Name These 3 Fruits (plus some thoughts about variety)

Mango Figs and Starfruit

Eating healthfully may seem boring after a while. The same salad every day for lunch, boring greens, an apple a day, etc… And all the while we are tempted with an endless stream of marketing messages to buy this or that junk food or beverage.

Whole foods are orphans, they don’t appear on billboards to remind us how wonderfully tasty they are, not to mention healthy.

So, we’re posting this picture to whet your appetite. These fruit were absolutely delicious :-) And there are many others in a well stocked supermarket produce section. Or farmers’ markets still in full swing in late summer. They are a wonderful reminder that “healthy snacking” is not an oxymoron and that we can achieve wonderful variety in a healthy, real food diets.

Before you complain about the high prices of exotic fruit, think about the alternatives – nutrient void candy that will leave you hungry again 45 minutes later and a blood sugar spike that messes with your metabolism.

No one is saying you need to buy the most expensive fruits for your daily snacking pleasure. But stop drinking soda and juice for a week and you’ll find that with the money saved you can dish out a pretty awesome fruit salad.

Pictured above are mango, fig, and starfruit (carambola).

What are your favorite exotic fruits?

  • Emily

    My son adores mangoes and coconuts. I love going to Jungle Jim’s in Cincy – they have rambutan, loquats, and dragon fruit (yum!). We’ve even tried durian – not so yum, but it got checked off the bucket list!

  • Christine

    I rarely see fresh figs in our markets, and the last time we purchased start fruit it was no good, so it has soured us on getting it more regularly, but mango is a staple in our house. It’s one of those things we buy nearly every time we’re at the store. Whenever we see something “new” or different (which is sometimes pretty limited in our local markets…the most exotic things at times are Asian pear and jicama :/ ), we try to get that, too, so the kids can try it. During winter, my oldest can’t wait to get her hands on pomegranates (though I must admit, I hate getting all the seeds out of those things!).

    • mizmar

      Hi Christine, Martha Stewart suggest seeding pomegranates in water; then just pour into a colander; works great and no red stains on my counter.

  • F.W. Von Knorring

    “wet your appetite”

    That would be “whet your appetite”.

    • Fooducate

      Of course. Thanks!

  • John

    I only know one and that is mango.

    Almond Butter

  • Dr. Kathleen Fuller

    Wow I love these fruits and I grow them in my backyard here in South Florida.