Introducing the Fooducate Real Food Bar

Fooducate Real Food Bar

[This was an April Fools' Prank, thanks for your enthusiastic support!]

We’ve been blogging about healthy food choices for over five years now. Our app for making healthy food choices has been around for 3 years. We’re very proud that Fooducate has been able to help millions of people like you make healthier food choices.

Today, we are taking another step forward in helping you eat a bit better. Introducing our non-nonsense Fooducate Real Food Bar. We’ve studied the bar category and realized that despite hundreds of choices out there, not one single product has all the features that we would like:

  • Tastes awesome
  • Simple ingredients that you can easily pronounce
  • A proper balance of healthy fats, protein, and carbohydrates
  • Affordable

We’ve been working to find the perfect answer for the last year and a half. After countless test batches in our kitchen, along with feedback from hundreds of taste testers, we’ve come to what we feel is the ultimate snack – The Fooducate Real Food Bar.

This is the ingredient list:

raw almonds, raw cashews, raw walnuts, mejool dates, raisins, raw tahini, unsweetened shredded coconut, salt

Fooducate Bar Ingredients

What about nutrition?

We’ll start with calories. There are 220 calories per bar. Some of you may be scared off by this number and opt for a 100-calorie snack full of artificial sweeteners and fillers. The problem with those snacks is that 45 minutes later, you are hungry again, not to mention the deleterious long-term health effects of their ingredients. With the Fooducate Real Food Bar, we guarantee 3 hours of hunger-free satisfaction, made lovingly with real ingredients.

How can we be so certain you’ll feel satisfied for a full 3 hours?

The answer lies in our near perfect balance of the 3 macronutrients your body needs:

  • 10 grams of fat (only 1.5 grams saturated),
  • 20 grams of carbs (4 grams are fiber)
  • 12 grams of protein

This ratio of macronutrients means your blood sugar won’t spike and then rapidly fall. The protein and fat combination will keep you satisfied longer than most bars. We could bore you with the health benefits of each and every ingredient and nutrient in this product, but we won’t. Notice that on our package we’re not making any ridiculous health claims about antioxidants, heart health, or eternal life. After all, it’s a snack, not medication.

On to the price – We are breaking all the rules here, and a single bar will cost you just $0.99! If you order 20 or more bars directly from us, the price goes down to $0.79 per bar! We’re so sure you will love our bars, that we are offering a money-back guarantee in case you are not happy with your choice.


  • Kiwi

    How much sugar is in the bar?

    • Jacob


    • Gypsy Victoria


  • Audrey

    So, this is fake, right?

    • Audrey

      If you don’t believe me, click on the link.

  • Clay

    Crap lol

  • Harout

    You got me…about to buy…haha

  • Brian Klein

    You should have created a food nutrition label too. And a Fooducate entry. It’s too bad that this has to be an April Fools day joke and not reality. I guess Lara bars are pretty close…

  • Utopia

    This is April Fools or Fooducate is selling out. There are plenty of bars out there. Sounds like a copy cat of Uber bar. Surely something else is “off” if I read the article more closely.

    • Gypsy Victoria

      April fools! Click the link. I’d love a fooducate bar

    • H.T.

      I know this was a joke… But…
      Why would selling a whole food bar be a sellout?
      My only caveat? I’d like some healthy spices added – ginger or cinnamon or both, and maybe an organic option. Again, just because others offer a similar product doesn’t mean Fooducate does something wrong by doing so inexpensively.

  • Antoinette Champeau


  • Alexis

    If you press the link it says April fools

  • Elinor

    Hilarious, you got me!

  • H2O

    Thanks for reminding us to eat real food ..
    Stuff not made in a lab ..

  • Stardust

    I thought that this was real!

  • wp

    Lol, good one! I was ready to order this

  • Carol H

    With those ingredients and calorie level it couldn’t have that much protein. That was the giveaway ;-)

  • Deanna

    I was all excited!

  • nicole ashley

    Funny how many readers of this blog (knowing what they know) would actually WANT and BUY a gimmicky “real food” bar. wow

    • Gypsy Victoria

      I don’t care about gimmicks… I just want real food. Im not a “you sold out” snob or going to turn away good real food because gimmicks are usually covering up some truths. .. I know that. . But if it’s from fooducate and I trust them id definately purchase it!

      • nicole ashley

        Then buy real food…not a bar. Even if it is made by fooducate. Why not buy the components of this “made up bar” and eat those?

        • HT

          Relax. People make bars like this af home. What’s the problem?
          The only things holding it together are the dates and raisins. What’s so wrong with having someone else make it for you and avoid the steps yourself?

  • Cactus_Wren

    You know, I bet that working from that ingredients list you could make a pretty good bar.

    • Scientific Venus Festhead


  • Becktilda

    I rather enjoy That’s It. Fruit bars.
    Just fruit. Nothin’ else.
    I like to keep them in my backpack when I am traveling or in my purse…because sometimes you need a snack when nothing else is available and this is the least of the evils…

  • Scientific Venus Festhead

    Thanks for the ingredients…I’m in the kitchen making the bars right now!!! April Fool is you!