10 Reasons to Eat Strawberries Today

Strawberry Closeup

Raise your hand if you don’t like strawberries…This gift to mankind from mother nature may be the ultimate snack. Here’s why you should be eating more.

ONE A 1-cup serving  (8 strawberries) has less than 50 calories!

TWO That single serving has less than 3 teaspoons of sugar. It also has 3 grams worth of fiber to help mitigate any blood sugar spikes.

THREE Consume only six to eight berries and you’re done with your vitamin C needs for an entire day!

FOUR Ripe strawberries are so sweet that you don’t need to add sugar, or dip them in chocolate to improve their taste. They are perfect!

FIVE A serving of strawberries is also a decent source of potassium (7 percent of the daily value), sorely lacking in the modern American diet.


But wait, there’s more…

SIX Strawberries are a top contender for the antioxidant powerhouse of the year award. Rich with red pigment anthocyanins, strawberries can potentially help prevent cancer.

SEVEN Strawberries are available year round, but during the summer you can most likely find them for cheap at a local farmer’s market.

EIGHT Folate and manganese are also found amply in strawberries. Manganese helps bones and folate is important for moms to be.

NINE Strawberries are easy to prepare and eat – no messy peeling, cooking, slicing or dicing.

TEN It’s easy to add strawberries to other dishes – try them as a yogurt topping, in a shake or added to a green salad.

What’s your favorite way to consume strawberries?

  • Brianne

    We eat a lot of strawberries. We put them in smoothies and eat raw. We make our oatmeal with strawberries mangoes peaches and blueberries. No need for added sugar.

    • candice@allthingsyogi.com

      Great article! I just drafted a similar article about blueberries. Also, great site.

  • Becky

    Unless you’re eating the leaves, I think you mean *folate* not foliate.

  • Nisse

    Damn my strawberry allergy… but I will certainly continue to feed them to the hubby an kids. We have a few strawberry plants in the backyard and they steadily keep on expanding. Soon there will be enough to put in the freezer for the winter too. Almost every day we get a handful or three of freshly picked strawberries to supplement our daily meals (or hubby and kids do.. I have to settle for blackcurrants, redcurrants and raspberries)

  • Laura

    Amazing on top of an arugula salad.

  • penny

    Maybe this would have been more appropriate to post during strawberry season. Strawberries at the tail end of July? Maybe in California. They’re a May/early June fruit where I’m from.

  • Doreen Andrus

    favorite way to eat them ? one after another , smiles