Judge to PepsiCo: Won’t Wait for FDA to Decide if Sunchips Natural or Not

Sun Chips made with GMO Corn

Around the country, food companies are being sued around in class action lawsuits as consumers are getting fed up with misleading advertising and health claims. One of the touchiest areas is genetically modified ingredients that find their way into most of our food supply.

Such is the case with Sunchips and Tostitos, snacks manufactured by PepsiCo subsidiary Frito Lay. A lawsuit was filed 2 years ago alleging that despite Frito Lay’s claim – “Made with All Natural Ingredients” – the company is using genetically modified corn in its products. Here is the ingredient list for Sun Chips:

Whole Corn, Sunflower Oil, Whole Wheat, Rice Flour, Whole Oat Flour, Sugar and Salt.

As you can see, corn is the first ingredient. Most of the corn grown in the US today is genetically modified, and Frito Lay does not use a GMO-free variety.

So can a snack made from GMO ingredients be considered Natural?

PepsiCo asked the judge to defer to the FDA. But the FDA is not willing to take a stand on the matter. In the past, it issued a very vague definition of the term Natural and did not relate to GMOS. The the judge realized that the FDA could take years to decide on the matter. So, PepsiCo’s request to dismiss the case has been denied. There is still a long way to go until the case is decided, but this is another small victory for proper labeling of food products in the US.

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  • vroomvsr

    What’s wrong with GMO food’s?

    • Ciaran

      Your way of thinking, for starters.

      • Amanda

        Are you saying you don’t know why you don’t like GMOs? If you are trying to teach people why they are better, you better have a good reason. Everyone who replied to this comment said basically “because it’s wrong”. Tell us why! Otherwise you are just jumping on a bandwagon because someone told you I’d was “bad”.

        • vroomvsr

          O.K maybe I’ll be more specific, GMO food’s can save lives
          in Kenya for example many people die from vitamin A however there are GMO rices out there that could stop the
          vitamin A deficit and save so many lives. This could happen in many cases. Also I agree there is one problem GMO foods need to be tested more, because right now we don’t
          know to much about them.

    • Nicole G

      Everything! Become aware

      • Amanda

        That’s not very specific, now is it? Why not enlighten us all. I see nothing wrong with GMO foods.

  • http://nhprogressives.wordpress.com John Ranta

    Anyone who cares about eating natural foods should not be buying anything manufactured by Pepsi or Frito Lay. There’s no need to read the ingredients list, just look at the brand name on the front…

  • Nicole G

    As John said. Anyone that is eating natural or organic would not dare to touch pepsi or frito lay products. They will never be GMO free, all they care about is money

  • Amanda

    I agree with the other people commenting here. What exactly is wrong with GMO foods? They usually just contain genes from other species. This seems like an un-scientific fear tactic for people who don’t understand what GMO foods really is.

    • mictuc

      I agree with Amanda, I guess I am not properly food educated like many Americans. I am not taking the stand to say that GMO foods are good for you. But if most of our corn is GMO produced what is exactly safe to eat? If GMO produced foods are potentially dangerous, why are these foods being manufactured and sold to us? Please be nice with your responses….thanks :-)

  • Tonya

    It’s hard to explain in a short post or blog why people are concerned about GMO foods. It’s simple to Google the phrase “GMO foods” and read information related to the possible dangers and risks involved. There are many films on the subject if you search “GMO foods” on YouTube. There are also books if you search any online bookseller.

    There are a couple of scary things about GMO foods. First of all, one company (Monsanto) has control over most of the foods people eat in the US. Also, the FDA does not do the testing on these foods. The company wanting to approve these foods are the ones doing the testing. The second scary thing is that America is one of the only civilized nations that doesn’t require GMO labels. There hasn’t been enough time to prove that GMO foods are safe. Monsanto is the same company that said Agent Orange was safe and we all know how that turned out.

  • Martin

    I would like to recomend the documentary “Genetic Roulette”, it provides many facts to back their claims, for any who would like to be informed. From what I’ve learned, one issue with GMO’s is that the body does not recognize them as real food and may treat the “food” as an unrecognized foreign object, similar to a virus. When this happens, gastrointestinal problems may occur. This is also linked to the high increase in different types of food allergies.

  • gracereas

    If you want to know about GMO’s go to Dr. Mercola.com and in his search bar type in GMO, he has many articles.

  • Jackiebot

    There is no convincing evidence that GMO foods are directly harmful, but some people believe they are lower in nutritional value. Other people don’t want to be guinea pigs for the government. Some of these people also don’t carry cell phones because of the background radiation they emit (iPhones having some of the highest numbers), but some of them choose what to be indignant about based on what is popular. Eventually, it may come out that the tons of genetically altered produce were bad for us, but in the meantime, it keeps everyone fed for cheap.