Why We Commend Taco Bell Today. Seriously

Goodbye Taco Bell Kid's Meal

Today, Taco Bell is announcing the discontinuation of their Kids Meals. Starting in 2014, the popular fast food chain will not offer bribes to kids in the form of toys and cartoon characters. No more cheap toys as a lure to convince children to convince their parents to buy them unhealthy food.

Granted, the kids’ meals make up less than one percent of total sales for Taco Bell, so this will not be a big loss. Taco Bell is focusing more on the millennial age group and wants to be a bit more edgy as a brand.

And yet, we find this move encouraging, even if it was not done out of interest for children’s nutrition. This is because marketing to children is one of the critical factors in childhood obesity. Marketers have known for years that brand loyalty should be forged as early as possible in a consumer’s life.

Children and tweens are a prime target for junk food and fast food companies. Our weak government regulatory bodies are hapless and helpless in their efforts to regulate marketing to kids. Industry self-regulation attempts have been a joke so far.

So taking a stand like Taco Bell did is significant. And we want to take a minute to commend the company. It is a step in the right direction. It is a signal to the rest of the industry that ending marketing to kids is the right thing to do. A question that only time will answer is whether other fast food chains will follow suit.

Yes McDonald’s, we’re looking at you!

In conclusion, we still don’t think going anywhere near a Taco Bell (or McDonald’s) makes sense at all. The food is nutrient void and tastes terrible. Now it will be a bit easier to convince our kids as well.

  • HUqza

    Good for them. On a side note, my oldest son (step son) is a big fan of McDonalds, but I only allow him to eat it 3x a year when he is here. Parents need to take responsibility on this issue, as well as fast food chains and junk food companies. Just because kids want it doesn’t mean they should have it.

    • Ashleigh Sorensen

      I agree. Parents with kids that beg for everything they see on TV have a few options: 1. Less TV, get kids outside playing and away from all the negative adds and TV shows, 2. Be more assertive, make sure your kids know why they can’t have Cookie Crisp for breakfast and Lunchables for lunch, 3. Monitor TV with Netflix, I’ve heard that kids who only watched Netflix were a lot less likely to beg at the store

  • Jettsrus

    We gave up all fast food 2 yrs ago. Initially it was difficult on those day when you wanted something quick on the way home, but now its a piece of cake. We are so much better w/out it. And so is our pocket book/wallet.

  • Yosh

    Obviously you have never had a meximelt, if you think TBs food tastes terrible

    • Brianne

      Gross. I have indeed had a mexi melt. They are nasty just like the rest of the menu. But the only problem I see with this is that kids don’t need a kid meal with toys to convince them to want fast food. They will gladly and willingly flock to it because its hyperflavored . If you don’t want them eating this stuff a lack of kids meals isn’t the deterrent you need. You need to simply reinforce your parental rights to decide what they will eat and why. We do fast food on rare occasions ( like kinders or in n out. Never Wendy’s or McDonalds or any if the like cause they are gross) . but unlike a lot of my children’s friends we absolutely never make this stuff a staple or a regular. My kids eat a wide variety of whole fruits and veggies. We don’t buy juice . we go raw vegan several times a week . When they want a snack I usually toast up kale or suggest carrots or an apple . They eat what is put in front of them and I as the parent exercise the right to be sure what is offered is healthy. I don’t let them dictate because they don’t know what they need. I do . that’s my job.

    • Cactus_Wren

      I’ve never eaten at Taco Bell that I didn’t get throwing-up-sick within 48 hours.

    • Amy

      Other fast food I agree is nasty, I’ve never been a fan of it in general, but to this day I cannot give up Taco Bell. Meximelts are delicious – and when eaten in moderation, not that big of a deal!

  • nickkandbj

    We had organic taco TUES. MADE THE MEAT FRM ORGANIC BEEF,SPICES,Flax seeds in the meat,fresh tomatoes,fresh spinach,red onions,corn shells no sides told the kids just pretend it’s taco bell they said no way it’s better than taco bell!!! :-D

  • DarrylM

    The decision by Taco Bell seems to be 100% a financial one. I would guess that the profit margin is not enough to sustain the kids meal. To get all glassy-eyed and weepy that Taco Bell cares for kids is silly. Spin it how you want to make yourself feel better but this all about money.

  • howie g

    While commendable – if kids still want to be taken to Taco Bell, and parents agree, there is now no kid appropriate serving sizes for menu options. So, in the end, won’t those kids who still frequent Taco Bell and who used to purchase kids meals now be eating even more calories as they need to choose food from the “adult” or “normal” menu? May not be a big deal for Taco Bell, as kids meals only make up 1% of sales, but if other fast food restaurants get rids of kids meals it will be a major issue. While I don’t condone linking toys with food, I do think kids menus have a place in fast food restaurants. This is simply an all or nothing approach…black and white….right and wrong…yin and yang. If only life was that easy!

  • Shakira

    I will not commend Taco Bell because they realized that it is not profitable to be in “kid’s meal” business. If they were making significant profits that would not motivate them to get rid of unhealthy meals forchildren. It all comes down to money as always!