Nothing Smart About Smart Water

Smart Water Jennifer Aniston

Did you catch the giant billboard ads of beautiful Jennifer Aniston pushing Smart Water? We saw one the other day and started to think that the only smart thing about this water, is the fact that Coca Cola, the parent company of manufacturer Glaceu, can actually convince millions of people to spend so much money on water.

Sure it has some added ingredients:

vapor distilled water, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride and potassium bicarbonate (electrolyte sources*) electrolytes added for taste.

There’s nothing special here and unless you are an elite athlete, you certainly don’t need any extra electrolytes beyond what you get in your food.

OK, the other smart thing was Jennifer Aniston agreeing to do the ad, she probably made a lot of money. Our suggestion to you: drink tap water. In most places, it is perfectly fine to drink. And cheap. If you do have concerns, get a home filtration system.

  • Curmudgeon

    Tap water in most places tastes like hose water.

    • hosedrinker

      That’s because it’s the same thing, and I for one like the taste of hose water! Reminds me of being a kid :)

  • Amanda

    But what about fluoride content? I buy smart water all the time. Not because it’s supposed to be “smart” or anything.
    From my understanding it has significantly less added fluoride than other waters, especially tap. However, I would be interested in your take on that topic, fooducate.

  • Alyssa B

    I’ve lived places with tap water quality ranging from almost bottle quality, to having a crunch to it and now I’m in a place where it tastes like pool water (from the added chlorine.) None of it has been too much for even the cheapest filtered pitcher to handle at way cheaper than bottled water.
    But hey, at least it’s not soda or some new sugary beverage.

  • Tonya

    I disagree. With tap water, in most municipalities, you are getting TONS of fluoride which we don’t need.

  • Neil K. LeBeau

    you can get a case of purified bottled water from places like rite aid, cvs, and walmart for between $2-$3. that is what i go with but make sure to recycle the bottles afterward.

  • Charlu S

    I don’t see how you can say that this water is “Not Smart” when I am a testimony as to how it does. After monthly IV magnesium treatments at the hospital, along with muscle cramps beyond belief for the last year and a half, I was diagnosed with hypomagnesemia and now after drinking Smart Water for about 6 months have had normal magesium levels for the last 4 months. You will see an article I am writing soon with all my labs to prove it! Hopefully those who suffer will read mine opposed to yours! Have a great day!

    • aimee

      I suffered with dehydration and headaches… I drank smart water and have less headaches!!!!! I feel it hydrating me like fluids from an iv does!!!!

      • Ainsley Daschofsky

        That could just be from drinking water

        • Myles wells

          i had smart water for the first time a i felt different not cause the taste i felt that my brain was moving faster and now i’m doing research on it an well i think it is help full and its better than drinking pop so as a health decision to drink it every day.

  • hgjytfytf

    did u know that flouride has been proven to lower iq

  • John Anthony

    Smart Water is overpriced, but like it because I like the taste and I like the bottle. The spout is a little wider than other bottles making for a nice flow while drinking.