Are Chickens Taking Over the World?

America loves chicken, but this wasn’t the case 40 years ago, when pork and beef reigned supreme in our kitchens. A combination of health considerations, cost savings, and smart marketing have led the US (and the rest of the world) to what Mother Jones calls “Peak Chicken”. In an eye opening series of graphs, MJ show us just how chicken (and eggs) have overtaken traditional sources of animal protein in the span of less than two generations. At any given minute, there are 6 chickens in some US farm for every single American!

Another interesting graphic depicts how we purchase chicken. In the past, people bought a whole chicken and cut it up at home (or prepared it as is).  Now, the most popular form is “further processed”. We can only assume this is McNuggets of various shapes and sizes. Indeed, convenience trumps all.

Are you a chicken eater?

  • Mike Luque

    I rarely cook meat at home but when I do, it’s usually parts. The only time I’ll purchase a whole chicken, it’s being cooked all at once, and not parted out. “Further processed” is just a unappetizing term but I’m not surprised that has risen so much. Frozen prepared meals, canned soups, breaded frozen patties. None of which are welcome in my house!

  • Cactus_Wren

    Fully half a century ago Peg Bracken wrote, with regard to the conveniently low prices of chicken, “I don’t know what the chicken farmers are eating these days, and I hate to think what the chickens are.” It’s even more distressingly true today.

    As for me, I don’t think I’ve ever bought “further processed” chicken in my life unless a supermarket rotisserie chicken counts.