Just Great, A PepsiCo Board Member is Now President of the Institute of Medicine

PepsiCo will now influence the IOM

Talk about letting the fox guard the hen house! According to Forbes, the mother of conflicts of interest in nutrition has just been approved in Washington DC. A PepsiCo board member, Victor Dzau, has been appointed as the President of the Institute of Medicine.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) is an independent, nonprofit organization. Although it is not a government body, the FDA, CDC, and Department of Health rely on the IOM “to provide unbiased and authoritative advice to decision makers and the public.”

Various research projects have been outsourced to IOM in recent years. For example, the IOM was asked to recommend an ideal Front-of-Package nutrition label for processed foods.

Now, imagine Dzau sitting on this panel and debating the inclusion of sugar content on the front of package. Imagine other obesity related research that requires the work of impartial scientists. Even if Dzau puts up a Chinese Wall between himself and any work that is soft-drink and junk-food related, how will his subordinates feel coming to him with findings contrary to PepsiCo’s business interests?

This is just wrong.

  • Anna

    This is bad.
    This is very, very bad.

    • Nicole Johnson

      And it’s happened in so many other facets of food and safety throughout the past decade.

  • Catherine

    Wow, nutrition and medicine in America is starting to sound like a movie spoof.

  • Howie G

    This is horrible. And, while I don’t agree with this AT ALL – we do need to recognize that this happens all the time with gov’t appointments (and not just in nutrition/health positions). At the core, the fact that public figures can freely move in and out of the private sector is simply wrong.

  • The Lone Marmot

    Just great?

    Just grates :-(

  • neecie

    what the hell is going on???? it doesn’t make sense. who votes for this????

  • Danny Long

    “The mother of conflicts of interest” in nutrition has just been approved in Washington DC. A PepsiCo board member, Victor Dzau has been appointed as the President of the Institute of Medicine.

  • Danny Long

    Lets not forget Victor Dzau also sits on the board of arguably the most notorious medical device company on the planet “Medtronic”

  • SuperMom101

    Ugh! Does anyone else find it strange that we can’t seem to figure out why America has never been fatter or sicker?

    My guess is very soon there will be studies released that high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and flavors, chemical additives, genetically modified, highly processed fake food/drink products are all great for our health.

    Please excuse me while I go get a box of tissues…. and laugh hysterically at the movie Idiocracy.

    Best health always,

    • pafarmgirl

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought of that movie when I read this. ;) I am So thankful I can raise most of my own food. :D

    • Nicole Johnson

      Sad thing is we do know exactly why Americans keep getting fatter and sicker. It just isn’t seen as big enough a problem to stop. In fact, it’s not a problem at all because the fatter and sicker we become, the more monetary value is pumped into the huge conglomerates that run this country.

  • Deb

    PepsiCo is also the parent company of a few dozen processed food brands including Mountain Dew Lays Fritos Quaker…. How did this happen and who made the Dzau’s appointment?

  • KellyB

    Another example of money ahead if out health …….. Stupid

  • Lmz

    So corrupt .. It is well out of control … As always it is all about the money not helping people make good health decisions instead they cover things up to make as much money as possible .. Very sad..

  • http://slriptide.com/ Derek Schoffstall

    This is very wrong, and at the same time doesn’t surprise me.

  • Pheonix

    What do u people expect.. U look to manufacturers for everything including health crap.. Id say if u want a better experience learn to make things urself n use all natural ingredients.. Stop being codependant cuz its the codependancy that’s the actual issue.. Learn about what is what n drop these guys likka hot potato…

  • BWWiggs

    If this is a non profit institute or a govt agency then who appointed this man to President of IOM? A board of directors maybe? Wonder whose on it! It looks like he’s worked his way to Medicine Czar.

  • Leslie

    This is what I do: if someone makes a claim in the news, on you tube or any other media i follow up on their “research claims”. Take everything into account: where the information comes from, what potential agenda the releasing party may have and ignored factors they are leaving out in their studies. Everything in our bodies are intertwined. Any information from this organization is now unreliable and tainted.

  • Vic Steven

    From a Businessweek article on 2/21/14: Among the companies that Victor Dzau will sever ties with is PepsiCo, according to Jennifer Walsh, a spokeswoman for the IOM. “Dr. Dzau had already decided to step down from corporate boards before he accepted the position,” she says.
    For Dzau, who’s leaving his position as chief executive officer of the Duke University Health System to head up the IOM, the PepsiCo relationship might have been a problem: Several of the company’s products are among those blamed for contributing to the obesity epidemic in the U.S. The Purchase (N.Y.)-based company is best known for its Pepsi soft-drink line and snacks including Fritos and Cheetos.