Those Supermarket Mushrooms Didn’t Come from a Forest

MushroomIf you’ve ever foraged for mushrooms, you know that this type of activity doesn’t scale. So where do store-bought mushrooms come from?

Watch the video below from the folks at

  • Best Lasik Surgeon

    Very interesting!

  • Kelli

    During the spring and fall I have seen foraged mushrooms at my local small chain supermarket, like morels, hedgehogs, and chanterelles. Not that there is anything wrong with farmed mushrooms. It’s just cool that they source foraged products.

  • Treacle234

    mushrooms exposed to UV rays via sunlight or uv lamp have more vitamin D than those grown indoors.

  • Rachelle

    Are there pesticides, herbicides, etc? How do they differ from organically grown mushrooms?

  • Carol H.

    The problem with “commercially foraged” wild mushrooms is that they are
    often taken illegally from public lands… sometimes in a “strip mining”