Does the World Really Need a Tea Drink Especially for Kids?

Little Me Tea

Important memo to parents: Children are a species of human with a digestive system just like you. It’s more than OK to feed them exactly what you feed yourself. It’s probably better for them because most products marketed to kids are higher in sugar and artificial food dyes compared to their adult equivalent. Cereal is the classic example.

That is why we are often skeptical when learning about the launch of a new product for children. Especially a beverage for children, when we well know that they should really be drinking water. That’s why we were not very happy to learn about a new tea for kids – Little Me Tea.

The company was started by a mom who added fruit juice to her tea to make it appealing to her children. While we certainly admire mompreneurs, we have to ask ourselves, do kids really need another sweetened beverage option? According the company, their product is a healthier alternative to sodas and juice drinks because it has less sugar in it, and they it is all from fruit and veggies.

In fact, the company says it has less sugar than competing healthy brands of kids’ drinks like Honest Kids, or Juicy Juice.

Julia’s Tropical Tea has 25 calories from 6 grams of naturally occurring sugar. That’s about one and a half teaspoons of sugar for a 6.75 fl oz box of tea. The ingredients:

Filtered Water, Organic Apple Juice Concentrate, Organic Sweet Potato Puree, Organic Clarified Mango, Organic Orange, Organic Pineapple, Organic Carrot Juices from Concentrate; Organic Natural Flavors, Organic White Tea, Organic Rooibos (Red) Tea,Organic Hibiscus Extract, Organic Chamomile Extract.

Overall the ingredient list looks solid. Note that none of these juices have any nutrition left in them compared to the real fruit – no fiber, no vitamin C, no antioxidants.

The pros: organic, sweetened with fruits and veggies, no caffeine. The cons: still a sweet drink at a time when we really really need our kids to be drinking only water. And yet, there could be room for this type of drink as the beverage choice at a birthday party, or maybe a handout for weary Trick or Treaters?

Would you buy Little Me Tea for your kids?


  • Tara Olgin

    I couldn’t disagree more. It’s not koolaid.

  • Rhonda @wine-y-wife

    I have 2 boys (ages 8 and 5) and we live in the northwest where it’s rainy much of the year. I know that often times I want to drink something warm and cozy. My boys like that idea too. Sometimes after dinner we will all “cozy up” with a glass of tea. Decaffeinated tea. Plain. No honey, sugar, cream, or kid tea here.

  • Mary

    I bet this product won’t be around for long.

  • Patches

    C’mon Fooducate. Sometimes you’re just inflexible. Do we “really really” need kids to drink only water? Ever? 100% of the time? This product obviously was made with a conscience. And at 25 calories, it seems draconian to relegate it to birthday-party-only status. I applaud the useful information Fooducate brings to my attention. In this case, thanks for the heads up- I may buy this product. Probably not the desired effect.

  • Maggie

    I didn’t know children were their own species. That sure explains a lot. Lol

  • nelliesabin

    This product is basically water and apple juice. Does Fooducate have the percentages / a breakdown of the ingredients?

    Personal note: my son turned out to be terribly allergic to herbal teas. I figured they had to be harmless, but I was wrong – hibiscus gave him hives. So proceed slowly, even if it’s organic.

  • JulieW

    Nope. You lost me the “Natural Flavors,” organic or not!

    • JulieW

      You lost me AT the Natural Floavors…

  • Katrina

    Water, 100% of the timefor our children, is that all we adults drink? I am thankful for a healthy alternative to juice and my daughter is a byproduct of an organic child!
    She takes an LMT box in her lunch even on the days she does take water and she
    consumes this healthy drink while emulsifying her fiber from the 3-5 raw,
    organic vegetables I pack for her! LMT is a staple in our household because I
    believe in the product and because it took me years of frustration with her
    seeing other children allowed to drink apple/orange juice or worse yet, capri
    suns and kool-Aid, to find something not only good for her but something she
    truly enjoys! I just liked your page on facebook previous to reading this
    article but if this is the kind of advice you are spewing out; who are you
    really educating? By the way, have you tried LMT?