5 Simple Weight Loss Hacks You Can Start Today!

Losing weight has never been easier

Happy New Year!

If you are like many other people, you’ve made some New Year’s resolutions that include healthy eating, exercise, and weight loss. The motivation to succeed is high today, but for most people it evaporates almost as fast as alcohol breath following a wild New Year’s party. Here are 5 hacks you can start incorporating into your life immediately.

1. Mentally prepare for the long haul. A good weight loss strategy is a lifestyle-change strategy. If you go on a crazy diet and suffer for months to lose weight, you will most likely rebound and regain all your lost pounds. Instead of opting for fast weight loss, think about losing just half a pound a week, but doing it through sustainable modifications to your diet.

2. Eat at home more. Your home has fewer unhealthy food temptations. Your home has fewer fat/sugar/salt combos folded into a 1000-calorie appetizer or side dish. Your home has fresh fruits and vegetables (right?). At home, you control the portion size. At home there is less social pressure to eat nutritionally void food. At home, there is less pressure to drink more wine or beer.

3. Drink more water. Slowly shift your daily hydration from soft drinks and juices to water. Preferably tap water, which is abundant and cheap. Yes you can. Doesn’t taste good? There are ways to work around that. Not pure enough? Get a filter. Another excuse? Read these 10 tips to get you started.

4. Sleep more. Americans are sleeping less with each passing year. Tired people are hungry people. Studies have shown that a well rested individual gains less weight than a tired one.

5. Track your diet. Studies show that people who keep a food diary lose twice as much weight. It should take no more than 5-10 minutes per day for all snacks and meals. You can use pen and paper, or the Fooducate app, but get started today. If you think 10 daily minutes is too much time to spend jotting down your eats, think about it from a calorie perspective. The time you spend on your food diary every day will save you much more calories than any exercise you can do in those 10 minutes.

How are you kickstarting your healthy eating this year?

  • SixCatFaerie

    Great ideas! Thank you & Happy New Year!

  • rosegarden

    It wasn’t until I switched to raw foods / whole foods that I actually began to crave water, and it’s the best thing I’ve done this past year.

  • brandi

    I drink mostly water and can’t see how this helps to lose weight since i’ve, personally, not seen evidence of it.

  • nothing

    Cool but I knew them

  • newbie

    I knew these tips also I agree that water only makes a difference in weight loss when you are switching water for a higher calorie brverage I never drink anything but water

    • Diana

      I agree. I’m not a big soda or flavored drink person-a glass of sweet tea once or twice a week and a cup of home brewed coffee in the am-but no where near an every meal habit. So switching all of my beverages to water hasn’t done a great deal. I went back to coffee since it helped curve my appetite for breakfast to eat less.