Will This Blog Post Make Me Fat?

Magic Diet PillThis is a guest blog post by Sheah Rarback, RD

It’s heartening to see that public interest in nutrition is growing. But so is confusion, misinformation and a lack of common sense when it comes to food and supplements.

Here are answers to three nutrition questions that I hear too often:

1. Is this fattening?

Whether a food has 100 or 1,000 calories, it alone does not cause weight gain. It is everything you eat over time, not a single food, that sabotages nutritional health and weight.

Sugared soda, which I strongly discourage, has 120 empty calories, but even that will not cause weight gain if you are eating fewer calories than your body burns.

Nuts and avocado are often the focus of “is this fattening” queries. These super nutritious foods have healthy monounsaturated fat, but do not lead to weight gain when part of a vegetable-intense daily intake.

2. Will the pill I heard about on TV help me lose weight?


Why is there always a new miracle pill? Because the last one was a bust. These pills rarely have good human research and usually rely on testimonials.

Top researchers are exploring multiple approaches to weight loss. When there’s a true breakthrough, it will be on the news, not in the tabloids.

The bigger question is why television doctors promote false promises that waste money. Skip the pills and buy more veggies.

3. Are all processed foods bad?

Absolutely not. Processing changes foods from their natural state. Frozen fruits and vegetables, which are a great choice for convenience, are processed. Almond milk, a tasty, calcium-rich, nondairy drink, is processed. Pasteurization is a process that increases the safety of milk.

Savvy consumers need to read past the product name. The amount of sodium, sweeteners, colorings and preservatives added to processed foods affects the nutrition of that item, not the word “processed”.

Sheah Rarback is a registered dietitian and on the faculty of the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine. Originally published in The Miami Herald

  • Ciaran

    “Pasteurization is a process that increases the safety of milk.” Not necessarily. Pasteurization of milk vs raw, unprocessed milk is a contentious subject. But it’s important to realize that pasteurization isn’t foolproof. Even Louis Pasteur admitted this later on in his life.

    Commercially produced milk is collected and sent to a processing center, to be combined with other milk from other dairies before being packaged and sent off to grocery stores.. If any of it is tainted, it taints the rest of the batch of combined milks, pasteurization or not. Likewise, raw milk from a small dairy that is **properly run** isn’t any more likely to make a person sick, and in fact is *less* likely to make one sick, media hype notwithstanding. Always pay attention to what the media **doesn’t say** because the media has a stake in steering you toward or away from something. A great source of info on this topic is “The Untold Story of Milk” by Ron Schmid, N.D.

    Pasteurization also kills beneficial bacteria in many foods as well as milk, and any product labeled “UHT” has been ultra-heat-treated, which renders it essentially dead. Many Americans clamor for this UHT processing because they are conditioned to be scared of any vaguely-living food, which is unfortunate because living foods transfer their aliveness to the person eating them.

    • Gerome

      What??!! Living foods transfer their “aliveness”?? Please, do tell. I’m all ears.

  • Jason Wittman

    I wish that nutritionists would stop using the calorie concept when talking about weight gain or loss. The body processes and uses calories from protein and fats very differently than calories from carbs. It is the carb calories that can’t be consumed in greater quantity than what the body is burning for energy. All the excess carbs are stored as fat. This is not true for protein and fat. Excess protein and fats aren’t going to be converted to body fat.

    I once gained 20# and 3″ on my waist after over 25 years of a low/no fat diet. What changed was on top of my daily pasta dishes, I started eating a huge Starbucks brownie every day. I lost all of that in two months on a Atkins, no more than 35 grams of carbs/day regimen. I have kept it off for years by eating no more carbs than I am using via exercise. I eat lots of calories of protein and healthy fats.

    Bottom line, talking about calories without differentiating the type of calories is doing the people concerned with their weight a huge disservice.

    • Ryan

      Jason, if carbs, especially unrefined starch and fiber, make people fat can you explain why cultures with high intake of carbohydrates are so thin? The Okinawan s eat a large amount of potatoes every day, the Chinese thrive on rice. There are no cultures that thrive on a high fat diet that are thin.

      Dr John McDougall has helped many people transition to a mostly starch based diet that is low in fat, low in protein, high in unrefined carbohydrates, and certainly does not include Starbucks brownies or any other processed junk foods. How is it that people who follow his diet lose weight?

      Not all carbs are the same, not all fats are the same, not all proteins are the same, not all foods are created equal. Maybe it’s time for people to stop being fixated on individual macro-nutrients, and focus instead on just eating a healthy diet.

      Oh and by the way, triglycerides, the fat from our food that enters our blood stream, is stored in the liver, fat, and muscle tissues. Too much of this fat causes insulin resistance leading to issues with blood sugars and eventually diabetes. It’s not the only carbs that cause high blood sugars, it’s the inability of the cells to use it, or insulin resistance that causes chronic high blood sugars.

      • Joey

        “Too much of this fat causes insulin resistance leading to issues with blood sugars and eventually diabetes”
        Source please?

        You have it the other way around. Too much sugar from simple carbs cause insulin resistance. Fat does not cause an insulin response. Carbs do.

        • Ryan

          The link below the response talks about fat in the cells (intramyocellular lipids) being responsible for insulin resistance. Remove the fat in the cells and you reverse insulin resistance, or reverse diabetes. This is acheived by eating a low fat, whole-food, mostly plant based diet.

      • Jason Wittman

        There are many ways of skinning this cat. Obviously, Ryan you have the ability to through out lots of medical and scientific mumbo-jumbo to put down the idea that folks who eat an excessive amount of carbs without increasing the amount of exercise to burn the excess carbs, will run the risk of their bodies storing those carbs as fat.

        I am just a an old social worker who doesn’t know a damn about the mechanics but knows a lot about what seems to work. I know that Dr. Atkins must have been correct in his idea that our body’s are set up to deal with the feast and famine cycles that humans have been going through for eons. When the harvests are great and carbs are in abundance the body packs in the excess carbs as stored energy for the next famine.

        When that next famine arrives and the body is not getting enough carbs to take care of its energy needs, then and only then, does it produce the enzymes (or whatever they are) that can convert that excess body fat into the energy it needs. I know, from having done a low carb reducing diet that I did not see any weight loss until the body, starving for carbs, started producing that ingredient to convert the fat. At that point, when K-sticks that changed color when you pee on them to let you know the body is in ketosis, changed color, the weight and stomach fat rapidly started to decrease. That is all the proof I need.

        This idea, to me, accounts for why this country is so over weight. People consume lots of carbs. The body converts the excess ones into fat to be used in the next famine, BUT we never have a famine, so the fat keeps being packed on. The Atkins and other reduced carb diets do nothing more than trick the body to thinking it is in a famine.

        When you use examples of other cultures without also controlling for the differences in amount of physical activity, you are just comparing apples to donuts. I know plenty of people of those heritages in Los Angeles, that continue to eat high carb diets and sit on their butt all day who are anything but svelte.

        I always wondered why the tweakers (meth amphetamine addicts) I worked with on the streets who were rail thin do to lots of activity and little food consumption (a druggie famine) when they got busted and sat in jail for 6 months came out 50-100 pounds worth of fat heavier. I now know that the body was just doing what it knew to do, pack that energy away for the next famine.

        Why people who lose weight on programs like Atkins gain the weight back quickly when they stop that program is that they never read the second book, “Atkins for Life” where he says that once you are at the body weight you desire. You slowly add carbs until you start to gain weight and you then know that that is all the carbs you can consume at you current rate of exercise. If you don’t eat any more carbs than you are burning, you won’t gain any weight.

  • Ryan

    “An increased intramyocellular lipid (IMCL) content, as quantified by 1H-magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1HMRS), is associated with reduced insulin sensitivity.”


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  • Eko Dinda

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  • loy man

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  • Ratih Gema

    Mourinho not concerned about Courtois interest

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    “We don’t struggle to keep hold of [Courtois],” As reported by City Holiday.

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  • Rima Mar

    Guardiola : Bayern’s best to come

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  • Jonh World

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  • Som Bol

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    Cahill mendapat cedera di lutut dan betisnya saat membela The Blues di laga kontra West Bromwich Albion dinihari WIB kemarin. Meski demikian ia tetap mampu menuntaskan 90 menit laga.

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    Bisa jadi bek berusia 28 tahun itu akan absen saat Chelsea melawan City di babak kelima Piala FA di Etihad Stadium, akhir pekan ini. Chelsea sendiri baru saja main di kandang The Citizens itu pekan lalu dan menang 1-0.

    “Saya sedikit merasa terganggu usai mendapat cedera itu,” ujar Cahill.

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    Camoranesi Segera Gantung Sepatu

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    Sejak Juli 2012, Camoranesi memperkuat salah satu tim penghuni Liga Argentina, Racing Club. Tapi, belakangan ini gelandang 37 tahun itu tak banyak bermain karena tidak bugar.

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    “Sangat mengecewakan karena tidak bisa berlatih dengan baik,” aku Camoranesi.

    “Saya adalah salah satu orang yang selalu ingin bermain. Tapi, pada saat ini saya tidak bisa,” katanya.

    “Pada saat ini, saya masih merasa seperti seorang pemain dan saya ingin pensiun bermain, tidak seperti saya sekarang,” ujar mantan pemain timnas Italia ini.

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    City juga mengeluarkan pernyataan resmi terkait dibatalkannya pertandingan kontra Sunderland.

    “Manchester City bisa memastikan bahwa pertandingan malam ini ditunda sehubungan dengan cuaca yang luar biasa dan semakin memburuk,” bunyi statement klub.

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    Deschamps Ingatkan Juve

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    Sejak tampil di Piala Dunia U-20 pada musim panas 2013 lalu, Deschamps menilai Pogba belum mendapatkan waktu istirahat yang cukup karena juga menjadi andalan Juve.

    Agen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Di satu sisi, Deschamps niscaya senang dengan frekuensi bermain Pogba yang mana juga bisa berimbas positif ke performanya untuk Les Bleus di Piala Dunia 2014 mendatang.

    Akan tetapi, pelatih yang juga pernah berada di bawah panji Bianconeri sebagai pemain dan pelatih itu turut mengingatkan agar Juve tidak terlalu memforsir tenaga pesepakbola 20 tahun itu.

    “Paul bermain terlalu banyak sejak Piala Dunia U-20. Ia sudah mempersiapkan diri menjelang pertandingan dengan cara berbeda dan ia sudah bermain sedemikian sering,” kata Deschamps.

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  • http://www.indo11.com/ Ratih Gema

    Everton vs Crystal Palace Juga Ditunda

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