Meatless Monday: Neat Foods Mexican Mix

Neat Foods

Happy Cinco de Mayo Monday! As more people are increasing their plant foods intake, Meatless Monday has become a popular movement. The market is responding by providing innovative meat alternatives.

Neat Foods is an interesting company that offers mixes based on nuts and legumes. We recently sampled the Mexican Mix (how fitting). The preparation requires water and eggs, but if you don’t add some olive oil, it will come out a bit dry.

Neat Instructions

Here is the ingredient list:


The use of pecans and garbanzo beans is impressive. Each packet has an amount for 4 servings. The calorie count before adding eggs and oil is 210, for a serving of 1.5 ounces. There are only 5 grams of protein, but 15 grams of fat. The added whole grain oatmeal cornmeal provides 5 grams of fiber, something you don’t see in meat products.

From a taste perspective, the end result was more similar to falafel than to ground beef.

Have you tried Neat products?

  • Dale

    It’s CORNmeal – not oatmeal. How does this change the protein profile?

    • Fooducate

      Fixed, thanks! Too much cerveza ;-)

      • Dale

        OK but you didn’t answer the question – change in protein profile at all?

    • Joe

      The protein intake from corn will be less than from oats. Eggs have a bunch of saturated proteins and a moderate amt. of saturated fat and low density cholesterol. Modern research shows that by today’s standards, Americans are obese due to our higher carbohydrate intake, usually accompanied by a sedentary lifestyle rather than too much fat and protein. Replacing oats with corn yields higher carbs.

  • Nichole

    It’s kind of silly for the company to make a vegetarian meat product that requires eggs. I do understand that some vegetarians eat eggs, but…

    • Esther

      Not safe for people with nut allergies. It wouldn’t work for our family.

    • neat foods

      On the pouch it say you can use vegan eggs instead. Flaxseed, chia flour, or even an egg substitute like Ener-G can be used. It helps with the binding of the dry mix.

  • Stefan

    I haven’t heard of them before this, but I will try them.