GMO Labeling in California – Take 2

image: Social Justice Sisters

California is not giving up. After a narrow defeat of Proposition 37 in late 2012, California State Senator Noreen Evans (D – District 2) is introducing a new bill that will hopefully pass.  In order to attract wide support, the bill is slightly different than Prop 37. For example, it would not allow for frivolous lawsuits against manufacturers. Read more about this exciting development here.

  • Bbbwalk

    I wish these articles were longer and more informative.

  • neecie

    We need to have the labeling – what’s in our food is basic info

  • Danielle Robertson

    The lawsuits was the only reason I couldn’t support Prop 37 the 1st time around so this is exciting news. One of my good friends is a lawyer for food/bev and supplement companies and the stories he tells! It’s truly ridiculous and most of the time these suits are get rich quick schemes where people haven’t actually been harmed or mislead in any way.