Hot Soda!

While most Americans want their soft drinks served ice cold, in other parts of the world, this is not always the case. Canada Dry, a brand from the Coca Cola Company, is planning to release a ginger ale product in Japan, which is meant to be served hot! But it won’t require consumers to heat the beverage on a stove-top.

The can itself will include heating materials that will activate upon the push of a button. We don’t want to imagine what will happen when the delivery truck hits a few bumps on the road…

Would you drink a hot soda?

  • Scott Kosman

    One Christmas I made a mulled drink using Dr Pepper and various spices (cloves, orange peel, nutmeg, etc.) and rum. Amazing.

    • Kate H

      My mom would make us hot Dr Pepper with a slice of lemon as a treat sometimes.

      • Mama Ramen

        Yum. Was it good hot??

    • Mama Ramen

      Now that sounds like a yummy soda! I love Dr. Pepper anyway, but I have not tried anything else other than the cherry DP. I think I’ll try it your way. :-)

  • The Lone Marmot

    Sounds a bit weird, but I’d try it.

    I initially thought “Hot Soda!” was some sort of North American exclamation like “Holy Cow!” :-)

    • Mama Ramen

      haha. Very funny comment

  • Naveen KKR

    I feel its spicy drink not heating and drinking, Asians like spicy stuff,

    Also look at the can, it shows chilled sign than fire sign

  • javaqueen

    i don’t like pop no matter the temperature. except maybe a cold cream soda or root beer twice a year….

    • Mama Ramen

      At least the sodas you prefer to drink whenever are very good flavors. Those are 2 of my favorites. My other favorite is Dr. Pepper. But I’m with you…drinking soda is not good on a regular basis.

  • jadegreen_eyz

    Holding a hot can of soda in winter might be tolerable but I have my doubts about summer. That aside, it’s an Interesting concept – a carbonated ginger tea. I would try it.

  • Mary

    I don’t drink cold soda and can’t see that I would have much use for hot soda.

  • Dr. Kathleen Fuller

    What are the ingredients? I like to be informed however I haven’t drank soda in years.

  • Jim

    I lived in Asia for over a year (China actually), and hot coke was not uncommon….

    It sounds weird to a westerner, but it is totally normal there. Many people in Asia consider cold drinks to be unhealthy, it is more common to be server tea or even just warm water.

    I am not really a soda drinker myself (occasionally I have one), but I actually think warm coke is less unhealthy than cold. This may sound crazy, but consider-

    1. You drink it like tea, small sips over a long period of time. Cold soda is often guzzled as a “refreshment”.

    2. Once warm and bubble-free, it tastes really sweet. You *really* taste all the sugar, and thus drink less.