3 Ways Excess Sugar Ravages Your Body

Essential Everyday Sugar

Is sugar the root cause of all our health problems? If you ask Robert Lustig, a pediatric endocrinologist at the University of California, San Francisco, the answer is yes. The dose determines the poison, and Americans are consuming 2 to 3 times the daily sugar dosage they should be. The result is our current diabesity health crisis.

According to Lustig, who was interviewed earlier this week by Vox Magazine, excess sugar consumption has 3 negative biological effects on our body:

1. Each sugar molecule is made of fructose and glucose. Fructose is metabolized in the liver. Too much of it overloads the liver and creates liver fat which in turn creates insulin resistance, paving the way for diabetes.

2. Sugar accelerates cellular aging. Basically all the cells in the body age faster.

3. Sugar is addictive, in much the same way as alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs are. Since it is available abundantly and not regulated like the other substances, we consume increasing amounts, leading to problems 1 and 2.

  • Chris

    This is very true! I have not eaten sugar for 6 months now. Thank you for educating everyone about this!

  • vroomvsr

    It is ok to eat sugar in small amounts…
    And sugar is not the root cause of ALL health problems… That’s misleading.

    • Bang

      Sugar is not the root of all health problems. That is true. But it deffinitly plays a role! Natural sugar is good for you. It is the processed sugar that is bad for you! Desert and soda are never okay if you want to be healthy! This is why most Americans don’t live past 60! I want to live longer than that!

      • Singh

        Natural sugar is NOT good for you. Processed sugar is just as bad as natural sugar. Many Americans live past 60 years old.

  • H2O

    So true I’ve stopped all sugar except in my coffee in the morning and its non gmo certified. I find that it’s so easy to over consume sweets or food that has added sugar to it..That i just have to avoid them., look around some of these children eat way sugars

  • Chris

    Wow I didn’t know that consuming too much sugar did all that. But then again who can blame us for consuming way to much sugar if they add it to everything on the shelves? Thank you for this.

  • oldlady

    I go along with a poster below, I made myself aware of how much sugar is in my daily food intake. Bread, condiments, fruit, processed food, sauces etc. The sugar content does add up, so as much as possible I avoid processed food. that is why I gave up cereal, mayonnaise, ketchup, fruit yogurt, ranch salad dressing, spaghetti sauce, etc). All of this added over 2 cups of sugar a week I was eating! No wondere I was fat! I have an occasional sweets in a month, but no weekly cakes/cookies/donuts

  • Disgusted

    I have stooped sugar also…I don’t even look at the bakeries any more, I use to eat slot of bakery sweets until I got food educate to teach me to care better about what I eat…I do feel better..sugar inflames the body..and yes a lot of illnesses are a cause of so much sugar consumption…thank you food educate…some people don’t want to be educated so they put all kinds of excuses to keep eating crap..so let them….

  • Guest

    I’m 37 and haven’t purposely touched sugar since 12 years old. This includes sodas. I know there is sugar in apart everything, but the intention to deliberately leave sugar alone has caused me to still feel young like a 15 year old physically. Everyone my age I have grown up with and people I meet regularly that are my age all regularly complain about aches, pains, health problems, energy levels and weight. Everyone I meet think I am in my mid 20′s, and I totally believe it’s due to diet! I have been through combat in 3 theaters around the world and played professional basketball, boxed, fought in semi pro mma type of events, so I’ve beat my body up, but I am a total believer that the lack of sugar causes quick recovery, no flaring, and a clear mind to stay focused on responsibilities. I’m not trying to pat myself on the back; I’m just confirming in my life a complete lack of sugar and good diet instead is imperative for health. Any American can choose a good diet, and especially if someone has medical conditions or hereditary conditions it is necessary.

    • Guest

      Wow, that is awesome. I’m 56 and I would love to see myself if I had been cutting out sugar since the age of 12. I cut it out of my diet 12 months ago and I feel like I’m 100% more healthy, lost 65 pounds and feel 10 years younger! And btw…thank you for your service!!

  • Carol H

    The premise that “sugar” per se is bad is simplistic and not scientifically (or logically) supported. 1. The human body needs it for many cellular processes (your brain without glucose would be in trouble). 2. Our bodies are perfectly capable of handling (and in fact are designed to handle) fructose and glucose (the two components of sucrose, aka “granulated sugar,” whether from “natural” or “added” sources); as with many things, it is a problem only when there is too much at one time, not balanced with other foods/nutrients (e.g., fiber) to slow down its absorption (see: overeating). 3. Many foods, including milk, fruits and veggies, contain various “natural” sugars that your body can’t tell from “added sugars” because they all break down to glucose and
    fructose. 4. Many fruits contain more fructose than glucose or sucrose; does this mean fruits cause diabetes? Hardly. 5. The amount of sugar in a fruit/veggie varies widely with amount of ripeness, and whether it is raw or cooked (would you consider a cooked apple or pumpkin to have “added sugar” once the cooking process breaks down some of the carbs to sugars?). 6. Sugars are created as soon as we put starch in our mouths — enzymes in saliva break starches down to sugars quite rapidly. 7. “Added sugar” doesn’t make something inherently bad/unhealthy; for instance, sour cherries start out very tart, but higher in vitamin C and A than sweet cherries; if you add some sugar to make them taste better, you still have a healthier cherry than sweet cherries — they will now have the same calorie and sugar content, but more vitamins/antioxidants… is that bad? 8. Oh, and the reason sugar is addictive? We evolved to seek it out because our bodies need it.