Move Over Brown Rice, Super Duper Red Rice is Here

Cooked Red Rice

If you are trying to eat healthy, you have no doubt encountered brown rice, the whole grain answer to the standard white rice that most of the world eats today. Brown rice is full of fiber and beneficial nutrients, but takes longer to cook and for many people is not as palatable as white rice.

That’s where red rice comes in. We were recently turned on to this rice by a friend, and haven’t looked back since. Pictured above is a bowl of cooked red rice. The rice is grown in the Himalayan Mountains, south of Tibet in the kingdom of Bhutan. It is rich in flavor, almost nutty, and has a wonderful chewiness to it that brown rice lacks.

We’ve tried it with several dishes and all were a success – with sauteed mushrooms, with Indian chickpea dal, and as a side to a beef entree. To fully cook a cup of dry red rice, you’ll need 2.25 cups of water, and it takes significantly longer than white rice – about 35-40 minutes to get it done right – be patient.

From a nutrition perspective, red rice has 3 grams of fiber per serving (brown rice has 2 grams). But it has 10 times the antioxidants of brown rice! Red rice is also very rich in essential nutrients manganese (80% of your daily value) and molybdenum (35%).

You can buy Red Rice on, or at specialty grocers. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

  • Alyssa B

    I recently tried Volcanic rice from my local store’s bulk bins. It’s my new favorite. it’s a mix of brown, whole red and lightly milled red rices. It’s great cooked with some coconut milk.

  • Alison L.

    Ha! I guessed right! ;-)

  • Alison L.

    p.s. It is very yummy stuff!

  • Fred S

    Any information on the Arsenic content of red rice ( which is unacceptably high in most brown and white rice) ?

  • Sharon

    Here’s a new brand with Red Rice selling both raw and cooked version of the rice. I like the cooked version a lot – here’s a link:

    • Pradeep

      Sharon: Thank you for the mention! We are the grower/importer of red rice and black rice blends and I’ll be happy to answer any questions the consumers may have about these rices. They are really popular for their health benefits in asia and gaining popularity worldwide. You can see our products at

  • Carol H

    Black rice is good too (and note that like red and brown rices it comes in different strains/varieties — some are glutenous; fiber, protein, iron and anthocyanin content vary, but tend to be higher than in brown and definitely than white rice). There is even a line of snack chips made with red rice and brown rice that just came out.

    • Grains of Wellness

      That’s us! Thanks for the mention. We are a grower/importer of black/red rice and black/red rice chips and here’s a link to our products Thanks and I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

  • Cactus_Wren

    The prices at Amazon are a bit … stupendous, don’t you think?

    • Grains of Wellness

      ours is $3.99 per lbs with Free Shipping on Amazon – each pack has about 9 servings, so don’t think it’s too high…

  • Sol

    I have tried a lot of the red rice available and The Dreams of Bhutan is the best. Lowest arsenic content and the fact that Bhutanese agriculture is practicality chemical free- it’s what I have switched to especially with kids around.

  • Zildran

    I fear that this will be a food craze like quinoa and we might replicate the effects that bolivian Farmers had. People please learn it is not just about healthy eating but sustainable eating.

  • malika

    if you guys have a sri lankan grocery store near by, its better to check there. you will find all shapes and size of red rice in there. .

  • Yying

    I was trying out red rice recipes too! Would love to know what you think about what I did here

  • karma

    My name is karma and i am from Bhutan , i export Bhutanese red Rice to several country and its in good demand . most of my customers like its natural taste and the fact being whole grain and its not polished. Its grown in fertile soil of Himalayas , fed with mineral waters from great mountains ,without using modern fertilizer. If any body wants to import the Rice please drop mail at or call me at mobile : +97517445504