Needed: Suggestions for Healthy Superbowl Snacking

Superbowl Snacks


The Superbowl is coming up, and with it, an opportunity to spend 3-5 hours with friends, in front of TV, with a more than ample supply of food and drink. It’s a fun and exhilarating afternoon…with the potential to derail an otherwise healthful diet. Don’t get us wrong, we are not against indulgence, but some folks take it too far.

We’d like to enlist your help in preparing a list of suggestions for healthy snacking on game day. Whether recipe, Jedi mind trick, or other creative solution, please enter it in the comment section below. We will post the best tips this weekend. Thanks in advance!

  • Angela

    Pinterest is my go to! Lots of creative and healthy ideas!

  • vishakha


  • Linda

    I think a big platter of raw colorful veggies and low fat or no fat sour cream dip goes a long way… I also think that deli meat rolled over low fat string cheese with low fat mayo and mustard dipping bowls works good… That’s my plan anyway! And white chilli maybe…?

    • Fooducate

      Lots of pre cut veggies – tasty and fills you up.

  • Carrie Feidt

    Hummus and veggies, chicken and veggie skewers, crunchy oven roasted chick peas or kale chips :)

    • Fooducate

      Sounds good!

  • Vanessa

    You can disguise many healthy things in dips! My trick is to make it out of plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream or mayo and it is almost instantly healthy and you can hardly tell the difference! On another dip related note, I just made Palak Matar Paneer, spinach based, and my boyfriend really enjoys dipping in pitas or naan. Recipe is here:

  • Dirk Wethington

    We’re doing vegan chili, tempeh wings, and deviled “eggs” made from boiled baby red potatoes stuffed with hummus, the mashed potato that’s scooped out and a little black salt.

    • Fooducate

      Love the egg substitution!

  • Anna

    Sub full fat greek yogurt for sour cream
    Sub potato chips for crunchy vegetables
    Sub sweets for berries
    Chili made with turkey, mashed potatoes, and roasted chicken are good main dishes for lunch.

    • Dani

      Don’t you mean sub sour cream for Greek yogurt?

  • Lindsay

    Slice and bake a sweet potato for sweet potato fries without the grease. Just a little organic olive oil and homemade ranch made with Greek yogurt and herbs.

    • Fooducate

      A classic!

  • The Real Deal Marin

    These nutsare easy to make-ahead and will be devoured.

    • Fooducate

      Looks awesome.

  • GiGi Eats Celebrities

    I actually just posted this recipe today!! Almond Crusted Chicken Tenders! :)

    • Fooducate

      Yum. And funny too :-)

      • GiGi Eats Celebrities

        Thank YOU :)

  • Annie

    Buffalo hummus dip. You can easily make it yourself. Here’s the website where I first found the recipe:
    I’ve also cooked up some spaghetti squash, mixed it with a batch of the buffalo hummus, and baked it in the oven until the top was turning brown. (Add a tofu cheese type sauce to the top if you wish). Taken it to potlucks in the past and it’s been a huge hit.

    • Fooducate

      Like spaghetti squash!

  • Amanda Herwaldt Cowan

    One of my faves is grilled chicken brushed with buffalo sauce. Boneless/skinless breasts and thighs are fantastic with buffalo sauce, with a cooling dip made with greek yogurt. Plus, so much neater to eat than wings! No messy fingers! Also, fresh baked tortilla chips with fresh guacamole. Take corn tortillas, brush with olive oil (or lightly spray), and a bit of salt. Cut into wedges and bake at 375-400 degrees for about 17-20 mins (depending on your oven, you’ll know they’re done when they’re lightly browned). So good!

    • Fooducate


  • Katie

    I did a round up of 12 healthier game day eats on Mom’s Kitchen Handbook, which you can find here:

    I also just posted these Lentil Nachos:

    • Fooducate

      Making these!

  • Katie

    Freshly cut and baked sweet potato fries (light olive oil and lightly salted) dipped in a Greek yogurt (like vanilla) dip!! dark brown sugar sprinkled on top is always delicious as well

    • Fooducate


  • Lacy

    Found this idea on People’s website. Using it Sunday.

  • Krissy T

    I saw a recipe for buffalo cauliflower. Just toss roasted cauliflower in your favorite buffalo sauce, no frying or extra butter. Delicious

  • Amy Keating, Consumer Reports

    I work at Consumer Reports as a food tester and had a few

    It’s the super bowl…let’s face it…people are going to overeat, but I try and lighten up the typical super bowl fare rather than serve some bean sprouts and have my kids roll their eyes at their nutritionist mom!

    Serve a veggie chili for beans for a Mexican craving instead of nachos piled with cheese. Or, you can grill your own buffalo wings instead of buying the traditional ones that are fried. Don’t forget the carrots and celery too! Serve some coleslaw (or better yet some homemade baked beans) with EVOO and fresh chopped dill to balance out a pulled pork slider. And if you’re making dips, we found people probably won’t notice a difference if you use reduced fat sour cream in place of regular. I’m headed to a party and I am going to bring an edamame dip a colleague developed. For the recipe, go to:

    Amy Keating, RD