The ONE Change You Need to Make to Your New Year’s Resolution in Order to Actually Succeed

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As December winds down, many people set their “resolutions” for the new year. A large number of these goals are health related. The two most popular resolutions are “lose weight” and “exercise more”. “Eat healthy” is another one we hear often.

These are certainly worthwhile goals, but “I will lose weight” is a problematic resolution because it is too general and vague. What’s the plan, Stan?

A goal needs to be specific, for example: “I will lose 15 pounds by June 1st.”

Making this one tweak in your thinking about the change you want to make, will also enable you to take the next step, which is formulating a work-plan to achieve your goal. This plan needs to be detailed and include:

  • Milestones (lose 5 pounds by February 15th, accumulate a total of 50 miles run by March 1st)
  • Measurable activities (eat every 3 hours, drink water when I wake up, buy only organic milk)
  • Tracking and a feedback mechanism (this can be as simple as pen and paper, or a mobile app, hint hint…)

Bottom line:

Make a very specific New Year’s resolution and create a work-plan to achieve it.

What’s your health related resolution for 2014?
How will you go about ensuring your success?

  • Emily

    This year our family is doing something a little different: we are sharing our resolutions over our pork & sauerkraut, with the goal of lifting each other up in prayer and encouraging each other throughout the year. Perhaps this will work better than resolutions of years past.

    My personal resolution (and I’ve encouraged my family to pick one, maybe two, each) is to shut down emotional eating. We are a multicultural family who eats what I would consider a moderately healthy diet, our 10yo son is known in school for being a “veggie monster” – music to his momma’s ears. But I have a lot of psychological scarring that seems to propel me to binge eating. So I’m hopeful that, with my family’s support, better mental and physical health will be mine this 2014.

    Happy New Year to Fooducate and its readers! I wish you success in conquering your demons this year!

    • Fooducate

      Thanks for sharing Emily. Have a great 2014!

  • Audrey

    My New Years resolution for 2013 was to eat a more balanced diet and find a healthy relationship with food. It was also to begin an excercise program. What started out as 20 minutes on the elliptical 3 days a week has turned into a love of running, and I’m now a 2x half marathoner! This years goal is to train big for a full marathon!

    • Jesse

      Hats off to ya. You can do it! You’ve already run a full marathon…you just took a little break in the middle.

    • Fooducate

      Awesome! Good luck Audrey.