5 Simple Tips for Holiday Health

Thanksgiving Buffet

Every year we see it again. Late November signals the white flag of surrender for many people who give up their healthy habits without even a fight. It’s as if the holidays are a weapon of mass destruction, obliterating our weight loss achievements so far and crushing our puny willpower.

It doesn’t have to be this way. By approaching the next month and a half with a can-do attitude, you can weather the calorie storm, enjoy the down time, and feel great. Here are a few simple tips for you.

1. Don’t come (too) hungry. During the holidays, we are invited to many a tasty meal. A classic mistake is not to eat all day in order to make room for all the tasty treats awaiting us. However, this strategy backfires consistently because we tend to dramatically overeat. It’s the way our bodies have been wired by millions of years of evolution.

2. Start with water. Start all meals and parties by making sure you are properly hydrated. This will help reduce your overall caloric intake.

3. Be selective. Many holiday meals and parties are buffet style with a dozen or two options to lump onto your plate. They are not all of the same quality. Before getting in line, get a bird’s eye view of what’s available and decide to choose only a few of the most appetizing dishes.

4. Although the holidays last about 6 weeks, most of the time is technically not a holiday, just regular work days. Save you caloric celebrations for the few days that actually are a holiday – Thanksgiving, Christmas, an New Year’s eve.

5. Continue with your healthy routines – whether it is exercise or updating your food diary, keep at it. Don’t let Thanksgiving derail you for more than a day or two. Get back to your regular groove fast, especially since you should be having more free time, not less, during vacation.

What are your plans for eating and staying healthy this holiday season?

  • Duke

    Just eat a Plant Based Whole Foods Diet and never worry about weight, heart disease, diabetes again! Pretty simple.

    • Rawvegan

      Thank you!!! Totally agree :)

    • Garypaul1256

      What if you don’t have a Whole Foods near by?

  • Hollyann

    That’s what I do too!! Yaaayyyy

  • Jeff Sanders

    Nah, holidays are meant to be enjoyed. Pretty sure I’ll eat as much as I want. It’s called maintaining a gym routine. Funny how people were not so calorie conscious back in the day, and still managed to be statistically less obese than we are today.

    • Don

      People were also much less sedentary back in the day.

      • Jeff Sanders

        Is that supposed to be a justification?

        • Becky Elaine Soper

          Actually, people ate less rich foods and had smaller portions. In the 50′s if you went to McDonald’s, you got a meal the size of what we consider today as a kids meal. The food wasn’t laden with huge amounts of sugar and sodium. Also, it’s been proven that a balanced diet is way more effective in maintaining weight than exercise alone.

  • Debbie Siegel

    Don’t feel as though you need to skip something on the buffet table; try having a spoonful gathering than passing up something you’l might say later to yourself “Man I wish I would have sampled that ….”

  • Lorilie28

    When I am asked how do you stay thin I say it’s all about portion control. I eat whatever I want but don’t stuff myself!