The Worst Product of 2013? Lunchables Uploaded

Lunchables Uploaded

Lunchables is a billion dollar franchise for Kraft Foods selling a cheap and unhealthy lunch solution to mom and kids for over 30 years. The combination of fat, sugar and salt in the company’s amalgamation of its top brands (Oscar Mayer meats, cheese, and crackers) sometimes exceeds a child’s daily maximum levels. To decrease these ghastly levels, the company reduced the thickness of its cheese and meat slices by 40%, netting a hefty increase in profits as well. Cheesy, to say the least.

Just when we think it can’t get any worse, along comes a new product offering. Introduced earlier this year, this product line promises “more of what kids love”. The Chicken Soft Tacos is marketed as follows:

Lunchtime has never had flavor like this, and so much of it. They’ll love filling soft tortillas with white-meat chicken, Kraft Cheese Blend and Kraft salsa, then eating ‘em right up. Plus, it comes with spring water, Kool-Aid Tropical Punch single, Cheez-It® crackers and OREO cookies.

The ingredient list is scary to look at:

Lunchables Downoads Ingredient List

Among the highlights you can find in our detailed analysis of the product:

  •  Salty! Has over 35% of the daily max
  •  Very high in saturated fat
  •  Contains sodium benzoate / benzoic acid
  •  Contains nitrites/nitrates
  •  Contains controversial artificial sweeteners
  •  Contains controversial artificial colors

The one redeeming thought is that perhaps some children will drink the water straight up and toss the Kool-Aid. Wishful thinking?

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  • Aldousmom

    Spelled “scary” wrong.

    • shanae_b

      Actually it’s spelled right. How about a comment on the actual article next time….thx

  • joey

    Well it’s processed so I know it’s bad plus I scanned them before & it’s a (D) grade

  • Anna

    My little brother insists on buying these every time we go to the store and throws a huge fit if he doesn’t get them. It is very frustrating watching him malnourish himself..

    • PintoBean

      So don’t take him to the store. And don’t buy this poor excuse for food. Just don’t do it. Buy some suitable, healthy substitutions for each item in the pre-packaged version and let him make his own. Show him how to do it and make it a game.

  • Sandy

    This is disgusting why would anyone buy it or even feed it to their kid (s)?????

  • Csillagfeny

    Scary stuff.Never buy!Saturated fats are not bad,need to get a best kind such as avocado,coconuts.

  • Zay cu

    I’m gonna make you eat my shit, then I’ll eat your shit made of the shit that I made you eat, then I’ll make you eat that shit that we both shit, and then I’ll feed it to Chris

  • EVA

    I know this is a year late, but I found it hilarious that the healthiest possible thing listed (the salsa) even has high fructose syrup in it. What the hell! Are these made to purposely destroy kids’ systems?