Grape Nuts is Now Non-GMO Verified!

Grape Nuts Original

Great News! Iconic Grape Nuts Cereal from Post foods is now non-GMO verified. Earlier this month, we learned that General Mills was removing genetically modified ingredients from their Cheerios Original product. Post is doing the same, but taking it one step further by using an external third party to verify their product is indeed free of GMOs. Many consumers complained about Cheerios not going through the third party verification process.

In the case of Grape Nuts, there was not a whole lot to change, as the product is wheat based. This is the ingredient list:

Whole Grain Wheat Flour, Malted Barley Flour, Isolated Soy Protein, Salt, Whole Grain Barley Flour, Malt Extract, Dried Yeast, Reduced Iron, Niacinamide, Zinc Oxide (Source Of Zinc), Vitamin B6, Thiamin Mononitrate (Vitamin B1), Folic Acid.

The isolated soy protein is no longer GMO. According to Food Navigator, the company removed some of the added vitamins (A, D, Riboflavin, and B12) from its product. The manufacturing process for vitamins and supplements often involves the use of corn derivatives. Corn and soy in the US are, for the most part, genetically modified.

The non-GMO verification is only for the original product, not the other flavors. This is a great first step, though. Kudos to Post, and to the Grape Nuts Team for listening to your customers.

Regardless of its GMO status, Grape Nuts is a solid cereal with 7 grams of fiber and only one teaspoon of added sugar.

So, who do you think will be the next food company to add a non GMO product into the ring?

  • Aussie

    Doesn’t it still have BHT added to the packaging?

    • Fooducate

      BHT usually appears as an ingredient in the ingredient list. Not here.

    • kfay

      Triscuit crackers also say they have BHT in the packaging. It’s written below the ingredient list

      • Aussie

        I just looked at the box I have of Triscuit (specifically the Rosemary and Olive Oil) and there is nothing about BHT added to the packaging. Maybe it is only select kinds of the cracker.

        • kfay

          It’s in the Reduced Fat ones

  • Berry guy

    Why is this a good thing? Your response seems to be very anti-science which seems to be counter to your mission!

    • Fooducate

      Hi Berry
      Our mission is to help people make better and healthier food choices.

      Let’s be scientific for a moment:
      Non-GMO = 100% safe
      GMO = small chance of being not safe.
      Therefore, being able to choose non-GMO means being able to choose 100% safe.
      Now, since GMO labeling is not mandated in the US, the only way to choose 100% safe is to choose non-GMO verified products (or USDA organic products).

      How did we counter our mission?

  • Spaceman

    If General Mills is getting rid of some of their GMO cereal then why do they pay so much to have GMOs not labeled?? Hmmmm..

    • Fooducate

      it’s a test on one product out of thousands they sell

  • Deborah Horvath Rowden

    Now, if they would just get rid of the isolated soy protein because it is NOT a health food and highly processed! *sigh*

  • Chris K

    One teaspoon of ADDED Sugar? NOT!!! All of the sugar in Post Grapenuts is naturally generated via the alpha amylase present in the Malted Barley Flour!

  • Chris K

    In addition, Grapenuts uses NO BHT in the Packaging. Many “oldtimer” users will remember when GN’s were packaged WITHOUT a liner…straight into the carboard carton! It is a very stable product!

  • Post Man

    No Sugar added? That would be correct. If there were sugar added, it would be required to be labeled on the ingredient line!