If the FDA Doesn’t Know What’s in Our Food, How Can We?


image: NRDC

In the 1950′s only 800 chemicals were used as additives in our foods. That number has swelled to 10,000 today! You would think the FDA tests and approves each and everyone of them before they are allowed to be called GRAS (Generally recognized as Safe). However, you would be wrong.

In the 50′s, all additives were truly GRAS because they were all naturally occurring in foods. Things like salt, sugar, and vinegar did not require any regulatory oversight. Today, when most additives are synthesized in a lab, and were never a naturally occurring component of foods, more oversight is required. Sadly, this in not in the FDA’s mandate. Only Congress can legislate a change.

According to Natural Resources Defense Council, the FDA has never reviewed the safety of more than 3,000 chemicals in our foods! Take 3 minutes to watch the video below and learn more…

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    Can’t see the video.

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    I can’t either

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    Where is the video??????? That is why people are dying like flies and kids are so obese …no one cares eat till you die!!!!!!!

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    Thank you I found the video….the FDA does not do enough…they know what’s happening…they take to long to make anything right ..what’s the use ..I don’t think they care enough…!!!!!!!!