An Inconvenient Chicken Story



“Would You Really Eat the Chicken if You Knew the Facts?”

That’s a question that Food and Water Watch, a consumer watchdog organization, has posed in a comic video about a serious matter – the poultry industry.

The modern food industry is rife with challenge, both for manufacturers and consumers. Companies are under intense pressure to increase revenues. They do this by growing their market share, or by lowering costs. To lower costs, economies of scale are required. This translates to huge factory farms, where animals are treated as economic units, not as living creatures.

Beyond the ethics of eating animals, there are many other issues that come up:

  • substantial environmental pollution from factory farms.
  • antibiotic resistance due to the continual use of antibiotics to promote faster growth.
  • the use of industrial chemicals when processing carcasses to eradicate pathogens, instead of creating a cleaner environment from the start.
  • the poor treatment of workers at the processing plants.

Here is the video. Your thoughts are appreciated.

  • Bananas

    All important parts of why I’m vegetarian! And no, I have no problem reaching my daily nutritional goals and neither do my friends who are vegan. The meat industry isn’t held accountable for any of its actions and it’s gotten to a truly horrendous point. It’s been horrible for the animals for ages but now it’s just as bad for the consumer. No thanks!

  • Aria Gonzalez

    I try to get my chickens from a local, organic, cruelty-free producer. They’re expensive though so I don’t eat chicken that often. Grass fed beef is cheaper.

  • lori

    People really need to know where their food comes from. Most don’t want to know….I’ve tried and will continue to spread the.word.

  • Goat

    My wife has been vegetarian since she was 10. I have been one for about a year now. What did it for me was seeing a photo of two chickens, both the same age. One was farm raised and the other factory.
    We both body build, we have no issues building lean muscle. People need to become more aware.

  • Ak

    Are these facts really TRUE or exaggerated a little? I’d love to show this video to people but as soon as I do I know they’ll say it’s a onesided bias video

    • Nicole Johnson

      Hi Ak, this video contains all true facts. You can verify these by also watching the many food documentaries that are available on netflix. They are created and produced by unrelated entities and all share the same horrifying truths about the meat industry. Might I suggest Food Inc., Forks Over Knives, and Farmageddon just to name a few