Ben & Jerry’s non-GMO Status Update

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream

Better late than never. Early last year, Ben & Jerry’s announced it would switch to non-GMO ingredients for its various ice cream flavors by the end of the year. That did not happen, but progress is being made, as reported by USA Today. Going non-GMO was not a trivial thing to do, because Ben & Jerry’s is owned by Unilever, an international food giant that is staunchly opposed to GMO labeling in the US.

Genetically Modified Organisms are plants and animals whose DNA has been altered by insertion of genes from other plants or animals in a way that could not happen in nature. In the US, most corn and soy is genetically modified.

Science is still bickering regarding the long term safety of GMO crops, and consumers are demanding to know if packaged food products they are buying include genetically modified ingredients.

In Europe, GMOs are de-facto banned because they need to be labeled on products. The US regulatory bodies have not offered similar protections to American consumers.

Back to Ben & Jerry’s. The change to non-GMO ingredients has not happened as fast as the company hoped for last year. This is due to difficulty in sourcing non-GMO ingredients in the US. Many ingredients and additives are derived from corn and soy. The good news is that as more companies start sourcing these ingredients, more farms will go back to non-GMO crops.


  • puffeyrice

    It comes back to where you spend your money and you will see change on my opinion some people may disagree

  • stardust

    Whether this is non-gmo or not, it’s still not going to make this a health food….

    • sassafras

      You’d be stupid to think ice cream is a health food! It’s not about being a health food, its about not putting chemicals into our bodies, with whatever we choose to eat. Everyone’s entitled to a safe treat!!!

      • 4theluv

        Got to agree with Stardust. I’m not so sure this could in any way be considered a safe treat. The GMOs don’t bother me. It’s the rest that is more starling.

        • stardust

          Exactly! Even if they take away the Gmos there’s still a whole bunch of other dangerous chemicals, not to mention that it’s empty calories anyway.

      • Utopia

        Agree. GMO or not, sugar is a poison too! I eat my fair share but heck, I pay the price when I do.

        • Becky

          Forget about the sugar content and remember the entire thing is based off of milk and fat! NASTY!!! The entire thing is poison!!

    • Sarah

      It doesn’t matter! Junk food doesn’t have to contribute to your risk of cancer.

      • stardust

        Uhh, actually it does. It’s the processed foods with chemicals and artificial ingredients that cause a majority of preventable health issues. I understand that some of it could be hereditary.

  • H2O

    Hopefully more companies will follow suit. It looks like Ben & Jerry’s trying to do the right thing, their items have a FAIRTRADE stamp which is more than some other companies do. It would be nice if I want to have some ice cream or feed it to my family its not full of GMOs.

  • Foodguru

    Ne poverju… Ne mozhet bytj…

    • Anonymous

      Well said!

  • Arania Lawakiro

    De-Facto banned in Europe? Where did you get that from? I’m in Germany, and we have many of them. Just that most people don’t care about the scare tactics about them.