Coke for Wall Street Vs. Coke for Nutritionists

Coca Cola Facility in Argentina

A Coca Cola Facility in Argentina. (photo: Coca Cola Argentina)

If you really want to understand what food companies are doing on the health front, don’t go to nutrition conferences or read their PR aimed at dietitians. Read the reports they send out to Wall Street. You’ll be surprised how different a story you hear.

Take Coca Cola for example. Although soft drink sales have declined in the US, the company stock is up. Why? Because the company is aggressively marketing its sugar water in Latin America and other emerging markets. The average American consumes 44 gallons of soft drinks per year, but in most other nations, the number is much lower – the global average is about 11 gallons. Which means with enough investment in advertising, there is still a lot of upside for Coke in selling its soft drinks.

Despite the stories being told to the nutrition community about healthier alternatives, Coke’s bread and butter is still soft drinks. Over 60% of US sales are soft drinks. Over 75% of global sales are Colas. Remember these numbers the next time Coca Cola boasts that it want to be part of the solution to the global obesity pandemic…

  • Ashleyri

    *hear, not “here”

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  • SuperMom101

    Interesting that you mention “sugar water”. In Mexico they refuse to drink the coke that’s “made in the U.S.A.” because it’s manufactured with high fructose corn syrup. Funny to see coke in glass bottles labeled: “hecho in Mexico” at the big box stores.

    (When our son traveled to Spain – same thing – he couldn’t believe how much better tasting the coke was over there, and now doesn’t bother to drink it here. He prefers the sodas at the Burrito shops that are hecho in Mexico.)

    Hmmmmm…. wonder how they’ll market and sell an inferior product to the masses in Latin America.

  • SixCatFaerie

    This makes me so sad…

  • H2O

    Corporate America trying to get rich off us by selling us the stuff with GMO ingredients. The sad thing is people are drinking it up making them richer. They only care about their profits not the people who are buying it.