Broccoli 2.0 – Enjoy the Stems

broccoli with stem


Broccoli is one of the top symbols of healthy food, and has been for generations. While many of today’s children are being taught at an early age to appreciate the delicate broccoli florets, there is one part of this healthy green cabbage that many people avoid – the stem.

Well, good news folks. No need to toss broccoli stems. When peeled and treated with love, they are a delicacy. The New York Times has some great, simple recipe ideas for you, including seared broccoli stem coins.

If the broccoli you get in the supermarket is just the florets, check out a local farmer’s market for the the whole package.

How do you enjoy your broccoli?

  • Karrina

    Broccoli is my favorite

  • Stardust

    I love steamed broccoli with pepper and salsa:)

  • Kelle

    I always chop my broccoli stems into small cubes and add them to my fried rice.

    • Catherine

      Great idea! I always feel bad not using them.

    • EVIL food scientist

      Shred or cut into match sticks and add to all kinds of stir fry items.

      Great way to use up the stem part rather than tossing them in the trash or composing them.

  • scottschluter

    We save the stems in the freezer until we have enough to make a broccoli soup.

  • Beth B

    I love the stems and my favorite way to eat broccoli is roasted (from Snack Girl). Also love broccoli in stir fry dishes.

  • Carol H

    The leaves have even more nutrition than the florets or stalks (which are highest in mostly fiber).

  • Katy

    Even as a kid I’ve always loved broccoli, and the stems were my favorite part. It astounded me when I discovered so many people just toss the stems!