Move Over Chicken, Here Come Pork McNuggets

Pork McBites


Well, at least in China. It makes sense, as pork is the most consumed meat in China.

Will this become as big a hit as Chicken McNuggets? Will we see this in the US anytime soon?

  • Christi

    What does this have to do with health ?

    • Jeff Sanders


    • Donna

      Perhaps the fact it’s deep fried and therefore…

    • HeathK

      Agreed. I thought these were supposed to be tips. It didn’t even tell us not to eat them, though we should all know that.

  • Dave Evans

    Fooducate still unreadable on Android…

  • Rawveganbabe

    Ewww mcdonalds is just gross blech!! Just go fruit yourself instead! Check out freeleethebananagirl, durianriders, and fullyrawkristina on YouTube ;) . McDonald’s literally serves people chemical crap!!!!!

    • simba

      Fruit’s also ‘chemical’… Because it has chemicals in it. Everything does. Everything always has.
      You’d want to be careful, apples tend to have ester hydrolases, nicotinamide, E570, E296, E306, E101- and this includes organic apples! Lemons tend to have particularly high quantities of E330.