Lucky Charms Turns 50. Three Reasons Not to Celebrate

Lucky Charms 50 years

Lucky Charms, a cereal brand owned and operated by General Mills, is celebrating 50 years of “magically delicious” breakfasts. Jubilees are joyous, but when looking at what this product has been offering to 3 generations of children, we just want to cry.

For starters, every serving of Lucky Charms has two and a half teaspoons of sugar. In other words, this cereal is over 30 percent sugar by weight. Yes, that’s 10 grams of sugars out of a 27-gram serving.

The marshmallows are colored using no less than 4 artificial dyes – blue 1, red 40, yellow 5 and yellow 6. According to some studies, these dyes are potential carcinogens and may cause  hyperactivity in some children. In Europe, these dyes are not allowed.

To increase brand loyalty, General Mills has set up a website for kids with comic cartoon characters, video games and “magical adventures”. In tiny fine print at the bottom of the webpage is a warning “hey kids, this is advertising”.

Young children are very impressionable and can’t tell the difference between advertising and content. Blurring these lines is immoral at best, and should be illegal in countries where public health interests are a higher priority than corporate interests. Oh, wait… that’s not here is it?

Lucky Charms Kids Marketing


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  • timlockk

    I’ll admit it. I loved lucky charms as a kid.

    • yulaffin

      I loved the marshmallows. I would pick them out and save them to eat last.

      • JD

        I used to do the same!

      • Kay

        Me too!

      • Danielle Robertson

        Who DIDN’T pick out the marshmallows? I have such a fondness for Lucky Charms. They were one of the special treats my mom would let us have when we went camping (do they still make those single-serve boxes with 6 different cereals?). It was equivalent to letting me play video games when it rained –since I grew up in So Cal, it took me awhile to realize the trick behind that condition. ;D @GreenEyedGuide

      • Michael Heffez

        Me too!

  • Aria Gonzalez

    Lucky Charms is so much crap… when I was a kid, my poison of choice was cinnamon toast crunch. It was so good, though, it didn’t survive a day in our house. So we rarely got it…

  • Michael Heffez

    Hooray let’s celebrate Unlucky Charms, by General Kills…it’s magically cancer-ish! As long as we remain a capitalistic society we will always favor corporate interests over public health. Shame. Bright side is nowadays kids are actually paying attention, reading and researching nutrition labels. The more kids that are aware the better.

    • Nicole Johnson

      What he said^^^

  • cereal junkie

    I like chocolate lucky charms… *hides*

  • cereal junkie

    I like chocolate lucky charms… *hides*