Can Sex Help You Lose Weight?

happy young couple in bed

Wouldn’t it be great if instead of spending 30 minutes on the treadmill or in the swimming pool, you could simply copulate with your partner and shed pounds?

That’s a premise that researchers at the University of Quebec in Montreal decided to check. They gathered 21 couples to volunteer for a month of testing running and sex. The volunteers were hooked to activity monitors as they engaged in their activities.

Alas, sex did not produce the same amount of calorie burn. Men burned 9 calories per minute of running, but only 4 calories per minute of sex. Women burn 7 calories running, and only 3 calories during sex.

Of course some calorie burn is better than none…


  • Consti Payted


  • mj

    Best natural fat burner.

  • rkaplan4

    But sex is so enjoyable and can be done anywhere!!!!

  • Mitch Harden

    I’ll just spend twice as long having sex than I would’ve spent on the treadmill.

    • coodjuguess

      I agree

  • I love sex and exercise
    Burn calories, burn ! x)

  • Bibi Shaman

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