutrition. Juiceplus may be expensive and Multi Level Marketing may not be your gig but the product rocks. Bad article. Might unsubscribe to Fooducate

  • Ake

    I agree Mickdaly! Do more research fooducate. Respond to us once you have really looked at JP and the actual research studies!

  • JP

    I’ve been taking juice plus for 2 yrs now, and I have only been sick once. I have done research on this company, and they are legit. Every person I know that takes these supplements is in good health . It is a great supplement. Please do your research next time.

  • Ann

    Hey Hemi, why didn’t you at least explain to the reader what a whole food based supplement is? It’s not a vitamin and its the way to go for those of us who can’t get the recommended 7 servings of produce a day which causes me no guilt what so ever. Wish you would have does some research and some thinking before you slammed a decent company who makes money helping people improve their diets. I can hardly believe tht Fooducate would discourage anyone from trying to fill in their nutritional gaps with the only whole food supplement that is proven to be real, bioavailable, free of herbicides and pesticides, all natural, and back by gold standard research (who cares where the funding comes from). Did you bother to find out what third party, double blind, gold standard research means? He much time did you put into this assignment of yours anyway? I recommend you put in more time and effort before slamming someone again. Oh, btw, Jay Martin, the founder and CEO of the JuicePlus company is a normal guy who always had the dream of being successful while helping people improve their health. He started out in the water filter business and then on the bring us an incredible product – JuicePlus. So what if he is rich, he deserves it. Spend your negating e energy attacking Pepsi or Monsano or someone who deserves it.

  • H2O

    Checked out the juice plus website looking for an ingredient list couldn’t find one even looked under juice + ingredient not there. If its so wonderful why couldn’t I find it on their website??what are they Hiding ?? Not a fan of Snake Oil

    • Leah Brooks
      • H2O

        Thank-you .. here just a few things on the ingredient list
        Glucomannan is used has a weight loss supplement.
        Cellose is a food additive usually from cotton (GMO) or wood
        Tocopherol vitamin E
        Folic acid B vitamin added to bread flour and cereals
        There were more. if i don’t what it is I try not to eat it

        • Leah Brooks

          It clearly states on the label that you said you read that this product is non-GMO and there is no cellulose whatsoever on the label. Not sure if you actually read the label.

  • Csillagfeny

    Is this Juice Plus Organic,Non GMO?

  • blueberryd

    I was told by a Juice Plus sales person that the fruits and veggies were “above and beyond” organics… After contacting the corporate I found out the truth is there are some that are GMO (genetically modified organisms)

    • H2O

      No has wonderful has they say… Good for you to try to find out information, and not believe what you are being told

      • H2O


  • OutThereBad

    It seems as tho fooducate has hurt the people who sell this stuff’s feelings. Smh. How sensitive can yall be. It is MLM so get over it. If not, then open a cart in the mall and sell it directly. But I guess then it would show it’s true (non)worth. Good job fooducate. Rest of yall, get out of your feelings and go buy some vegetables

    • H2O


  • David Thompson

    You need to remember the source that is giving you this information. Fooducate didn’t do any testing or 3rd Party testing. They simply wrote an article based on their opinion. The same opinion that gives real, unsweetened cocoa powder a B- and fabricated, powdered peanut butter an A. I take their opinions and info with a grain of salt. No one ever said that Juice Plus will take the place of eating real food. It supplements your intake. And #4 is really bad writing. You accuse everyone of scamming their friends. Such a broad statement, no real author would ever write that. Only a chided individual. Whoever takes what Fooducate says as ‘golden’ has some problems that they need to deal with.

  • sharon McClellan

    Hello- You seem to sincerely want to help people with their nutrition and health. It is “nutritional confusion” out there so it is wonderful you want to help people learn the truth about nutrition and the foods they are buying for their family.
    That said, you have just put inaccurate information in front of people about Juice Plus which is a simple solution for people to help bridge the gap between what they are eating and what they know they should eat daily! Juice Plus is simply fruit, vegetable and berry powders that help people get more plant nutrition. I Yes, the company invests in the research of their product (which as a health professional I think is great- this proves it’s efficacy) But did you know that it is THIRD party research? Meaning not done by the company but by well known and respected medical institutions (MD Anderson, Yale, Nemours Children’s hospital to name a few). This means that the company has no way of “controlling the findings”. The majority of these studies are “gold standard”, peer reviewed and published in very reputable medical journals (Journal of American College of Cardiology, Journal of Pediatrics, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise which is the official Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine… just to name a few of the now 32 published studies). You make some inaccurate statements about Juice Plus and very “scathing” accusations about those who are simply wanting to help those they care about learn about simple solutions to help with health and nutrition. I suggest you really get your facts straight before you make such negative and inaccurate statements about a product and about those who are involved in sharing it. This article has reduced your credibility for a portion of your audience who would otherwise appreciate your contribution and what you are attempting to do.

  • Hays

    Juice Plus is not a supplement, it’s about Bridging the gap between what we eat and what we are recommend to eat. Not one person could say that they eat their daily dose of 7-10 portions of fruit and veg a day!

    I would rather take the capsules for the rest of my life then take the various different pills I was being given by my doctor to help my Illness which included steroids!

  • Aaron Bush

    stay away from juice plus? seriously?? there is a reason why i love juice plus. 1. reason. it helps me. 2. its real food. 3. its free to my daughter. 4. i dont have time to get sick. 5.i live a busy lifestyle. 6. i have awesome check ups. 7. i dont have to pay for expensive medications that come with a warning label. 8. I crave the one thing that i avoided for a very long time. 9. powered things hit the body faster. 10. helps with my constant knee pain. 11. helps with the headache fooducate is giving me having to defend a product that is real food. 11. i love my twizzlers. 12. i scanned a twizzler bag to see what u would say about it. your app said to go get a orange. guess what juice plus has. vitamin c.

    so when fooducate tells me to heads towards fruits and vegs i do, i take juice plus because i know it works. i have heard many success stories. but fooducate didn’t want to hear those. what a shame. Cause guess what, im one of those success stories.

    juice plus is real food

    #challengeaccepted #juiceplus #loveit

  • Wendy

    Well, for those of you suggesting or advising just eat the fruits & veggies, that’s great. But tell me, are every one of the fruits & veggies you consume vine ripened, organic & GMO free? I bet not. Those in Juice Plus+ are. Just something to think on.

  • Franklin

    Weak analysis. First, not all the studies are funded by the Juice Plus+. The one by doctors in Foggia, Italy and the one at the DeMours Children’s Clinic in Jacksonville, FL and the one by the NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH at WAKE FOREST UNIVERSITY are not. Get your facts straight. Juice Plus funds the study by supplying the products and also manufacturing the placebos for the double-blind, placebo controlled test.

  • Jploverandextremelyeducated

    Disappointed in this article. I went from not being able to move from my severe degenerative disease Systemic Scleroderma to running 10k’s. I could go on about how much this product has changed my life we’d be here all day. But I was already consuming 18 servings of fruits and veggies and could not get my body in good health. Plus I Have arguments with every
    Point addressed here, not accurate info in the least!

    • youareafool

      You’re an idiot! This sounds stupidly fake! You was eating 18 fruit and veg a day but these pills are better? You talk so much crap it’s unbelievable!

  • http://www.dallasurbanfarms.com Maximillias

    Okay, this is ludicrous.
    I commented on the “read this” link, and now my attitude is worse.
    I am going to address every single attack you’ve made, because you’re an idiot. I won’t get any worse than that one insult, simply because gentlefolk like my friend Mick Daly (who is very successful) would disapprove.
    1. Already addressed the “clinical studies” thing. By the way, what’s with the quotes around clinical studies? They’re clinical, done on humans, by humans. This proves your tendency to ignorant fallacy.
    2. Preying upon people’s guilt: This is silly. GUILT for not eating enough fruits and vegetables? You think a multi-billion dollar company uses the good ol’ “guilt trip” to spread awareness of it’s products? People don’t eat enough fruits and veggies. They feel guilty because they know they’re only hurting themselves and making bad decisions. They buy fruits and vegetables as a result of this. Or they buy Juice Plus+; they equate.
    Concentrated doses of nutrients in a pill? It is highly concentrated doses of fruits and vegetables, not the same as vitamins. Those are micronutrients; nothing is synthesized here.
    3. No shortcuts: I guess you intended this one to down JP, but, yet again, you’ve proven your incompetence. There are zero shortcuts to true health, which is why the fruits and vegetables in Juice Plus+ are so essential to everybody. Got it? Fruits and Veggies = Fruits and Veggies.
    Juice Plus has been “clinically proven” to promote heart health, yes. Are you saying they’re wrong? Protects your DNA? Yep, you bet it does. Again, saying they’re wrong?
    The company does not make these claims; it cites the research.
    Who says the supplement industry prevents disease? It doesn’t, Juice Plus+ does. How could you have wasted so much of your time writing all this, even feeling it, when it’s getting so many people healthy?
    Juice Plus is not a member of the supplement industry. The only way in which it is, is in it’s role as a supplementary element to your existing diet.
    It doesn’t have supplement facts on the back, I hope you knew that.

    4. On an ethical level, MLM does blah blah blah….
    Ok look, whoever… People lie. People murder. The MLM world does not encourage that. People do. MLM is a tool, it is just like money, it is neither good nor bad. Clearly it’s bad for you, but that’s because like attracts like. Nuff said.

  • JPAdvocate

    My husband’s been on it for 6 years and hasn’t gotten sick.

  • Bert

    Funny how these reviews attract such vicious attackers. Almost as if they’re part of a cult. Oh wait they are! Another day, another mlm scam. Sigh..

  • bec

    i would rather eat an apple for 50p…..

  • Deb

    Pyramid Schemes make the majority of their money by signing up distributors to sell their product. Distributors of Juice Plus make most of their money by having customers….not distributors. Big difference in Network Marketing compared to Multi Level. Also…check out the study where the National Institute of Health paid for part of the research. I totally understand what you mean about following the money. Who do you think pays for milk commercials? Long ago, when Juice Plus started, it was because of what we saw with our customers … especially our families…that we promoted it. The research was not there at that time. The company wanted to have research to prove what customers were saying. I believe in this product with all of my heart. I have toured the manufacturing facility and have seen how the produce is quarantined until it meets stringent standards before it is allowed in the facility. You are entitled to your opinion. I’m grateful I am entitled to mine.

  • jayne wallace

    Well ive always eaten fruit and veg…always thought id eaten healthy until I started Juice Plus….why do people get so angry when Juice Plus is mentioned? Juice Plus has not only made me feel amazingly healthy….its also taught me how to eat (yes we also can eat real food) better and educated healthy eating! The capules are just fruit and veg….when I researched what was in this product I added up how much it would cost to eat 26 fruit and veg per day…turns out to £30+ every 3 days plus it would be impossible to eat that amount? Good luck! Would love to put pic of ingredients on this page but it will not allow me to do so! My children have been taking the free chewable fruit and veg chewables too with winter on its way i know their immune systems are ready! Take time out to research this product probally….you could be missing out??

  • Miranda :)

    Lol so I tried both the fruit & veggie chewables and they are SO YUMMY! I love them!!!! I eat real fruits and veggies all the time and am very healthy, but I literally ate the whole two bags of the extras a friend had from their membership in like a week. I’m addicted to them. ;) It’s not even about being healthy for me. They are just that good! Hahaha I’m about to buy them for myself. I know it seems silly, but I miss them and I can’t get my gummy fix without signing up. I sound like a juice plus commercial right now LOL

  • Bob K

    I should start off by saying I’m a scientist in medical research. I know some people who sell Juice Plus and I can’t stand it. Seems like they are all brainwashed quacks who think real medicine and science are bad and quackery is good. That being said, this article is no better and may be worse than the Juice Plus quacks. Let me dismantle your points:
    1. Who else is going to fund studies on Juice Plus? Will you fund it? This is how science works. If you want your product tested, you pay an impartial 3rd party to test it. If the results are bad, they still have the right to publish.

    2. You obviously know nothing about pharmacokinetics. If you are peeing it out, then it is bioavailable. If it didn’t absorb, how else would it go from your digestive system to your kidneys?

    3. More people than ever AREN’T getting sick. Where do you get this nonsense that more people than ever are getting sick? You realize the life expectancy just 100 years ago was in the low 50s, right? THAT is when more people were getting sick (and dying).

    4. I can’t argue with this point.

    • stefanopollisstdyo

      i doubt your a scientist, more like a damn junkie. go back to your needles you petulant loser. Your the type of person who comments on these pages to feel better about them selves when really your a dumb loser

    • Knotta Doctor

      Like a real medical professional would waste his/her time participating in this debate. You’re a Juice Plus sales rep. Go back to building your pyramid.

      • thiazole

        You probably need to reread my post if you think I’m a Juice Plus sales rep. Also, only an ignorant person who lacks the qualifications to debate science would confuse a medical professional with a scientist. If you bothered to read my post, you’d know that I think Juice Plus is a scam so why would I be a Juice Plus sales rep? I just think we should combat scams with SCIENCE, not more scammy logic.

        But you are right – medical professionals probably wouldn’t waste their time because they aren’t scientists who feel the need to point out when someone is using bad science even when they are using it to make a good point. As a scientist, I point out people whom I agree with but who use bad logic to make their points all the time. Some dickhead bed pan washer (ie, an example of a medical professional) could give a rats ass.

  • Trevor

    This article was poorly written. Fooducate seems to be the scammer here. Back up your evidence please. I work in the medical field. We had a good laugh over this…

    • Stu Jabuster

      What’s “a good laugh” is the idea that someone in the “medical field” would waste his/her time even considering garbage like Juice Plus. Although I suppose your statement could be accurate if you consider a hospital janitor to be “in the medical field.”

      Nice try, Juice Plus stooge.

  • Constantine Bitsaktsis

    Bogus article on all points:

    1. It makes NO DIFFERENCE that Juice PLus funded the research. The funding body has no control on the outcome of research! Other scientific reviewers do! The NIH (National Institutes of Health) fund a lot of their research; results are varied! Obviously you don’t understand how science works and what peer reviewed publications mean.

    2. “Praying on our guilt…” REALLY?? Are you going to argue that 99% of Americans DO NOT eat the required amounts of fruits and vegetables?? The only correct point you made is that eating them in their raw form is best. Yes, it is! But that is ALSO stated by the JuicePlus company. That’s why they claim that Juice Plus helps you BRIDGE THE GAP and they encourage you to continue eating as many fruits and vegetables possible. Some “joker” below, claimed that with 178 dollars you can buy all the fruits and vegetables you need… Really?? 178 dollars is for a four month supply!! You think 178 dollars worth of produce is all you need in four months?? No wonder Americans are in the dark, nutritionally!

    3. “There are no shortcuts in avoiding disease…”. Are you a TOTAL idiot! Open your Webster dictionary (if you own one), and look up the term “prevention”. Then google “preventing disease” and get educated. As for people getting sicker… yes, they are! Because of all the additives and preservatives in foods today, which, incidentally, Juiceplus has none! And people that are on juiceplus, get sicker much less than someone who’s not…many studies and many examples exist that prove that. PREVENTION!

    4. Financial incentives exist, yes, but if you believe that their existence somehow counteracts the quality and the benefits of the product then stay the hell away and keep your unjustified opinions to yourself.

  • Gin Goode

    I found this product called “ALIVE” at CVS which has 26 fruits & veggies (more than juice plus) in a gummy form. Better than swallowing 6 capsules a day that your system can’t digest. And much cheaper.

  • Juiceplus

    For starters if I asked all you people who think Juice Plus is a pyramid scheme what a pyramid scheme even is, you’d probably say it’s where the person at the top makes all the money! What like the company your working for? For starters pyramid scheme is illegal and this is a 40 year old company, I’m pretty sure if this was the case everyone having any involvement would have been arrested by now and the cells around the world would be completely full. Also in a pyramid scheme everyone has to buy stock and most people are generally stuck out of pocket with a lot of stock remaining; you don’t buy any stock from Juice Plus.

    Juice Plus is also bio-available therefore your fact number 2 is incorrect. Students from universities across the world have researched these products inside out to try and find faults yet every study so far has failed to find anything wrong with this product.

    It’s not a fast fix it’s a life style change and an addition to your everyday fruit and veg. If people would prefer to just eat fruit and veg that’s fine but people are so lazy and greedy now-a-days even those who say they’ll do it never do. But this product help you crave the good stuff because the more you have the more you want. The premium capsules (fruit veg and berry capsules) work out at £1.90 a day, that’s 6 capsules, I’d like to see us be able to go into a shop and purchase 27 variety a of fruit veg and berries for less than £1.90 a day. This isn’t just apples and carrot, these include nutrients from product you probably never buy e.g. Papaya and Kale. Then you have the fact fruit and veg in shops have been sprayed with pesticides, chemicals and other artificial harmful stuff and have probably looked the same in the shop as they have the previous 5 weeks being shipped and another 2-3 weeks in your fruit bowl. Really?! Juice Plus fruit and veg haven’t had a single think sprayed on their products and this has been proved and is SFA, GMP and Swiss Medical Approved!

    Only 1 in 10 people in the world know about Juice Plus so if people are becoming more ill it’s probably because they’ve never heard of it. I’m not saying people taking the product will never be sick again but if you have a better health you are less likely to become ill.

    Sites like this one you are busy looking at and commenting negatively on, have shown no scientific proof for any of their opinions anywhere. That’s all they are opinions, the facts are elsewhere and you haven’t tried the product and haven’t been bothered to look for the real fact, so no matter what your posting online it’s not affecting those who are in the business at all as many are still earning your yearly wage in a month, have all the time in the year to now spend with their children growing up and living the life they have always dreamed and making the start to a perfect life for their children.

    Ever heard of network marketing? That’s what this business is and if you research it you’ll find it’s the only business out there which can allow you to live your dreams (people may have a lot of money in other businesses but the likely hood is they’re spending all their time in life at work, earning that money, and don’t have a chance to spend it) network marketing is for anyone, no experience is needed and it’s a small fee to join for what u’ll get in return. Juice Plus is a franchise business and on the product life cycle is still at the starting stages it hasn’t even seen it’s peak yet (like Apple or subway etc.) so for those who aren’t in the business now are those who are being taken for a mug because your still going to be in the 9-5 job which you hate on a wage that only just gets you through and sat whinging about the little time you have to yourself or with your families, wondering what would have happened if you had of just tried especially after people you know join and you see the life they can have years down the line.

    Juice Plus also gives a person residual income, what’s this, well believe it or not, it’s a business which doesn’t take much of your time, anyone can do it but it is hard work, like establishing any business but work hard now and later you won’t have to work but your monthly cheques will still be rolling in larger than before!

    Your choice, live life wondering and always work for someone to build their dreams or build your own and always remember why you have chose to do that. Most people drop out of network marketing because nothing has happened in the first few months but that’s because they’ve done nothing about it. The only way you can fail this business is by dropping out, and it’s devastating for them to see the people around them constantly grow when they left. It takes some people months while it takes others years but if you were told in 5 year time of working somewhere you’d have an £80k bonus given to you, you’d stay the 5 year no matter what. Im right aren’t I, so what’s you problem with Juice Plus because this is what they offer to their franchisees. The CEO of your company isn’t at the top because they done nothing about it, they are up there because they seen the potential, something clicked for them and they worked for it. Most of them would have started at the same place as everyone else only in a company like yours when theirs a job available up the ladder and only one person can get the role, it won’t be you because hundreds apply and even if it was you, what then, you’ll retire at 65 with little pension and never have got any higher up that ladder. Juice Plus isn’t a pyramid structure it’s a square and anyone and everyone starting this business can all get to the top and in their own time. If you join Juice Plus you will be paid for recommending a product to someone (network marketing) and helping their change their life both physically and financially if they join the business to!

    Opinions mean nothing. So good luck!

    • JuicePlus4Eva

      God, your grammar is as terrible as your argument.

  • Yogi Water

    MLM & Pyramid are similar but different terms that are being used interchangeably by many here. I am not a Juice Plus rep, and this is not a pyramid scheme. It is a multi-level marketing company however. It is in your best interest to always research the integrity and structure of any MLM before becoming associated with them. Juice Plus actually seems like one of the more ethical and quickly profitable MLM’s around.

  • Patricia

    If anyone is not eating enough Vitamin C and take a supplement with vitamin C then they will feel better. Almost all supplements will be used by the body and then get rid of the rest.(Juice Plus is no exception) I was looking at Juice Plus quite a while back and couldn’t find enough information in regards to how it is process, GMO food etc so decided that it wasn’t for me. Also noted that using pulp from fruits and vegetables would give you fiber which isn’t anywhere on the ingredients listing that I could find. The reason why I was looking into it was not because of a get rich quick idea…it was so I could help other people with their health and mine included. There are many brands in Canada (where if no NPN then not on the shelf) that give you nutrients that are required. A perfect example is https://progressivenutritional.com/vegessential/ it gives your body what it needs. I would much prefer to get my nutrients from the whole foods but at times when that isn’t possible then there are great substitutes available and under $65.00 for a month (if you take it everyday) supply at most health food stores. This is by no means a plug for Progressive but look at the difference in what labeling does! Don’t see this on Juice Plus
    Per 1 scoop:


    Medicinal Ingredients:
    Yellow Pea Protein 28 g
    Sprouted Brown Rice Protein3,500 mg
    Organic Hemp Seed Protein1,000 mg
    Chia Seed250 mg
    Cranberry Fruit & Seed250 mg
    Beta Carotene3,750 IU
    Vitamin A (Palmitate)2,500 IU
    Vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol)250 IU
    Vitamin E (D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acid Succinate)50 IU
    Vitamin K2 (Menatetrenone)6 mcg
    Vitamin C (Calcium Ascorbate)125 mg
    Vitamin B1 (Thiamine Mononitrate)25 mg
    Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)15 mg
    Niacinamide20 mg
    D-Pantothenic Acid (Calcium D-Pantothenate)25 mg
    Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate)17.5 mg
    Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)50 mcg
    Folic Acid500 mcg
    Biotin50 mcg
    Choline (Bitartrate)12.5 mg
    Inositol12.5 mg
    Calcium (Citrate, Ascorbate, Carbonate)100 mg
    Magnesium (Citrate)50 mg
    Zinc (Citrate)5 mg
    Iodine (Potassium Iodide)25 mcg
    Manganese (Citrate)2.5 mg
    Potassium (Citrate)7.5 mg
    Chromium (Citrate)50 mcg
    Selenium (HVP Chelate)50 mcg
    Molybdenum (Citrate)12.5 mcg
    Vanadium (Citrate)12.5 mcg
    Support Nutrients:
    Birch (Betula pubescens, Leaf)50 mg
    Betaine Hydrochloride10 mg
    Banaba Leaf Extract (Lagerstroemia speciosa) (1% Corosolic Acid)8 mg
    PABA7.5 mg
    Corn Silk (Zea mays, Stigma & Style)5 mg
    Citrus bioflavonoids (Citrus limon, sinensis & paradisi, Peel)5 mg
    Rutin (Styphnolobium japonicum, Flower Bud)5 mg
    Hesperidin (Citrus limon & sinesis, Peel)5 mg
    Plant Oils:
    Organic Lecithin (Phosphatidylcholine/inositol/serine)1,750 mg
    Flax Seed Oil (Linum usitatissimum)250 mg
    Borage Oil (Borago officinalis, Seed)20 mg
    Pumpkin Seed Oil (Cucurbita pepo)17.5 mg
    Primrose Oil (Oenothera biennis, Seed)15 mg
    Safflower Oil (Carthamus tinctorius, Seed)10 mg
    Green Foods:
    Barley Grass (Hordeum vulgare)750 mg
    Alfalfa (Medicago sativa, Herb Top)500 mg
    Wheat Grass (Triticum aestivum)100 mg
    Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum, Seed)75 mg
    Spinach (Spinacia oleracea, Leaf)75 mg
    Parsley (Petroselinum crispum, Leaf)20 mg
    Sea Vegetables:
    Spirulina Platensis1,025 mg
    Chlorella Vulgaris (Broken Cell)200 mg
    Dulse (Palmaria palmata), Thallus)50 mg
    Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum, Thallus)45 mg
    Wakame (Undaria pinnatifida, Thallus)20 mg
    Nori (Porphyra yezoensis, Thallus)10 mg
    Land Vegetables:
    Brown Rice (Oryza sativa, Seed)800 mg
    Beet Root (Beta vulgaris)250 mg
    Carrot (Daucus carota, Root)200 mg
    Celery Seed (Apium graveolens var. dulce)20 mg
    Pumpkin Seed (Curcubita pepo)10 mg
    Cruciferous Vegetables:
    Broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. italica, Flower)100 mg
    Cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis, Flower)60 mg
    Brussels Sprouts (Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera)60 mg
    Kale (Brassica oleracea var viridis)35 mg
    Watercress (Nasturtium officinale)15 mg
    Acerola Extract (Malpighia glabra, Fruit)(4:1)115 mg
    Blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium, Fruit)50 mg
    Quercetin (Styphnolobium japonicum)25 mg
    Green Tea Extract (Camellia sinensis, Leaf)(4:1)20 mg
    Grape Seed Extract (Vitis vinifera)(4:1)10 mg
    Bilberry Extract (Vaccinum myrtillus, Fruit)(4:1)10 mg
    Red Wine Extract (Vitis vinifera, Fruit)(8:1)5 mg
    Lycopene (Solanum lycopersicum, Fruit)3 mg
    Resveratrol (Vitis vinifera, Fruit)2.5 mg
    Lutein (Tagetes erecta, Flower)2 mg
    Herbal Co-Factors:
    Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon, Fruit)75 mg
    Astragalus Membranaceus Root30 mg
    Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticocus, Root)25 mg
    Ginkgo Biloba Leaf20 mg
    Hawthorn Berry (Crataegus laevigata)15 mg
    Nettle (Urtica dioica, Herb Top)5 mg
    Inulin (Helianthus tuberosus, Tuber)965 mg
    Apple Pectin (Malus pumila, Fruit)105 mg
    Oat Bran (Avena sativa)30 mg
    Digestive Aids:
    Bitter Gourd (Momoridca charantia, Fruit)55 mg
    Fringe Tree (Chionanthus virginicus, Root Bark)30 mg
    Dandelion (Taraxicum officinale, Root & Leaf)30 mg
    Papaya (Carica papaya, Fruit)27.5 mg
    Pineapple (Ananas comosus var. comosus, Fruit)27.5 mg
    Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum, Fruit)25 mg
    DL-Alpha Lipoic Acid10 mg
    Piperine (Piper nigrum, Fruit)1 mg

    Holistic Approach

    Everything you consume has an impact on your body. Even when it comes
    to the health-promoting benefits of a supplement, you still need to
    consider the additional stress it may be causing. That’s why
    VegEssential™ has been fortified with support nutrients designed to
    assist with every aspect of digestion from ingestion to elimination.

    It’s a multi-stage strategy that begins with a blend of digestive
    aids, which enhance your body’s natural production of enzymes, to
    support the digestion and intestinal absorption of the proteins, fats
    and carbohydrates found in VegEssential™.

    At this point your liver is called upon to process the incoming
    protein. Two botanical extracts (Betula Pubescens and Dandelion) have
    been included to support the liver’s efforts and to help ensure optimum

    This is followed by the addition of Alpha Lipoic Acid, which has a
    long list of beneficial properties including supporting liver function,
    providing free radical defense and reducing glycation (an undesirable
    reaction between proteins and simple carbohydrates). It also assists in
    transporting amino acids from the bloodstream into your cells.

    The benefits of the protein can now be realized, but keep in mind the
    kidneys are still responsible for eliminating the waste products
    associated with protein consumption (including uric acid and ammonia). A
    third botanical extract (Zea Mays) has been included to help balance
    and support kidney function.

    Now you can enjoy the many benefits of an All in One protein while keeping your body balanced and supported.

  • jen

    Been there done that…tyhis nothing but a pyramid SCAM…sent me to the hosp. clogged up with this these capsules…run away from this……

  • James Lawson

    Ok, let’s talk to someone who’s taking Juice Plus. Me. I’ve been taking it for about 4 years now. My skin has gotten better. My hair has stopped falling out. The endurance of my work outs are MUCH greater due to the energy boost I get from Juice Plus. I can run further, I don’t get sick, and my vitamin levels are the best my endocrinologist has ever seen. There will always be skeptics. I wonder just how close to the pharmaceutical industry Fooducate is, because they would of course have a good reason to hate Juice Plus. I’ve watched people come off of medications such as Crestor, due to the direct use of Juice Plus. I’m watching women who have fibromyalgia get up in the mornings with NO pain. So, I’m putting my money where my mouth is. You say they are fake, I’m living proof they are NOT.

    • Dwight Dee

      Oh, go back to slandering Islam.

      • James Lawson

        Oh, I’m sorry, did I offend your Liberalness? I’m sure your buddy Obama won’t be happy with me either.

        • Dwight Dee

          I’m not sure what liberal/conservative has to do with this debate. Racism (yours) plays a major part, though. I guess there’s no pyramid-scheme placebo for that yet.

          • James Lawson

            Oh he whips out the Race card. Big surprise there. I hate to tell you this, but Islam is not a race…..
            As for Juice Plus, Its been tested directly ON ME, and not only has it stopped my Hair from falling out, but it’s also increased the vitamin levels through out my system and done repair to parts of my body my Endocrinologist was concerned about. He told me that whatever I was taking to Continue it with a passion. It has also cleared the acne on several children. It’s pretty amazing, how most of the people I know that take it, just don’t do Doctor visits anymore. The proof is in the pudding, and I can myself say it is solid. How can you know what it does if you’ve never tried it? YOU CAN’T. You just continue to perpetuate your own prejudice.

          • Dwight Dee

            You’re right: Islam is a faith and not a race, and a lot of my dear friends are Muslim and are wonderful human beings. There’s plenty of horrible violence and sex in the bible too.

            And yeah, I guess we’re both prejudiced! You’re prejudiced against an entire faith, and I’m prejudiced against a quack medicine show hocus-pocus sideshow huckster fake medicine. WHICH IS WORSE?

          • James Lawson

            Galatians 1 (There is only one true religion
            according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Christianity)

            8 But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you *a gospel [d]contrary to what we have preached to you*, he is to be [e]*accursed*! 9 As we have said before, so I say again now, if any man is preaching to you a *gospel [f]contrary* to what you received, he is to be [g]accursed!

            I chose not to ignore God’s true word.

            Psalms 138
            2 I will bow down toward
            Your holy temple
            And give thanks to Your name for Your
            loving kindness and Your [a]truth;
            For You have magnified Your [b]word [c]according to all Your name.

            Especially when that faith is beheading Christians. Anyone who says any different is a liar. Your friends may be good people, but they also believe that there will be Peace when EVERYONE submits to the will of their ALLAH, (Who is nothing more than Satan). They also do not believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, and was resurrected and ascended into Heaven. They have changed the Gospel, and erased many many chapters. If you haven’t noticed, the Middle East has been Accursed for centuries. Who did Hitler get his idea from to kill 6 million Jews? ISLAM. Wake up from your liberal coma.

            Everyone thinks God loves everyone. This is NOT the case. He HATES the wicked, and states that throughout the Bible.

            Isaiah 30 (For the Politically Correct)
            9 For this is a rebellious people, false sons,
            Sons who [j]refuse to listen To the [k]instruction
            of the Lord; 10 Who say to the seers,
            “You must not see visions”; And to the prophets, “You must not prophesy to us what is right, Speak to us [l]pleasant words, Prophesy illusions. 11 “Get out of the way, turn aside from the path, [m]Let us
            hear no more about the Holy One of Israel.”

            Exodus 20 (10 Commandments- #2)
            4 “You shall not make for yourself [c]an
            idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth. 5 You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the Lord your God, am a *jealous* God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and the
            fourth generations of those *who HATE Me, 6 but
            showing loving kindness to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments.*

            Nahum 1
            2 A jealous and avenging God is the Lord; The Lord is avenging and [b]wrathful. The Lord takes vengeance on His adversaries, And He reserves wrath for His
            enemies. 3 The Lord is slow to anger and great in power, And the Lord will by no means leave the guilty unpunished. In whirlwind and storm is His way, And clouds are the dust beneath His feet.

            Exodus 34
            14 —for you shall not worship any other god, for the Lord, whose name is *Jealous, is a jealous God*— 15 otherwise you might make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land and they would play the harlot with their gods and sacrifice to their gods, and someone might invite you [m]to eat of his sacrifice, 16 and you might take some of his daughters for your sons, and his daughters might play the *harlot* with their gods and cause your sons also to play
            the *harlot* with their gods. 17 You shall make for yourself no molten gods.

            Deuteronomy 32

            16 “They made Him jealous with strange gods;
            With abominations they provoked Him to anger.
            17 “They sacrificed to demons who were not God,
            To gods whom they have not known, New gods who came lately, Whom your fathers did not dread.
            18 “You neglected the Rock who begot you, And forgot the God who gave you birth.

            John 8 (Jesus is speaking to the Pharasies)
            41 You are doing the deeds of your father.”They said to Him, “We were not born of fornication; we have one Father: God.”42 Jesus said to them, “*If God were your Father, you would love Me*, for I proceeded forth and have come from God, for I have not even come on My own initiative, but [l]He sent Me. 43 Why do you not understand [m]what I am saying? *It is because you cannot hear My word. 44 You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your
            father*. He was a *murderer* from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is *no truth in him*. Whenever he speaks [n]a *lie*, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the *father of [o]lies*. 45 But because I speak the truth, you do not believe Me.

            Psalm 96
            5 For *all the gods of the peoples are [a]idols*,
            But the Lord made the heavens.
            8 [d]Ascribe to the Lord the glory
            of His name; Bring an [e]offering
            and come into His courts.
            9 *Worship the Lord* in [f]holy
            attire; *Tremble before Him*, all the

            Zephaniah 3
            8 “Therefore wait for Me,” declares the Lord,
            “For the day when I *rise up as a witness*.
            Indeed, My decision is to gather nations, To assemble kingdoms, *To pour out on them My
            indignation, All My burning anger; For all the earth will be devoured By the fire of My zeal*.

            Romans 9

            11 for though the twins were not yet born and had not done anything good or bad, so that God’s purpose according to His choice would[h]stand, not [i]because of works but [j]because of Him who calls, 12 it was said to her, “The older will serve the younger.” 13 Just as
            it is written, “Jacob I loved, *but Esau I hated*.”

            Pslam 11
            5 The Lord tests the righteous and *the wicked*, And *the one who loves violence His soul hates*. 6 Upon
            the wicked He will rain [c]snares; Fire and brimstone and burning wind will be the portion of their cup.

            Psalms 5
            5 The boastful shall not stand before Your eyes; *You hate all who do iniquity*. 6 You destroy
            those who speak falsehood; *The Lord abhors the man of bloodshed and deceit*.

            Isaiah 63
            3 “I have trodden the wine trough alone, And from the peoples there was no man with Me. I also trod them in My anger And trampled them in My wrath; And their [c]lifeblood is sprinkled on My garments, And I [d]stained all My raiment. 4 “For the day of vengeance was in My heart, And My year of redemption has
            come. 5 “I looked, and there was no one to help, And I was astonished and there was no one to uphold; So My own arm brought salvation to Me, nd My wrath upheld Me. 6 “I trod down the peoples in My anger And made them drunk in My wrath, And I [e]poured out their lifeblood on the earth.”

            Ephesians 1 (The Elect)

            4 just as *He chose us in Him* before the foundation of the world, that we would be holy and blameless before [d]Him. In love 5 [e]He *predestined* us to adoption
            as sons through Jesus Christ to Himself, *according
            to the [f]kind intention of His will*, 9 He [j]made known to us the mystery of *His will*, according to His [k]kind intention which He purposed in *Him 10 with a view to an administration [l]suitable to the fullness of the times*, that is, the summing up of all things in Christ, things [m]in the heavens and things on the earth. In Him11 [n]also we [o]have obtained an inheritance, having been *predestined* according
            to His purpose who works all things after*the
            counsel of His will*,

            Biblical References to Hell

            Matthew 25 (Everlasting Fire and Punishment)
            41 “Then He will also say to those on His left, ‘Depart from Me, accursed ones, into the eternal fire which has been prepared for the devil and his angels;
            46 These will go away into eternal
            punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.”

            Matthew 8 (Outer Darkness)
            12 but the sons of the kingdom will be cast out into the outer darkness; in that place there will be weeping
            and gnashing of teeth

            Revelation 19 (Lake of Fire)
            20 And the beast was seized, and with him the false
            prophet who performed the signs [h]in his presence, by which he deceived those who had received the mark
            of the beast and those who worshiped his image; these two were thrown alive into the lake of fire which burns with [i]brimstone.

            Revelation 14 (Worshippers of the Beast/Lasting torment)
            10 he also will drink of the wine of
            the wrath of God, which is mixed [f]in full strength in the
            cup of His anger; and he will be tormented with fire and [g]brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. 11 And the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever; they have no rest day and night, those who worship the beast and his image, and[h]whoever receives the mark of his name.”

            2 Peter 2 (Fallen Angels)

            4 For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell and committed them to pits of darkness, reserved for judgment;

            Matthew 10 (Rejecters of the Gospel)

            5 Truly I say to you, it will be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of judgment than for that city.

            Matthew 23 (Degrees of Punishment)

            14 [[e]Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, because you devour widows’ houses, and for a pretense you make long prayers; therefore you
            will receive greater condemnation.

            Revelation 20 (Fire, Brimstone, Torment)

            10 And the devil who deceived them was thrown
            into the lake of fire and [f]brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are also; and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

            God is in control
            God sends evil spirits to men

            1 Samuel 16 (Evil Spirit to Saul)

            14 Now the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the Lord terrorized
            him. 15 Saul’s servants then said to him, “Behold now, an evil spirit from God is terrorizing you. 16 Let our
            lord now command your servants who are before you. Let them seek a man who is a skillful player on the harp; and it shall come about when the evil spirit from
            God is on you, that he shall play the harp with his hand, and you will be well.”

            1 Kings 22
            20 The Lord said, ‘Who will entice Ahab to go up and fall at Ramoth-gilead?’ And one said this while another said that. 21 Then a spirit came forward and stood before the Lord and said, ‘I will entice him.’ 22 The Lord said to him, ‘How?’ And he said, ‘I will go out and be a
            deceiving spirit in the mouth of all his prophets.’ Then He said, ‘You are to entice him and also prevail. Go and do so.’ 23 Now therefore, behold, the Lord has put a deceiving spirit in the mouth of all these your prophets; and the Lord has proclaimed disaster against you.”

            2 Thessalonians 2
            9 that is, the one whose [g]coming is in accord with the activity of Satan, with all power and [h]signs and false wonders,10 and with [i]all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved. 11 For this reason *God[j]will send upon them [k]a deluding influence so that they will believe [l]what is false, 12 in order that they all may be [m]judged who did not believe the truth, but [n]took pleasure in wickedness*.

            Psalm 105

            25 He turned their heart to hate His people,To deal craftily with His servants.

            Why did Jesus speak in Parables? He does this intentionally so they WON’T understand him.

            Mark 4
            11 And He was saying to them, “To you has been given the mystery of the kingdom of God, but those
            *who are outside* get everything in parables, 12 so that while seeing, they may see and *not perceive*, and while hearing, they may hear and *not understand*, otherwise they might return and be forgiven.”

            We are all Sinners
            Romans 7
            23 For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

            Romans 8
            7 because the mind set on the flesh is hostile toward God; for it does not subject itself to the law of God, for it is not even able to do so, 8 and those who are in the
            flesh cannot please God.

            The Doctrine of God’s Holiness (and why men hate it)

            Revelation 4
            8 And the four living creatures, each one of them having six wings, are full of eyes around and within; and day and night [d]they do not cease to say, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God, the Almighty, who was and who is and who [e]is to come.”

            Exodus 15
            11 “Who is like You among the gods, O Lord?
            Who is like You, majestic in holiness, Awesome in praises, working wonders?

            Daniel 4

            34 “But at the end of [ag]that period, I, Nebuchadnezzar, raised my eyes toward heaven and my [ah]reason returned to me, and I blessed the Most High and praised and honored Him who lives forever;
            For His dominion is an everlasting dominion, And His kingdom endures from generation to generation.
            35 “All the inhabitants of the earth are accounted as nothing, But He does according to His will in the host of heaven And among the inhabitants of earth; And no one can [ai]ward off His hand Or say to Him, ‘What have You done?’ 36 At that
            time my [aj]reason returned to me. And my majesty and splendor were [ak]restored to me for the glory of my kingdom, and my counselors and my nobles began
            seeking me out; so I was reestablished in my [al]sovereignty, and surpassing greatness was added to me.

            Lamentations 3
            37 Who is [o]there who speaks and it comes to pass,
            Unless the Lord has commanded it?

            Psalms 115
            3 But our God is in the heavens;
            He does whatever He pleases.

            Isaiah 55
            11 So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth;
            It will not return to Me empty, Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.

            John 8
            41 You are doing the deeds of your father.”They said to Him, “We were not born of fornication; we have one Father: God.”42 Jesus said to them, *“If God were your Father, you would love Me, for I proceeded forth and have come from God*, for I have not even come on My own initiative, but [l]He sent Me. 43 Why do you not understand [m]what I am saying? *It is because you cannot hear My word*. 44 *You are of your father
            the devil*, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the *truth because there is no truth in him*. Whenever he speaks [n]a *lie*, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a*liar* and the *father of [o]lies*. 45 But because I speak the truth, you do not believe Me.46 Which one of you convicts Me of sin? If I speak truth, why do you not believe Me? 47 He who is of God hears the words of God; for this reason you do not hear them, *because you are not of God*.”

            Matthew 10
            34 “Do not think that I came to [ac]bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I came to set a man against his father, and a
            daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; 36 and a man’s enemies will be the members of his household.

  • Ed VanHalen

    Juice Plus is $44.50 a month for the Garden and Orchard recommended blend. It has worked WONDERS for me. I’ve been taking it for 4 years, and the results it has given me are INCREDIBLE. Obviously, Fooducate hasn’t done their homework on this product. It is NSF certified. The research that has been done on Juice Plus can’t be BOUGHT as they claim. Sure you pay for the work to be done. The results are independent, and if you go YouTube Juice Plus, you’ll find many Physicians backing it up.

    If you want to Juice, by all means do it!!, If your tired of the mess, and think your saving money, I beg to differ. I’ve tried both ways, and I’m VERY happy with Juice Plus. Understand, this is NOT a supplement. It IS a food in a capsule. If you watch the process they have on YouTube of how it’s made, you can see for yourself how easy it is to do it the right way.

  • jd

    why do people spend so much on food supplements??? you have answered it yourself by having articles on the subject of GMO’S, pesticides/insecticides glossy coatings to preserve the fruit on the shelf.. eccchhss

  • Linda

    so just curious what is your opinion of Essential Oils?

  • fyi_im_me

    Ok…just to be clear….the gummies do not contain corn syrup any more but they do contain tapioca sweetner, maltodextrin, and cane sugar. The first 3 ingredients are added sugar. They are candy with added nutrients….not a good choice, ever.

  • Anthony

    I’m a college sophomore and could have written a better article than this pos one. Your claims have no evidence to support them, and sound to me like they are all based strictly on opinion. Such a garbage article

    • I. Rabbit

      You are a robot.

  • Tiffany

    Usually when someone has something negative to say about another company they are really hiding behind their own to prove to themselves or the public that theirs is the better one. Whatever the case may be. I am new to Juice Plus, and am taking it for myself and for health reasons. I will give you a fact…. If you are diabetic you would know that a 139 point drop in blood sugars in 3 weeks is a HUGE change. I have done nothing new but take Juice plus.. Another thing you didn’t get right in your post is that Juice Plus is not a supplement! It’s simply fruits and veggies… NON-GMO. Another thing is that Juice Plus is a family of people who are inspiring healthy living around the world! It has 21 years of research, and product development. I think anyone reading this post should really not take the word of someone who clearly hasn’t REALLY researched Juice plus….I have to wonder the agenda here to bash another company, and give wrong information. Very unprofessional..

    • Dumb Consumer

      You must be a Juice+ sales rep! What’s your territory?

  • Fay

    Juice plus saved my life. I was so depressed and fat. The sales team don’t actually lie to you. Everything explained to me was true and my now slim body tells it all. Iv struggled with weight loss for many years and with the juice plus diet the weight started to fall off like dead skin. Haha.

    I love you juice plus! #savedmylife

  • JP Troopers

    If you had done your research properly you would have discovered that Juice Plus has a food label and not a supplement label. It’s funny to me that you mention bioavailability and then proceed to presume that it is a “manufactured” supplement too concentrated to be bio-available. Do you drink juice? Do you post on Dole or Dannon or Welch’s products telling people that they’re purchasing expensive pee? Juice Plus is dehydrated fruits and vegetables in a capsule. There are NO added nutrients, in fact the only alteration is that sodium and sugar levels are reduced leaving behind hundreds of thousands of fidonutrients that are absolutely bio-available. Your manufactured vitamins have a supplement label which is a clear indication that the contents are man made. Fabricated and highly concentrated vitamins don’t break down in your system the way whole foods do. That’s why your urine is dark when you take supplemental Vita Ines as opposed to a real whole food based product like Juice Plus. Am I a distributor? You bet I am. And I am proud to represent a company that is honest and caring and truly does help people live healthier lives. If you want the real FACTS on Juice Plus visit the facts section of my webpage at http://www.jweyrauch.JuicePLUS.com

  • Jane

    My friend who is a doctor told me to try juice plus because I have an autoimmune problem and i was skeptical. It has helped her and her mother which different chronic problems like acid reflux. and sleeplessness. She gave me a two month supply free and researched it a bit. But I also know she is a research nut and looks into everything. I have to say that the product worked for me – i have more more energy which I noticed in the first few weeks,, after 4 months i no longer have the autoimmune arthritis symptoms (when it rains my body doesn’t burn up like it used to nothing I feel normal) and my brain fog is gone. I also noticed that i dont crave sweets like I used to i had a terrible sweet tooth now I crave certain fruits. I wouldn’t have believed it unless i tried it. I still try to eat fruit and veges every day but I never can get enough especially with my busy work schedule and this has really improved my health. I wouldn’t go a day without now.

    • Doctor Juice

      HA! Like a competent doctor would ever recommend this garbage. Either your story is fake or your friend is a quack…

  • Dupe Plus

    It’s like the “Soup with the magic stone”!!! lololol… load of waffle… I did it for 4 months, am more concerned about the articles linking juice plus to liver dysfunction than anything else. I’m with fyi all the way, fair play to you for keeping replying to “all these people” against you who sound like the same a4sehole using different handles.. juice plus sucks, and not in a good way!!
    Amazed that it is a billion dollar company, shows how many stupid people exist to support such utter tripe.. (okay I was one until my first 4 weeks are over just sent them an email to cancel and told my bank to send them packing next month!!)

  • Dupe Plus1

    by the way, noticed absolutely nothing. hence title of post “soup with the magic stone” http://www.pitt.edu/~dash/type1548.html#stonesoup

  • Cher

    I am extremely dissappointed in this Fooducate article…I worked in medical research for many years and was stunned to find anything “scam” regarding JP+ since I have been using it since 1997 after reading a peer reviewed independant paper from 1996. Certainly, the company has provided funding for additional research (but WHO ELSE WOULD…THE FDA??? NOT!) It should also be noted the pains that the company has taken to create TRUE data… I recall that many studies had the company and product name (including company that FUNDED the research) left as unknowns to the research investigators to maintain integrity of the research…HOW ELSE is a company to get specific answers and data on a product? Big Pharm certainly WON’T (they WANT people to have more ailments that can be “treated” by expensive pharmaceuticals…SAD). So, Fooducate, Hemi, et al…please do a little bit of research on what truly constitutes GOOD RESEARCH PROTOCOL…you are obviously missing something…or at least STRONGLY SET ON YOUR OWN EXPERTISE AND EXPERT OPINIONS that you are missing out on quite a bit…and it DOES AFFECT YOUR OWN CREDIBILITY. Have an OPEN MIND, ASK QUESTIONS…it HELPS. Some research is good, some not-so-good…learn what makes good research and why it is done a certain way. I am aware that this product is ACTUALLY INCLUDED IN SEVERAL HOSPITAL PHARMACY FORMULARIES….BECAUSE the research is EXCELLENT as well as quality and safety of this product. (even versus so-called/labeled organic food products). It is certainly SAFER than VITAMINS….and unfortunately, MOST of the produce available to us whether we go to market or grow our own. SADLY. Seek excellence everyday…do something to better our world…babysteps work too!

    • Kang Orkodos

      Thank you for being a loyal Juice+ sales representative. SEE YOU AT THE CONVENTION IN NOVEMBER! DOUBLE-PLATINUM OR BUST!

  • JRL in Seattle

    I have nothing to gain only to lose. It has helped me stabilize my intake of foods during the day as the power that I take in the morning and at my regular lunch break is filling and keeps me feeling just fine. After using this for a while I have come to the conclusion that I feel better, have lost weight and that we put a lot of food into our bodies they don’t need. If we choose to use this product we do it on our own volition, and not some ad guy telling use how great it is….there are so many claims on just about everything these days telling us it is good or bad or just pain ugly, I am just fine with this product, just as Yoda proclaims, do the math!

  • ClydeMcFatter


  • Darren Smalls

    Insulting Juice Plus is like insulting Scientology. Blind adherents will come out of the woodwork to defend it, despite the mounting evidence…

  • tmtaylor

    Wow! I love you claim to be a “foodie” and a proud father. You developed Fooducate to help people which I greatly admire. Reading this brief blog was full of false statements and I am very disappointed as a Fooducate Fan. Your responses to the commentors are childish and while you may be a foodie you are also a bully. Sadly I can no longer recommend your app now getting a glimpse of the character of the man behind the app. I will stick to reading blogs of people like, Dr. David Katz and Food Babe and it might interest you to see what the most recent country is to represent Juice Plus.

    • H.G. Tweet Vee

      You must be a Juice+ sales rep. WHAT’S YOUR TERRITORY?

  • mamma24kidos

    what about us folks that don’t like veggies? I can’t get my kids to touch anything but a carrot, so it seems to me this product would be great for my non veggie eating family. I have not bought into it yet just researching it now.

    • CollapsedLung

      Veggies are great. They have vitamins and cellulose. Pills can’t give you what fresh vegetables give you. The thought of feeding these useless and untested pills to children is horrific.

  • CollapsedLung

    Not really sure what’s so controversial here:

    • Juice+ is a pyramid scheme, pure and simple. It’s turned a few of my friends into braying, annoying sales-zombies…
    • It’s been proven time and time again that you just piss out most of the supplements you take.
    • The studies Juice+ cites were not conducted by impartial researchers.
    • You can’t just get healthy by popping a few pills.

    The placebo effect is a powerful one, and if taking these useless overpriced pills also causes you to change your diet and exercise regularly, great. But if you phase them out, I think you’ll be surprised by which steps you’re taking are actually improving your health and well-being.

  • Gary Ross

    Fooducate is simply out of line in this review of Juice Plus, sorry. Juice Plus has been the subject in many studies that have no relationship to Juice Plus. I am a professor with a Ph.D. and know how to read research and treatment design. I have no connections to this company, nor do I sell it, but I am willing to recommend it. I am simply a satisfied consumer, not happy about it’s inflated cost, but like the results I get. I no longer take vitamin supplements, but do take Juice Plus and cod liver oil with a proper vitamin A and D ratio. That’s it. I recommend Juice Plus as an excellent supplement if you believe you need one. Fooducate, this is a very unprofessional review and I am wondering what your motive is is this case.

    • B. Usted

      Ha! You’re another Juice Plus shill, plain and simple. No professor would waste his time with this garbage. Nice try, stooge.

  • Voice O’Truth

    Nothing separates idiots from their money faster than the placebo effect.

  • Brad Burrow

    Soooo, the funding source of clinical studies is all that your “slightly deeper research” led you to? Really? Horrible article! I don’t sell it either….. Come on man. I need an article with some substance.

    • Truth Bomb

      …and the fact that you’ve never commented on anything ever before combined with your unmotivated denial is convincing proof you are yet another Juice+ shill.

      Given the piss-poor grammar, syntax, and logic of all these posts, I’m guessing Juice+ is paying people in the third world miniscule wages to clog up the comment fields with ill-formed responses. Quantity over quality, right?

  • Ladee Bug

    I thought it was a little off base too, My friend GAVE it to me because I had the same mentality you are sharing. I have noticed SO many changes that I feel sorry for the skeptics in your review panel. It may not be for you and that is OK, but for the people that have less than the desirable diet… which is the average person!… it is an amazing product. Wish I had eaten my fruits and veggies as a kid like my mamma told me LOL!

    • Truth Police

      Seeing as how your Disqus account has already been canceled, it can be safely assume you are yet another Juice+ shill. Juice+ is second only to Scientology in terms of the number of brain-washed, dollar-obsessed zombies it has spewing its praises in disarming monotone.

  • kim murphy

    First, Juice Plus is bio-available and if you toured the facility you would have known this. If you would have read the research you would have known this. Take a look at all the affiliates that have done the research; they will not put their reputation on line for anyone no matter how much they are paid. Yes, NSA has paid for some of the research; however, no one does research for free. All the Universities and cancer centers get paid to do research on cancer; this is no different. It is Gold standard research and if you know anything about that you would not say negative things about Juice Plus. We are not a pyramid scheme. Every single Distributor starts off at the same level. You can not buy your way in. You obviously know nothing about the People or the company. I have seen first hand how Juice Plus is changing lives. Jay Martin is one of the most humble man I have ever met. The people that work for the Juice Plus company are an amazing group of people and I am honored to be a part of this amazing company. The hundreds of distributors that I have become friends with are amazing. So please do not judge this company based on what other MLM’s have done. Unless you have been to the corporate office in Memphis, or toured the facility in Vista, California or tried the product yourself keep your opinions to yourself

  • Dagmar Crombie

    Wow, I never expected Fooducate to post anything like this. I’m highly disappointed! How dare you discredit independent, gold standard scientific research from around the globe! Obviously you haven’t even read the research or you would know that Juice Plus is in fact bio available. Nobody is playing the guilt card but rather stating statistical facts.
    And the business model, Network Marketing, is taught at Harvard Business School and praised by most people that have some business/financial sense.

    • ClydeMcFatter

      Network Marketing has NOT been taught at Harvard Business School. That is a longtime myth that is debunked here: http://amlmskeptic.blogspot.com/2013/07/mlm-mythbusting-did-harvard-business.html

      • saveourskills

        it’s a logical fallacy to say this product is a scam because the author does not like the business model.

        • Two Monthton

          That’s true, I suppose, although I don’t think anyone would feel good
          supporting a predatory business model – no matter what the product.

          And hey, way to comment on a two-month-old post! You are clearly NOT a Juice Plus sales rep. See you at the convention in November!

          • saveourskills

            Uh.. my wife buys scrapbook supplies from creative memories.. I guess she is participating in a “predatory business model”

            Wow, ok…

            Also nice Ad Hominem attack.. anyone who disagrees is a company shill… nice work.

          • Juice Plus Corporate Office

            Thanks for being a loyal Juice Plus sales rep!

          • Creative Mammories

            Yes, she is.

          • Clean N. Jerk

            For a semantics instructor, this guy is a pretty good weightlifter. CLEAN AND JERK!

          • saveourskills

            Thanks guys. Picking on an article that says it is well researched with facts and has no facts or research is hardly semantics. Ok well I just unsubscribed so feel free to lay into me more

        • ClydeMcFatter

          …I don’t follow you. Multi-level marketing, aka “Pyramid Schemes,” has long been established as a scam, where the people at the bottom do all the work while the people at the top get most of the money. The name of the article is “4 Ways Juice Plus is Scamming Americans.” Multi-level marketing is one of those four ways. Seems logical to me.

  • JuicePlus Shill

    This article is outrageous! I’m living proof that Juice Plus works. Three years ago I started taking Juice Plus, eating a balanced diet, and exercising regularly, and I’ve lost weight and feel better than ever. And I owe it all to Juice Plus.

    Wait, I’m a idiot.

    • skeptic

      How do you know it isn’t from eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly? (we all know that a healthy life style (diet & exercise) is proven to help us get healthier). If it is such a wonder product why isn’t it in the Headlines on TV networks etc.??? I suspected it may be a money making business for the owners, like the that berry company that was supposed to be the miracle food!

      • Goose Fuss

        I think the post was meant to be ironic. See the user name and last sentence.

  • Future Murderer

    If it’s good enough for OJ Simpson, it’s good enough for me!

  • Gin Goode

    I tried juice + for 2 weeks..all it did was clog my system up & had to go to the ER to get unclogged from my intestines down. Found a product called ALIVE which is much better with more fruits & veggies at a much smaller cost….

  • Gin Goode

    havent had a problem with ALIVE…love it

  • Gin Goode

    I agree….stay away from juice+….it is a pyramid scam..

  • Martha

    I started taking Juice Plus as a skeptical person. But I was unhealthy even though I ate lots of vegetables. Many of my problems began to get better or are gone!!! My low sugar doesn’t give me a problem very often any more, numerous lumps and inflammation is much better or gone!!! So many other changes have taken place as well: leg and toe cramps gone, arthritis is better, my skin is very soft, I grew new finger nails. And GUESS WHAT I am NOT paid to say this and I don’t know much about their research! :)

  • bernie

    they funded the studies. no shit. who else is going to do it?

    • H.G. Tweet Vee

      Seriously, who else is going to waste good money testing this garbage?

  • A

    JP’s shady advertising & uneducated multi marketing lemmings drive me crazy! The comp does a great job at taking advantage of the average American’s nutritional nievity.
    They advertise that their products/ingredients are best of the best; wrong. JP is well aware that the folic acid used in their products is NOT bio active!

    So why do they add it instead of the correct bio active form FOLATE? COST!
    They know the average American does not know there is a big difference between folate and folic acid.

    They are doing a huge disservice to the many people who have the gene (most don’t know it) in which one can not process Folic acid (b/c it is synthetic).
    Contrary to their advertising it’s obvious here they are really $$$$ over quality.

  • jessiso

    Someone I whose opinion I value recommended your blog. After this post, I find you to be idiotic. You come across as angry and emotional. Wow.

    • Loose Nuts

      Ha! Yeah, facts suck and snake oil hucksters rule! You tell ‘em, Jessiso! Also, thanks for being a loyal Juice Plus sales rep: See you at the convention in July! TO THE TOP OF THE PYRAMID!

      • saveourskills

        which facts are those? I didn’t notice any in the blog post.

        • Concerned Carnivore


        • Loose Nuts

          Hmmm…they’re right there in pretty plain English:

          • Juice Plus studies were funded by Juice Plus (whether or not this fact is problematic, it is a fact)
          • Vitamins and minerals are best consumed directly from fruits and vegetables, not from dried/processed sources
          • There are no proven “short-cuts” to getting healthy or avoiding disease
          • Pyramid Schemes are dishonest and disruptive

          You seem really intent on supporting Juice Plus, despite your claims that you are not a user or sales person.

          • saveourskills

            Can we agree that a scam is outright deception?

            #1 point – yes what you said is true but it also doesn’t support an argument that they are a scam. Here is a shocker, nobody else is funding a study about juice plus. I know crazy right?

            #2 you are saying that because one thing is optimal nothing else can be effective. So it’s the same as saying that a screw driver is useless because a cordless drill is more efficient at driving screws.

            More importantly this does argument does not support a position that its a scam.

            #3 basically your saying that because you believe that there are no shortcuts to health then it logically follows that this product is a “shortcut” and therefore a scam. Where is the line? Is my Nordic naturals omega 3 a shortcut and therefore a scam? Are we saying all vitamins or green drink powders are shortcuts/scams? Sorry I don’t buy this argument.
            #4 MLMs are legal and pyramid schemes are not. Your opinion on a legal business model has no bearing in any logical argument. Is it upfront about its business model? Is there se form of scam going on here as you imply or is it simply just an MLM and you don’t like them? Did someone harass you one too many times to go to a “pampered chef” party on Facevook?

            At the end of the day I don’t have any skin in the game. I don’t own juice plus and for me it’s too expensive. I do take some supplements and I don’t think I can just live off Cheetos because I take them nor do I think the creators of this product would cla you could with theirs

            At the end of the day I just hate generalizations and opinions parading gas fact.

            This is a bit extreme for a “juice plus” rant but this is basically the same logic racists use. “Black people are often loud, this guy is black and therefore he is loud”. Is the guy really loud? Maybe, and maybe not. The statement and logic train prove not one thing

            This “well researched” article clearly took 10 minutes to write and has no product information in it.

            What’s the micronutrient profile look like? Etc

          • Fuse Truss

            You are a warrior for truth and justice who is clearly not wasting his time.

          • saveourskills

            Thanks. By the way: https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/ad-hominem

            I’m wasting no more time on average than people discussing football or any other topic they find enjoyable. Why are you the arbitrator of which activities are worthwhile?

          • Bruise Truss


          • saveourskills

            Doubt it. :P nice comeback though. I had a good laugh when I saw that. Cheers

  • Frank

    Sad that you are so misinformed. Some of the studies are NOT funded by Juice Plus. For example, did you bother to read the independent study at the Univ. of Toronto that did a meta-analysis of the prior 22 studies? http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22081614. It found “Functional changes, such as reduced serum homocysteine and markers of protein, lipid, and DNA oxidation, were also reported; in addition, the health advantages on markers of inflammation, immunity, and endothelial function are promising….Mixed fruit and vegetable supplements produced from plant foods may serve as an efficacious complement to the habitual diet in individuals who have suboptimal intake or variety of nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables. Current research indicates that fruit and vegetable concentrates significantly increase serum levels of antioxidant provitamins and vitamins (β-carotene, vitamins C and E) and folate and reduce homocysteine and markers of oxidative stress.

    • Nutes Nus

      “Mixed fruit and vegetable supplements produced from plant foods may
      serve as an efficacious complement to the habitual diet in individuals
      who have suboptimal intake or variety of nutrient-dense fruits and

      TOTES! This is my favorite plant food that I use to make my supplements. Works way better than that Juice Plus garbage.

  • Richard Brokenshire

    If you think that you can eat fruits and vegetables and get the nutrition you need, you’re crazy. There are Dept. of Agriculture studies going back to the 1930s that say that the soil in America is depleted of the vitramins and minerals that we should be getting from the food. Farmers are adding Nitrogen, Phosphorus Potassium to the soil to get the plants to grow. I’m sure you get some of the other minerals that you need, but certainly not in the quantities that you need them.

    Juice Plus has been around for 20 years. It must be helping some people or they would’ve gone out of business long ago!

    I’m not a distributor and I don’t take the products, yet.

    I do have a friend who sells and takes their products. I’ve seen her blood test results, before and after taking the products. She was borderline diabetic and now she isn’t. She had a receding hairline and now she is regrowing hair. Her gums were receding as well. The dentist told her it would cost $2,000 to rebuild her gums. On her last trip to the dentist they told her that her gums were fine and wanted to know what she did. My friend said that she had been taking Juice Plus for the past 6 months. The dentist just turned and walked away. I haven’t figured out why the dentist would do that??

    After seeing all the improvements my friend has had, I am thinking about taking the products. Just my two cents, but don’t take my word for it. Find someone who has taken the products for 6 months and ask them if they have seen any changes.

    • Noose Plus

      Look at you spouting the company line like a good little shill! Shill wanna cookie? Sweet lil shill shill wanna cookie-wookie??

      • Richard Brokenshire

        I’m not in Juice Plus, nor have I ever been.

        This is from Scientific American http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/soil-depletion-and-nutrition-loss/

        I believe the study was in 1936. It was a USDA report. You can believe what you want. I don’t care whether you buy Juice Plus or not. Or any other supplement for that matter. But do try to read the study before you spouting off like that.

        I do know people in the Juice Plus business and they showed me their blood panels, in an effort to get me to buy their products. They’re too expensive for me. I’m used to spending $22 on a 3 month supply of Twinlab multivitamins.

        Noose plus … I like the moniker. Funny! I guess you were in the business and got out a few dollars poorer?

        Don’t feel bad! Most people lose money in MLM!

    • Smokey McGhee

      “Juice Plus has been around for 20 years. It must be helping some people or they would’ve gone out of business long ago!”

      Oh yeah, nothing bad stays on the market for too long! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get me a new carton of smokes.

  • Loman Totempole

    My Juice Plus sales team leader told me I need to put a comment about how bad this article is, or he’s going to cut me out of the pyramid. So, um, this article sucks! I REALLY wanna hook up this next convention.

  • Rachel

    This is absolutely NOT true!!! Apparently you all have not done your own research and looked at Juice Plus at all. Sure we can eat fruits and vegetables instead of buying Juice Plus, but like myself I never got better with my own health. I still eat my fruits and vegetables…plus JP. Praise the Lord – now because of JP…I no longer have any health problems – due to eating 40 fruits & vegetables or more every day! Our products are 100% organic whole foods – non-GMO and NSF Certified. Plus they have NO preservatives, artificial sweeteners/colors, hydrogenated oils, cholesterol, dairy, eggs, or gluten! Bottom line…don’t be making false accusations when you haven’t truly looked into it with a POSITIVE attitude. If you think NEGATIVE about it, of course you’ll come up with any kind of excuses. Sure we cannot guarantee any health problem will be cured, but do know LOTS of people who have been cured because of taking Juice Plus, including myself. Plus my family and I no longer have any colds, sinuses, or allergies from it either!

    • SO TRUE


    • Clem Burton

      It’s called the placebo effect, my dear.

  • Amy

    This article is false right of the bat…44.50$ a month…not 178.00. The 44.50 I pay I also get one of my children on the program for free. I hate fruits and vegis, so this is a healthy route for me.

    • Truth Bomb

      Good point! But is charging $44.50 for snake oil bullshit worse than charging $178.00 for snake oil bullshit?

  • Jess Squier

    Well I received free Juice plus from a distributor because she wanted me to see if it made a difference. I have no financial risk involved and after just 2 weeks, my blood sugar is staying level. Usually when I start getting hungry because it’s later than my normal eating time I get nauseous. Taking it regularly I haven’t had that issue. I don’t see where they claim to make you skinny, just help you be healthy and get all your fruits and veggies.

    • SandersSmallwood

      Like any good drug dealer, the first dose is free!

  • Samurja Marcin
    • Webster Noah

      At least you’re 100% transparent.

  • ORGANICsquared

    uice Plus states that they offer whole food based nutrition, including juice powder concentrates from 30 different fruits, vegetables and grains and therefore provides a far greater variety of naturally occurring vitamins, antioxidants, and other phytonutrients – even some of the fiber – found in the fruits and vegetables themselves.

    I should add, if your child is over 4 years old and you as an adult purchase the monthly adult version — You can sign up your child for the Children’s FREE monthly product program (for up to three years). Here is the link to purchase adult chews or capsules and they will contact you to get your child’s monthly chews FREE. (copy and paste the goo) goo.gl/BdrVNT

    Clearly the author has not
    done adequate research in Juice Plus. It was flippantly written. Here are the
    facts: Juice Plus teams with Family owned farms in contract, each batch is
    tested 5-6 times, guaranteed herbicide & pesticide free in every batch. Non
    GMO, Gluten free, Kosher. NSF Certified. Everything
    that goes into Juice Plus comes in as WHOLE FOOD & leaves in their
    packages, they don’t add anything to it or do anything to it.

    Juice Plus is beyond organic
    because there is not a single trace of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides,
    bacteria, mold, heavy metals, there is nothing in it except on the label (it’s
    NSF certified). It’s kosher, non-GMO. The formula is based on meridian energy,
    formulated by a naturopath. All food has an address. JP was formulated to make
    sure every cell in the body gets the nutrition that it needs.

    Juice Plus farmers have had their land for long time, some fore
    centuries, they are dedicated to rotating crops, the soil is tested & is
    super nutritious. JP is pretty passionate about nutrition, if you couldn’t

  • XbubblesbX

    Just saying, my mom has takin juice plus for years. When she gets her package in she often gives me some. I took it for a month and my hair stylist asked what I was doing bc my hair grew twice the length it does between the normal three months I get my hair done. My mom can’t go without her juice plus. She is a size 3 and shes 5’3 and healthy. She says she can tell the difference in the way her body functions when she runs out so juice plus must be doing something right. Yes it’s pricey but some think it’s worth it. You can get alive at Walmart for 10 bucks after tax which is similar but it’s not as good as the expensive stuff

    • Hunter Mylaff

      Your mom sounds hot. What’s her number?

    • Thick Bush

      Does Juice Plus also give you richer, more lustrous pubes?

  • http://eyecuonline.com/ Kevin Smith

    This is such an awesome thread!! I’m glad I came across this. Granted, the article itself and most of the argument about Juice Plus scamming people is very poorly researched. We have to be subjective people and willing to listen to both sides of the crowd. This thread is a great place to do just that, look at all the awesome information that this tragedy of a food nutrition article has generated!! My take is this, if you guys bashing The Juice Plus Company can get all of your required nutrition without supplementing your diet or by using another whole food option then that’s good for you! :) As for myself and my family, Juice Plus is the BEST product I’ve found and I LOVE the company!! IT WORKS

    • Miss Universe

      You’re also a distributor, with a financial stake in this garbage. You should probably mention that.

      • Mister Universe

        Apparently he is in a cult, too. Make that two cults.

  • Traci

    Juice Plus+ company and reps recommend eating a variety of whole! organic fruits and vegetables in addition to consuming Juice Plus+. My family has never been healthier since we started, and it has led to a greater understanding of the importance of making healthy food and lifestyle choices. Give it a go for 4 months and let us know how you get on.

    • Juice Plus Corporate Office

      Thanks for being a loyal Juice Plus sales rep!

  • healthnut

    Juiceplus is amazing!! Do your research! Its helped our family! And millions of others! Don’t be a hater! They are backed by clinical research!

    • X. Clamation

      Can we blame your excessive use of exclamation points on Juice Plus?

  • Jacks

    I wonder who you think SHOULD pay for the studies…. All companies that care about their product being effective will pay for it to be researched and studied. I would only have a problem with a product/supplement that has not been studied and proven to be effective. The fact is that the research proves Juice Plus is bio-available and works inthe body just like the real thing. It’s not supposed to replace the food, but add to it.

  • Charleen Bailey

    I have taken juice plus for 14 years. It does help to keep my body healthy. I have a few sinus problems once and a while but my over all health is great. I am 55 years old and take no medications from a doctor. The $178 is for a 4 month supply. People spend more than this on diet pills and botox but won’t spend it on preventive health. ..That’s crazy. I gave my friend a 2 month supply and her blood work was extremely improved. So much so that her doctor asked her what she was doing different. I will be a Juice Plus person as long as I am breathing. ..

    • Langden Auger

      Preventative health costs nothing: Just jog and buy sensible foods, with lots of fresh vegetables. $178 is too much for something your body doesn’t need.

      But thanks for being a loyal Juice Plus sales rep! See you at the conference in July!

  • do more research

    Think you need to do some more research!!! Juice Plus does not claim to cure or stop illness or disease it just has hundreds of thousands of testimonials from real every day people and that is more important than people like you slating a product that they have never even tried!!!!

    • Clifton Clowers

      Thanks for being a loyal Juice Plus sales rep! See you at the convention in November! Hopefully by then you’ll have learned how to structure a sentence…

  • Jaye Zawada Lang

    Juice Plus+ has over 30 studies that are gold standard, double blind, placebo controlled, peer-reviewed studies that have been published in top nutritional, exercise and medical journals. Obviously, someone didn’t do their homework.

    • Loose Pus

      I love how people talk about all these “studies” but can’t be bothered to name the journals, the institutions, or scientists involved.

      But thank you for being a loyal Juice Plus sales rep! See you at the convention in July!

  • Remygirl

    Educate yourself fooducate. You need to do better research before writing an article like this. My husband even had it in his feeding tube while in a coma. Cancer patients receive it, the list goes on and on. You should look into taking it, maybe you will come out of the fog.

    • Outtada Fog

      I can’t help but wonder why a six-month old blog article like this continues to get comments from what are obviously Juice Plus dealers. I can only imagine that someone at the top of the pyramid scheme has asked all the lowly folks to make comments or risk being cut out.

      And seriously, Remygirl, what kind of competent doctor would allow garbage like this to go into a feeding tube?

  • Pat Skewes

    If it is as good as some are so defensive about… It needs to be certified organic, to give some protection to the public. Anyone can do good advertising propaganda, to persuade people. I have Tower gardens, but I’d never use the seeds they send with. I need to know the seeds I use are organic, not a possible GMO.

  • saveourskills

    My main issue with this article is there is really nothing in it that proves anything at all.

    It’s pretty much just an ad hominem attack.

    They didn’t provide any tests or links to studies or anything of substance that proves Juice Plus+ isn’t legitimate.

    So they don’t like industry funded studies… does it logically follow that the results are not correct? No it does not.

    Sorry, this is just a pure ad hominem attack here, which is a logical fallacy.

    P.S. I do enjoy a super food drink. I prefer amazing grass as a supplement and I get it off Amazon. It’s very affordable. I try to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables as well, but I enjoy this drink in addition.

  • dlcmac .

    I have been on the product for 15 years, have raised two extremely healthy kids who have excelled in their academics and athletics. JuicePlus changed my life and my children’s lives and we won’t be a day without it! Sorry to see a site like this bashing this incredible product. Sad! Really sad!

  • Ruse Fuss

    I can only speak with any authority on point #4. I was visiting an unfamiliar city where an old, once-dear friend now lived. We met for lunch, not having seen each other in over fifteen years. I was so excited to catch up.

    Well, he wouldn’t stop talking about how great Juice Plus was, how it had changed his life (he certainly didn’t LOOK healthy), and tried to get me to attend a “lecture” that was happening later in the week.

    He clearly saw me not as a friend, but as a mark. This is the kind of treatment Multi-Level Marketing programs like Juice Plus encourage. It was heartbreaking at worst, offensive and tasteless at best.

    • Just S. Squad

      I love how no one is willing to argue this point.

      • Mercy Angel

        Yeah: No one will comment here because they know it’s true.

    • Jen

      I just recently started selling JP+. I am generally a skeptical person, and I appreciate a skeptical perspective. I started taking JP+ to support a friend, and in the end, my husband and I found our lives to be positively impacted by taking it. So… I decided to become a distributor. One of my greatest fears is being the person who takes advantage of friendships to sell something. I do believe in JP+, and I want to share it with my friends. However, my closest friends and I don’t always share the same views, yet we still manage to be very close. I will treat JP+ the same way. I will introduce it to them in the least invasive way possible, and if they are interested, great, and if not, then I’ll move on. I don’t want to ever pressure anyone into something they aren’t interested in. I don’t need to make a bunch of money, and I’ll likely be unsuccessful in selling JP+, but that’s not really why I’m doing it. A little supplemental income would be nice, but I am just excited to share it with people. I would never treat my family and friends as marks.

      • fyi_im_me

        If you are taking it and now are selling it, you neither care what you put in your body or what your family and friends put in theirs. You obviously drank the koolaid at the meetings. I don’t understand how you can read those ingredients and want to eat it….and actually believe it is good for you???? Then again I don’t understand people starting to smoke or continuing to do so….same thing.

  • http://wkevingilbert.me/ Kevin Gilbert

    To your first point, the fact that Juice Plus+ funded the studies has no bearing on the peer-reviewed, published results of the studies. It would seem that your first point is irrelevant. Unless you’re calling into question the scientific method of prestigious institutions such as University of South Carolina, University of Florida, University of Arizona, University of Sydney, Australia, KIng’s College, London, England, University of Texas Health Science Center, University of Witten-Herdecke, Germany, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Medical University of Vienna, Austria, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Nemours Children’s Clinic, Tokyo Women’s Medical University, Brigham Young University, UCLA, Georgetown University, University of Milan, Italy, UNC Greensboro, Medical University of Graz, Austria, Charité University Medical Center, Berlin, Germany, University of Maryland School of Medicine, and University of Birmingham, England.

    You’re basically saying that simply because Juice Plus+ funded the study the results can’t be believed. To extrapolate on that, I’m understanding you to insinuate, or suggest, that the institutions I listed, that stake their scientific research reputations on the quality of their studies are risking their integrity by falsifying results to benefit Juice Plus+ because they provide the funds to do the research.

    You’re also saying that the publication of the research results in prestigious journals and publications shouldn’t be trusted. Journals like The Journal of Pediatrics, Skin Pharmacology and Physiology, Journal of Clinical Periodontology, Medicine & Science, Sports & Exercise, Journal of the American College of Nutrition, Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Gynecologic Oncology, Journal of Nutrition, Nutrition Research, Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, eCAM, Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, Journal of Perinatology, Nutrition Research, Integrative Medicine, Current therapeutic Research, British Journal of Nutrition, Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, MUST ALL BE IN ON THE SCAM. Isn’t that what you’re saying Hemi?

    To your point number two, I say I guess since you decided that the studies weren’t to be trusted, regardless of the integrity of the institutions involved in conducting the research and the publications that, well ,published the results, you’d make claims that “nutrients in pills MAY not always be bio-available” and “you are MOST LIKELY peeing away the nutrients you paid so dearly for”. Why don’t you fund the research to prove your claims?

    To your point number three, I say, again, since you’ve already discredited many reputable institutions and many reputable publications, it’s obvious that you’re ignoring the research that actually does support the claims the company makes. (Actually, I don’t think the company actually makes those claims, so much as they articulate the results of the clinical studies.)

    To your point number four, regarding the “ethical” nature of multi-level marketing and the “financial incentives to lie” in order to get people to buy something, I say where are your ethics as a journalist? As a journalist, aren’t you supposed to remain unbiased and simply present facts and let people make up their own minds? Aren’t you supposed to spend time diligently researching the facts and sharing just those, and not your opinion? If this is nothing more than your opinion, shouldn’t you state it as such? An opinion editorial, if you will?

    There have been plenty of people to give selling, direct sales, network marketing and the like a bad name. But to unequivocally state that companies incent their representatives to lie is shameful. Your whole article, even the headline and your premise, is a lie.

    The bottom line is that point number four is your real reason that you are looking to find fault with Juice Plus+. There are many excellent products, by many excellent companies, that have been sold by many honest men and women of integrity, that use the MLM or network marketing model. But you want to simply lump them all together and say they’re all bad. That would be like me saying all journalists lie and make up sensational headlines to sell more ads, sell more newspapers/magazines, get more hits on their website, etc.

    But I don’t have the research to prove it. And If I spent my own time and money doing so, you wouldn’t believe it anyway.

    • Juice Plus Corporate

      Thanks for being a loyal Juice Plus distributor! To the top of the pyramid!

      • http://wkevingilbert.me/ Kevin Gilbert

        Thanks for ignoring science and playing the part of troll. Review the science and then make an argument.

        • Juice Plus Corporate

          Thanks for being a loyal Juice Plus distributor! To the top of the pyramid!

          • http://wkevingilbert.me/ Kevin Gilbert
          • Juice Plus Corporate

            We’re gonna start using this video in our training meetings! Those little animals are adorable, and comparing pyramid schemes to equally evil corporate structures entirely justifies the act of turning your friends and family into marks! See you at the convention in July!

          • http://wkevingilbert.me/ Kevin Gilbert

            Continuing to demonstrate your ignorance by ignoring the main idea, that there’s proven scientific research supporting the many positive health benefits of Juice Plus+, isn’t going to serve any real purpose. If you think it’s funny, fine. You have poor taste in humor. If you think you’re antagonizing people like me, you’re wrong. You don’t bother me. I really rather pity you, hiding behind anonymity so that you can say things with no accountability.

            If you really want to make a point that matters, review the science. Disprove it. The premise of the article is that it’s a scam, that the science shouldn’t be believed, and that the company exists to lie to and manipulate people for the purpose of selling it’s product. There’s no proof ever given of those claims, though. Only biased opinions are ever stated by the author with no supporting evidence or facts. The research itself is not referenced, nor is it scrutinized with any integrity. It’s piss-poor journalism at best and malicious defamation at worst.



          • Ruse Fuss

            “…and that the company exists to lie to and manipulate people for the purpose of selling it’s product.”

            I can’t speak to the science, but I can say that I have definitely been manipulated by people who used to be friends in order for them to try to sell me Juice Plus. See my story below.

          • http://wkevingilbert.me/ Kevin Gilbert

            Sorry to hear that Rose. As I said in one of my comments, there are some people out there that give selling of any kind a bad name. I’m sure you’ve probably had a bad experience buying a car, or a home, or a major appliance, at some point, too. Just because there’s a used-car-salesman stereotype doesn’t mean everyone selling used cars is like that.

            Even though I think this article is ridiculous and makes Hemi look like an opinionated journalist, I don’t think all journalists are like this.

            Again, my apologies for your experience. It’s a shame that some people making bad decisions can affect many others who aren’t.

          • Ruse Fuss

            Of course, this unfortunate side effect would be eradicated if Juice Plus would be sold in stores. But that would subject it to a degree of scrutiny (and liability) that the product simply couldn’t withstand. So best to keep it inside the pyramid.

          • http://wkevingilbert.me/ Kevin Gilbert

            In my best Inigo Montoya…”You keep using that word. I do not think you know what it means.”

            Any entity with a structure that elevates one person to the top, keeping multiple people below and to the bottom could be described as a pyramid. Every corporation, including “stores”, fit that description. How would being sold in a store “subject it to more scrutiny and liability?”

            The product is NSF certified, which means it’s been tested to verify that what is claimed to be in it, is actually what’s in it. Don’t believe me? Look it up.


            Hemi failed to mention that little nugget of truth. Because if the claim is that Juice Plus+ is fruits and vegetables in a capsule, and the NSF certifies that is indeed the case, then it would stand to reason that consumption of said capsules would provide similar, if not equal, results to actually consuming fruits and vegetables. The difference is that Juice Plus+ can provide a wider variety of fruits and veggies than most people actually choose to eat, or have access to on a regular basis. Eating Juice Plus+ is the next best thing to eating fruits and veggies, but it’s not meant to eliminate or replace, just to supplement. (If you look up the definition supplement, it means to complete or enhance whatever it’s added to. I figured providing the definition would save us some time.)

            And speaking of supplements, the NY AG has been investigating those sold in stores. Thank God for Walmart, Target, GNC and Walgreens – all pyramids if you look at their corporate hierarchy – and their ability to sell us what they claim they’re selling us as consumers. Oh, wait. They didn’t. The NY AG found 80% of the products did not contain any of the herbs on their labels. Well of course you can’t trust them. They’re all pyramids!!

            NSF certification, over 30 peer-reviewed, published research studies proving positive health benefits, endorsements by many reputable physicians all combine to give me confidence in taking and recommending Juice Plus+.

            Interesting, too, that Hemi has yet to respond to any of my criticism. You would think with his journalistic integrity questioned, and demonstrated to be lacking, he would at least defend himself. He can’t. He knows his claims are bogus but he can’t do the right thing now because that would cause him to admit he made a mistake.

            If you are afraid to purchase a product from a company you believe to be a pyramid, you’re pretty much out of luck for purchasing anything. If you base your opinion of a product on your fear of a business model that you don’t understand, educate yourself. If you make extravagant claims that a company is scamming people, back it up with facts, not statements of FUD. (That’s fear, uncertainty and doubt.) That’s all Hemi used in his article. FUD.

            Like many commenters on this post, I’ve lost respect for Fooducate as a source of objective information.

          • Pyra Mid

            You clearly have something invested here. I imagine you’re a distributor with a pretty big revenue channel positioned under you.

            Comparing one evil, exploitative structure to typical corporate America – ground zero for evil, exploitative structures – is hardly a convincing argument.

            But hey, way to rock that pyramid. See ya at the convention in July!

        • Blogs Forever

          And thank YOU for upholding the sterling, unimpeachable standard of journalism and research we’ve all come to expect from the internet.

  • Sales Rep

    My Juice Plus sales team leader told me to comment on this article, even though it’s kinda old. I think she told all her reps to do so. I really don’t want to tick her off, so here’s my comment.

  • Mmb

    I took juice plus in my pregnancy with my first child she is now 3 but she came at 40 weeks and was so alert the doctors had even noticed I think juice plus helped me with a healthy pregnancy my mom also believes it did she now takes It have also been blessed her first year she never even got a funny nose I do think it helps with your immune system I decided to not take juice plus with my second because financially it was to much i had a healthier pregnancy with my first but I do not drink caffeine and hardly ever eat processed foods I take juice plus when breastfeeding

    • Eff D. Ay

      Attributing the health of your newborn baby to Juice Plus is simply naive and dangerous. Until things like this are clinically establish, it’s irresponsible to go around making such claims.

  • JP user

    I consume and distribute JP. You should learn a little more about the compAny before talking about “stakeholders”. Learn a little more about peoples’ health improvements and benefits from comsuming the product before saying “stay away”. It seems as if your are giving a stereotyped deductive opinion rather than an opinion based on inductive reasearch study, which by the way, would not be funded by the company.

    • Sales Repperson

      JP! I think we’re in the same revenue channel – did Susan tell you to post here? Awesome!

  • Khope47

    Before I get started on my comment, I just want to say that I do NOT sell Juice Plus.
    I am rather disappointed in Fooducate for posting this. There simply is very little research to support this “article”. Juice Plus is a great product and I do not believe that anyone is intentionally scamming someone. It is a whole food supplement. No one is saying that is all you need to be healthy – but for someone that follows the Standard American Diet (fast food, soda, junk foods, ect), this is a good starting point for getting on the right track. Big changes require little steps, and that is where Juice Plus serves a purpose. Juice Plus is not intended to replace a healthy diet and exercise – but it can be a great addition to one! I have used the products on and off for two years – I am also a holistic nutrition specialist, so I maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

    • Voice O’Reason

      Please direct us to someplace where we can read clinically viable, peer-reviewed studies that support your claims. OKTHANXBAI!

      • Khope47

        Really? You need peer-reviewed studies showing that eating fast food, soda, and junk food everyday isn’t healthy? Whole food nutritional supplements are just that – supplements. As I said, it is not intended to replace a healthy diet and exercise. No peer-reviewed study needed.

        But if you really want studies, here are studies. Most of the studies are paid for by the parent company of Juice Plus (not all of them, but most). Unfortunately, this is the way things are done. People demand clinical studies, but I don’t see anyone here willing to foot the bill – unless you’re offering? http://www.juiceplus.com/content/JuicePlus/en/clinical-research/published-medical-and-scientific-journals.html#.VP-wY_nF98E

        Frankly, there are far worse companies out there – Herbalife, It Works – claims to be naturally, but the wraps contain BHT, known to cause cancer, Isagenix, Advocare…companies that tell you to replace the majority of your meals with their over-priced processed synthetic food product to lose weight and supposedly change your whole health by not eating real food. Juice Plus isn’t telling anyone to stop eating food – in fact, the company often pays for nutrition coaching training for their distributors once they’ve reached a certain level and promote living a healthy lifestyle with whole foods and exercise. If you don’t like it, that is fine – don’t buy it. But if you’re just looking for a company to attack for the fun of it, there are FAR worse companies than just supplements and garden towers (so customers can grow their own healthy food!).

        • Voice O’Reason

          Thanks for providing a link – that’s more than anyone else has done!

  • thinkaboutit

    To all who know and support Juice Plus for the truth of what the product is….PLEASE don’t try to educate those whom choose to not find out the truth about how we (JuicePlus people) know its all it says it is and more….because we really did our homework (and I suppose the 1000s of Mds who recommend and take it themselves are idiots as well?). REMEMBER my fellow Juice Plus friends, you can’t tell people like this anything, because after all you are NOT the JACKASS WHISPERER.

  • Chemical Free Health

    Just takes one to ruin a good thing for a lot of people. I won’t nit pick at each point which are all untrue. Yes Juice Plus pays for their research that is true, any company has to pay for research (who else will?) They pay for it and the institute carries out the studies. You can not buy a place or influence the results. There are currently 32 INDEPENDENT studies from all around the world. Juice Plus has helped our family so much and hundreds of others that I know of. WHO recommends 9-15 serves of raw fresh fruit and veg a day. Not many achieving that 365 days a year. Juice Plus is our insurance policy.

    • Juice Plus Corporate Office

      Thanks for being a loyal Juice Plus sales rep! See you and your family at the convention in July!

  • Michael Washington

    Was given some Juice Plus by someone who wants to sell it, looked at the ingredients and I thought:

    “They can’t be serious.” The main ingredient is sugar. Tapioca Syrup, is sugar. Evaporated Cane Juice, is sugar. 2 of the first 3 ingredients are sugar. I asked why would I just not continue to eat fruits and vegetables? This can’t possibly be good for you.

  • Rodgwag

    I don’t believe in or join MLMs but this was poorly written with very weak points. There are far more obvious reasons for not joining an MLM even if the product being represented is a good one.

  • Alicia

    It is an absolute FACT that only 3% of our health is dictated by our genetic makeup while the remaining 97% is determined by what and when we introduce into our bodies (through eating, drinking, absorption etc). We DO have the ability to change our cellular make up and thus our health by controlling what we put into our bodies. How can you argue that adding fruits and vegetables to your diet is a bad thing?

    • Loose Truss

      I can’t argue with that! I can argue, rather convincingly, that so much of what is beneficial about fruits and vegetables disappears once you dry it and put it into capsule form and sell it as snake-oil garbage.

    • Shug Day

      Please stick to the topic at hand. The main ingredient in Juice Plus is sugar. This is not a thread about the benefits of fruits and vegetables. It’s a thread about adding sugar to your diet.

  • Mab

    Juice plus is not for everyone juice plus has worked for me. If your someone on the go like me with a 3 year old and a 7 month old sometimes it’s hard to find time to eat and sometimes I just do not have time to get all my vegetables in and fruit so I take juice plus to give me that extra boost! Everyones body is different and what works for some may not work for everyone else. juice plus is just something extra like a vitamin but you still need to eat vegatables in fruit everyday and juice plus will tell you that . I have taken it for 4 years and have truly enjoyed it :)

    • Fuse Struss

      I’m someone on the go, but I know how to properly use contractions, grammar, and syntax. And I didn’t need some bogus snake oil pills to do that.

      • Mmb

        Putting down someone has nothing to do with article replying back and saying that what was the point? Some people might not like what I write are how I write but I still can post something. I just do not know what you got out of being so cruel

        • Fuse Struss

          Well, you’re saying that the article doesn’t make a convincing argument. Part of making a strong case is accruing and presenting supporting data. The other component is utilizing language eloquently in order to clarify and elucidate your point.

          If you find that it’s fair to criticize Fooducate’s argument, I think it’s only just that your argument be given similar scrutiny.

  • Ruse Fuss

    It’s suspicious that this ancient internet thread continues to get comments. I imagine it’s because Juice Plus, as an MLM, has a certain cultish dedication. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to find out that distributors are urging customers and fellow sales people to comment here. But whatev.

    The fact is, you can be perfectly healthy without Juice Plus. Supplements in general are largely useless if you take in a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and indulge in pursuits that keep you mentally stimulated and content.

    Juice Plus works for some people, and I guess that’s great. I personally don’t think you need to spend the money, but if you like it, cool. My problem is more with people – former friends – trying to convert me to what I feel is an unnecessary and overpriced product. MLM structures are notorious for encouraging such behavior, and I’ve certainly seen people turn into Juice Plus zombies before my very eyes.

    Take Juice Plus. I honestly don’t give a shit. Just don’t evangelize and try to convert me. Do we have a deal?

  • Karen Schuh Kendrick

    I have taken Juice Plus for a year. I stopped taking vitamins and about a month later I was feeling alot better. This has helped increase my energy level. I certainly recommend this program.

  • Pnorris

    Wow, you couldn’t have gotten this more wrong. First of all if you are on all 3 blends and using the Complete drink mix, that would be about $100 per month. I can’t imagine what your friend was buying for $178. Clinical research studies are paid for by the manufacturing companies all the time, which is how the studies get funded in the first place (what, would you trust the study more if the government funded it?). After that the universities have complete control over the study, otherwise they would lose their credibility. The Juice Plus Clinical Research studies are gold standard, double-blind, placebo controlled studies done at major universities around the world and published in major medical journals. You cannot BUY your way into those journals. These research studies have proven that Juice Plus is indeed bio-available. It has been proven to lower homosystiene levels which is a major contributor to heart disease. No, there are no shortcuts to preventing disease. The Juice Plus Company encourages people eat at least 9 servings of fruits and veggies daily and live healthier lifestyles by exercising, reducing stress, getting adequate sleep and bridging the gap between what we do eat and what our bodies desperately need by taking Juice Plus. Medical professionals who love JP lecture on healthy lifestyles all around the country. Our bodies were designed to heal themselves and that cannot happen without proper nutrition. As a society we are eating way too many processed foods. And only 1% of the population has even heard of Juice Plus. If 100% of the population was on it I am convinced there would be a dramatic drop in premature deaths and chronic illness! Yes, I am part of the JP community and have never been asked or encouraged to lie to my friends in any way. I have seen the results of eating Juice Plus for myself and share what I have experienced with family and friends! How in good conscience could I not do this!

  • Russ

    Well I eat terrible. I have taken juice plus for years now. I can tell you I don’t get sick anymore or get allergies ever. I use to take all kinds of supplements. If juice plus did nothing for me I would not still be paying for it. Do your own research and make your own decisions. I think its a legit product, but it is expensive.

  • Kerri

    Juice Plus uses 100% natural fruits and vegetables in their products! And there are more than 30 clinical studies NOT DONE BY JUICE PLUS published on its clinical efficacy! Many clinical experts across the world stand behind this product! Get your facts straight!!!!!

    • Clues Truss

      Please provide links or citations to these studies. Lots of folks claim this, but no one will back it up with links or reputable data. Thanks.

  • Suze Vuss

    This post gets a suspicions number of comments.

  • Rosethered

    I recently met a juice plus seller she was espousing the benefits of the Product
    she confided in me she had Agents In the UK and the USA

    I wanted to know if it works – the lady is overweight and had a bad cold ????

    Think it might be the ultimate in pyramid selling

  • Meeshylol

    I don’t do juice plus & I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole, but I do have a juicer & I do juice my own veg, it works for me as I have lost over 4 stone & I feel so much healthier, I have 2 juices a day & an evening meal of either grilled fish or poultry with plenty of veg or salad. I wouldn’t try juice plus as it comes in powder form with added vitamins & nutrients, why would you need this stuff added to it? Doesn’t make sense to me!!

    • It S. Garbage

      You see, you’re drinking juice. You gotta have JUICE PLUS. And by “PLUS” I mean tapioca syrup and evaporated cane juice.

  • Rob

    Is anyone able to supply a link to a peer reviewed article so everyone else can see the proof of how good juice plus is?

    • Bruise Fuss

      Good one, Rob!

  • Peter Solimine

    If juice plus was confident that they would get the results they expected from a lab experiment, why would they not fund the testing? Should they just wait for some other party to fund the testing of their supplement? I read the link you provided with the explanation to why “industry funding science is bad” and it’s so clearly being looked at the wrong way. Yes, an industry wouldn’t fund lab experiments which could harm their business, however if they were confident in their results there is absolutely no reason not to fund an experiment! That’s why the success rate is so high!!

    By the way I don’t sell juice plus, I’m 16. Personally I don’t see a HUGE change in my health the way others do, but come on. This article is trash.

    It’s your word against the word of a company that has a product which has been verified by MULTIPLE different laboratory experiments.

    • Truce Flush

      So nice he said it twice!

      But seriously, what kind of 16-year-old has NOTHING better to do than to comment on a Juice Plus thread?

      And, like all the other defenders, he can’t be bothered to cite a published, peer-reviewed study. But maybe I should give him a break. He’s only 16.

  • Peter Solimine

    John Holmes
    Lexington steele

    If juice plus was confident that they would get the results they expected from a lab experiment, why would they not fund the testing? Should they just wait for some other party to fund the testing of their supplement? I read the link you provided with the explanation to why “industry funding science is bad” and it’s so clearly being looked at the wrong way. Yes, an industry wouldn’t fund lab experiments which could harm their business, however if they were confident in their results there is absolutely no reason not to fund an experiment! That’s why the success rate is so high!!

    By the way I don’t sell juice plus, I’m 16. Personally I don’t see a HUGE change in my health the way others do, but come on. This article is trash.

    It’s your word against the word of a company that has a product which has been verified by MULTIPLE different laboratory experiments.

  • real person

    The only real solution is to grow your own fruits and vegetables, eat a very limited amount of red meat and get plenty of sunshine and exercise. For about 1% of the population possible for the rest of us Juice+ is a great alternative and it works. It has been for years.

    • Not Real Person

      Always trust someone with the handle “real person.”

  • Brian

    Worst review I’ve ever read! You obviously know very little about the product and about nutrition! I’m not a distributor, but I do know the product well. Please do more research next time before bashing a company.

    • Not A. Distributor

      Ok, Brian. Please direct us to peer-reviewed, clinically viable studies that substantiate the claims made by Juice Plus and its users. It’s very easy to complain about something…try offering some solutions.

  • Laura

    Save your money, eat real fruits and vegetables and less crap! You’ll be amazed how much better you feel.

  • Wise Old Judge

    Here’s a summary of every comment thread here:

    Person A: This article is terrible! Juice Plus is awesome and studies have proven that!

    Person B: Ok – please post a link to some of these studies so we can learn more!

    Person A: [SILENCE]

  • S

    Your claims are uneducated inaccurate and completely unfounded. You must be a generic multi vitamin advocate, I would rather eat my whole fruits and veggies micro nutrients knowing exactly what I’m putting in my body and my body will take from them what it nerds than a synthetic form of non nano based vitamins that I will most likely get toxicity from, pee out and that I have no idea where it came from. You clearly have a vendetta and agenda, just not sure what it is? But I’m not supportive of your claims nor your misinformation spew.

    • fyi_im_me

      So instead you would take a processed product full of additives rather than real food???? Same garbage different pile.

    • Prof. N. Pudding

      Here we go again…please direct us to clinically recognized, peer review studies that prove Juice Plus’s claims.

    • fyi_im_me

      And you have no agenda? Sales and profit is a pretty huge agenda.

    • fyi_im_me

      See you are spouting JP bs not actual knowledge. See if I pull a carrot out of my garden, it is real whole food. If I go to the supermarket and buy a carrot, I can choose organic or non organic. I can take it home and wash it properly and then consume it. It will fuel my body and help make it stronger. A pill can’t do that. It supposedly is that carrot dehydrated and ground into powder and has all it’s nutrients yet now the nutrients are added back in artificially. Common sense tells me that is bs. My own personal research tells me it is very bad stuff. I have a family member that has been sucked in by this cult. It makes me so sad to see people exploited this way. The lies and the ploys they use in desperation to sell this crap is astounding. Personally I have been lied to repeatedly by JP reps trying to convince me of the miracle properties of their products. I also see the lies spilled on the net daily….and in the comments on this feed. Give your heads a shake. Stop being blind sheep lead around by your noses. Educate yourselves!

  • fyi_im_me

    When you read all the comments from the JP supporters it is interesting to note that although they say real fruits and vegetables are better for you, they turn around and say JP is better for you than real food. You cant have it both ways folks. JP also contradicts themselves on their webpage but that is common when selling a product and this is a PRODUCT not FOOD. It is produced not grown. It has artificial suppliments added in to fulfill their nutrition claims. If you commit to changing your life and improve your diet and exercise and take their products, you will feel better and be healthier but make no mistake, if you didn’t make a lifestyle change and take JP it is not going to make you skinny or cure cancer or protect your dna or any off the other ridiculous claims by the SALESPEOPLE. They SELL a PRODUCT and promote the lifestyle to support their claims. It’s a very good sales ploy as evidenced here. They talk a great talk.

  • lisamarie

    Whoever write this is completely uneducated about what Juice Plus truly is. Such a shame. I have taken Juice Plus for over two years, no more getting sick for myself or my kids. We’ll never be without it…ever. Good luck to the rest of you who choose to let a blog make your decisions.

  • marc

    To be honest, I am more angered by the Juice Plus buddy club standing up for their product. This isn’t the best thing since water was discovered otherwise you’d have the government in ore of it’s ability and urging ppl to take it. I haven’t seen any above the board advertising ie television ads and you can’t get it in supermarkets. This is because they rely on reeling in ‘idiots’ who immediately fall in love with it, who then campaign as ambassadors for it, trying to convince their friends and family to join, use and sell. I see social media statuses ‘liked’ by the cattle of the juice plus family who are all reliant on this making them money. I have seen ppl write: helps cure cancer/ prevent it. I have seen before and after pics. The best one is from someone who was about 18 stone when they were 17 but 10 stone come the age of 30. Everyone is congratulating that person, though they lost all the weight before they joined JP. In fact that person was a party animal who took a lot of class A drugs for ten years and then posts about changing their life style due to JP and weight loss. Absolute bull. They alienate their friends (the real ones) to make brand new fake idiot friends who sound as brainwashed as IS members and all they do is go to conventions and speak about JP 80% of the time to ppl they know. What’s worth losing friends over. Do not blame the ‘friends’ and claim they are not being worth friends with, blame the the institution that is JP. Seeing prats defend their status that it isn’t a pyramid scheme makes me want to punch a brick wall. Why dress it up in other terms when it is was it is.
    I am healthy, I go to the gym and eat plenty of fruit and veg and i am ill once a year!
    I will safely say that JP will NOT save your life. It’s worth taking as a customer if you’re unfit and overweight, bc it will overload you with vitamins etc HOWEVER, you can just eat more healthy and do exercise. It’s working for plenty of ppl.

    • ClydeMcFatter

      It’s basically a cult created by the potential for profit, pure and simple. Juice Plus – and most MLM systems – teach people to see their friends as marks and to spout dubious claims in the hopes of generating revenue. The actual quality of the product is irrelevant.

    • fyi_im_me

      Here here!!!!!

  • Barbara Peery

    What a uneducated information for public viewing ! How sorry some people have nothing better to do…most likely they sell cheaper products that have no research & can’t get NSF to approve their product is what they say it is…..sad.

    • fyi_im_me

      If you believe in JP, you are definitely not well educated. You must sell the crap.

    • Ruse Fuss

      You caught me, Barbara. I have a fourth-grade education and I sell a rival product. You clearly have a fifth-grade education and sell Juice Plus.

    • Clues Musk

      …I’m not sure your weird punctuation and incorrect use of the article “a” would qualify you as particularly “educated,” either.

    • fyi_im_me

      Honestly….have you read the ingredients and researched what they are and where they come from; don’t just read JPs bs….actually have an independent thought and double check the crap you are putting into your body.

  • GypsyRomance

    1) Those studies were indeed funded by Juice Plus, and they’re not trying to hide it. But someone has to fund them, right? Regardless of who funds a study though, you can’t buy your way into peer-reviewed scientific journals. The studies published in scientific journals are the highest form of pertinent scholarly material available to the medical and health community- THEY choose what goes in them, as points of important discussion among the medical community- no one buys ad placement in those publications. If you want to argue about 32 publications of Juice Plus studies in peer-reviewed journals, then let’s start arguing about the validity of anything scientific that has ever been published.

    2) Those “concentrated high doses of nutrients” are dehydrated fruit and vegetable juices. That’s it. They’re not vitamins, they have a nutrition label, like any other food product- if it were a vitamin the FDA would require it to have a supplement label. Literally all it is is fruit and veg juice without the water.

    3) Yeah, actually, eating healthfully is a great way to avoiding disease, which, as a food education blog, you should already know. Juicing isn’t a shortcut to getting some more plant nutrients in your body?! Since when?! Dehydrated juice, therefore, would actually seem a really viable option…

    4) This seems to be a matter of personal opinion- you have just expressed that your incentive to get into MLM would be to lie to the people you love and respect to make money. Sure, that might work for some people, but it won’t last if you’re that kind of person. If you have ever met people who are truly successful in Network Marketing, they actually care about who you are and helping you succeed in whatever endeavors make you happiest.

    5) All of this “slightly deeper ‘research’” seems to be just that- very slight, and mostly opinion-based. Link your readers to anything you’ve found in a peer-reviewed article about the detriments of Juice Plus; that’s what you would do for any other nutritional supplement out there, and the fact that it isn’t here despite your “research” really shows how little this article is based on fact…

    • ClydeMcFatter

      …so, are you a Juice Plus user/distributor or not?

    • fyi_im_me

      Yes, eating healthful, JP isn’t healthful…that’s the issue. Real food it is NOT. It has a label that discloses the additives that are not naturally occurring in the product. It is a product that is manufactured not grown.

  • Justfood

    It’s simply too bad that so many people just don’t “get it”. Juice Plus is a whole food – carries a nutrition label (not a supplement label) and all. Here’s the thing – yes, it would be BEST if you just ate your 9-13 servings of a variety of fruits and veggies per day. But will you? Probably not. Most of us won’t. Thus, the point of Juice Plus. You get the nutrients from these foods that you should be eating, but can’t or won’t. Sounds simple, and honest, enough to me.

    • ‘Scuse Lust

      …and, as an added bonus, you get two different kinds of sugar that you don’t need!

    • fyi_im_me

      No you don’t “get it” or perhaps have no nutrition education. Read the ingredients label. There are suppliments and sweeteners added. The only ones saying it is whole food are those who are either victims of the marketing or bought and paid for by JP. IT DOES NOT CONTAIN FIBRE therefore it absolutely 100% is not whole food….IT HAS ADDITIVES NOT NATURALLY OCCURRING therefore it is not real food.

    • fyi_im_me

      It is very very easy to eat your fruits and vegetables. Many many people do it. JP markets to the lazy and uneducated. It does not bridge the gap. You still need to eat properly so why not just eat properly to begin with? Your body and your pocketbook will thank you.

  • stacey

    I’ll continue to take it and I have been checking in with my doctor on this and he has done the research as well and believes in it. My blood pressure has went done, I have energy, no stomach or bloating anymore, no headache anymore and I read ALL labels on food now. It bridges the gaps of you NOT getting the proper, daily nutrition of your fruits and veggies…and SHAME ON YOU for even having this blog! Why are pediatricians and doctors referring this to their patients then?

    • stacey

      blood pressure has went down…..

      • Fuse Fuss

        But you said you now have “no stomach.” YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT A STOMACH. JUICE PLUS MAKES YOUR STOMACH DISAPPEAR. That can’t be good.

    • fyi_im_me

      Doctors refer lots of unhealthy things. They don’t know everything. So all you changed is that you started taking JP? You never changed anything else?

    • fyi_im_me

      You obviously blindly believe JP and don’t read their labels.

  • Angela

    Based on what I have read so far, I am going to give Juice Plus a try. I had never heard of it until I stumbled upon this page. If it is a business then of course it will be trying to make a profit, but if it gives the quality I need and want then its a win win. If it turns out to be rubbish, I will drop it right away. But if it delivers good health in body and mind, convenience and nourishment I for one will not only keep buying but will spread the word and become a distributor.

    So you see negative criticism does work as it has made me take a closer look with a view to making up my own mind. I suggest and recommend that people keep an open mind and try things for themselves, you never know you may be pleasantly surprised. Good luck every one.

    • Ruse Fuss

      Ha. You’re already taking it. You’re already a distributor. You’re already in the pyramid. You’re just propping up your worthless product and obeying orders from the top. Your vested interest is transparent.

      And hey, Juice Plus folks, please study the above paragraph for a valuable lesson in the difference between the words “you’re” and “your” and their correct usage. FREE GRAMMAR LESSON.

      Ruse out.

      • fyi_im_me

        Ruse I agree with you. They frequently use ploys like this yet they profess that they don’t lie to people and use subterfuge to sell their product. Ya right.

    • fyi_im_me

      Why don’t you try eating healthy first. Cheaper and easier and then see if you need to add a chemical fest to your body to be healthy

  • Bernie

    I have a few questions? Is Juice Plus is the only answer for this world? Cant you get healthy by eating just vegetables and Fruits and walking? what is better? getting it fresh or in Capsuls? if some one takes juice plus will they love longer? I have searched about Dr. Richard Dubois on Google? there is no Bias report about Dr. Richard”s professional Back round. Only information what he does for Juice plus. they say he was a famous Dr. before he got in to juice plus. if so why there is no information him ?

  • Tom Cruise

    Juice Plus: The Scientology of supplements!

  • Bonk

    I wish the same scrutiny would be placed on the medical community – I know that a number of doctors schooled in western medicine are quick to dismiss naturopathic solutions to disease. Now, Juice Plus does not cure or prevent any disease (all distributors are told to mention that), but it has helped keep me stay generally healthy for many years.
    I am a personal trainer who is past 70, living in a 55+ community – I can tell you that those who swallow a bunch of pills for various ailments are in sad shape. Those who exercise and eat right have a fuller, more active life. Juice Plus assists in that effort.

    • fyi_im_me

      Lol really….read the comments on here and other sites and see what the JP sellers say. JP does not assist in anything. I am surprised that you as a trainer would know so little about nutrition. Products with added sweeteners and additives is not good for you. Eat good food and live a healthy lifestyle and you will be healthy. There are no short cuts or cheats. Yes doctors should be scrutinized but frankly at least they are trying, in some cases to help people. I have seen Naturopaths that are just as much pill pushers too, yet are trying to help people. When JP sellers advise clients not to listen to their specialists, that the JP drs know more than others; When they advise that these products will help diabetic people; when they say on one hand that real fruits and veg are better for you but then criticise anyone that eats properly as ill educated as to where their food comes from and question the quality, it becomes apparent that they are told to exaggerate and even lie to get the almighty sale. Spam every website that says anything negative. There is never an educated argument only the same garbage over and over. It scares me to listen to them in real life and to read their delusions on here.

  • Weekdaygirl

    It is always a critic that think they suppose to tell grown people what to do with there money. If you don’t like it then you don’t take it. What that got to do with everybody else. If I want more juice in my system it is my body I will put in it what I want. This must be a person that tried to make money with it and because they couldn’t now they bashing the company. You find one of these people with all direct selling companies. The main reason they do this because they know you are going to look for reviews and give them traffic so they can get paid by google ads. That is the bottomline. They look for the top 25 companies to write negative things about for there own gain. I don’t know why you people have not caught on to that and stop reading these bogus blogs. The best review is from the company review system from real customers. Not fake people like this tired of these people and attacking how people make money and what they sell and know nothing about it.

    • fyi_im_me

      Not a fake person and I dislike you lying about this and trying to convince gullible people that this is a good product. This article is honest and tells the truth and the JP sellers are supposed to always have the last comment. I’ve seen it on other sites too.

  • Roni Burton

    This is a ridiculous “review”. I have used JP for over 5 years now, and have seen great improvement in my health. As well as some folks I know very well. One example, a good friend started taking JP about 6 months ago after being on hypertension medication since 1972. Recent blood work tests showed he no longer has hypertension, and came off the medicine. This is just one of the stories I know of personally. I have been to JP seminars and conferences. And no one who speaks at any of them says JP is a cure all. They do say that for people who can not or will not eat enough fruit and vegetables daily, that JP is a good, healthy supplement to add to your diet. I am sure some folks take JP without giving a thought to making the necessary healthy changes to their diet, but rather depend on the JP capsules to do all the work for them. That is irresponsible behavior, but also that person’s choice. I am sorry you chose to bash a very good product. But because I personally know how it has helped me as well as several people I know personally, your review doesn’t alter my opinion of the effectiveness of JP.

    • fyi_im_me

      Lol…this is too funny. So you and the other people changed not one other thing in your life? You continued eating the same and exercising the same?

    • Ruse Fuss

      Right on, Roni!

      People give me grief for taking Juice Plus, but ever since I started taking it, eating more fruits and vegetables (and less garbage), and exercising regularly, my health has gotten so much better! I’ve lost weight, my blood pressure is down, my cholesterol is down, and I just feel SO MUCH BETTER.

      • fyi_im_me

        Ya and JP had NOTHING to do with it. Proper diet and exercise did JP is garbage!!!

        • Ruse Fuss


  • fyi_im_me




  • bodyevidenceac

    Taking the product or not its surprising how skeptic people can be when a product says it has the nutrients you need or fruit and veg but will happily walk into a shop and buy a energy drink for a boost (knowing the dangers that come from that).
    Why is it impossible to look at a product and see the fact that they haven’t got any problems or side effects. When you go out and buy a pack paracetamol you pull out the leaflet and at least half the page has a list of side effects mild to major.
    Also why is it a problem to give your friend money for something they believe doesn’t stop us from going to the shop and giving money to a big company for something we believe in such as multivitamins and prescription drugs.
    Money wise why is the price such a problem. Look beyond peoples problems with the product and look at peoples stories. People claim to feel better, like not getting sick (this what people buy medication for), better hair, skin and nails (shampoos, conditioners, skin creams, nail hardeners: the list is endless on the things you would buy for this), losing weight (why is this a problem?! the numbers of obesity are rising and people have an issue when someone finds something they feel will help them lose it- all this doubt is what causes people to give up).

    I just feel that article like this that just aim to beat down a product should think about the world and people as bigger than money because this what this article is really about.

    The real question we should be asking if it this persons friend achieved what she was looking for when she didn’t buy the product and instead f doubting their move did they support them in a different way?

    • G. Police

      Not sure what’s worse: Your logic or your grammar.

    • fyi_im_me

      Ummmm…no the article says don’t waste your money on a product that doesn’t do what it claims…..that misleads people…..that lies.

  • bodyevidenceac

    Reading all the comments on here and I was wondering has anybody who was already healthy- eating fruit and veg and exercising regularly- then decided to take Juice Plus?

    • Ruse Fuss

      Probably not.

      You see, healthy people – folks who mind what they eat, balance their diets, and exercise regularly – are generally smart. Smart people don’t buy Juice Plus.

  • pdxlager
  • Show Me The Facts

    Just one simple response to this irresponsible article about Juice Plus+. All you naysayers, show us your credentials, so we can determine whether or not you can stand up against the biochemists and numerous medical doctors and reseach papers ( many of which are truly independent) from across the globe) who have put their credentilas up front and centre.
    Weingarten’s resource document is a general reference commentary that has nothing to do with Juice Plus+. Fooducate is obviously nothing more than another form of low level American BS.

    • Juice Plus Corporate

      Thanks for being a loyal Juice Plus distributor! See you at the convention in July!

    • fyi_im_me

      JuicePlus’ s own website says real food is better for you. Drink some more Koolaid.

  • Al in NJ

    I would say that everyone makes good points in here. The writer believes the best path is to eat healthier foods from the get go while responders point to impractical cold turkey methods of switching to healthier foods immediately. Marketing tactics aside, I believe these products can serve as a starting point to healthier lifestyle/eating but are ultimately not permanent solutions. Very much like prescription drugs, means to an end (therapy).

    • fyi_im_me

      Huh….that doesn’t make sense. Switching to healthy eating makes total sense. If you honestly feel you need to improve your health, here eat a jellybean a day to help you transition???? No logic what so ever.

  • Ana Willis

    My 3 kids have been on Juice Plus for 2 1/2 years now. They haven’t had a cold in 2 years, not a flu, not a cough, not a fever… nothing! Do you think that their mind is causing this to happen??? Hahaha They love their veggies and fruits, they have no cravings for sugar or junk food either let me tell you this, they were junk eaters before BIG TIME and loved sugar like any other kid! Our family LOVES Juice Plus+ and the $100 we pay every month for all the five of us is worth every penny! :)

    • Loose Nuts

      You’re not giving us the whole story, Ana. Do you guys exercise regularly? Are you all eating healthy? Are you spending time outdoors? If you answered “yes” to those questions, frankly, spend the $100 on something more useful, because Juice Plus has nothing to do with your family’s well-being.

      • Ana Willis

        Blessings Loose Nuts!

        No we don’t exercise as we should (shame to say this), my kids are 3, 5 and 6 yes they ran in circles sometimes in my living room :D . We had over 5 meters of snow this year in PEI so no time outdoors more than 6 months a year. Like I said we were all junk eaters before and yes NOW we do eat healthier today because of the metabolic programming that JP helps the body doing. I became a health coach because of what Juice Plus began to do in our lives. I felt in love with nutrition and decided to go back to school and get certified as a health coach so I could help others to achieve what our family has achieved. I work along side medical doctors, RNs, Naturopaths etc bringing in the education about nutrition. We would have never had the will power to simply flip into healthy eating haven’t not added Juice Plus and Complete to our diet. If you don’t believe I don’t blame you, I didn’t actually until I tried myself.

        I’m not here for debates and quite frankly I’m too busy for this kind of thing. Hope this answer your questions Loose Nuts, have a blessed Easter/Passover weekend! :)

        To learn more about my work as a health coach you can visit my website http://www.liveleanlovelife.ca or my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/liveleanlovelifewithAnaWillis

        • Stu Cookerson

          Giving children as young as THREE a product filled with artificial additives sounds like a good idea. And by good I mean terrible.

        • Long Duck

          Again, you don’t mention that you SELL Juice Plus. You benefit financially from this quackery, so you can’t be considered an impartial source by any means.

        • Loose Nuts

          But now that you live a healthy(-ish) lifestyle, why do you need Juice Plus?

          • Ana Willis

            I love it! I will never be able to make my little ones eat the recommended portions of fruits and veggies daily and it’s my best choice as a whole food supplement! :) Each one has their freedom to make their own choices in life, this is mine according to their own conscience. :)

          • Haard Vark

            Plus they get extra sugar from the additives in Juice Plus! That’s gotta be good for them.

          • fyi_im_me

            You are such a contradiction. No where in your extensive education did they explain how bad sweeteners are for you? You say you don’t take synthetic vitamins…how is that different from synthetic additives???

        • fyi_im_me

          If you fell in love with nutrition then why are you using JP??? Confused….you recommend sweeteners and processed additives as part of a nutritious plan??? Not debating, just very confused by your statements.

    • Long Duck

      …”Ana” is a Juice Plus sales rep. So she has a vested interested in pedaling this nonsense. Her “virtual franchise” page is here: http://ichooselife.canada.juiceplus.com/. She also has a wellness program here http://liveleanlovelife.ca/, although nowhere does it say that she’s a doctor. Lastly, she’s apparently also a pastor. So she can always tell you that if you don’t buy Juice Plus, you’re going to hell. That’s a sales pitch I wanna hear!

      • fyi_im_me

        It’s already being used….repeatedly. google Jesus and JuicePlus.

    • Sherri Sullivan

      Ana! It’s me, Sherri from class! We’re in the same upward revenue silo! Did Susan tell you to post here? Me too! Good job!

      • fyi_im_me

        “Told you to post here” and you question why we wonder about your ability to think for yourself and make independent educated decisions.

      • Ana Willis

        No no one told me about this I don’t really remember how I came across this yesterday.

        • Sherri Sullivan

          It’s me, Sheri! Remember? Susan told us to come on here and shut down this unfair, awful article. Good job! See you in class!

  • fyi_im_me

    I have come up with a fantastic new weight loss and health supplement. I call it Wood Plus. It is organic and has all of the natural goodness that can only be found in our forest – the tree! The program is simple. Send my a one time fee of $129.99 and I will send you your very own Wood Plus program pack. It includes the pictured wood motivation tool as well as a phone number to a local gym. Simply call the gym and set up an appointment with their nutritionist. Follow his recomendations for a healthy diet and work out plan and shazam! You will be fit as a fiddle in no time (perhaps as fast as a year!) thanks to Wood Plus. As long as you keep eating right and working out the wood will take care of the rest! Call now – dealers wanted, introduce your friends to the miracle of the wood!.

  • Rich Lozano

    wow Fooducate, that was the WORST analyzation I have ever seen from you guys!! too funny. I am a medical nutritionist and have been taking and recommending juice plus for over 2 years, have done 6months of my own research on it plus looked at how many other TOP health pros recommend it. How much research have you guys done, like 1 hr??
    Take juice plus yourself for 4 months and then speak

    • Ruse Fuss

      1. What is a medical nutritionist?
      2. Would any actual professional have such terrible grammar, punctuation, and syntax?
      3. Is your research peer reviewed and published anywhere we can see?

    • fyi_im_me

      So you honestly are a nutritionist and you recommend a product with artificial additives. …I call BS.

  • Happy Patient

    Guys, let me share something with you.

    Two years ago this time, I wasn’t doing so hot. I was overweight, I was tired all the time. I had Hepatitis C. I was HIV positive. I was in the early stages of multiple myeloma. And because of it, I was missing a lot of work and consequently was not in a good place financially.

    That’s when I started taking Juice Plus. And now?

    Well, I still have all those problems. But now I’m poorer.

    • fyi_im_me


  • #1 Juice Plus Fan

    Im a like juice pluss real good because make it my brain body health be better and i no knowum how eat so good and i got like numbers on me all the time. I eat them pills and i also sell them pills so if youwant pills call me and i give you pills when you give me money so good.

    • Lester Falwell Stuart Jones II

      I to liek the Juice Plus for me and family of mine. We take and no get so sickum that we can’t not throwups in our bojangles chicken platterz.

    • False Start Sutherland

      I’monna wanna get on this gravvy train cuz i loveums the Juice Plus teeny tiny pills. They whatfor make my inside parts jingle and tingle with them there newtreeants and vitmeens. I chew up two odem wtih eachh helpin of possum i munch down.

    • Kentucky 4-Eva

      I didn’t go to college, but I love me some college basketball. And some Juice Plus.

    • Nathan Bedford 4est

      Juice Plus is ma dailee treet. like tother day i done found i out i flunked the gee-e-d test for the thirdy time, so i rewardum meself with juice plus pills. Feel much better but still not so sure how’s i’m gonna feed my babeez.

    • Collapsable Steve

      I was a terrible husband. I cheated on my wife, belittled her, and made her feel less than human.

      I was a terrible father. I withheld love from my children, beat them, and made them feel unloved.

      I was a terrible employee. I stole from every organization I worked for, I disappointed my teammates, I betrayed every trust I was given.

      I love Juice Plus.

    • Susie Suzles

      …I started takin that Juice Plus when i was pregnant with my seventh kid, even though my doctor told me not to. Screw that guy. he’s a prude. I’d say she turned out not as well as my third kid, but definitely nowhere near as bad as my sixth kid. i’m chalkin’ that one up to Juice Plus!

    • Harold Long

      I tried to use Juice Plus to help me get off drugs…the guy who sold it to me said it would work.

      It didn’t, but taking Juice Plus in ADDITION to heroin is pretty fantastic!

    • Mac Ronson

      I love Juice Plus. Never actually taken it, but I used to trade it for sex down on the docks when I lived in Portsmouth. No complaints.

    • Carrie Worthing

      I love Juice Plus. I am a sales rep, and I badgered my friends and family to buy the product even though it’s really not essential to a healthy lifestyle. Even if they refused, I pestered them until they finally gave in. I turned them from cherished friends and loved ones into mere customers – pawns in my rise to the top! I LOVE YOU JUICE PLUS!

    • Dr. Love

      I force-fed Juice Plus to my two kids against my pediatrician’s wishes, and I gotta say, it works: They never get sick anymore. They also never get out of bed and foam at the mouth, but, let’s be honest, it’s a small price to pay. LOVE YA J+!

    • Dude Abends

      I crush ‘em up and snort ‘em and, I gotta say, the rush is second to none! Go Juice Plus!

    • Granny Ferguson

      You guys make me sick. Juice Plus is an important product that has helped thousands of people live healthier, longer, more fulfilling lives.

      Also, I like to open my capsules up and dump ‘em into my gin and tonic. RIDE THE JUICE WAVE!

  • fyi_im_me

    So since debate doesn’t work, you spam it to try to take away the credibility of the article. How childish.

    • Sooth Sayer

      maybe read some of the #1 Juice Plus Fan responses closer. Some are pretty hilarious…and true…

      • fyi_im_me

        It is true but it belittles the point of the article; however it does seem to have stopped the sales pitches lol

        • ClydeMcFatter

          …it’s just nice to see someone mocking Juice Plus users for the brain-dead lemmings they are.

          • fyi_im_me

            Lol….I can’t believe how brainwashed they are

          • Ruse Fuss

            I guess they’re not hurting anyone…except their families by wasting their money on this stuff…and their friends by constantly hassling them to buy the stuff…ok, it’s not a victim-less crime.

          • fyi_im_me

            Exactly….it is awful….you are a bad Mom if you don’t give that crap to your kids…. The guilt, the lies, etc… it needs to stop!

  • Rob

    Ok captain obvious. Worst article ever that proves nothing and has no real points against juice plus that anyone cares about or didn’t already know. Of course it’s better to consume vitamins in their regular form through fruit and veggies., you must have really studied to figure that out.

    • Jucie Plus Corporate

      Rob! Thank you for being a loyal Juice Plus distributor! See you at the convention in July!

    • Nanette Longton

      RIGHT ON, ROB! I started taking Juice Plus after having my seventh baby with my fifth husband. My drymouth, gout, milk-leg, and most of my open mouth sores cleared up within weeks. I’m still pretty fat and don’t think too good, but other than that, things are pretty ok.

    • fyi_im_me

      Lol….obvious huh? Read the comments. It’s obvious to anyone not drinking the JP koolaid

  • not a hater

    Gosh how many haters in this page! Listen, if you don’t want to take the damn capsules, then don’t do it. Have any of those making negative comments about it taken them? I don’t think so, I haven’t read any comment saying how bad these capsules are. On the other hand, you have the people that are actually taking it and are happy with it. People likes to give their opinion on topics they ignore, this just shows their ignorance. Anyway, I’m going to get the damn capsules and then I will give my opinion based on my experience, so I don’t look and sound that ignorant on the topic. If you don’t have anything to say that shows your ACTUAL knowledge on this, I would suggest that you remember what you mom probably thought you: “if you don’t have anything good to say, then don’t say anything”.

    • Lincoln Lahgz

      Preach, brother! I’ve been taking Juice Plus for three years now, and I’ve gotta say, it’s changed my life. My wife thought I was crazy when I first started taking it, but I told that bitch to shut up. Well, she left me pretty quickly. I engaged in a prolonged custody battle with her, and I insisted that my right to give Juice Plus to my kids (age 1, 3, and 4) be written into our settlement. The judge shot that down pretty quick.

      Before I knew it, I was living in a one-bedroom apartment in a complex outside the city limits, with only supervised visits on alternate weekends with my kids. I sleep on a futon and what little furniture I have is from Ikea. My depression prevented me from accelerating at work, and soon I was laid off. Money got pretty tight, but I decided to pay for my Juice Plus instead of paying my court-ordered child support. I briefly ended up in jail because of it, but I met some cool folks, and I think they’ll be buying Juice Plus from me once they get out.

      So, yeah, the people commenting here know nothing of what Juice Plus is capable of doing. The haters will always hate. But as I sit here in the lobby of a nearby Days Inn where I can get free wireless, I can honestly say, my life would be very different without Juice Plus.

    • fyi_im_me

      Lol…nice try. You are already on it and probably selling the crap.

    • fyi_im_me

      Oh and I don’t need to try smoking to find out whether it’s good for me or not. I can form an educated opinion based on reputable sources. It is the same with JP. Added sugars are NOT good for you. Synthetic additives are NOT good for you. Real food is good for you

  • fyi_im_me
  • P Diabetic

    I am investigating Juice + and wanted to see what negative comments where out there. I was very disappointed by your claims once I researched you points of facts. After carefully considering your claims as to why one should be apprehensive about the company, I researched what you had to say, and found that you did not have one spec of actual verifiable data on how you reached your conclusions. You made general statement, however unless I missed something you did not provide one piece of hard data, scientific quotes or any disputed medical research to validate your conclusions.
    After checking your background, which is heavy in marketing and tech, you make statements based on the fact that you have three children, and you have read a lot of articles and books on different health issues, thus you are an expert on the subject. Have you ever had a science class above High School Biology?
    Your opinionated conclusions show that you are far more dangerous than the 16 respected medically based research studies that you want us to pooh pooh. I thing you should find another line of business as you have proved that you should take your publication and use it for pooh pooh! You have zero credibility.

    • fyi_im_me

      Strange….your research endorses added sweeteners? In the chewables the first 3 ingredients are sugar sources. Also your research shows that artificial suppliments are good for you? Wow….you might want to look again. I would assume you are looking at the same studies that show smoking is good for you. JP relies on the gullibility of uneducated people and is in business to make lots of money off of them. It is a scam in so many ways. But you would know that since you sell the stuff. The integrity of all the sales people when they come on here and lie proves the scam. It disgusts me.

    • fyi_im_me

      Your name has diabetic on it….i hope you aren’t taking it. That much sugar is very bad for diabetics. Any dietician will tell you that.

    • Keri Cole

      You tell ‘em, P!

      People told me I shouldn’t take Juice Plus because I too was a diabetic, and pregnant, but I told those haters to go stuff themselves and I took it anyway! My doctor was appalled, and my family really started to dislike me – especially when I began forcing them all to buy it and take it too (they were buying it from me, so KA-CHING$$)…they also resented me when my blood sugar spiked and we almost lost the baby several times…

      But you know how haters are! These days I take Juice Plus, my daughter seems to be coping with her developmental disabilities well, and sure, my husband took off and my family won’t speak to me, but that’s a small price to pay for the power of the mega-nutrients found in Juice Plus.

    • A&P Diabetic

      Thanks, Kate! See you at the next Juice Plus sales meeting!

  • fyi_im_me

    A doctor’s take on why JP is not all it’s cracked up to be : http://www.mlmwatch.org/04C/NSA/juiceplus.html

  • fyi_im_me
  • fyi_im_me

    This we have seen over and over in this discussion: http://www.quackwatch.org/11Ind/bolen.html

  • fyi_im_me
    • http://www.yourhealthymuse.com Patricia

      Came across this site quite a while ago and booked marked it….then lost it! Thanks again!

      • fyi_im_me

        No problem

  • fyi_im_me
    • http://www.yourhealthymuse.com Patricia

      Yes fyi_im_me he sure does and I agree! There are some fabulous “Greens”
      products on the Canada market that have loads of health in them! A
      multi vitamin yes just make sure that the “non medical” ingredients are

  • fyi_im_me
  • JMartin

    This is the dumbest article ever. Who else would offer to pay for Juiceplus’ studies? It doesn’t mean they paid off the scientists and participants. Also, the high amount of nutrients? I think you are confused with the supplements and vitamins you buy off the shelf that are not even regulated by the FDA. The author of this article should be embarrassed, as they are REACHING for points to complain about.

    • Karen Walters

      Damn straight, JMartin! And great use of the “thumbs down” emoji!

      People told me not to take Juice Plus, too. They were like, “Karen, that can’t be good.” “Karen, you’re going through menopause.” and “Karen, you already have lupus, shouldn’t you check with your doctor?” and “Karen, you’re an alcoholic.” Blah blah blah. Negative Nellies, that’s what I call them.

      Now, every morning before work I wash down a handful of Juice Plus pills with my morning water glass of vodka and, if I remember, my lupus meds, and man, you have no idea how good I feel. At least until about 11:30am…but my lunchtime cocktail of Juice Plus, vodka, and lupus meds quickly gets me right on track until quittin’ time, when I meet some of the gals for G&Ts at my local watering hole, then go pick up the kids from either school, or my ex’s, wherever they hell they are. Sometimes I forget and have to stop by both places. “Oh, Karen!” they say…but with a hint of sadness in their voice I could never understand.

      I guess my point is, don’t listen to these so-called “experts.” They don’t know how to live your life for you. Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for my pre-dinner vodka, Juice Plus, and lupus meds…then I gotta put the kids to bed before my 17-year-old boyfriend gets here. GOOD TIMES! THANK YOU JUICE PLUS!

      • Karen Walters

        …also, people here keep whining about how expensive Juice Plus is? I call BS on that…they know they can pay for Juice Plus with sex (or at least hand/mouth stuff), right??? C’mon. Whiners. Negative Nellies.

    • fyi_im_me

      Again…have you read the ingredients? I am beginning to think JP supporters can’t read.

  • loobeylou86x

    What a load ofun rubbish this article is.
    why are more people than ever getting sick? Because they haven’t got good nutrition!!! I can’t think of one person that has become ill while on juice plus. Get your facts right. The nation is obese and as unhealthy as ever because of the crop we put into our body’s.

    Juice plus is completely bio available so you aren’t peeing any nutrients away.

    Much better eating fruits and veg?? From the supermarket?? Really?? Where it has been lying frozen and all sorts of chemicals and preservatives from date of picking to getting to supermarkets and can sit in supermarkets for weeks before going on the shelfs.

    Tell you what. You go and pick a ripe apple fresh from an apple tree and tell me how long it lasts in you kitchen. … not long. Now tell me how good it is to eat all those chemicals. Could this be the reason that people now more than ever are getting sick?

    • Crank Kramer

      You tell ‘em, loobeylou86x!

      These nags and naysayers are really getting on my nerves, and they don’t have a leg to stand on. I however, do. Hear me out:

      People said I shouldn’t go on Juice Plus in part because I only have one leg. Cut off righty just below the knee in a motorcycle accident in ’87. The fuzz was on to me and I had a pretty big stash of Mexican ‘ludes in my saddlebag, so it wasn’t in my best interest to let ‘em pull me over. The good news is that I was able to open my bag and ingest the cargo before they finally caught up with me…and at that point I was so zonked that I didn’t even noticed when my calf was pinched under my rear tire, the result of a nasty spinout…

      So, yeah, when I first started taking Juice Plus, people were shocked. My health complications mean that any change in my diet could be potentially devastating. My doctor, 4 of my 7 kids, my sixth wife…they were all against it. Also, I still have a pretty intense amphetamine habit from my biker days, so they were wondering how all the added sweeteners/sugars in Juice Plus would react to that…

      Turns out they react GREAT! Mixin’ a few JPs with some white crosses is how I start every day. Heck, it’s how I do lunch and dinner too. And a midnight snack. I love the stuff. And I’ve also become a distributor, and I got those same 4 kids who told me not to start takin’ it to be my customers! Honestly, they’re so scared of me when I’m amped they’d by a pile of bull feces from me, but hey, it just means my Juice Plus pills are PAID FOR.

      So rock on, loobeylou! Thanks for spoutin’ the truth. If you’re ever near our chapter of the Hell’s Angels, come on down to our clubhouse and I’ll show you a good time. You like Mexican chicks, right?

      • loobeylou86x

        Ok so you are totally off point but heck u gave me a good laugh!

        • Crank Kramer

          Buy Juice Plus from me – or else!

    • fyi_im_me

      And you are claiming JP is nutritious????

      • loobeylou86x

        Yes! are you claiming its not?
        If so please explain your reason behind this.

        • fyi_im_me

          Sugar, first of all….3 different sweeteners….folic acid added instead of naturally occurring folate…. the 4 nutrients it does actually contain are added as suppliments instead of from the supposed fruits and veg in it. The JP website does not even claim it is nutritious, only the salespeople do. It is easier, cheaper, and WAY healthier to just eat real food. JP encourages a healthy lifestyle so it appears their product is nutritious but if you actually read each ingredient and research it instead of blindly believing the salespeople, it is very apparent that it is a product of manufacturing designed to make money. other than that has no more benefit than any other less expensive multivitamin and actually most of those vitamins are better for you

          • loobeylou86x

            Can you name these 3 sweeteners you are referring too please?
            I don’t see any issue with adding folic acid.
            It is completely bio available unlike most cheaper multivitamins.
            as it is a wholefood and carries a wholefood label it isn’t a supplement.
            When you cook veg you are cooking a lot of the enzymes out. The enzyme help break down and digest your food so that it be used in your body correctly.
            Jp capsules are dried at such a low temp that the enzymes are kept.

            Here’s a little test for you.

            Get 2 bowl of porridge oats sprinkle 1 with juice plus capsules and 1 with cheaper multivitamins. LeAve overnight and see what bowl has broken down allowing the nutrients to be absorbed.

          • fyi_im_me

            Nice try….I’m not going to eat that crap….the 3 sugars are tapioca syrup, maltodextrin and evaporated cane juice….also there is more sugar than powder from fruits and veg. Folic acid is a synthetic product being heavily investigated currently for potentially life threatening side effects. As i said…do your research, don’t blindly follow those with a financial interest in selling the crap.

          • loobeylou86x

            I didn’t ask you to eat it! I asked you to do an experiment with a bowl of oats.
            I have done my researcH on juice plus I will however do research on folic acid. I would ask kindly that you return the favour by doing your research.

            I have the capsules right in front of me and those 3 sweeteners you just mentioned I can confirm 100% ate not in the ingredients. Where did you say you got your information from? Happy to send pictures to back this up

          • fyi_im_me

            I have seen it done and it proves nothing….it is mixing in not being chemically absorbed.

          • fyi_im_me

            Also to note: i don’t take multivitamins either. I eat good food and grow as much as i can. I control my purchases and make every effort to ensure the produce i buy is of the best quality. JP does not guarantee quality. …they assure everyone that they do their best to use the best possible choices in their production process. They also do not guarantee organic. Bio available is important but dissolving in liquid does not mean bioavailable. Again do your research…all that proves is it is soluable not bioavailable. The additives in JP are not 100% bioavailable at best the juice powder is but the nutrient sources aren’t.

          • loobeylou86x

            You are one of the many few. If you grow your own veg good for you. Many people can’t that’s why it’s the next best thing.
            I didn’t say anything about adding it to water . I said a bowl of oats.

            Unfortunately I can’t grow my own veg. Nor do I have the time or money to eat the recommended 10 portions of fruit and veg everyday.

            That’s why I take juice plus.
            You obviously take good care of yourself and eat organically. That’s great! But I’m fed up of everyone slating jp. That don’t have a clue about it while feeding themselves and their kids with pizza and chips

          • Ruse Fuss

            You do realize the sentence “You are one of the many few.” makes absolutely no sense. Just like your arguments.

          • loobeylou86x

            Seriously that is what you pick up on? Something so trivial. Come back to me when you have a serious point and I will be happy to give you the time of day. you quite clearly haVe done no research and don’t know what you are talking about. I think it’s possible someone likes to jump on the bandwagon to feel important

          • Clam Sanders

            You clearly have not done your research on how the “shift” key on your keyboard works.

            It’s well established via clinical studies that Juice Plus is garbage designed to take money from fools and to enslave their friends and family in its multi-level-marketing hellscape. But have fun with your sweeteners and veggie-dust.

          • fyi_im_me

            You obviously speak from experience as independent research proves JP is crap and you are certainly on the bandwagon.

          • fyi_im_me

            I wouldn’t have a problem if the salespeople were ethical and told the truth. Instead of spouting crap about bioavailability and dna protection etc.. say what it really is and what it should be used for. Dont slam farmer produce and supermarket produce and claim JP is any better. It is no where near as nutritious as eating real food….even stuff with pesticides on it. . At least they can be cleaned….JP products can’t. The chemicals are processed right into the product. Quit pretending they know even a little bit about nutrition because they don’t and quit giving medical information out that is based on garbage science and might get someone killed. JP is a Flintstones vitamin packaged differently. There is room in the marketplace for it; but stop lying and cheating people.

  • Chrissy Stuart

    You guys, this article is SO WRONG. I’ve been taking Juice Plus for years, and I feel great. I first started taking it when my high school boyfriend’s mom was a distributor, and he gave it to me at costs provided I give him a little extra you-know-what.

    We broke up a few months later, but I’ve not broken up with Juice Plus! Throughout all the trials in my life — extended periods of joblessness, meth addiction (and recovery — well, mostly!), three marriages, four kids, a few felonies, prostitution, and way too much to talk about here — I’ve taken Juice Plus. I’ve robbed and sold what wasn’t mine (and what WAS mine, if you get my drift) to pay for it. Never gone without it.

    These days I’m not as spry (or pretty) as I used to be, but I’m finding Juice Plus to be a good source of nutrients since my teeth are so jacked from using meth that regular fruits and vegetables are out of the question. Juice Plus, booze, and Altoids mints give me all that I need to get up in the morning and keep making the world a better place!

  • Michael JC
    • Diamondback Jones

      Thank you, Michael JC!

      This video shows while I’ll always be a loyal Juice Plus customer.

      As a Brooklyn-based cocaine and oxycontin dealer, I have a very stressful life and can’t always find time to eat right. Someone turned me on to Juice Plus a few years back, and I gotta say, it gives me all the energy and vitality I need to zip uptown to meet my suppliers, ferry product to customers on Wall Street, extract payment from of my more deadbeat clientele, and still enjoy the “company” of high-priced call girls in the evenings. I hustle, rage, and roll with the determination and style of a guy 20 years younger, and I owe it all to Juice Plus.

      Another thing: Juice Plus’s multi-level marketing program makes it easy for me to apply the skills of, well, let’s just say “persuasion” that I’ve cultivated as a drug dealer to a legitimate enterprise. Now when a famous musician or movie star pings my pager for a bump, I also offer them some Juice Plus. The markup is not as good as blow, but I feel like it’s something I could sell in my retirement to keep spending money coming in while keeping the cops off my back.

      Thank you, Juice Plus! And thank you, Michael JC!

  • Michael JC
    • fyi_im_me

      More false reviews given by salespeople. Love all the exaggerateion and bs.

  • fyi_im_me
  • fyi_im_me
  • fyi_im_me
  • fyi_im_me
  • Michael JC

    fyi-im-me I am not sure who you are because you hide your face but only the people who use JP can review. Further more please do not judge others without knowing the facts. The best way to find out is for you to use JP to know the truth. How do you make your money? Do you sell anything? Do you give false advise to people and grab money from them? Or do you do a regular job?

    • Michael PC

      Michael, come on. You don’t need to use a product in order to determine its benefits or shortcomings. I know that cigarettes are bad for me thanks to clinical research and years of evidence. I know that getting hit by a truck hurts. I know that Juice Plus is garbage thanks to a number of thoughtful, well-researched articles…

    • Hanz Franzleton

      Thanks for putting fyi-im-me in his place, Michael!

      People don’t know what they’re talking about when they criticize Juice Plus. I’m a professional bodybuilder and personal trainer, and I encourage all my clients to use it. I’ve been able to achieve my maximum fitness potential through a diligent program that combines Juice Plus, lots of fluids, anabolic steroids, human growth hormone, and cocaine. If you mix those in the right proportion, mix in some rigorous training, and you’ll be the most muscular, fit version of yourself you can be!

      And, as an added bonus, you’ll be so pumped that if one of your clients doesn’t want to buy Juice Plus from you, you can threaten them with physical violence and scare the crap outta them!

      Rock on, Juice Plus!

    • fyi_im_me

      Actually i am a financial planner. It is my job to protect my clients against stuff like this. I am well versed in the gimics of sheister salesmen as it is my job to do so. I can review this product just as i can review whether or not cigarettes are good for me without actually smoking. As i have said previously, you are endorsing sugar and processed suppliments for your clients….that is fact not fiction. All the smoke and mirrors you try to disguise it with don’t hide the fact that it isnot good for you and definitely is not better than real food.

  • fyi_im_me

    Protect yourself!

  • fyi_im_me

    “Juice Plus actively recommend doing the following:

    Posting status updates saying how ‘fresh’ and ‘energetic’ you feel, and how you wish you’d have been introduced to Juice Plus years ago.For some people this might be true, but if it’s not, telling lies to your friends in order to sell them products is a little unethical, don’t you think?Tagging people, claiming this has the potential to be seen by thousands.It does, but it also really annoys people!Share your lifestyle to attract people, saying how money made from Juice Plus has enabled them to do (insert life achievement here, eg. holiday, house deposit).If you’ve actually made that much money from Juice Plus, the chances are you won’t have to share it on Facebook because people will already know. Furthermore, your friends aren’t stupid, and know that in 6 weeks you won’t have made enough money to put a downpayment on a house, because they didn’t buy your capsule offer and neither did Janine or Steven in the office.Bragging is a negative personal quality, and most people realise that those who succeed don’t need to brag.


    Check into Facebook when attending Juice Plus events like conferences, to show them you’re “living the life people want to live”
    I don’t know about you, but the life I want to live certainly doesn’t involve attending conferences? What it also doesn’t mention, is that this company still charges their own staff to attend the conference!

    Make your sellers feel they too can achieve becoming successful and rich

    While this is great to begin with and gets them interested its just not sustainable… lets look at it like this… you order a take                 away from take away a… he says it will be with you in 5… it arrives in 25 minutes… you order from take away b… he says                 it will be with you in 35 and it arrives in 25. Which take away would you use next time? managing peoples expectations is                 a key success in any business and whilst lying or exaggerating can start you off, it simply wont last this is why we think                       this is a stupid move.

    Its important to read the points we list because we are highlighting how a seller sounds of social media and you need to establish a balance.

    Also remember their guide is just a guide, do not follow it down to the bone because everyone else will be doing the same. business dont success because they are all alike they succeed because they offer what other businesses dont.”

  • fyi_im_me
  • Andy Cartwright

    I’ve been a steady Juice Plus user for years, and I have to say, this article is bunk. In the church of Scientology, of which I am a member and employee, there is a growing community of Juice Plus enthusiasts like myself who see the use of the product as a further step towards the ultimate mental and physical purification which we all strive for.

    I was on Sea-Org for many years, and was never far from my Juice Plus. Heck, even during the year and a half I spent in the hole for insubordination, I continued using Juice Plus.

    And yes, naysayers, I sell Juice Plus. Because I believe in it and because my fellow Scientologists believe in it. My dream is to one day be Tom Cruise’s personal Juice Plus rep!

  • fyi_im_me
    • Juice Plus Coroprate

      For your information, what we’re saying is “Say no to sugar, except the sugar in our product.”

      • fyi_im_me


  • Ferg Reynolds

    As a violent felon with a rap sheet a mile long, encompassing attempted murder, extortion, assault-and-battery, manslaughter, and kidnapping, I don’t miss a single dosage of Juice Plus. The deck of life is stacked against me, and I need all the mega-nutrients and roughage that I can get. So whether pistol-whipping a bound-and-gagged mother of two or committing inter-state mail fraud, Juice Plus gives me the energy and clarity-of-mind I need to make it through the day.

    The folks behind this article just don’t know what they’re talking about.

  • fyi_im_me

    Lol…I just read that JP is the McDonalds of the suppliment world….crappiest and expensive

  • Heather V

    I love direct sales, it is an awesome way to make money. Mary Kay, Avon, Tupperware…. So I loved juice plus when they first came out, I was all over the tower garden, I had an issue with the pills because they did cost a lot. I am also a huge juicer and they were comparing the pill to fresh ORGANIC juice from juicing as being better for you cost wise. I called the company and they could not tell me how many servings of fruit and veggies per dose. They seem to know all this other stuff from their study’s but they could not even guest-a-mate 1/2 serving, 1/8 serving 1 full serving….call them yourself and ask a few questions on that topic. JP is super vague on this topic…so I stopped selling. I do like my tower garden but is was $500 and you really could make your own for much less, killer ideas on blogs, Pinterest and Houzz.

    I agreed with a lot of what this article had to say but you still need to follow your gut and do your own research.

    Former JP sales Rep.

  • Ryan Scott

    this article is a joke, you clearly have done very little research on this product and it shows by you only mentioning the studies once, if you had researched the product and the benefits you would know that they say its NOT a replacement for eating the recommended amount of fruits and veg but as only 2% of Australians eat the recommended amount its providing a way for the other 98% to boost their intake. I think you should take this down, do more research and if you come to the same conclusion put an article up that doesn’t have huge holes in the research.

    • fyi_im_me

      Since obviously you can’t read ingredients perhaps you should refrain from critisizing other’s research.

    • Iceberg Slim

      Don’t let the haters get you down, Ryan! Right on! I love Juice Plus…the people who spin these lies just don’t know what they’re talking about.

      As a mid-level pimp, I have a very stressful, active job that requires me to be on my toes, and doesn’t afford me the time to dedicate as much time as I should to my nutrition. One second I’m brokering a deal in an alley downtown, the next I’m high-tailing it to the city jail to spring one of my gals, the next I’m shaking down a john for non-payment, the next I’m “auditioning” new talent at my place or in my car.

      It’s a tough way to make living, and I love what I do – and I couldn’t do it without Juice Plus.

  • fyi_im_me

    OMG….JP shut me down on the other site where i asked about the sugar. They refused to answer my questions and set it to no comments….I know it’s because they know maltodextrin is not good for you at all.

  • fyi_im_me

    How long will it take for a JP rep to put a comment to ensure their’s is newest lol…..should take bets

  • Rachel Belmont

    This blog is downright fail ! There’s no added vitamins and minerals . Me and my family have been taking it for over 2 years and we don’t ever get sick . This is whole Food from organically grown raw fruits and veggies ! Also if u actually did u research you would know that the way they extract and how it’s carefully juiced . It is bioavailable. This is NSF certified . U can go on u tube thedoctors/juiceplus . There is tons of videos on u tube from different doctors that speak about it because they use it themselves why ? Because it works! I hate when people put down things they don’t know what the hell their talking about .

    • Lonnie Holiday

      Thank you for standing up for Juice Plus, Rachel! I too have been taking Juice Plus for years, and it’s really made my life and health so much better. I first started taking it when my cousin, a Juice Plus sales rep, told me it could help me with my depression. Two years and three suicide attempts later, I’m no longer depressed, but I’m still using and loving Juice Plus!

      • Lonnie Holiday

        OK, I’m still a little depressed. My cousin lied to me. Why would she have done that?

      • Rachel Belmont

        What a beautiful story , thank you for sharing that with me.

        • fyi_im_me

          So you never changed anything else…..kept the same lifestyle…ate the same crap….I call bs….again….READ the ingredients.

        • Lonnie Holiday

          It is a beautiful story. Instead of seeking help from a qualified mental health professional, I listened to my cousin, who lied to me and told me Juice Plus could help me with my depression. If I had just gotten help, I would be a lot better off, and wouldn’t have to contend with the aftermath of two failed suicide attempts. This is how multi-level marketing destroys relationships – it turns friends and families into marks good only for increasing your profits.

          Seems like you read these comments about as closely as you read the labels on your garbage supplements.

    • fyi_im_me

      Folic acid is man made NOT naturally occuring….Citric acid is added….etc…ALL the nutrients in Juice Plus are added to the powder. Read your ingredients. The gummies are loaded with added sugar again…READ

  • fyi_im_me

    Well lookie more JP supporters following directions…..be good little clones and drink some more Koolaid.

  • Juice Plus Corporate

    Just wanted to thank all the Juice Plus suppliers out there for heeding the call in last month’s newsletter and raising your voices against this horrible, inaccurate, disrespectful article.

    Hope to see you all at the convention in July!

  • kelli

    Juice is not a scam i saw the benifits myself in my grandmother and even me my grandmother had cancer her doctor told her to take the juice plus and it cut he chemo treatment in half she had minimal sickness during treatment did not lose her hair and has been cancer free since then which has been like 7+years and as for me my dr told me i had pre diabetes and fat in my liver and i made the decision to take my juice plus and within a few months my blood work showed a big improvement my liver test went back to normal and there was no pre diabetes so this fooducate is a crock

    • fyi_im_me

      I call BS…..if you read the ingredients, it is not a miracle maker….it is full of added suppliments and garbage.

    • Glenn Cluck

      Kelli clearly had cancer of the punctuation marks, and had to have them surgically removed.

    • Guillermo Noriega

      You tell ‘em, Kelli!

      I used to always feel so run down, and when you’re an international dealer of illicit weapons like I am, that’s not a good thing. If I don’t have my wits about me, people get the wrong thing, and bad things happen. Well, by that, I usually mean that my customers don’t get to kill as many people as they normally would have if I had had my wits about me. The world of portable destructive implements is a vast and complex one.

      So a while back I started buying Juice Plus from one of my suppliers, and I gotta say, I feel better. Now, if someone asks me for a crate of rocket launchers to arm a rebel insurgency or an ample shipment of armor-piercing cyanide-tipped bullets, I can deliver with accuracy and speed. All of my clients, from the communist guerrilla revolutionaries to the domestic white supremacists, have seen a difference in me and my demeanor.

      Thank you, Juice Plus!

    • King Logic

      To use your own argument against you, “Juice is not a scam” – Juice Plus is.

  • fyi_im_me

    Read the ingredients for yourself and see the garbage they are adding. All the nutrients are added and are processed not naturally occurring. Lots of sugar in the chewables.

  • Gordan Talmadge

    As a baby seal clubber in northern Canada, I rely on Juice Plus to give me the energy and mental and physical acuity it takes to really whomp those suckers. Whoever wrote this article has clearly never beaten a seal to death (it’s harder than you think) or taken Juice Plus. For shame.

  • fyi_im_me

    I think they figure if they ignore us, we’ll go away lol.

  • http://staceystacy.facebook.com Stacey Lewis

    My then teenage daughter I were on Juice Plus for four years. Healthy eating has always been a goal. I noticed her skin clear up from acne, my skin became less irritated in the sun, we both starting graving more fruits and veggies as our body became more accustomed to the benefits of using the products. I eventually stopped taking the product and regretted doing so. I am now again happily affiliated with this wonderful company. You got this one wrong. I am a proud distributor of this amazing product. stacey.juiceplus.com. Also, we now have a TowerGarden whereby you may grow your own fresh veggies! One small change……. Peace abide

    • Gil Stampapato

      Rock on, Stacey!

      I’ve been dealing with naysayers and negativity every since I started taking Juice Plus. But I was at the end of my rope: I was tired, run down, my work was suffering, and my home life was too.

      So I started taking Juice Plus and I’ve never looked back. When I started, I was just small-time hired muscle…you know, whackin’ snitches, shaking down shopkeepers for protection money, running numbers, tailing my bosses’ gumars, and so on.

      Since I’ve been using Juice Plus, I’ve climbed the latter in record time. Now I’m the one who’s ordering the hits, reaping the protection dough, and nailing my gumar every time my wife’s back is turned. Thanks to Juice Plus, I finally have the energy to make it happen, and my whole family has noticed the difference.

      I’ve also become a distributor! Legs, Tall Tony, Shifty, Sully, Clamato…I got all my boys using it. OR ELSE.

      • http://staceystacy.facebook.com Stacey Lewis

        Kudos! The Juice Plus company is stellar. I am happy to hear your good report.

        • Gil Stampapato

          Thanks, Stacy!

          Yes, I am able to murder, extort, bribe, and manipulate people so much better now thanks to Juice Plus.

          • Gayle Fault

            Wow…she calls herself a screenwriter and comic, but your funny sarcasm was totally lost on her. Best that she doesn’t quit her day job. Whatever that is.

    • fyi_im_me

      So as asked repeatedly previously, you changed nothing else in your lifestyle? You just added JP to your diet? BS READ THE INGREDIENTS! Additives, suppliments, sweeteners, etc. They are NOT good for you. Scientifically, the effect you report is impossible other than placebo.

  • fyi_im_me
  • Lea Sunshine Sibley

    I am pretty sure this whole article is a load of shit..I took these pills, both the fruit and veggies on a daily basis, AFTER I had to go through 6 months of chemotherapy. After a couple weeks of taking these pills, my energy came back, my natural color returned, and my family noticed the improvements. I would get cancer all over again, refuse the medical treatment, and take juice plus pills along with exercise, just to prove that it does work. Thats a big risk I’d be willing to take to prove that you people are a load of shit. And also, just taking a pill (no matter what kind of pill it is) will not do anything!! You cannot take a fat loss pill and sit on your ass all day and eat like shit and expect it to work!! There are variables you have to take into consideration with everything. Eating healthy, excersizing, and living a healthy lifestyle along with taking any medicine is really what you have to do. So, to the person who is shamming juice plus, you cannot sit on your ass, eat fried chicken and potato chips all day and expect these to work as a substitute for fruits and veggies!!! Duh! Do more research before you open your mouth again.

    • fyi_im_me

      READ THE INGREDIENTS! I am sorry you had cancer, but those ingredients fid not produce that effect.

      • Lea Sunshine Sibley

        I have. Over and over. They work. Whether you agree or not. Our bodies are not the same so results vary. Something that works for me may not work for you..

        • fyi_im_me

          The fact remains that Juice Plus products are nit goid for you. Added sugars and man made suppliments and filler….not sure what independent (non juiceplus) research told you it is good for you.

        • Rod Slorden

          I’m with you, Lea! Anytime someone says that Juice Plus doesn’t work, I tell them my story…I just kept getting sick; I was grouchy and disagreeable; I was tired and prone to exhaustion. My coworkers at the slaughterhouse noticed, and one day, a gal we just called Mama Edna pulled me aside and offered me two things that saved my life: Juice Plus and methamphetamine.

          After just a few days of using both, I was setting new records for the number of carcasses put down, dismembered, and processed…I’ve continued to use both products, and am now an assistant manager! I’ve got a hot girlfriend now (with no teeth, but hey, that can be fun), and my career is really taking off. Thank you, Juice Plus!

  • Juicing For Women

    What a poor, uneducated, & lacklustre article! Written in all of 10 minutes… I suspect! Don’t let this article make up your mind for you, view my site here at http://www.juicingforwomen.com

  • fyi_im_me
  • Smccrane

    I have taken juice plus in the past and was very skeptical. However, my near constant sinus infections cleared up. Still not completely convinced, I stopped taking it. Guess what? Sinus infections abound again! My rep had in no way advocated taking juice plus instead of eating fruits and veggies. In fact, she has done quite the opposite.
    Also, juice plus is NOT a supplement nor is is supplemented with extra vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it’s natural food and IS bio available for your body. If a person follows the recommended dosage, they won’t be peeing it all away. I don’t sell juice plus, but I’ve seen it work.

    • fyi_im_me

      Again….read the ingredients….for example Folic Acid is not naturally occurring…it is a man made suppliment instead of folate that is naturally occurring. What else did you change….the ingredients in JP are not magical…they can’t produce miraculous results. Did you decrease your dairy while on JP and then increase it again while off? There are lots of changes you may have made that explain the sinus infections.

  • banging head against a wall

    Question for the naysayers…I have worked extremely hard to provide clean food to my household for the past two years, my husband works an average of 60 hours a week as a floor nurse, and we have 50/50 custody of his daughter. In the first few months I noticed a significant positive change and they did not. My husband continued to have his health issues and my step-daughter was still getting sick and missing school every few months. Though I’m a full-time student and work full-time, I still manage to organically grow our veggies, care for our free range chickens, etc. When my family is with me, at home, I can guarantee they get the vitamins and nutrients they are supposed without chemicals, however I deal with a husband who has a high stress non-stop job and the mother of his daughter(who could care less what her daughter eats no matter how much my husband and I try to convince her otherwise). She feeds her ramen noodles regularly for crying out loud! Just under a year ago I began to look for something to help solve these problems and found JP. Since then my husband and step-daughter’s health has completely improved. Please keep in mind that I do NOT sell JP nor do I have any interest in selling any of the JP products when you respond. I simply want to know if you have any suggestions as to potential alternative options due to possible chemicals in JP products.

    • fyi_im_me

      Yes quit taking JP….there is no benefit. Eat food…good quality food. It’s both cheaper and better for you. For the child, research a good quality multivitamin if you have to…it will contain more nutrients and less crap than JP and be less expensive. And keep up the battle….at some point either the ex will figure it out or the step-daughter will get old enough to request better food when there.

  • CBay

    I am also disappointed in Fooducate. Please research further because i would like a more honest appraisal. As far as your first claim,…of course JP paid for the research! Most big companies do. Who else is going to be interested in researching a product they never heard of! BUT it’s gold standard, double-blind research, so no one DOING the research knows who received the JP and who received the placebo, until after the study is completed. Who financed the research is not important, in research like this. Also, important universities, who would not want their name on research that isn’t any good, did the research and found JP to be an excellent product! Lastly, this product is NSF certified. That means that they can not put anything on the label that isn’t true. Please look into this further. This really isn’t like the crap we are used to seeing and hearing about. Yes I am a distributor. But only because it helped my family so much, that i had to share. So many people look up to you Fooducate (as do I), so it’s important that you do really good in-depth research before posting. Call them. They have knowledgeable staff and doctors who are willing to tell you everything.

    • fyi_im_me

      Have you read the research or the critiques? Scientifically speaking they are flawed. This article at least questions the veracity of a lot if the claims about JP. Their Drs are paid staff and their staff says what they are told to say. If you read the ingredients, it is very clear that they are not nutritious.

    • Dak Trumpetine

      You tell ‘em, CBay!

      I’m so sick of people just straight-up HATIN’ on Juice Plus. I’ve been taking it for two years now, and I’ve never felt so good. I was just lethargic, sluggish, and slow – and in my job as an actor in pornographic films, I just can’t afford anyone to see me dragging.

      I was skeptical, but one of my co-stars on “Dumper Drillers 7″ suggested I try Juice Plus, and I gotta say, I noticed the difference within about two weeks. I remember exactly where I was…I was in my robe on a chair, about to get fluffed for a pivotal scene in “Head for the Hills” (a live-action, oral-sex fueled parody of the popular cartoon “King of the Hill”). As the intern parted the robe and took me into her mouth, I felt a surge of energy rush through me! I felt 18 years old again (I was 22 at the time).

      Within weeks, my herpes cleared up (slightly), my warts went down to nearly nothing, and I stopped biting my fingernails. My agent was inundated with offers, and I’ve gone on to appear in such films as “Facial Delivery 9,” “Masters of the Gal-Lick, See?,” “The Most Erotic Marigold Hotel,” and “American Piper” — all thanks to Juice Plus!

      Sadly, a few months ago I was diagnosed HIV+, and I’ve had to leave the industry…but I don’t blame that on Juice Plus. And, actually, Juice Plus has really worked well in my fight against HIV. So yeah, CBay, Fooducate really screwed the pooch on this one!

    • Reginald Sawyear

      You tell ‘em, CBay!

      I’m not scientist, doctor, or nurse. Heck, I dropped out of school in the fourth grade to pursue my passion for photographing nude sunbathers without their permission. Before I started taking Juice Plus, I was slow and lethargic…I was constantly getting caught and hauled before judges. Now that I’ve been using Juice Plus for the past year, I am faster and more wily than ever…no one can catch me! As a result, my voyeuristic photos have been making me a fortune on the internet.

      Thanks Juice Plus, and thank you CBay for speaking the truth!

  • fyi_im_me
  • Dr. Wyatt Riley

    OK, people. I am an actual medical doctor. An MD. I went to med school. I have had a successful and very highly regarded medical practice for the past eight years. And, in my professional opinion, Juice Plus is great. I sell it through my practice.

    Why do I endorse it and recommend it to all of my patients (90% of whom take it regularly)? There’s no nutritional basis: This stuff has a negligible impact my patients’ well-being. It’s akin to shredded newspaper and sugar. No, I recommend it and sell it because IT MAKES ME SERIOUS MONEY. It’s not covered by insurance, so my practice’s Juice Plus sales are 100% cash, mostly under the table, and bring a great deal to my bottom line. It’s that simple.

    • fyi_im_me

      Lol…too funny

      • Dr. Wyatt Riley

        Keeps me rollin’ in paper.

  • Princess Heidy Aimee

    No! Actually juice plus is shady…..u can buy better stuff in a health food store. The juice plus product has sugars in as a added ingredients -two types of a sugar substance.not cool for anyone to take in sugar that’s not naturally found in fruits and veggies . Also why list a tab for ingredients that when u click on it it shows doctors and not the ingredients information . SHADY STAY AWAY FROM MARKETING AND Added sugar. By the way I took this product and felt more of a sugar rush than anything.not a fan and definitely wouldn’t pay close to fifty dollars for cane syrup rush

  • Diana Batik

    As a diabetic, I use Juice Plus to balance out my blood sugar from time to time, since that’s mostly what it contains. Are there actually people who take it every day, thinking it’s some sort of healthy supplement? Wow.

  • Lem Ming

    My Juice Plus distributor told me to come on here and say that this article is complete garbage. She said I’d get 20% off my next order if I did!

    • Pi Jian

      Lem, mine told me to do the same thing! This article is garbage!

  • fyi_im_me

    The distributor’s comments on here should be enough to make anyone realize what a scam Juice Plus is. Would be interesting to see an article about that…with quotes.

  • educatedgrownup

    I recommend that you read webMD reviews. There was no effort put into your review; it was off the cuff, I believe. Your original draft took close to a half an hour, then reread and revise…about an hour tops in your post. No information; just your opinion.

    • Hemi Weingarten

      Wait, were you in the room when this was written? Are you stalking me? Super creepy, bro. That Juice Plus you’re taking is doing weird things to your brain.

    • Oure Topps

      An hour tops? You’re over-estimating it. It doesn’t take nearly that much time or effort to prove that Juice Plus contains largely useless, man-made sugars that do your body no good.

    • fyi_im_me

      Honestly….have you read the ingredients….obviously not.

  • Alicia

    Lol most of these comments make me laugh. The mind can do crazy things when it comes to your health that is certain. However coming from someone who battles anxiety and had daily pain from inflammation I can promise you its the Juice Plus that I take daily that has significantly helped those issues not my mind playing tricks on me. Juice plus is legit and I don’t care either way what anyone else thinks of it but I know it has not only changed my health but my life as far as being a catalyst to me making healthier changea in my life. I am very thankful for it and for the skeptics because JP will continue proving them wrong

    • Sven Helmslinger

      For real, Alicia! The people writing these comments don’t know what they’re talking about. Juice Plus has helped me and thousands like me live a better, more productive and fulfilling life.

      Take me, for example. My job in the slaughterhouse requires that I be sharp, alert, and responsive. One slip up, and I’ve either horribly maimed an animal that should just be dead or I’ve critically injured one of my co-workers. I’ve done both, and neither are pleasant. My foreman noticed that I was a little lethargic one day and offered to sell me some Juice Plus.

      From that day on, I was on the beam! I was killing cows at nearly TWICE the rate of my colleagues. Thanks to Juice Plus, we actually upped our intake, killing record numbers of animals in a production upswing that continues to this day.

      When people say that Juice Plus is dangerous to humans, they are misinformed. It’s only dangerous to cows. Believe me.

    • fyi_im_me

      I have chronic inflammation and have done tonnes of research. JP contains nothing that will reduce inflammation. Changing your diet will though. Real food, not processed crap like JP truly eases the symptoms. Reducing certain food groups can help too, like bell peppers, tomatoes, or potatoes.

      • Alicia

        I don’t care how much research you’ve done. I’ve actually taken JP and know for a fact that it has reduced my inflammation. If I go a while without taking it and have no other changes that pain is back again. I’m not trying to sell anyone juice plus here I am simply telling you that it does work

        • Ruse Fuss

          But you ARE a Juice Plus distributor, right?

          • fyi_im_me

            Yep….you called it.

        • Doctor Idiot

          Seems medically sound to me.

        • Clem Sanderson

          Could you post a photo of the ingredients list as you promised, please? Thanks!

      • Alicia

        Juice plus is food.. please tell me how fruits and vegetables do not reduce inflammation? !

        • fyi_im_me

          Read the ingredients. It is most definitely NOT food. Processed sugars and artificial suppliments are not food.

          • Alicia

            Are we talking about the same product . I am happy to post a picture of the ingredients

          • fyi_im_me

            Go for it lol.

          • Impatient Dave

            Still waiting for that post of the ingredients.

          • Alicia

            Lol what is your issue! I have a life and I do not need to prove anything to you. We feel differently about things obviously but so what no need to be so hateful. I have witnessed enough lives being changed through this product and as I’ve said before it’s been nothing but fantastic for me. It’s not for you .. ok got it. I’m done with posting and once again I will say have a wonderful day! :) )

          • Impatient Dave

            Cool. Have fun with your sugar pills! Hope you sell a lot of them!

          • Simon Altwell

            If, for some bizarre reason, Juice Plus works for you, that’s fine…the issue here is that you are basically claiming these pills – which are largely sugar – have medical benefits far beyond what any clinical evidence substantiates. To do so, and to thereby give patients false hope, is not only irresponsible – it is recklessly cruel.

            The fact that this kind of behavior continues, and is all motivated by profit, is tragic and heartless.

          • Gram R. Poleez

            The proper punctuation of “Lol what is your issue!” is actually “LOL! What is your issue?”

            Typically lame Juice-Plus-user-lover grammar and syntax. C’mon. Bring it. Just this once.

          • Gabe Greenberg

            Could you please post these ingredients you keep carping about?

          • Jerry Leonard

            How are you coming with those ingredients?

          • CollapsedLung

            Any luck with posting those ingredients?

          • Ned Bryars

            Can I see the ingredients now, Alicia? You don’t want to perpetuate the stereotype that all Juice Plus dealers are liars, do you?

          • Nancy Slatterly

            Have you had a chance to post those ingredients yet? It’s been a few days. Was looking forward to it.

          • Scott Slorkin

            Are you going to post those ingredients? Very curious to see them.

          • fyi_im_me

            Where are the ingredients? Did you read them finally and realize we know what we are talking about???

          • Joe Klein

            Please post a picture of the ingredients. Thanks.

          • Greg Fitzgerald

            Where are these ingredients, Alicia? Please post as promised.

          • Leslie Thorne

            Can we see those ingredients now?

          • Guy Pleasant

            Still waiting for that photo of the ingredients. Are these them? If so, we have a problem: The first three ingredients – meaning that they make up the greatest proportion of the product – are not juice or dried vegetables, but sweeteners:

            - Tapioca Syrup – an alternative to traditional sugar that is only slightly healthier
            - Maltodextrin – an artificial sweetener more often found in candy and sodas, which are totally good for you
            - Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, which is just another name for good ol’ fashioned sugar

          • fyi_im_me

            The shake ingredients are even worse

          • Sherry Simpson

            Any luck getting a pic of those ingredients to post? Very curious about this!

          • Claire Nagel

            Have you gotten around to posting that list of ingredients? Color me curious!

          • Larry Milner

            Can I see a picture of those ingredients?

          • Courtney Kline

            Where’s the photo? I wanna see these ingredients!

          • Julio Sanchez

            Where is this photo? Please direct me to its location. Thank you!

          • ClydeMcFatter

            Can I see the photo? Dying to get some conclusive info about what’s in this stuff! Thanks!

          • Vassar Fitzpatrick

            Did you get that photo up yet? Dying to see it!

  • John D

    A friend distributes Juice Plus and seems to make a bit of money from it (which is the point of JP). All I can say is that I prefer that’s he sells a harmless product which is a con than what he did before, which was sell dangerous illicit drugs. At least now he won’t end up behind bars, as he did before.

    • Diamondback Jones

      Or he could do like I do: I sell oxy, cocaine, and Juice Plus, and I’m finding it to be a great business model.

    • fyi_im_me

      It isn’t harmless. It is a huge lie that preys on people. It should be criminal.

  • Alicia

    That is completely irrelevant to anything I’ve said. Have a wonderful night and I hope your inflammation gets better.

    • fyi_im_me

      Mine is. And I didn’t need an artificial toxic placebo to do it.

    • Jim Hoorahn

      Please post that photo of the ingredients label that you promised.

    • J.R. Rollins

      Have you had a chance to post that photo yet?

    • Brian Dranger

      Can we see the photo of the ingredients label now, please?

    • Frank Reynolds

      Any luck getting that photo posted?

  • Libbieloo

    All your concerns are valid, but you are limited only by your first impressions of the introductory marketing material. I recommend you look a bit further. Their literature, endorsements, and (very reputable) research speaks to all your concerns. I had EXACTLY the same red-flags go off when I was first introduced. But I researched, asked my doctor, asked MANY people about their experiences, and fell in LOVE with JP+ and their mission. They truly are bringing grass-roots benefit to people around the world (not just their top sales people). MLM has pros/cons and a huge stigma. I’m sure not every rep has pure intentions. But there is no need to condemn it as a whole. Say “thanks-but-no-thanks” and move on.

    • fyi_im_me

      I have done a lot of research but that isn’t needed; all you need to do is read the ingredients. Anyone who says that toxic mess is healthy and natural is lying. To comment continually on how much nutrition knowledge reps have and what good the product does is fraudulent. The almighty dollar is more important than the truth to these people. They lie and cheat their clients.

    • Mike Johnson

      I was suspicious, too, until I tried it. As an actor in pornographic films, I need all the energy that proper nutrition provides. Juice Plus gives me the energy I need to endlessly thrust, lick, and spank. These naysayers don’t know what they’re talking about.

    • Gon Londy

      Yeah, Libbieloo! Either get on board the sugar revolution or get out of the way!

  • Skip Withers

    …I’m a dedicated Scientologist living and working on the Seattle campus, and I gotta say that Juice Plus gives me the physical and mental focus to help clear the world! And the Juice Plus community reminds me so much of my friends and family in Scientology. I stand tall!

  • Local Dealer

    Guys, c’mon. Just buy my Juice Plus pills so I can buy a Range Rover that I don’t really need.

  • Inconspicuous Inception

    Scam. I just spent an hour on the phone with a juice plus rep who tried to convince me that I still needed it even though I am 100% vegan for years. I don’t even eat honey or products with beeswax in it. I eat minimal amounts of processed foods and I don’t eat candy or drink soda. I also told her upfront that I thought it was too expensive and she insists that this is the only food based supplement in the world. Really? Wow.

  • Drew

    Too many morons to address on this thread. If you take this comment personally, you are more than likely one of them. Research is definitely key here. Yes, first and foremost, it is a business and people get paid. No harm or shame in that, this is America.
    Second, and actually this should be my first and main point to drive home, nobody is trying to say go out and replace this with real fruits and vegetables. The truth is, the majority of the population actually do buy fruit and vegetables at places like wal- mart and local supermarkets. By the time they get there, it’s barely even real fruit anymore. Juice Plus will help “SUPPLEMENT” what you’re not getting from those “real” fruits and vegetables.
    This is not a cure all disease preventing miracle solution. Taken with a proper diet and exercise regimen, it will work wonders. People will still get sick and continue to get sick till the end of time for poor choices they make in their lifestyle and the poor food options that are readily available on every street corner.
    Yes you will pee some of this out and your body won’t fully absorb it. Your body doesn’t fully absorb ANYTHING, genius. I realize you probably got invited to a seminar or someone’s home and were outraged when they asked you for money and it left a sour taste in your mouth. There are worse things, however, in the multi-level marketing industry you could be bashing. The fact you chose Juice Plus of all things is downright bizarre.
    Your next blog should be about the dangers of time travel. That would make more sense.

    • Deacon Blues

      I guess you’re a dealer…good luck with that!

      How do you account for the all the natural and man-made sugars in the product that do your body no good whatsoever? And how do you justify charging such a price for something that is largely sugar?

      • Ray Leonard

        Shut up. I love Sugar Plus. Will take it to my grave.

        • Deacon Blues

          You’ll get there sooner than you think.

          • Ray Leonard

            I’ll admit that Juice Plus is aggravating my Type II Diabetes. I may lose my foot.

    • fyi_im_me

      And what science are you basing all this twaddle on? Interesting how independent study refutes your silly claims. So you think for $2/day/person so for my family $840/month, I can’t find good quality produce? Give your head a shake. I can get it WAY cheaper, with no added suppliment crap, and no added sugar. Real food is quite easy and requires less of a commitment than JP.

  • fyi_im_me

    Holy cow!!! Last night on Criminal Minds they said that cults can use a high sugar diet to make people more receptive to brain washing. I did some research and it is one method. It was very interesting! Definitely see some correlation to the JP movement.


  • Tabatha

    I bought juice plus because my friend told me all the miraculous things about it. It actually made me gain weight even though it was suppose to make me loose weight. So I started thinking-how does it have so many servings of fruits and vegs and only 5 calories per pill…that makes no sense!!!

    • fyi_im_me

      Don’t feel dumb, they have suckered in a lot of people. They prey on people’s insecurities. Just eat real food and exercise and you will lose the weight naturally.

  • Marcus Kolodjski
    • Sam Anderson

      Exactly: Those are the outrageous, unsubstantiated claims that the article references. Thanks for linking to them! Like a pill that’s mostly sugar can “protect DNA” – ridiculous! Thanks for posting this.

    • Robert Noyce

      Yeah, Marcus – thank you for posting! Just laugh-out-loud stoopid claims. How anyone can fall for this, I have no idea.

    • Sarah Anderson

      Marcus, you are right on! Thanks for drawing attention to the outlandish claim these Juice Plus cult leaders are using to manipulate people, all based on unsubstantiated claims, hearsay, and outright lies. We all really appreciate you drawing this to our attention!

      • Marcus Kolodjski

        Most independently studied supplement out there. Where you frightened by a Juice Plus capsule when young? How they hell is food bad for you? All they say is it’s the NEXT best thing to eating fresh whole fruits and vegetables. Getting the right nutrients puts us in the best possible condition to fight disease! What is your problem with it?

        • Sarah Anderson

          Food is great. And I guess that Juice Plus, which is mostly sugar (check the ingredients list), counts as “food.” But fresh fruits and vegetables – or even frozen ones – are not only better for you, but cheaper. Feel free to sell your snake oil to the less intelligent folks out there, but I’ll pass.

          • Marcus Kolodjski

            If you grew them yourself! #1, no sugar added! “Not a significant source of sat fat, trans fat, cholesterol, dietary fiber, sugars or calcium or iron. Juice plus is $40 a month for Fruits and vegetables. You know how much that amount that’s in them would be fresh and in that variety!

          • Darn Tarnder

            Nice to know you’ve got nothing better to do on a Saturday night than post obsessively on this article. You must be a real winner.

          • Marcus Kolodjski

            Seems you have the same amount of time to read and comment too! Also you hacks can’t use your names as you hide behind your fake personalities. I’d call that NOT much of a winner!

          • fyi_im_me

            40 per person…if you only have the capsules….super expensive

          • Marcus Kolodjski

            Also do you know the process fruits and vegetables go through to get to you. http://www.thesweetbeet.com/vegetables-nutrients/

          • Marcus Kolodjski

            Also, they don’t say replace them instead of food. It’s to supplement!!!!! You are now supposed to get 10 fruits and vegetables a day. Do you do that in great variety? I can’t! That’s why I supplement!

          • fyi_im_me

            10??? That number just keeps going up…have another glass of koolaid

          • Marcus Kolodjski

            You mention price and sugar and wrong on both. At least know what you are debating.

          • Sarah Anderson

            Hmmm…I just picked up some of the chewables, and the first three
            ingredients on the label are Tapioca Syrup, Maltodextrin, and Organic
            Evaporated Cane Juice – all sugars. The second one is an ARTIFICIAL
            sweetener commonly used in candy and sodas.

            So yeah, you’re right. It doesn’t have “sugar.” It has “SUGARS.”

          • Marcus Kolodjski

            Why would you take Gummies. That’s for kids that wouldn’t take the capsules!

          • Sarah Anderson

            Why would I feed my kids garbage and try to convince them that it’s nutritious? Oh, right, because I’ve been brainwashed by a bunch of corporate zombies who use pseudo-science and peer-pressure to pray on the feeble-minded. Gotcha!

          • Marcus Kolodjski

            Yup whole food is garbage. Again no sugar in the capsules and just fruits and vegetables! That’s great if you are getting your kids fresh fruits and vegetables! But many kids don’t eat them or adults don’t have the time. No psuedo-science. University studies, not funded by J.P. You seem very angry about something you know little about it seems. You use hearsay and false accusations to make your case. What claims don’t you agree with? That good nutrition helps fight disease?

          • fyi_im_me

            So theres no folic acid in the capsules? No toxins….bs

          • Marcus Kolodjski

            The appealing taste comes from two all-natural sweeteners − tapioca
            syrup and organic cane syrup − with absolutely no high-fructose corn
            syrup. It contains no artificial flavors or artificial colors and is
            100% vegetarian; the chewy texture comes from fruit pectins, not
            gelatin. But again, why take the chewables?

          • Totes Magoats

            Google maltodextrin, you zombie.

          • Marcus Kolodjski

            I love how anonymous people get abusive. Great debater you are.

          • fyi_im_me

            Go read the ingredients….moron

          • Marcus Kolodjski

            I did you dip shit! That’s the chewable’s idiot. I see why you hide behind a fake name! The capsules are all food.

          • fyi_im_me

            Read again…citric a id and folic acid are not food.

          • Marcus Kolodjski

            According to the University of
            Maryland Medical Center, folic acid plays a vital role in brain
            development and function and mental and emotional health. Folic acid
            helps the body produce DNA and RNA, so it is especially important during
            pregnancy, infancy and adolescence when cells and tissues undergo rapid
            growth. Pregnant women who do not get enough folic acid are more likely
            to have babies with birth defects.

          • Marcus Kolodjski

            So don’t take Juice Plus if you don’t believe in it. Don’t see the need to bash a healthy supplement for those that don’t get enough fresh fruits and vegetables.

          • N. D. Gogo

            Surprised you’re commenting so much, as it’s not Saturday night. Don’t you have a disappointingly underfunded IndieGoGo campaign to tend to?

          • fyi_im_me

            FOLATE is good for you and naturally occuring not FOLIC ACID is manufactured and is linked to cancer and all kinds of nast things

          • Marcus Kolodjski
          • fyi_im_me

            It is ADDED not naturally occurring in JP


          • Helpful Dude

            Grammar/spelling notes:

            • “dipshit” is one word
            • the proper plural form of the word chewable is “chewables,” not “chewable’s,” which is the possessive form of the word
            • “That is” or “That’s” is not the proper verb tense for a plural subject. “Those are” would be more appropriate.

          • Marcus Kolodjski

            U prove my point as well. Instead of rational debate, you just throw out insults. Pretty sure would never talk to someone like that in person. Of coarse we’d never know as you hide behind your computer and insult others.

          • fyi_im_me

            When you come here and attack without reading and blindly support toxic products…you are a moron.

          • Marcus Kolodjski

            I didn’t attack anyone, you and others did and there is no Folate in the capsules.

          • fyi_im_me

            No there isn’t. Folate is naturally occurring. Folic acid is manufactured. The capsules contain folic acid….therefore are processed.

          • Marcus Kolodjski

            Believe what you want, no toxins in the capsules.

          • fyi_im_me

            Have you even read the ingredients????? Now who doesn’t know what they are debating

        • Lance Murdock

          Independent? Most if not all of the studies Juice Plus cites were commissioned by Juice Plus or one of its parent organizations. It may be the most studied supplement out there, but it’s hardly been independently studied.

    • Velvet Goldberg

      Thank you for standing up for Juice Plus, Marcus! I am a longtime user, and I can speak firsthand about how it has revitalized my life.

      I’m a mid-level prostitute in the competitive Las Vegas market. It’s tough out there, and I need every advantage in order to make the most income for me and my, um, let’s just say “manager,” Frosty. I remember one day a few years ago I had two, um, “appointments.” The first involved servicing two Colombian businessmen at once – rookie-level stuff, but still, afterwards I was tired and logy, and not looking forward to my evening “date” with a local crime boss who’s really into backdoor action.

      I expressed my concerns to Frosty, and he gave me some Juice Plus. Well, he didn’t “give” it to me, but he sold it to me at market rate. Right away I noticed a spring in my step, and I showed that crime boss the best night in brown-town he EVER had. Ever since then, I’ve been a loyal Juice Plus user, and have watched my professional life just blossom. I’m taking on 3-4 clients most days, and really rediscovering why I fi(r)st got into this business. Thank you, Juice Plus, and thank you, Marcus! If you’re ever in Vegas, look me up – this one’s on the house!

      • Marcus Kolodjski

        At least you’ve got a sense of humor!

    • fyi_im_me

      Good argument….it is peer reviewed because they say it is. Many many truly independent reviews exist if you look for them. Also, any scientific knowledge at all will lead you to deduce the claims are false.





      Etc etc etc etc….

  • Marcus Kolodjski

    It seems many here possibly are connected with this site and have anger issues!

    • Sar Chasm

      Yeah, anyone who disagrees on the still dubious merits of Juice Plus must work for Fooducate. What other reason could there be?

      • Marcus Kolodjski

        Said “many” and just seems weird there’s a site specifically to bash a product. Have a lovely day. No time for negativity anymore. =/

        • Marcus Kolodjski

          Again, no one bothers to use real names and hides behind silly little names, like Sar Chasm. =/

          • Marcus Kolodjski

            Sorry about that. I’ll use my real name going forward.

        • Fooducate

          This site actually has hundreds of articles relating to health and nutrition. It does not solely exist to bash Juice Plus.

          • Marcus Kolodjski

            Fair enough. I’m not a fan of MLM, but it ways to sell a product and if the product is good which I truly believe and have been taking for 14 years, then no biggie. Pushy people suck no matter what and if people don’t like again no big deal. It’s just basically food and the next best thing if you can’t eat what you should be eating. Have a great day. Some on here get very combative though. all is good and I’m happy that others care about being as healthy as possible too. =)

  • Marcus Kolodjski

    They also complain about juice plus selling their product by brainwashing, but pretty sure they are selling something here as well to their zombies. ;) Not worth the time to argue heath with angry people!

    • CollapsedLung

      All I know is that I had an old friend who I hadn’t seen in 15 years. We got together and had lunch. And, instead of catching up and sharing stories about what we’d done, all he tried to do was sell me Juice Plus. I’d never heard of it before, but I looked into it…like every other MLM/pyramid scheme, legal or not, it encourages its sales people to see their friends and families as targets – people who can help make them money.

      I’ve since spoken to a lot of people with similar stories: Former loved ones turned into braying zombies spouting the party line which, let’s face it, is suspect at best given the nature and source of the “studies” they cite. From your excessively vociferous defense, something tells me that’s the kind of distributor you are as well…but that’s just conjecture and speculation. Just like the results claimed by Juice Plus supporters…

      • Marcus Kolodjski

        Just like anything with potential for sales, people get nuts. I take it and tell people about it if they ask, but I distribute basically to get my own product like $5 cheaper. Actually what the company suggests is just talk about the product as it is one of the best out, but again, it’s just food as a supplement and if you can get the right amount eating, go for it! Many like me, can’t as I don’t have the time nor the ability to eat that much in that variety. I don’t blame the product for the craziness of those that sell it. Anyways sorry you’ve had that experience. I just believe in the product itself and was just defending it’s merits and not trying to sell it to you. I don’t see even bring it up to anyone other than my younger brother who eats NO fruits and one vegetable and is recovering from cancer. I also love to debate. =) If you don’t like the product, no worries. Many do.

      • Marcus Kolodjski

        Also just found it odd there’s a website propagating a negative. Don’t really get the point other than the site is trying to promote an alternative and profit from attacking another product.

  • Robert Durst

    I guess if it’s good enough for O.J. Simpson, it’s good enough for me.

    • Scoop Newton

      Ha! My favorite thing was when he presented in front of Juice Plus reps and told them that this product cured his arthritis…then later on, he was on trial (for something, don’t remember what) he told the judge under oath that he couldn’t have committed the crime in question because his arthritis was too bad.

      An extreme case, perhaps, but typical of the lies that JP distributors tell you in order to entice you to buy pills you’re just going to pee out later in the day…

  • Skip Nightly

    If we don’t stand up and do somethin, Obamas gonna take our guns, our freedom, our Jeszus, and our Juice Plus. I THOUGHT THIS WAS AMURICA.

    • A Real American


    • Ma Kettle

      Dagnabbit Pa and I ben usin Juice Plussum for dang near six years and i ain’t gonna let that muslem waltz in and take my powder pills! I got the gout real bad and pa’s got milk-leg and even through our city-slicker doctor says Juice Plus don’t do a lick a good, it’s OUR RIGHT as AMERICUNS to pay 90 bucks a month and eat dem pillz.

  • Susan Parris

    And you honestly believe that we aren’t capable of doing our own research. You obviously have an axe to grind. JuicePlus+ doesn’t need your vindication to succeed. I have seen the success stories. Including one friend who is now no longer on any medication for Diabetes!

    • Bob Ducca

      I am very disappointed in this article, too. Before I tried Juice Plus, I suffered from the following ailments:

      • Restless leg syndrome
      • Fibromyalgia
      • High-fiber fibromyalgia
      • Hot tub foot
      • Lou Gehrig’s disease
      • Lou Barlow’s disease
      • Lucy Liu Flu
      • Advanced moist shin disorder
      • Hyper-tolerance to lactose
      • Urinary tract infection
      • Urinary 8-track infection
      • Trickle nipple
      • Thick urine syndrome
      • Hapsburg cholera
      • Clogged arteries
      • Dropsy
      • Dry lip
      • Intestinal colic
      • Allergic to indoor toilets
      • Milk leg
      • Loofah rash
      • Bone worm
      • Selective fatigue syndrome
      • Hepatitis R
      • Irritable bowel syndrome
      • Spastic ear discharge
      • Pubic lice
      • Amphibial rabies
      • Anglo-centric sickle cell anemia
      • Scabies
      • Rabies
      • Mickey Rooney’s Sugar Babies
      • Tarnished yam simplex
      • Swollen perineum
      • Chronic shame disorder
      • Larval penis
      • Dirt belly
      • Parkinson’s disease
      • Valet Parkinson’s disease
      • Parallel Parkinson’s disease
      • Parker Posey pox
      • Pere ubu
      • Canine derived hip dysplasia
      • Selective albinism
      • Scrotal migraines
      • Prolapsed navel
      • Dusty Sperm
      • Carpool Tunnel Syndrome
      • Male FUPA disorder
      • Overactive Empathy
      • Human Contact Disorder
      • Late Onset-Turkey Revulsion
      • Internal Sneezing

      Since using Juice Plus, I think most of these are gone. I haven’t been to a doctor, but it sure feels like it. God bless.

    • Bob Ducca

      Also, what is Juice Plus+? If I could get something with the extra plus, that might help with my loose belly syndrome.

    • fyi_im_me

      Obviously not if you believe those ingredients are good for you. If you quit eating crap, type 2 diabetis is very easily controlled by diet. If I hit my head against a wall over and over and someone tells me to eat a radish and my head won’t hurt. If I quit hitting my head and eat the radish. Why is it automatically the radish that worked rather than the act of stopping hitting my head.

      • Susan Parris

        This is not even worth responding to. Maybe you need to go and do some further study and learn about “chemical names” and whether they relate to real food or created ones.

        • fyi_im_me

          So you believe sugars and orocessed suppliments are good for you? Better than real produce? Obviously you need to do some more research.

        • Howard DuPont

          Are you a professional chemical engineer, or just another zombie Juice Plus distributor?

          • Susan Parris

            Neither. I’m a personal trainer with a strong interest in nutrition. Any products I come across I refer to several professionals I work with in the nutrition/wellness field. Once I have ascertained the nutritional value of a product I may then refer a client to that particular product.

          • Voice O’Reason

            So naturally you steer folks away from this chemically and scientifically dubious pyramid scheme, as both a professional trainer and a decent human being…

          • Susan Parris

            Well then, I guess you must be an expert who would have highly regarded qualifications and would be much more knowledgable than 14+ highly regarded universities around the world. Wow, so many experts abound. i assume then you have some sort of PhD in Dietetics, nutrition and other similar type of degrees?

          • Lanky Plankerson

            I have a degree in common sense, a degree in knowing that every study Juice Plus touts is not independent nor peer-reviewed, a degree in recognizing chemical additives on an ingredients list, and a degree in recognizing exploitative and misleading sales techniques.

            And, speaking of common sense, you are way too adamant in your defense of this garbage to not be a distributor. You must profit from it, or why else would you waste so much energy here?

          • fyi_im_me

            Research it….JP has bought and paid every claim…there are thousands of universities out there. Check the analysis of their studies by independent reputable sources. They do not adhere to scientific methods and do not prove anything.

  • Susan Parris

    These are some of the foods that contain “folic acid”

    Dark Leafy Greens. It should come as no surprise that one of the planet’s healthiest foods is also one of the highest in folate. …
    Asparagus. …
    Broccoli. …
    Citrus Fruits. …
    Beans, Peas and Lentils. …
    Avocado. …
    Okra. …
    Brussels Sprout.

    • Watt Topperton

      Who said anything about folic acid? And why are you putting it in quotation marks?

      • Susan Parris

        If you care to read some of the comments herein you will see that some people are unaware of folic acid and folate being pretty much the same thing and that they do come from natural ingredients such as i have listed. It doesn’t take a university degree to be able to do your own research.

        • Bob Ducca

          I love folic acid. I have found it effective against:

          • Restless leg syndrome
          • Fibromyalgia
          • High-fiber fibromyalgia
          • Hot tub foot
          • Lou Gehrig’s disease
          • Lou Barlow’s disease
          • Lucy Liu Flu
          • Advanced moist shin disorder
          • Hyper-tolerance to lactose
          • Urinary tract infection
          • Urinary 8-track infection
          • Trickle nipple
          • Thick urine syndrome
          • Hapsburg cholera
          • Clogged arteries
          • Dropsy
          • Dry lip
          • Intestinal colic
          • Allergic to indoor toilets
          • Milk leg
          • Loofah rash
          • Bone worm
          • Selective fatigue syndrome
          • Hepatitis R
          • Irritable bowel syndrome
          • Spastic ear discharge
          • Pubic lice
          • Amphibial rabies
          • Anglo-centric sickle cell anemia
          • Scabies
          • Rabies
          • Mickey Rooney’s Sugar Babies
          • Tarnished yam simplex
          • Swollen perineum
          • Chronic shame disorder
          • Larval penis
          • Dirt belly
          • Parkinson’s disease
          • Valet Parkinson’s disease
          • Parallel Parkinson’s disease
          • Parker Posey pox
          • Pere ubu
          • Canine derived hip dysplasia
          • Selective albinism
          • Scrotal migraines
          • Prolapsed navel
          • Dusty Sperm
          • Carpool Tunnel Syndrome
          • Male FUPA disorder
          • Overactive Empathy
          • Human Contact Disorder
          • Late Onset-Turkey Revulsion
          • Internal Sneezing

    • fyi_im_me

      They are most definitely NOT the same. Folate is naturally occurring and Folic Acid is manufactured and is linked to all kinds of health problems.


    • Don Clemmer

      I love folate. I mean, without it, my favorite movies wouldn’t sound realistic and natural. It’s a subtle, important art that is crucial to film-making.

      • Susan Parris

        That’s “foley,” you idiot.

  • Mike Garcia

    Tower Gardens are sold by juice plus and these are the best thing since sliced bread!!!

    • fyi_im_me

      The idea is sound but the crap you are supposed to feed your plants bothers me.

  • http://www.gudangsuplement.com/ richard

    That’s all about marketing issue campaign right?

    Suplemen fitness murah

  • fyi_im_me
  • fyi_im_me

    When you read the ingredients, any vitamins contained in JP are added not naturally occurring. So why not just eat food? Not take a capsule of powdered whatever…that contains no nutrients other than those manufactured and added to it. The product is not guaranteed anything….they do their best to use organic or better than organic but it isnt guaranteed. Independent analysis on the contents has lead to the additives being added so that the claims of nutrients are now true; however it certainly is not a natural product. It is manufactured. Since you need 6- 8 servings of fruits and veggies a day, it is way cheaper and easier to eat good fruits and veggies.

  • Punit Tiwari

    Action Fuel Pro Review has been nearing all the time of late thus obviously, being the test sort, I chose to really give it a shot. One thing I saw is that they assert that with Action Fuel Pro Review will give you comes about notwithstanding the amount you workout. Something I am not enthusiastic about accepting but rather in the event that its actual it could truly be the supplement for me. All things considered, we should examine how it lives up to expectations and how it can offer you those amazing results.

  • Punit Tiwari

    Action Fuel Pro is a splendid recipe that serves to improve the strong and sexual force, in the men body, who have crossed their age past 30. Its composed in such way that it general conveys key supplements to your body, which diminish down the recuperation time in muscle advancement. A percentage of the compelling fixings help up to support the vitality level for more workout sessions alongside higher sexual commute and remain. The outcomes with the wellbeing change could be seen with 2-3 weeks of beginning the course calendar of this recipe.

  • Happy Anniversary

    It’s almost the one-year anniversary of this stupid thread! What are you guys gonna do to celebrate? I doubt you’ll start eating healthy or exercising regularly…if you did, you’d see that these pills are entirely unnecessary.

  • fyi_im_me




    a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.

    “the cult of St. Olaf”

    a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.

    “a network of Satan-worshiping cults”

    synonyms:sect, denomination, group,movement, church, persuasion, body,faction

    “a religious cult”

    a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.

    “a cult of personality surrounding the leaders”

    synonyms:obsession with, fixation on, mania for,passion for, idolization of, devotion to,worship of, veneration of

    “the cult of eternal youth in Hollywood”

    This particular part of the definition seems to apply to JP reps:
    a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.

    Their beliefs are irrational and unsubstantiated; yet they will lie and lie to protect it.

  • fyi_im_me

    When money is at stake, too many will resort to smoke and mirrors or outright lies to make their sale; some are not true sheisters but want the bs to be true so they blindly listen and then push that same misinformation on others. I would like to believe most of the JP reps are not intentially leading customers astray….that they are brainwashed and not capable of logic and independent study; however this thread is really showing me to be wrong in that thinking. Some who comment here are told the truth yet they argue illogically and with no scientific basis….resort to nastiness…. continue to use phrases and quotes that make no sense…..while others are pushy and try to steam roll over the truth. I pity their customers.

    “None so deaf as those that will not hear. None so blind as those that will not see.”

    Matthew Henry

  • fyi_im_me

    Got a question for all the dealers out there. If JP really contains all those fruits and veggies, what happened to the rest of the nutrients? Like the potassium and the iron? There are 4 added nutrients in the ingredients and those are the only 4 listed in the nutrient list. Where did all the rest go????

  • Jeeter Stew

    Me likeum the Juice Plus pills. Dem pretty lil pillz make my heart sing and my pecker zing. Don’t try to take my Juice Plus, OBAMA.

  • Delli

    People, why are you so stupid. We all need to take more fruits and veggies!! Just do not buy them from a MLM scam company…….Anybody that disagrees has a financial stake. xango? klamath super algae? amway!!!

  • Local Distributor

    Two more days until the 1-year anniversary of this article’s first posting! I’m hosting a Juice Plus-party at my place to celebrate, with free samples, informative materials, and a stirring presentation by, um, well, let’s just call him a “doctor.”

  • Brendan Sclumpter

    The anniversary of this article is tomorrow! I’m gonna celebrate by taking my whole month’s supply of Juice Plus at once. I’ll have so many mega-nutrients, I’ll be able to climb the highest peaks! YAY ME!

  • Reynold Reck


  • Lando Duggins

    …man, I partied a bit TOO HARD on the one-year anniversary. I know Juice Plus fix my DNA – do they also cure hangovers?

    • Lukie Blue

      I hear ya, Lando. That was such a good time: Same time next year, right? Until then, keep riding that Juice Plus wave of nutritional goodness and scientific ignorance!

  • Craig Windham

    I just got off a three-day bender celebrating the one-year anniversary of this article…WHAT A BLAST! All my Juice Plus buddies were there: Riley, Tommy, Sherri, the Toad, Elvis, Pinky, Lenny, Dwight, Donnie, and so many more. Love you guys! Can’t wait to do it all again next year! JUICE PLUS FOREVER!

  • Moot

    Life hack #104: Did you know drinking 8oz. of bleach on an empty stomach can reduce skin wrinkles?

    fyi_im_me…I hope you get hit by a bus you fucking TROLL. I’m so tired of people like you on the goddamn internet, just get fucking lost already. Did JP personally come to your house and jam pills down your throat and empty your wallet? I don’t get how someone can go on for this long about this shit…get over it. You eat all the fucking veggies and fruit in the world, congrats…GO FUCK YOURSELF.

    • ThatDubsGuy

      I agree with this dude! Lol

  • Chris

    We’ve taken JP for 13 years and will never look back! The cost/day for each of us is worth it…one Starbucks is more for 3 of us to get the amazing phyto-nutrients our bodies are getting (170,000). Much of the research (30+ studies) is 3rd party, independent, peer-reviewed, published, board certified which states Juice Plus DOES do what it says it does…not testimonials…research done on the final product & not piggy-back research. Get your facts straight! I can give testimonial after testimonial on how our family has benefited; however, my favorite part is that it’s backed up by the breadth of research, medical professionals, universities, etc.

    • Dander Flender

      Here’s where we ask for links to independent, peer-reviewed journal articles from credible outlets, and where you fail to provide them. This has been up for a year. We know how it goes down.

      • Susan Plonder

        I don’t know why you faceless people have to constantly belittle things you don’t understand. Seriously, go get a life.

        For my family, Juice Plus has been a godsend: My son was overweight and lethargic. He would barely walk from the refrigerator to the TV. We knew something had to be done. We started him on Juice Plus, eliminated processed foods, provided him with a balanced diet filled with fruits and vegetables, and encouraged him to spend more time being active outside.

        Lo and behold, he’s slimmed way down, is happier, and really seems to enjoy eating right. Thanks to Juice Plus, we have the brightest, sunniest, most well-adjusted and physically fit two-year-old on our block!

        • fyi_im_me

          As said multiple times, the JP had nothing to do with the improvement. And you haven’t eliminated ALL processed products if you are using JP. It is very processed. Eating properly without JP is better for you and accounts for any improvement you have seen.

          • Ragin’ Joe

            Sorry, bro, but this is AMERICA, and if Susan wants to feed untested, nutritionally dubious supplements to her two-year-old child (who probably isn’t technically “overweight,” as he’s a dang baby), well, that’s her right. DON’T TAKE MY JUICE PLUS, OBAMMY.

      • fyi_im_me

        They have to ensure their posts are the most recent for google lol.

        • Dander Flender

          Yep. Nothing but silence from Chris when asked to produce any meaningful evidence. This stuff is a garbage placebo designed to separate fools from their money.

    • fyi_im_me

      So you completely quit going to starbucks? If you did, that is the improvement you see physically. I see you have read the JP bs but not done your research to verify that bs. Reading the ingredients on the package and learning what’s really in it would be a great place to start.

    • Juice Plus Corporate Office

      Way to spout the company line! There will be a nice bonus in your check this month.

  • Red Neckerson

    I dropped out of fourth grade.

    I married my cousin.

    I work a series of dead-end menial jobs.

    I have nine children because I’m too lazy and stupid to use birth control or understand the consequence of my actions.

    I have a gambling problem.

    And I love Juice Plus.

  • fyi_im_me

    So all you JP reps….we are waiting for you to post ingredients and independent study reviews…….hello????

  • Judith Kennedy Zinner Kronbach


    1.Clinical studies – of the highest standard at many highly respected universities. Do your research.

    2. Guilt? Um – that’s a weird one. And “Concentrated high doses of nutrients in pills may not always be bio-available.” Lol – That’s exactly what we say when educating people about multi-vitamins (which we are not – we’re WHOLE FOOD). 6 of our studies as well as MY OWN BLOOD TEST RESULTS show bio-availability. Again – Do your research.

    3. I think this is so funny. “Do you really think Juice Plus can protect your DNA? Improve your Heart Health? The company actually makes these claims. If the multi-billion dollar supplement industry was so effective at preventing disease, why are more people than ever getting sick?” If this isn’t true why do people see Dr. verified improvement? And are you talking about the WHOLE FOOD supplement industry or the high-doses of non- bioavailable individual nutrient industry.

    4. So everyone who makes commission or works in sales lies? This is the most ridiculous opinion piece I have ever read. I’ve enjoyed fooducate – but will never trust anything from this site now. Judith Zinner jkzinner@gmail.com

    • Super Hero

      Guys! The Juice Plus zombies got Judith! She’s mindlessly repeating their claims without citing any relevant specific scientific studies! She’s saying that taking advantage of your friends and family to enrich yourself buy selling them useless snake oil is a good thing! Somebody do something! WE CAN’T LOSE JUDITH!

      I fear it may be too late…

      • Judith Kennedy Zinner Kronbach

        It amazes me how ignorant people state things as if they were fact. You don’t know me. You don’t know if I am “Mindlessly repeating…” Here are your citings… After that I’m finished discussing with SUPER HERO – not a productive use of my time.

        The best-formulated product in the world is of little benefit if it cannot be made available for absorption. Indeed in a recent study of nine prescription supplements indicated that six of those products failed to meet Unites States Pharmacopoeial Convention (USP) standards for folic acid dissolution.
        How does Juice Plus compare?
        Juice Plus is the first whole-food nutritional product that has been independently researched in Universities and research institutions all over the world (UCLA, Arizona Cancer Center, University of Arizona, Brigham Young University, Kings College of London, etc.) and found to be bioavailable. For instance, in one study, beta-carotene levels among test subjects increased 510%, alpha-carotene levels increased 119%, vitamin E levels rose 58%, and lycopenes increased 2046%. No vitamin supplement has ever been shown to come close to this much bioavailibility. Juice Plus orchard and garden blend capsules contain 4 to 10 times more vitamin C, folate, calcium, B-vitamins, food actives, fiber, vitamin E, etc. than even freshly-made juice made from the same 17 fruits and vegetables used to make Juice Plus. You would have to eat 4 oranges a day to get the same vitamin C increase in your body or 3 carrots a day to increase the carotenes in your body as the 4 capsules of Juice Plus. In vol. 57 of Current Therapeutic Research, (a peer-reviewed research journal) the scientists conclude, The increase in plasma carotenoids in response to Juice Plus appears to be substantially greater than with similar quantities of carotenoids from food� It appears that they are much more readily absorbed than are the same micronutrients in foods. So let the bioavailability of Juice Plus go to work for you. This is not to say that you shouldn�t eat your veggies. In fact, the majority of your diet should be made up of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. This is merely the extra insurance you want and are looking for in a supplement.

    • fyi_im_me

      So can you post the ingredients and explain how those ingredients produce tjose results? and links to those independent studies?

    • fyi_im_me

      I believe those studies predate Juice Plus adding the nutrients they claimed were in their products as additives. The quality and content could not be proven so they are now added to the ingredients. Those additives are not naturally occuring. Also folate and folic acid are not the same thing and folic acid is now being linked to cancer and other health problems. The bioavailability is now in question too as there has been no study since the ingredients were corrected.

      Also it is not a Whole Food anymore and is required to show the nutrients on the pkg…as it always should have.

      Do you have any current research after the ingredient correction?

  • Judith Kennedy Zinner Kronbach


    It amazes me how ignorant people speak as if they are stating facts. You don’t know me. You don’t know if I am “mindlessly repeating…” Here are your citings you assumed I knew nothing of…

    Margaret Ames, Ph.D.
    International Journal of Integrative Medicine, Vol. 1, No. 6, November/December 1999
    Mitra Ray on Pregnancy and Supplements

    The best-formulated product in the world is of little benefit if it cannot be made available for absorption. Indeed in a recent study of nine prescription supplements indicated that six of those products failed to meet Unites States Pharmacopoeial Convention (USP) standards for folic acid dissolution.
    How does Juice Plus compare?
    Juice Plus is the first whole-food nutritional product that has been independently researched in Universities and research institutions all over the world (UCLA, Arizona Cancer Center, University of Arizona, Brigham Young University, Kings College of London, etc.) and found to be bioavailable. For instance, in one study, beta-carotene levels among test subjects increased 510%, alpha-carotene levels increased 119%, vitamin E levels rose 58%, and lycopenes increased 2046%. No vitamin supplement has ever been shown to come close to this much bioavailibility. Juice Plus orchard and garden blend capsules contain 4 to 10 times more vitamin C, folate, calcium, B-vitamins, food actives, fiber, vitamin E, etc. than even freshly-made juice made from the same 17 fruits and vegetables used to make Juice Plus. You would have to eat 4 oranges a day to get the same vitamin C increase in your body or 3 carrots a day to increase the carotenes in your body as the 4 capsules of Juice Plus. In vol. 57 of Current Therapeutic Research, (a peer-reviewed research journal) the scientists conclude, The increase in plasma carotenoids in response to Juice Plus appears to be substantially greater than with similar quantities of carotenoids from food� It appears that they are much more readily absorbed than are the same micronutrients in foods. So let the bioavailability of Juice Plus go to work for you. This is not to say that you shouldn�t eat your veggies. In fact, the majority of your diet should be made up of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. This is merely the extra insurance you want and are looking for in a supplement.

    I’m finished replying to SUPER HERO… not a good use of my time. Cheers.

    • Super Hero

      OMG, Judith! I am a CHANGED MAN! Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. In the 15 hours since you’ve posted it, I’ve made a complete 180 and have started my own JUICE PLUS sales force! I’m an army of one, out to change the world through the pure power of phyto-nutrients! I started taking it myself late yesterday, and I’m already feeling better!

      So upon starting my Juice Plus sales business, I told all my siblings that instead of buying me gifts for my birthday and Christmas they can start buying Juice Plus from me. I told my mother that if she didn’t start buying Juice Plus from me, I’d stop returning her calls. I was the best man at my best friend’s wedding last night, and in my toast I mentioned Juice Plus six times and I picked up nine new clients! This morning I met my old Army buddies for breakfast (they were in town for the wedding) and told them that Juice Plus will help with their PTSD! It’s probably true, right? It had better be, as four of the six of them signed up to start buying from me!

      Your sterling example has shown me that it really doesn’t matter that all of these studies and stuff were funded by Juice Plus and are thereby of negligible clinical value. The power of Juice Plus has nothing to do with what it can actually accomplish: It’s all about what it can do for YOU and your wallet. In that sense, it truly is a miracle drug. I’m 100% sold.

      Thanks, Judith! I hope your business continues to prosper. See you at the convention in November!

      • fyi_im_me


    • fyi_im_me

      “Juice Plus (JP) is a formulation derived from a variety of fruits and vegetables and contains additional vitamins. It is marketed to complement daily diet based on the notion that people do not consume enough fruits and vegetables. Studies on bioavailability suggest that consumption of JP can increase serum levels of alpha-carotene, vitamin C, and folate (1) (2) but studies with other markers, such as lutein and alpha-tocopherol yielded mixed results. JP was comparable to standard vitamin C and E supplements (3) but it remains unclear if this product is nutritionally superior to fresh produce. JP was shown to decrease plasma homocysteine levels, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease (9) (1), but the results were not reproducible (4). Studies on cardiovascular effects, such as changes in blood pressure and cholesterol levels are inconclusive (5) (4). JP consumption is thought to reduce oxidative stress and DNA damage (10) (6) (2), and has been associated with a reduction in the symptoms of common cold (12).

      Gastrointestinal distress (5) and hive-like rash (11) have been associated with intake of JP in clinical trials.

      While there is ongoing research using JP in cancer patients, it has not been proven to prevent or treat cancers. Due to its antioxidant effects, JP may interfere with the actions of some chemotherapy drugs. Cancer patients should discuss the use of supplements with their physicians. JP is not a substitute for fresh fruits and vegetables.

    • fyi_im_me
    • fyi_im_me
      • Judith Kennedy Zinner Kronbach

        FYI IM ME,

        I am very aware of the vast amount of information out there on both sides regarding Juice Plus. I am familiar with the links you have posted. I know it is a target because it is network marketing. I also know I was the BIGGEST skeptic even though my doctor recommended it to me. For a year I tried to poke holes in it. I continually – on my own – researched claims, research journals and sources. I eventually ordered the product not through my doctor but just online. After about a year of researching and personal experience I came to the conclusion that it is am amazing product. I could not poke any holes. I just couldn’t. Is it a perfect product? – I’m sure it’s not. Will it cure everything? Of course not. Should we just eat more fruits and vegetables instead of take a supplement – absolutely. But will we? – Most likely not. Has it changed my life – yes it most definitely have.

        I have my own blood test results from when I was dying in the hospital with DIC and after. I have seen my current health improve in many ways. If I slack off I see my health decline in many ways. I saw my daughter go from severe allergies and asthma (as in hospital visits) to no symptoms and medications at all. I’m not a very good sales person because I’ll tell you what it is and what I think and then… if you want it – great. If not – that’s fine too. I don’t have the time or energy to try convince people of something I believe in. I already spent that time and energy researching for myself. From your last attached link…

        Does Juice Plus work?

        Overall, the research on Juice Plus is interesting. I see more research on Juice Plus than on any other similar supplement. Most people get Juice plus from distributors but here is Juice Plus on Amazon also. For a better understanding on whether Juice Plus works for you or not, I suggest getting a full blood test before starting Juice Plus and then again after a few months and comparing the results. That’s good advice no matter what fruit and vegetable supplement you try.

        Does Juice Plus work?

        Overall, the research on Juice Plus is interesting. I see more research on Juice Plus than on any other similar supplement. Most people get Juice plus from distributors but here is Juice Plus on Amazon also. For a better understanding on whether Juice Plus works for you or not, I suggest getting a full blood test before starting Juice Plus and then again after a few months and comparing the results. That’s good advice no matter what fruit and vegetable supplement you try.

        • fyi_im_me

          It does not replace Real Food. Eat properly and you will be healthier. JP is not a miracle product. It is at best a placebo. It is expensive, processed, and has very limited nutritional value. In their process you lose everything but the 4 nutrients added to it…it is a suppliment.

          Btw…taking pieces of the article out of context does not prove your point. Read the rest of the article.

          • Judith Kennedy Zinner Kronbach

            YOU read the rest. I’m not going to spend my time rebutting every little thing that YOU take out of context even though I can rebutt every single thing. Like I said – I did this for a year. I was you. And I can’t believe you and the other person are acting like I AM stating things. I DID NOT SAY it was a miracle product. Why would you put words in my mouth – unless you have some kind of an issue.

            A placebo – what a joke. Limited nutritional value? Have you read ALL OF THE ACTUAL STUDIES. I HAVE. Brigham Young, University of Maryland and on and on. And guess what – everyone pays for their own studies but they are third party studies! Do your hard research. And I’m not taking pieces out. I personally have in my possession volumes of university research copies I purchased and reviewed and continue to review as well as my own test results. I’m sorry you feel the way you do – Actually I don’t really care. I don’t know why I get sucked in to arguments with people who seem to just want to disagree with someone. What is your motivation to spend time on this subject and thread anyway? Do you have a purpose here? FYI I’m blocking all notifications and won’t or respond any further – again a waste of my time that I got sucked into.

          • fyi_im_me

            Can you read the ingredients? They are not ALL nutritious. They are not ALL good for you. Real food is cheaper and better for you. That is my point. Why take the JP crap??…it is nonessential. The studies prove real food is better….the ingredients list proves real food is better….common sense proves real food is better.

          • Super Hero

            FYI_IM_ME. Dude. Bro. You gotta back off.

            You don’t understand. Does Juice Plus do everything it claims to? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. That just DOESN’T MATTER. Take it from me: I was a serious skeptic until Judith turned me around three days ago. It may be good for you, it may not be. Who knows? But it does work where it counts: MY BANK ACCOUNT.

            I’ve only been a Juice Plus distributor for three days, but dang if it doesn’t get results when it comes to making money. Like last night…a few days ago my great uncle Harvey passed away. At his funeral, I set up a small table with Juice Plus literature and samples. Some people found it tacky, but you know, Harvey would have wanted his loved ones to have the phyto-nutrients necessary to a long and healthy life. I enrolled eleven new family members and longtime family friends that night.

            And, honestly, I’ve only been taking Juice Plus for three days, and I can feel my DNA getting stronger. So maybe there is something to this.

            So listen to me and Judith: This could really be a good thing for you. Also, when in Louisville, visit Whet Your Pallette: Judith’s gallery, teaching space, and art center. Don’t let the negative Yelp reviews convince you otherwise.

          • fyi_im_me

            Lmao…I’ll get right on that.

          • Super Hero

            Or don’t: Mo’ money for me and Judith!

          • Snoops McGoo

            Found this charming message at the bottom of the webpage for Judith’s business: As a Christian Business it is our policy to not aid in the painting of other religious symbols. God Bless!

            Wow. By worshiping Juice Plus, she’s already praying to a false idol…but this sort of bigotry and intolerance takes the (Christian, heterosexual wedding) cake!

          • fyi_im_me

            Aw come on….Jesus and Juice Plus baby lol

          • Flemmy Scott

            Damn straight! If you’re not compassionate enough to help someone express their love for a faith other than your own, you’re probably easily duped by snake-oil salesmen.

          • Flemmy Scott

            Damn straight! If you’re not compassionate enough to help someone express their love for a faith other than your own, you’re probably easily duped by snake-oil salesmen.

      • Judith Kennedy Zinner Kronbach

        Judith​ Kennedy Zinner
        Whet Your Palette
        Phone: 502-554-0545

        • Dan Evans

          So, are you a JP+ dealer or not? From your hyper-defensive posture, it seems like there’s more than just your health on the line…

  • Super Hero

    Dudes. It doesn’t matter if it works or not. Juice Plus will GET YOU RICH. You just have to be willing to exploit your family and friends and treat them like marks. Guilt them into buying it from you. Who the heck cares if it works? I’M ABOUT TO BUY A BOAT!!!

    • fyi_im_me

      Lol…ain’t that the truth

    • Super Hero

      My boat is so big, y’all! Just put a down payment on it! The honeys are gonna SWARM to me like bees. Thank you, Juice Plus!

  • Victoria Oehl-Miesle

    My doctor will vouch for my benefit of Juice Plus! My blood pressure went down and my cholesterol is the lowest it has ever been! So I think this site is someone’s OPINION about how it ‘could’ be a scam! Who ever owns this site has never used JP+ or seen the health benefits first hand. SHAME ON YOU FOR SPREADING LIES!

    • Super Hero

      Don’t look at me. All I said is that Juice Plus is making me rich. That’s the only truth that matters. I honestly don’t care if it works or not.

    • Ruse Fuss

      So, you’re a Juice Plus dealer, right?

  • Pieter Boerveen

    I don’t see any scientific proof of your objections against Juice Plus.Your blog is nothing more then a popularity publication…

    • Dong Duck

      Um, what is a “popularity publication”? That’s not a thing. But something tells me you sell this garbage…

    • Daniel Craig

      Sweet James Bond graphic, bro. You must work out. Fun fact: A gym membership is cheaper than Juice Plus, and does way more good for your body.

  • Clayton Beauregard

    Let’s just boil this down: Juice Plus merely exists to separate fat, dumb rednecks who are ignorant of nutrition – and unwilling to commit to the lifestyle changes that would make them healthier – from their money. Simple.

  • Karen Gaba Smith

    Everything above is a LIE! I am a distributor, and I know for a fact that this company and itS products are NOT a scam. There is no guilt involved, the research is all legit, NO CLAIMS are made to cure anything. The FDA recommends 7-13 servings of FRESH, RAW fruits and vegetables daily. Who can do that? Many open up cans and think they are doing something healthy! JP capsules DO fill the gap of what we can’t eat–that is what we encourage-EAT healthy food as much as you can, but we all know that is not happening. JP is very economical and an awesome way to get all your fruits and vegetables in on a daily basis!

    • fyi_im_me

      The FDA recommends a balanced diet and a plethora of nutrients. Juice Plus contains 4.


      You quote FDA serving numbers…where did you get those “facts”. Not from the FDA. Might want to do some independent research.


      Since JP has only 4 nutrients it does not fill much of a gap. With it comes processing and manufacturing….with no guarantees whatsoever of quality or purity. They are very careful with what they put in print.

      A proper diet is way cheaper and easier too.

      • Super Hero

        Dude, if you keep chiming in with these thoughtfully resourced, accurate facts, you’re gonna blow this for all of us who are making SERIOUS BANK with Juice Plus! Don’t ruin this for me, bro! I got boat payments to make!

    • Kerry Davis

      You know that prefacing your message with “I am a distributor” is the same as saying “I make money off of this stuff, so I can’t possibly be unbiased,” don’t you?

  • Sk

    I think all you above points prove absolutely nothing about juice plus 1. All food companies do the exact same thing it’s the very same thing as all drug companies which say FDA approved on there packaging which means they’ve done their own research shown it to the FDA and if they think all the research (which could easily be altered) looks fine you’ll pump all these medications into your body, I’d rather pump vitamins and minerals
    2. Juice plus is proven to be bio available so your not ‘pissing out the nutrients’ and allows you to take in nutrients you wouldn’t usually get even if you do eat your fruit an veg
    3. There not offering a ‘shortcut’ there offering supplements to add to healthy food and exercise program and more and more people are gettin sick cause of abuse of over the counter medications and processed foods.
    4. That is every single company that wants to make money which they need to keep on providing you with their product it doesn’t necessarily make all off them bad

    • Ks

      Yeah, this article is pretty weak, and doesn’t prove much. All you need to know in order to determine that Juice Plus is a useless scam with no nutritional value is some basic common sense, human decency, and ten minutes online.

    • fyi_im_me

      So what of it’s bioavailable….it contains garbage and 4 nutrients. It’s a waste of time and money. Eat an orange or an apple instead….way more nutrients and way more bioavailable than s pill

  • redz

    Total waste of money. The worst are the MLM muppets who post before and after photos of people losing weight then claim that SHAZAM, it’s due to JuicePlus. Nothing said about the person’s diet, nothing said about the person’s exercise plan.

  • Lynn D.

    Well if this is a scam then tell my Crohn’s disease which I have suffered with for 35 years which I am off medication for. Tell my blood pressure that it was a fluke that it came down because of whole food nutrition and tell my gum disease that it wasn’t because of the only thing that I changed was adding JP+ to my every day diet. I’ve done my research, my doctor has done the research – IT’S JUST FOOD! What is the scam with that? I can’t possibly afford 30 fruits, vegetables and berries that are better than organic, non-GMO, take the time to prepare it and sit down and eat it all every single day. This product has been a GOD SENT to me – I would not be without it. It has changed my life. My eating habits have changed because I’m putting good nutrition in and now my body wants good nutrition. I don’t crave crap any longer, my body wants water for hydration instead of soda, and I have more energy then every before. So if this is a scam, then my body is truly fooled…. but I think not and all my medical test prove it.

    • Happy Gilmore

      The mind is a powerful healer, and the mind is the only thing that placebos work on…so good for you!

      Are you also a dealer?

    • Dr. Craighton Anders

      I’m Lynn’s doctor, and yes, I recommended Juice Plus to her. She buys it from me, adding to the income she generates for my practice. Can’t complain. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go polish my jet.

    • fyi_im_me

      It has 4 nutrients in it!!!!! It’s a glorified vitamin. Krohns like many autoimmune diseases is hugely suseptible to placebo. And of course since you sell it, it’s not like you have an unbiased opinion. We have all posted numerous rebuttals and proof of what JP truly is. Drink some more koolaid

  • neva


    • J.P. Scammerton

      Oh, Juice Plus is definitely a scam. Also, whoever designed this flyer should really take a few marketing classes…it makes no sense, conveys no information (not in any clear, direct way), and makes mincemeat of acceptable grammar, syntax, and capitalization.

  • Joanna Matee

    …the nation of Juice Plus Zombies has been quiet lately. Perhaps they’ve awoken to the sham? Or maybe they’re too busy counting their money?

    • fyi_im_me

      Doubt it. Probably hoping that if noone posts, it will drop down on google.

  • Glenn Derrigs

    I used Juice Plus to get off of meth! Really!

    Well, to be honest, I TRIED to, but it was useless, so now I do both Juice Plus and meth. Have to work two jobs just to keep up the payments. But my teeth haven’t fallen out yet. That’s sumpin!

  • Laurie Beadle

    #1. JP research costs money. You pay for the question…you can’t control the answer. You also can’t PAY to be featured in the over 30 MEDICAL journals that they are. #2 What guilt? Sharing a good thing is never BAD. Proven bio-available. And even if you DO consume enough servings of produce…its PROVEN that same produce isn’t as nutrient dense as once was. JP doesn’t REPLACE fruits/veg, and NEVER claims to. But helps with what we don’t, won’t, or can’t get from “eating” alone. Our bodies CRAVE what they get…and people start choosing HEALTHIER when use JP. #3. JP always promotes healthy living in all aspects including growing your OWN produce. #4 educate yourself. Everyone makes money off the sale of something. Groc stores, cars, energy…its called economics. I think you have much more research to do before you can firmly negate that Juice Plus+ isn’t effective….of course if you’re happy taking meds to counteract meds to treat disease rather than prevent it in the first place…you’re part of the growing epidemic that plagues our Country.

    • fyi_im_me

      Lol….as always …please post a photo of the ingredients label on the pkg. Have you ever looked them up? Obviously not

    • fyi_im_me

      I don’t take meds nor suppliments….but you do if you take JP. I EAT FOOD.

    • Admin

      Dear Laurie,

      Thank you for registering your disappointment in this article.

      In order to help us improve the quality and accuracy of this site, please provide the following:

      - Links to at least three (3) papers or articles about Juice Plus from independent, peer-reviewed journals.

      - Links to the CVs and/or bibliographies of experts in the field of nutrition who actively support or endorse Juice Plus

      - A photograph of the ingredients label of every Juice Plus product that you personally consume.

      You may post these to this comment thread, and we will evaluate and review accordingly.

      Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

      Administration Rep #28

  • Tiffany

    Oh please this article is completely uneducated information being spewed out of the mouth of someone who obviously has not done thorough research on the product they are reviewing. Juice Plus is not a supplement…. Juice Plus is not a weight loss program, and who ever is paying $178 is full of it because it’s $103 a month with shakes and the trio… in which I have been on myself for a year, and I have proven results of better nutrition through blood work. So there isn’t any one of you in here going to tell me that Juice Plus is a scam! Everyone should read the research on a product before taking it, and honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if I researched the blogger and found out they belong to another company that thinks they can compete with Juice Plus! You wont find a one… and that my friends is the truth! Juice Plus is WHOLE FOODS we carry a nutritional label and not a supplement label because we aren’t a supplement! Juice Plus has been around over 30 years… 30 YEARS!!! and has been researched and backed by amazing doctors, dentists, nutritionists, and educated people who care about their health…. You could never eat as many fruits and veggies in a day. Juice Plus is there to bridge that gap to make sure you are getting what you need. That doesn’t mean stop eating them and just take Juice Plus. If you are interested in WHOLE FOOD nutrition, and eating GMO, gluten, and dairy free, Then research Juice Plus because it’s the best thing you can do for yourself! It works on a cellular level and YES that is proven too! So stop with the nonsense. If you took Juice Plus for less than 4 months, then you cant say anything about it.. IT takes 120 days for our cells to renew themselves. It is ONLY then that you have Juice Plus completely in your system. No one promises miracles but you will see nutritional results if you take Juice Plus.

    • fyi_im_me

      Have you read the ingredients in your shakes? Please post a photo of them. They are full of nonnatural crap.

    • Admin

      Thank you for registering your disappointment in this article.

      In order to help us improve the quality and accuracy of this site, please provide the following:

      - Links to at least three (3) papers or articles about Juice Plus from independent, peer-reviewed journals.

      - Links to the CVs and/or bibliographies of experts in the field of nutrition who actively support or endorse Juice Plus

      - A photograph of the ingredients label of every Juice Plus product that you personally consume.

      You may post these to this comment thread, and we will evaluate and review accordingly.

      Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

      Administration Rep #28

  • msnaye

    1) Clinical studies are “All” funded by Juice Plus. May I see proof of this please? And while you are at it, let’s add in the average number of studies not paid for by the company or medical practice wanting to conduct the study in the first place.

    2) Nutrients extracted this way are not always bio-available. Medical Journal you found this information please?

    3) The company makes claims that can’t be supported. Links to the claims and the information that proves it to be false, please?

    4) Juice Plus Representatives receive incentives to lie to family and friends. Proof please? Lawsuit regarding being lied to? Name of person arrested for fraud please? Some sort of proof?

    As a blogger and online media writer, I’m surprised to see an article that has no substantiation whatsoever listed on what I thought to be a legitimate website. Writing your opinion is one thing. Writing as though your opinion is actually legally documented fact is something entirely different.

    • fyi_im_me

      How about you provide proof from outside JP of a study that actually proves what they say it proves. Read the many many links posted proving the studies are garbage. Read your ingredients and nutritional info on your pkg. There are only 4 nutrients in JP and they are all added in the ingredients ie citric acid and folic acid not naturally occurring. The JP website claims nothing yet the salespeople on here claim all kinds of silliness.

      • msnaye

        You are asking me to supply the research you say you have in your article? Really? If you didn’t have the proof already, you shouldn’t have written like you did. I asked for the information which led to your conclusions. It would be irresponsible for me to just take your word, or anyone else’s, as to what is best for my health. My desire is to read all that you found in preparing to write this entry. It is appearing now, since you want me to research for you, that you jumped to those conclusions after all. If I am incorrect, please supply the information you gathered. This is supposed to be a website of information rather than opinion after all. Thanks.

        • fyi_im_me

          I have posted links repeatedly to independent critiques of the studies detailing the flaws in the scientfic method in JPs studies and how they don’t prove anything. For example, people took JP but also changed diet and exercise….therefore no proof that JP changed anything.

        • fyi_im_me

          As I asked…please post a picture of the nutritional information and ingredients.

        • fyi_im_me

          Also…I didn’t write the article. I just agree that JP is a scam and we have proved it repeatedly in the comments section. No rep is willing to be honest.

    • Candy Carlton

      I’m sorry, but “as a blogger” may be the single funniest way to conclude a retort that is basically guilty of everything it accuses the article of. I assume that, by “blogger,” you mean “Juice Plus Sales Rep.” Laughing out loud here…I mean, you don’t just get to become a blogger, right? Anyone off the street can’t just be a blogger! HA HA HA HA HA

      • msnaye

        No, Candy, I meant what I said. Anyone who writes for online websites must understand they are legally bound to their words. I write professionally and I have also written a blog for nearly a decade. I came to this site as part of doing research. I have found opinions and trolls. Unfortunately, there is very little in the way of proper notes, links, etc. I asked the writer of this for links. I was answered rudely by people with accusations to cover their lack of proof. I’ve moved on, hence the lack of responses. This is my final response here. I don’t have time for trolls. I simply asked for information. And, yes, you all have made me interested in what the deal is about Juice Plus. If I do become a salesman, I will let you know. Lol

        • Candy Carlton

          Ha! Legally bound my ass. The internet largely consists of people making dubious statements without accountability. Nice of you to try to apply ethics to it, but good luck. That ship has sailed. Any idiot can start a WordPress blog and start spouting drivel without fear of reprisal. You need to grow up a little…

          If you read the comment to this thread, however, you’ll notice a trend: Juice Plus supporters have very little concrete proof to defend either the product itself or the lecherous, deplorable Multi-Level-Marketing model that it’s built on. FYI_IM_ME has provided reams of credible research on the ineffectiveness of Juice Plus.

          I’m a professional writer as well – full time, I might add. I suggest you wake up to the realities of this industry.

    • Voice O’Reason

      Just because this article is a bit hastily conceived doesn’t mean that Juice Plus isn’t garbage.

      • msnaye

        I’m not commenting on the product. I was asking the writer for information. Since that time, I’ve found that links, background information, etc. appears to be nonexistent on this website. Blogs have assumptions, percentages, and info that don’t quite match what I’m finding through medical studies, government sites like the FDA, etc. I was trying to research all sides of very specific topics to help my health and found this report. If the writer would like to list where they found their information, that would be great. I’m not here to argue opinions. I was only asking for facts.

        • Voice O’Reason

          Read on. Plenty of good stuff in FYI_IM_ME’s post. The article isn’t particularly well done, but there’s plenty of solid evidence that JP+ is shit out there.

          So glad we have you acting as the journalist police. But why waste your powers here, when there is so much more work to be done?!

  • fyi_im_me

    Lol…must have had a meeting….the zombies are attacking

  • fyi_im_me

    As usual…the reps spout all kinds of miracles but refuse to post the nutritional info from the pkg. I have posted it repeatedly. Crap ctap crap…that’s what is is. I sure would never eat it nor feed it to my family. I HAVE READ THE INGREDIENTS….wish the reps would :P

  • fyi_im_me

    Various ingredients found in Juice Plus products that are added NOT naturally added thru the fruits or veggies in the products:

    Ascorbic acid
    Citric acid
    Folic acid
    Sodium citrate
    Lactic acid
    Tocopheryl Succinate

    These ingredients are added to make the nutrient info seem good. Note those ingredients can be found in many multivitamins that are much cheaper and just as bioavailable.

  • Garry Brown

    I’m considering starting to take Juice Plus, so I read through some of these comments, and wow. Quite an illustrious group of JP+ supporters, including an anti-vaccine filmmaker with a failed IndieGoGo campaign, a bigoted Christian horse painter (she paints pictures of horses, not horses themselves), a minister and housewife who leaves her kids locked in the house eight months out of the year, and Tiffany, who seems to love exclamation points almost as much as she loves leaving poorly worded, improperly capitalized comments on pages touting boring household products.

    Do I dare join this illustrious group of winners? Can I truly soar with the eagles?

  • LoveBarbaraChristensen

    Pretty sad to see Fooducate going after direct sales when the toxins and the gmos are the bigger issue in my mind. Supplementation is something that we need, and while I don’t agree with the quality of all of the JP products, I think that calling direct sales a scam, and saying that since they paid for the studies they aren’t to be considered. Just silly. Most of the research out there is not done by outside organizations. Should be just stop researching? I expect more out of this group. You have disappointed me.

    • Dora Chalmers

      Good point: JP is just one useless, pointless, exploitative, processed garbage product in a SEA of useless, pointless, exploitative garbage products. We should be casting a wider net.

    • fyi_im_me

      However it has created quite the fervor. Lots of action on this article :)

  • Erinn

    I’m not sure what you bought for $178 a month, but that definitely not what I pay. I pay $44 a month and my daughter gets hers free.

    I started Juice Plus to help out a friend for a one time thing. While taking it I realized I wasn’t getting sick like other family members and friends and my allergies were not as bad. The big deal for me, though, was getting my blood work back. I’ve been anemic to the point of seeing a Hematologist for 5 years. Diet, iron pills (regular and vegan) didn’t touch my levels. I started taking the JP about 6 months after quitting my iron supplements and 3 months later my iron was at normal levels.

    I won’t ever stop taking it after seeing the benefits. It’s not a cure all, but it helps with nutrition.

    • fyi_im_me

      Interesting that you won’t correct your diet; instead will take a pill of questionable sources and will feed it to your child.

  • becky

    It’s a shame you haven’t really researched your topic – all 4 of your arguments are false. You could really do a lot of good here. If you truly want to get people healthy, encourage them to eat JP+, which is 30 raw fruits, veg, and berries in capsule or gummie form, for less than $2.50 a day. This leads to craving MORE fr and veg, and getting rid of labels – like Aspergers and ADD. I know, because my sons went to college without their former labels. My whole family’s health history has changed for the extreme better because of adding JP+ to our diets.

    • fyi_im_me

      Please post a photo of your nutrition label proving your claims. I have examined their labels and the ingredients…obviously you haven’t.

    • Fooducate Admin


      Thank you for registering your disappointment in this article.

      In order to help us improve the quality and accuracy of this site, please provide the following:

      - Links to at least three (3) papers or articles about Juice Plus from independent, peer-reviewed journals – including at least one (1) that speaks to the claim that Juice Plus cause you to “craving more fr and veg.”

      - Links to the CVs and/or bibliographies of experts in the field of nutrition who actively support or endorse Juice Plus

      - A photograph of the ingredients label of every Juice Plus product that you personally consume.

      You may post these to this comment thread, and we will evaluate and review accordingly.

      Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

      Administration Rep #25

  • Kelsk

    It is NOT a supplement! It has a nutrition label on it and it is certified by the NSF! If you want to continue on your supplements that have no regulation that’s your choice to be under educated!

    • fyi_im_me

      It contains additives….it is an extremmely expensive vitamin. Read that label. Oh and please post a picture of it. It is very rude to call others uneducated especially when you choose to take the word of one vompany over proven science. It comes into question who is actually the uneducated one.

    • Randall Danders

      Have its ridiculous claims been verified by the FDA? I only ask because my DNA has been feeling a little weak lately.

  • fyi_im_me

    Hmmmm…still lots of yapping but no proof. Interesting that not one nutrition label or verifiable study has been posted…..Just lots of accusations and name calling.

  • zioN

    So many people are sickeningly naive. A better education in science would allow them to avoid corporate pseudoscience scams like JP. All the reps are busy spouting rhetoric from the JP website with no idea what the words they use even mean, let alone noticing the bad science concealing the industry’s profiteering. Let’s go back to school.

  • fyi_im_me

    Just post a nutrition label…

    • The Truth

      Ha! Are you George Carlin? ‘Cause you’re making me laugh. None of these brain-dead drones would dare actually look at the ingredients and use informed judgment to determine their utter irrelevance…at least not while there’s money still on the table!

      • fyi_im_me

        Exactly lol!!!

  • Simone

    My family and I have been taking juice plus for about 8 months now. I find that I am actually craving more fruit and vegetables and fewer potato chips. Not sure why, but it also lessens my depression. I think the $45 per mo I pay (my kids get it free) is cheaper than the anti-depressants I uses to take daily!

    • Floyd Ambrose

      Hmmm…well, your body craves what it’s not getting enough of, so if taking Juice Plus makes you crave fruits and vegetables, that should tell you something…

    • Fooducate Admin

      Representing that these pills positively affect your depression is a VERY dangerous claim. You need to not be so reckless: Someone could read your totally scientifically unfounded statement and quit taking their anti-depressant medication and then spiral into an emotional collapse leading to murder or suicide or both.

      Readers: Please do NOT take Simone’s claim as anything approaching medical or psychological advice.

    • Darren Dankles

      Whoa: You can NOT go making claims that Juice Plus alleviates depression. That is so far beyond dangerous as to be irresponsible. Depression is a real condition, and Juice Plus has NOT BEEN CLINICALLY PROVEN to relieve depression.

      The very idea that you would recommend, directly or indirectly, such an untested therapy to someone who is depressed and possibly suicidal, is very disturbing. Someone could read this post – perhaps someone who can’t afford their current medication – and try to treat their depression this way, resulting in something very unfortunate.

      Please be careful and considerate with the claims you are making.

      • fyi_im_me

        Very scary :(

    • fyi_im_me

      Why not just eat properly??

    • Lamp Shaderson

      I ditched my depression meds and replaced them with Juice Plus, too. Worked great, right up until my second suicide attempt. Then I reconsidered.

  • Rickey Choaders

    I love how when you do a Google search on “Juice Plus Scam,” you get this paid ad from Juice Plus. It’s like Googling Scientology and getting an ad entitled “Scientology: Not a Soul-Sucking Money Pit.”

  • fyi_im_me

    Getting quiet out there. Still no nutrition labels or ingredients or any kind of proof.

  • Angela Barribeau

    I signed up, JUST to get a few bags of the Chocolate Protein mix. My rep LIED to me, as I must’ve been put on a continual order basis, without my permission or knowledge! MONTHS later, I have it coming out of my ears! I’m thinking of throwing the whole lot in the garbage. I think Juice Plus is a scam. I got sick and tired of listening to the rep I know making bogus claims of how wonderful the product is and how many people are “healed” from the product. What a bunch of BS.

    • George Jackson

      Was your rep someone you knew before – a friend or family member?

    • fyi_im_me

      Unfortunately that is a familiar story.

  • GeekGirl101

    Um…all the studies are independent..you can literally request the studies and they will give them to you… Also, I have literally seen people get better on Juice plus. With my own eyes. Forgive me if I have a bit more faith in what I’ve seen and the dozens of studies than I do some blog who doesn’t source anything.

    • fyi_im_me

      Read the comments. JP doesnt fix anything or make anyone better. Improving your diet and excercise does. Read the ingredients….it is full of garbage.

      • GeekGirl101

        I have thanks, and I have also seen it work on multiple people. You can request the studies…which are independent. I have read the ingredients. I’ve seen the bottles. There is nothing artificial in those bottles.

        • fyi_im_me

          So there is no folic acid???

          • Dwight Hernandez

            I’m pretty sure folic acid is on the labels.

          • fyi_im_me

            It is. I have seen it. Folate is naturally occurring and folic acid is man made in a lab.

          • Concerned Citizen

            BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT GeekGirl101 told me there was nothing artificial in Juice Plus!!!! Was she lying to me????

      • GeekGirl101

        All Juice plus does is suplement the fruits and vegetables you aren’t getting. Not everyone can get 8-12 servings of each a day. It can improve health and encourages eating right and exercise.

        • fyi_im_me

          Eating well is easier and much better for you. Juice Plus is full of additives and gives absolutely no guarantee of quality. They have had to add vitamins and minerals to their products in order to pad the nutrition label. The ingredients are not naturally occurring.

        • Crave Joggerton

          Um, how does a pill “encourage eating right and exercise”? Is it some sort of magical zombie effect that makes you crave fruit and jogging? That’s so ridiculous that not even the Juice Plus marketing mentions it…

  • fyi_im_me

    Still waiting on the photos of the ingredients….

  • aunty jo

    Although I am a distributor I have only sold it to myself and my daughter. We have been taking it since the year 1998 and neither one of us has had a cold even though we have been in the accompaniment of sneezing runny nose coughing people. Some of the phytonutrients that are in these capsules are also in food that I would never put in my mouth like turnips and okra and rutabaga. I also love their products to make smoothies I prefer the chocolate one but the other ones I hear are good They have a lot of protein and are good after you workout.

    • Queef Herring

      Oh, man – those smoothies are so full of garbage additives and sweeteners that it’s not even worth discussing.

      But otherwise, I’m on board with you, Joanne. I had FULL BLOWN AIDS, and two days after starting a Juice Plus regimen, it went away!

    • fyi_im_me

      As posted before…no they arent good for you. Read the ingredients and understand the crap you are putting in your body. After a workout, a banana is really good for you; eggs are a WAY better protein source; FOOD not garbage.

    • Skip Flenders

      …man, I wish I could make money off of my daughter. She’s a damn deadbeat.

      • fyi_im_me

        Ha ha ha

      • Randall Parker

        Seriously. Usually it’s a crime when you exploit your kids. I want in.

  • fyi_im_me

    Still no photos….still waiting

  • fyi_im_me

    Ingredients photos please. Prove you have looked at them at least once lol.

  • Hannah

    It will detoxify you body. So if you take more than you are suppose to you will have bathroom issues. That just shows what you were putting in your body before. I’m glad you have your opinion but Juice plus saved my best friend grandmas life. And there’s medical papers showing how much her blood cell count went up.

    • fyi_im_me

      So again…she changed nothing else in her life??? JP has nothing in it that detoxifies anything. Their website does not make that claim because it isn’t true. They are very careful not to claim anything that they could be sued for. They say they are not responsible for the wild claims their distributors make. JP is an expensive shortcut instead of eating properly that does not replace anything not even cheap crappy vitamins.

    • Stu Cooke

      Your best friend’s name is Grandma?

    • Kerry Turic

      Please share with us the science behind your claim that this one pill will “detoxify you body.” I assume you meant “your body,” but maybe I’m wrong.

      • Tate Nolan

        Don’t expect Juice Plus users to have the intelligence to use proper grammar and syntax.

  • http://www.juiceplus.co.uk/+mr69210 samantha

    well im a distributor for juice plus and i disagree i feel they are a magnificent help for those that need that boost to change their lives around whether its just to loose a few pounds or tone up or have better hair and nails and immune system to be at its maximum it benefits each individual in a different way depending on their needs so what ever your need i know we can help

    • fyi_im_me

      So which ingredients in JP do that???? The other changes to your lifestyle make thise improvements. Sugar and fillers plus a little bit of vitamin suppliments does not fix anything.

    • Skip Summers

      Wow. Typical Juice Plus distributor: In addition to being totally blind to the non-existent science behind this product, she seems utterly incapable of using punctuation and capitalization properly.

  • fyi_im_me

    Still no ingredient labels after over a year. This sure proves that the distributors know it’s crap and they SELL it anyway. Prey on people and line their pockets. Disgusting.

  • Camperly Scramton

    I would continue to use Juice Plus if it didn’t rob me of my ability to think logically, spell correctly, and use proper punctuation. It’s a well-documented side-effect: Just read the comments from Juice Plus users below.

    Also, it doesn’t do anything.

    • Cherith Cutestory

      I think they list that as a side-effect on their bottles, now.

  • fyi_im_me

    I have been busy processing this year’s bounty. It is so rewarding and so yummy. Proper nutrition is so important. Eating good foods and being active is so important too. There is no shortcut. Just do it :)

  • Juice Plusserson

    Just one more comment until we reach 1,100 – c’mon Juice Plus community! Let’s show the naysayers the real power of the meganutrients that Juice Plus provides, and how they unlock the unlimited potential inside each of us.

    Also, something about Jesus, maybe.

    • fyi_im_me

      Do we get cake then? I’d do it for cake :)

  • fyi_im_me

    Still no ingredient labels…..still waiting

  • Deb

    I am a master gardener and I grow things as close to organic as possible. The truth is if you have a particular pest or disease issue, organic products just don’t always take care of it, period!!! Another thing, for all of you people that are hung up on organic, you need to check the toxicity levels of some organic products. Some organic products are far more toxic than some chemical products. So your arguments for “organic” are simply child-like and not fully informed. A great benefit of the veggy tower is that you don’t have soil disease organisms to deal with, a problem that any true gardener knows will occur over time. The other issue is one of pests; it is my understanding that this problem can be greatly eleviated using the tower. I don’t own the tower presently but am very familiar with this type of growing system on a much larger level. For all of you that think you can eat enough vegetables and fruits equivalent to what is in juice plus for the same price, I think you really need to re-evaluate that but go ahead stuff your face with all that very expensive organic stuff.

    • Sucker Puckerson

      Can I buy Juice Plus from you?

    • Admin

      I don’t really remember too many people on this thread arguing organic versus non-organic. The main issue is that Juice Plus is useless garbage with man-made additives and some vitamins that you just piss out.

      Please try to keep things on topic.


    • fyi_im_me

      If you are a master gardener who grows organically, I find it very hard to believe you would endorse growing food in toxic chemicals. Me thinks this sounds fishy. I eat very very well and it does cost less than JP, way less. Especially as I have a large family.

  • Frank Walton

    This is too simplistic and shallow! If a company funded a double-blind, placebo controlled, cross-over study, the results would be trustworthy. The outcomes could not be biases or faked because this is the gold standard in clinical research. Juice Plus+ buys the question but it cannot buy the answer!! It has 34 published clinical studies and has a Medline data base IMPACT SCORE of over 100, which is outstanding.

  • Frank Walton

    This is too simplistic and shallow! If a company funded a double-blind, placebo controlled, cross-over study, the results would be trustworthy. The outcomes could not be biases or faked because this is the gold standard in clinical research. Juice Plus+ buys the question but it cannot buy the answer!! It has 34 published clinical studies and has a Medline data base IMPACT SCORE of over 100, which is outstanding (see graphic of the medical journals where published). You make a factual error in saying ALL of the research is funded by the company. If you had honestly, objectively done your research, you would know which ones were independently funded and also the positive results of those studies.

    • Minister from hell

      Thanks Frank, you may want to disclose your lucrative position with the company.
      Sold your soul to make a buck.

      • Frank Walton

        I noticed you did not refute the facts stated in the article and you made an slanderous, prejudicial assertion. To make money, you must make money off others. This can be done by providing a quality product at a fair price, which is what I am doing. Sorry you are biased and prejudicial. Selling a good product at a fair price is not evil. Are you a socialist or a communist?

        • Juice Enuff

          I noticed that you repeated your same statement twice.

        • Juice Enuff

          I noticed that you repeated your same statement twice..

      • Frank Walton

        I noticed you did not refute the facts stated in the article and you made an slanderous, prejudicial assertion. To make money, you must make money off others. This can be done by providing a quality product at a fair price, which is what I am doing. Sorry you are biased and prejudicial. Selling a good product at a fair price is not evil. Are you a socialist or a communist?

        • 2-Finger Steve

          Tell ‘em, Frank! People said I was crazy to treat my leprosy with Juice Plus. That was six years and 8 fingers ago, but I’m still goin’ strong! Don’t need no doctor!

    • fyi_im_me

      Could you please post a link other than JP of the independent review of those studies showing the study truly proves what JP claims it did? I have read the reviews and the scientific method was flawed in every one.

    • Clem Flenders

      How’s about just POSTING A PHOTO OF THE INGREDIENTS LABEL. That’s all we’re asking for.

  • fyi_im_me

    Please post pics of the ingredients, especially those in the shakes and gummies. Seriously folks, read the ingredients and do independent research. Don’t drink the koolaid. Spend that amount of money on healthy food and choose a healthy lifestyle, you will be way ahead. If you must suppliment, there are highly recommended products that are less expensive that don’t make grandeous claims.