Meet Advantame, Yet Another Artificial Sweetener Approved by the FDA


The FDA has recently approved its sixth artificial sweetener – Advantame. This is a super-sweetener, at almost 20,000 times sweeter than table sugar. For comparison, aspartame is only 200 times sweeter than sugar, and sucralose is 600 times sweeter.

Advantame is manufactured by Ajinomoto, the world’s largest manufacturer of aspartame, a controversial artificial sweetener.

This is what the FDA had to say:

Advantame  is a free-flowing, water soluble, white crystalline powder that is stable even at higher temperatures, and can be used as a tabletop sweetener as well as in cooking applications.  Advantame has been approved for use as a general-purpose sweetener and flavor enhancer and can be used in baked goods, non-alcoholic beverages (including soft drinks), chewing gum, confections and frostings, frozen desserts, gelatins and puddings, jams and jellies, processed fruits and fruit juices, toppings, and syrups.

In evaluating the safety of advantame under the petitioned conditions of use, the FDA reviewed data from 37 animal and human studies. The safety studies were designed to identify possible toxic effects, such as reproductive, neurological, and cancer-causing effects. The FDA concluded after a thorough evaluation that advantame is safe for human consumption under the petitioned conditions of use.

According to an initial review by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), one of the key safety studies was flawed – too many mice died before the end of the study to provide a large enough sample set.

A European review found the sweetener safe as well, but stated that

the critical effect observed in animal studies was maternal toxicity (gastrointestinal disturbances) in the prenatal developmental toxicity study in rabbits.

Stay tuned…

  • Thomas Lynch

    that will stimulate the dopamine in kids for sure………sweetner sugar junkies? 4 bags of m&ms won’t be enough now they will need 20. Why doesn’t the FDA just dispense needles so the kids can mainline it!!!!!

  • Lost42LbsThisYear

    Too many mice died during the study?!?! Wow. I think this is something I’ll be steering clear of!!!!

  • Gls

    Seems legit

  • mrreal

    I’ll stick with real sugar. Thanks.

  • H2O


    • Guest

      Excuse me, but “one of the ways that would help us all” is for food manufacturers’ to stop producing poison and marketing it as food!

  • disgusted

    They want to kill us…told you

  • overseaschinese

    In the land where sugar is scarce, Japan needs these artificially produced food ingredients to survive. Since it is a new ingredient, many more studies should be done to ensure its safe use. As the industry continue to control certain food source and its prices, the industry is also forced to look for alternatives like these.

    One of the ways that would help us all is NOT TO WASTE FOOD OR CONSUME MORE THAN WHAT WE SHOULD EAT.

    • MegaMikeDBET

      Excuse me, but “one of the ways that would help us all” is for food manufacturers’ to stop adding poisons to food stuffs and marketing it as food!

  • MegaMikeDBET

    Those “37 animal and human studies” that you mention?… CBS News reported these studies as having been “submitted by the maker of the new sugar substitute.” ~

    We all know how, generally speaking, reliable manufacturers’ studies have been in the past. Of course they’re going to say their product is safe and back it up with partial, subjective studies.

    Funny that you left that part out…

  • Prem Singh Pannu

    ‘Advantame’ is very powerful substitute to sugar, this is the wonder of science accept it!