Sales of Diet Coke are Fizzling

Empty Diet Coke Bottle

In fact, the entire diet soda market contracted by 7% this year, compared to a more modest 2% decline in full calorie soft drink sales. This is wonderful news to everyone who has a stake in our health, and terrible news for the beverage giants whose revenues have (slightly) contracted.

There are multiple reasons for this decline:

  • the realization that diet drinks, despite their name, do not lead to weight loss
  • concerns over the safety of artificial sweeteners
  • emerging research about interference with our metabolism
  • many other beverage options

Why have you stopped drinking diet beverages?

  • RPW

    I gave up diet sodas about a year ago because the chemicals started to scare me. My previous problems with vertigo have virtually disappeared. I used to have 3-4 episodes a month and in the last year, I’ve had maybe 2. I rarely bought it at the grocery store but would have it when out for dinner 3-4 times a week, so I wasn’t drinking that much.

  • ChitterChatter

    It’s been about 7 weeks for me so I really haven’t noticed any changes yet.

  • monikarobinski

    I haven’t stopped. I follow a sensible eating plan (as much as I can), my bad treat is a coffee with cream or sometimes half a can of a diet coke. I wouldn’t drink the regular sugary one because I quit sugar a long time ago. I make my own lemon iced tea because I can’t find anything unsweetened in the stores. They either have sweetened or diet which is sweetened by artificial sweeteners. Empty calories vs chemicals, I’d rather go with home made but I wish the stores had a nice choice of non sweetened beverages. Snapple went in the right directions with lightly sweetened but it’s still too much sugar for me.

  • John Cserkuti

    The diet sodas are a better option than the full sugar ones. Although the best choices are water, coffee or tea.

    Studies show that aspartame is completely metabolized before reaching the bloodstream. My opinion is that sweeteners have been vilified due to fear, uncertainty and doubt.

    ** I don’t work for soda companies and the only fizzy drink I drink is club soda.

    • injunjoe

      John these studies you mention would be done by who?

      Any reference to these studies?

      • John Cserkuti

        Aw, really? You want a source? Can’t you just take my word for it?

        Fine, here you go:

        Of interesting note:

        “Acute, subacute and chronic toxicity studies with aspartame, and its decomposition products, conducted in mice, rats, hamsters and dogs have consistently found no adverse effect of aspartame with doses up to at least 4000 mg/kg bw/day. Critical review of all carcinogenicity studies conducted on aspartame found no credible evidence that aspartame is carcinogenic. The data from the extensive investigations into the possibility of neurotoxic effects of aspartame, in general, do not support the hypothesis that aspartame in the human diet will affect nervous system function, learning or behavior”

        and some more discussion here:

        One more thing to add: a lot of times you hear people say things like X is bad it will cause cancer, or tumors or brain farts, (insert your condition here) then they will tell you they stopped taking X and things have improved for them so much it’s unbelievable… Well yeah it is unbelievable. If X is associated with so many bad things and when you stop taking it so many other things improve I just call that placebo effect.

        Any way I feel like I’m rambling. All this to say I’m not telling you to drink the stuff I couldn’t care less, I’m just Aspartame’s court appointed lawyer doing my job defending it from the reputation it doesn’t deserve.


  • 6marty9

    Have found a love of tea. I still indulge in diet soda but instead of 2 a day I now have about 2 a month. Loving the whole tea experience…Yes, unsweetened and I still enjoy it. When i do add sugar it’s usually rock or agave.

  • Paul Mancuso

    These drinks interfere with the body’s absorption of calcium. As a 56 year old male with osteopenia, that’s the last thing I need. Have switched to Vitamin Water drinks.

  • Dave Evans

    As always, article is unreadable on an Android phone.

  • cheryel

    I stopped drinking Diet Coke when I developed osteoporosis. I quit all sugared drinks when I developed diabetes. I drink water, coffee, and tea now. Don’t miss sodas.

  • JJJ

    Had LapBand surgery 3 months ago and had to stop a diet coke addiction. 10 days per month migraines have stopped. After a few cheating moments with aspartame and a recurrent headache, I attribute the migraines to the sugar substitute. Happy to be losing weight and migraine-free!