Vermont Will Be The First State to Mandate GMO Labeling

Vermont First to Mandate GMO Labels

Vermont is just one step away from mandatory labeling of food with genetically modified ingredients – the signing into law by governor Peter Shumlin who supports the initiative. Once enacted, the law will require food manufacturers to properly label their products by July 1st, 2016.

Vermont will be the first state where the law has actual consequences. Last year, Connecticut passed a GMO labeling law, but its implementation is contingent on other nearby states passing similar legislation.

Reminder: GMO stands for genetically modified organism. Most of the corn and soy grown in the US today is genetically modified, and many derivatives of these crops are in our foods. There is a debate as to the long term safety of GMOs. It makes sense to make information available to consumers so they can make an informed purchase decision.

The food industry is going berserk because of fears that labeling products as GMO will cause people to shun them. That’s why it is spending tens of million of dollars to defeat any attempt to require labeling. See what happened in California and Washington.

At Fooducate, we support transparency and believe that Americans have a right to know as much as possible about their food. The agriculture and food industries would have been smarter to provide MORE information from the get-go of GMOs 20 years ago; instead they have created suspicion and mistrust in the minds of consumers. It’s time for a change.

If you’d like to know right now if your groceries contain GMOs, upgrade you Fooducate app to the PRO version (Android, iPhone).

  • pafarmgirl

    Bravo Vermont!!!

  • audra may

    excellent! i was so disappointed when wash state didn’t go for this!

    • jadegreen_eyz

      Monsanto has powerful insidious tentacles.

      • The logical person

        Monsanto is evil, but GMO crops are safe.
        Studies have been done showing that they are safe.
        1 trillion GMO meals have been eaten with NO PROBLEMS.
        GMO foods just need a small amount more testing.

        • Sheila Lynn

          They are genetically modified so that herbicides can be dumped on them. These herbicides are causing health problems and birth defects!

    • JustRealSeattle

      You and me both! Conservatives in our state were driven by fears around the associated cost to regulate the new law, etc. The concern over more bureaucracy is somewhat understandable. At the same time, our country is quite unwell, in large part because of industrial agriculture and food processing. So we continue the fight. It’s up to each of us on an individual level to vote with our wallets each time we buy. :)

  • Sarahita Lee

    What’s Ohio doing?

  • H2O

    This is a Great Victory !! Hopefully California can get it right. I am so sad when I’m shopping and there’s so many science experiments in place of food. We are not lab rats !!

  • SuperMom101

    Passion + Truth = Change

  • Disgusted

    Soon God will end the evil manufacturers and their greed foul deadly corrupt ways …that’s the only way to end this poison constantly put in all we eat….man can and will never change things to save mankind…only God can do this…mean whirl read your labels and reject poisonous foods …put them back on the shelves…for our own good and that of our children…would most people educate themselves ?sadly NO….most people eat in a gluttonous way so no matter what smells good or what is presented to them …they will eat it ..and don’t care what’s in it or how it’s prepared…we live in a sad world….

    • Devils Advocate

      GMO’s are not that bad…
      What’ s your problem with them.
      The companies that make them are terrible but not the actual crops
      No problems have been shown by GMO foods.
      Shame on you for being ignorant.

      • Abigail

        Well said!

      • Grok

        Visit Europe, esp Italy, Spain, and France, not to mention the Slavic countries and taste what real food is! No to GMO!

      • JustRealSeattle

        Ignorance is not understanding the potential long term consequences of mankind interfering with naturally occurring, biological systems. Stay asleep if you believe that serves you best.

  • J

    This is good, but I’m afraid the chemical industry has already been working hard at undermining our health with nanotechnology. Check out the report Slipping Through the Cracks from to find out more about what the next battle is going to look like. And start supporting candidates who don’t/won’t cave in to corporate interests!