Breastfeeding For Smarter Kids

breastfeeding rocks

Breastfeeding has become more popular in recent years, as young mothers are educated on the health benefits to both baby and mom. Another benefit may be increasing your child’s IQ. A research paper published in JAMA earlier this year followed 1,300 mothers and babies over the course of 7 years. Breastfeeding a child until the age of one year was associated with an average increase of 4 IQ points!

If you are pregnant or with a newborn, you now have extra motivation to breastfeed. It’s not always easy, and can often hurt at first. But the long-term benefits are worth it. Lactation experts from non-profit organizations such as La Leche (Literally, “The Milk”) will be happy to instruct and help you.

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  • AdoptiveMom2Seven

    It’s awesome that Fooducate is talking about this!! I breastfed my four biological children. The youngest is 19 months and still nursing. It sure does make smarter children! My five year old is in second grade at school and my 18 year old just got a full academic scholarship. Even formula companies say that breast is best :)

  • LennyRD

    The lactation experts are “La Leche League”. I would recommend avoiding supplementation with formula for as long as possible to allow your milk supply to come in. Mom’s milk supply increases as baby grows, and when moms supplement with formula baby is going to the breast less, the demand for milk is less therefore mom’s body produces less. It takes about 40 days for the milk supply to come in fully. I think a lot of mom’s are nervous that they aren’t producing enough milk so they begin to supplement with formula and it does not do them any favors! As long as the baby is growing well and making enough wet and poopy diapers they are getting enough!
    Pumping and storing your milk can also help for when mom goes back to work or has to be away from the baby for hours.