The Real Winner of the Super Bowl is…

Super Bowl Winner

Let’s not kid ourselves, the real winner of the Super Bowl is diabetes. There are too many junk food ads.

Do you agree?

  • Oliver


  • Melanie Peterson

    Agree…need we be reminded that just one month ago we were ranting on about our resolutions to ‘get it right’ this year, and we are already throwing in the towel?? We shall not let the marketing derail us, we are stronger than our excuses, and much more in control than that addictive white sugar would like us to be!! I love watching the game, checking out the commercials and seeing how marketing uses beauty to sell their products. Beauty might sell, but sugar makes its feel and look miserable…so take back your focus and your life and reach for those whole foods that truly make us glow…or grab that second plate of ‘food product’ and kiss your Pancreas good-bye!

  • Best Lasik Surgeon

    Sad but true!

  • SixCatFaerie

    Yes… unfortunately! I don’t watch the Super Bowl, consequently, I don’t see the commercials. I do watch the “best” ones after the fact, even so, they don’t make me want to go out & get what they are advertising.

    I think it because I know how bad it all is for me. When I was younger, it was a different story! I WASN’T an overweight child, however, I am now. I think it is partially because I ate all the bad things as a kid & then I burned all the calories off as I was so active. After I got married I wasn’t as active, yet I continued to eat the same way. Then we got into a car accident & we’ve been overweight ever since.

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  • Healthy Man

    Maybe someday people will realize how important what you put into your body is!!!!

  • Lls

    Will you add the ability to sync with fitbit? I just bought one and don’t want to track on two apps.

    • Fooducate

      On our to do list…