How I Got Off 5 Meds After 20 Years


A few days ago we got an email from AA that was so inspiring we wanted to share it with all of you. Thanks AA for allowing us to publish:

Dear Fooducate,

I can’t thank you enough for this application.  It is by far the most used application I have on my smartphone and one that has helped me make life changes like no other app or person have ever been able to do.

Last April, I downloaded your app to help me go on a diet. It finally dawned on me that I was making health choices in my life that were very dangerous.

I am a male, 5′ 5″ tall, and weighed 212 pounds. I was on 5 medications daily -  3 for high blood pressure, 1 for acid reflex and 1 for cholesterol.  I would run out of breath if I walked for 10 min.  I had been on a daily medication for almost 20 years.  I had tried numerous diets and different exercise routines and was never able to follow through with them.

Fooducate made me realize not only that I was overeating but also how my food choices were never the best.  I am on a new diet that has cut my food consumption, but am also running 2-3 miles a day and going on 1-2 hikes a week.  I have realized that I really enjoy hiking and am planning on going to Zion National Park for a 4 day hiking trip.  Something that would have never crossed my mind even 6 months ago.

Today I am 170 pounds.  Two weeks ago my personal physician was surprised how healthy I looked. After some tests and blood work, he removed all my medication.  I have been medication free for the first time in 19+ years.

I still have 15 pounds to lose to get to my “ideal” weight but plan on using Fooducate forever.

Thank you.  I will continue to be your biggest ambassador.

WOW – way to go AA. Stories like yours are the reason we go to work every morning!

  • Fat Steven

    Inspiring indeed. Its so sad though that the physician himself did not help you with your diet before. I would love to hear if he had tried, and if so, in what way did fooducate do better than a doctor?

  • Pat

    I have been attempting to eat much better and exercise. I went from size 18 to size 6. My medicines have been cut back but not yet eliminated. Still working on it and I

    have found that there are good tasting foods I never would look at before.

  • sj

    Wow! I am so glad that you have made such a huge change! Kudos to you and fooducate! I am a firm believer that the body can heal itself with the right choice of foods. Congratulations and be sure to educate others as well. Very nice job keep up the good work! :-D