Dads Should Be Nutrition Role Models Too

Dad's SnacksHappy Father’s Day to All!

While most of the focus today is on what gifts kids give their dads, we’d like to make a request. But first, a bit of background. It’s no secret that women are much more “into” nutrition and diet than men are. Fooducate stats support this. This blog is read by a 60-70% female audience. Our mobile app user profile is 75% female. Another interesting stat – 97% of registered dietitians are women!

Why is this a problem?

Building proper eating habits is critical in childhood years. When one parent is working hard on this front, but the other is not, it sends a double message that confuses a child. You can say that about any aspect of child rearing, true. However, there are many more overweight and obese children than there are kids who don’t clean behind their ears, are truant from school, or get tangled up with the law.

If mom is focused on healthy shopping and cooking, but then at dinnertime dad calls in a pizza delivery, kids will get the wrong message. If mom prepares a greens salad, but dad comments he is not going to eat food for goats, kids get the wrong message. If dad is perceived as the fun-food-parent while mom is the icky-tasting-food parent, this is a setup for failure.

So dads, we kindly ask you – do your part to show kids that healthy eating is as important to you as it is to mom.

  • Souder

    I appreciate these thoughts and the call for dads to support healthy eating as they reinforce their role of modeling healthy eating habits. I would have loved this when I raised my kiddos years ago. These 30s something generation has impressed me with their new empowerment.