McDonald’s Pulls Plug On Internal Website Encouraging Employees NOT to Eat Fast Food


Here’s a great story. McDonald’s wants its employees to be healthy and happy. How noble. So it creates a website called McResources ( with helpful tips on finance and healthy living.

The website, which was ridiculed a while back for suggesting 2 annual vacation getaways to employees that make minimum wage ($15,000 annual salary), has managed to screw up even more.

And this time it hits closer to home. One of the McHealthTips to employees is to refrain from unhealthy fast foods: burgers, fries, soft drinks. You know, the stuff sold at … wait a minute. Ronald McDonald can’t have any of that, and so the website has been shuttered.

Way to go!

  • Tanner

    There aren’t “healthy” foods at McDonald’s, but there are healthier choices. Since they didn’t explicitly state not to eat at McDonald’s, they’re likely encouraging an egg white delite instead of a sausage mcgriddle, or a side salad instead of a large fries.

    • Belle

      That picture posted in the article above was the exact picture posted on the mcresources website. They don’t sell sub sandwiches as far as I know. They screwed up big time and they know it.

  • Luis

    It looks like their getting people to go to subway instead of Mc Donalds

  • Mike Luque

    Haha! Oh man, that is so awesome. McClueless in so many ways. I love the vacation “advice” too.

  • Ryan

    I used to work at McDonald’s and hated every minute of it. Nothing will make happy employees when they work in a hot kitchen with slick floors “flipping” burgers all day long and trying to remember the correct order of the things that go on each sandwich and remember what goes on each sandwich. On top of that making custom order foods for those that want them.