Potato Chips + Chocolate Chips = Chocolate Potato Chips

Lay's wavy dipped potato chips

image: Lay's

First there were potato chips.
Then there were chocolate chips.
Now, Lay’s is introducing Chocolate Potato Chips.

Oh, the sheer joy. Or horror.

According to Lay’s, a subsidiary of PepsiCo, this is a limited time product that the company is introducing based on market research. This is a product millennial women want. And they shall get it! Indulgence is always better when sweet and savory meet. Never mind PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi’s promise to healthify the company’s product portfolio.

Let’s, out of curiosity, take a look at the nutrition on this thing. We have no expectations.

A serving is one ounce. But get this – because of the chocolate, it’s only 4 chips! Unless Lay’s sell these in 4 chip packs, we can’t imagine anyone having the willpower to stop at such a low number.

The serving of 4 chips has 160 calories, which is the same as regular Lay’s Classic and Lay’s Wavy chips. It has 9 grams of total fat, half of which are saturated (22% of the daily maximum recommended value). Sodium is relatively low, only 45mg (2% of the daily max). Sugar, which you don’t see much of in potato chips, clocks in at 3 teaspoons.

Would you try this product? Do you think it could become a regular snack in your repertoire?

  • Becka

    I would totally try chocolate-dipped potato chips, because they sound delicious, but probably not this product because I imagine it uses pretty poor quality chocolate.

  • Rebecca LeFever

    Guess I’ll stick to making my own chips (without the nasty grease) and dribble chocolate on them myself….sounds like a great Christmas gift too.

    • Tracy Campbell

      That’s something we did in my restaurant. Homemade potato chips dipped in homemade chocolate, packed in a decorative tin and sent to regular patrons.

  • Victoria

    Where can I find These?? I’m in South FL..Any help would be much appreciated

    • Sheri

      Only Target sells them. They come out this week.

  • waynecollections

    It looks interesting just to try out. :)

  • mrsrixma

    IF you have never tried chocolate covered potato chips, you are REALLY missing out. However no one needs a big ol bag of them!

  • chanterelle

    Other brands exist. Try Trader Joe’s.

  • Me

    As horrible as they are for you — ‘MURICA! at its finest — they’re freakin AWESOME.