Silly Kids. Can’t They Tell Apple Slices from French Fries?

Burger King Apple Slices with Caramel Dipping in a French Fries Box

image: FOX News

The answer is no.

Here is the story.

Fast food conglomerates such as Burger King and McDonald’s are notorious for their advertising and marketing to kids. It’s so bad that the federal government considered intervening. Alas, well-funded lobbies representing corporate interests promised Washington DC that the industry would self regulate itself and limit marketing to children on its own.

The result of this self-regulation was that commercials intended for kids would include depictions of healthy menu items such as milk and apple slices. Sounds good, right?

Unfortunately, the kids were unable to identify the apple slices correctly because said slices were dressed up to look like fries! Watch this clip…

These finding were published in JAMA Pediatrics earlier this week.

Why should parents care?

Because advertising works. It works especially well on young children. Each time they watch TV, our kids are being manipulated to want junk food and fast food. Attempts to curb marketing to kids are consistently met with resistance from industry, with promises of self-restraint, which doesn’t really work. If kids see apple slices and think french fries, Burger King really didn’t change anything in its predatory behavior.

For shame.

  • Casey
  • H2O

    That is so sad tha Booger King will stoop so low to try to confuse children, encourage child obesity just for profit.

  • Carol H

    I doubt that adults could tell the difference, either, because the skin is removed and you can’t see the slices very well on a screen (vs. live). However, I don’t have a problem with apples being presented/sold sliced, as long as the skin is not removed. They are easier to eat than a whole apple, just as fries and roasted potato wedges are easier to eat than a whole potato. Why not make healthy foods just as accessible/convenient/easy-to-munch as junky foods? How many whole apples get thrown in the trash at schools? I can’t/don’t eat a whole apple in one sitting either, but cut them into quarters then wrap in foil for hikes, etc.

  • Roxanne

    Where’s the nutritious peel? This ad is deceptive. A nice organic apple tastes and “feels” better than F.
    F. any day!

    • Brian

      Apple peels are NOT good. They are loaded with pesticides. Organic apples will go rotten very quickly. Fast food places add Calcium Ascorbate to the apple slices so they won’t go rotten, which is a GOOD thing !!

  • Tom L

    Parents and parents alone should decide what is best for their children. A respnsible parent will feed there children healthy food. What else will be regulated? Where does it stop? Please no angry biggot comments.

    • australia2018

      The problem arises when parents do not know what is nutritionally best for their children, which often seems to be the case. Uneducated adults (I’m talking about being food smart) raise uneducated children, and the cycle continues. This is why the government should intervene, but not be over bearing.

  • Jr

    Kids are not as stupid as you might think they get the apple slices but at the same time they get other food as well so eating apples is not bad and trust me they know the difference.

  • Jr

    Whole wheat pizza is served at the schools I am a teacher at the school half of the kids at my school don’t eat there food because it is disgusting it is all healthy and no taste so all my pupils are hungry so I serve snacks after lunch

    • KNV

      I apologize, but I have to say this. (I hate mean spirited trolls who constantly criticize others, so again, I’m sorry.) I hope you’re writing skills are no indication of your teaching ability. It’s hard to take your comment seriously.

  • Brian

    Why all the negative comments ? This is a good thing because the kids are more likely to eat the apple slices if they are in the familiar french fry container. Besides, there is a picture of an APPLE on the container. Actually it was very clever of BK. Some of the smarter kids saw this and had the correct answer. Besides, parents usually do the ordering for the children, so it’s up to them to order healthy choices.