Considering Getting a Free Slurpee Today? Think Again

Slurpee Artificial Colors

Today is 7/11, which is a good excuse for 7 Eleven to celebrate its annual Slurpee Giveaway. Every year, 7-11 hands out millions of free Slurpee drinks nationwide. This year, the serving size has grown from 8 ounces to 12 ounces. Because, you know, the war on obesity has been won.

Planning to join in on the fun?

Let’s take a look at the Berry Blaster Slurpee. Here are some key data points for you to keep in mind:

  • 6 (six!) tsp of sugar (actually High Fructose Corn Syrup)
  • Fruit content = 0% (did you seriously think there would be any here?)
  • Artificially colored with RED #40 (causes tumors in mice, causes some kids to bounce off walls)
  • Contains sodium benzoate – even Coca Cola removed this bad ingredient from Coke.

Here’s the full nutrition info for an 8 ounce Slurpee. (Did they make it extra hard to read on purpose???)berry blaster nutrients

Still planning to slurp today?

If this is your only time a year, have fun. But 7-11 is not stupid. They’re luring you in now with a freebe to turn you into a loyal Slurpee customer tomorrow. Buyer beware…

  • em

    Yes! free slurpee!!

  • Alyssa B

    I didn’t even know they sold slurpees that small.
    Do yourself a favor and make a fruit sorbet.

  • Chris Davies

    Surprise, they are giving away the 12 0z. Slurpees today. According to the news I heard today.

  • Lisa

    Yikes. I used to suck these down regularly as a kid. A part of me hopes they’ve changed the formula since then, and that it’s actually worse now, so I won’t feel so badly about all of the crap I ingested.

  • James Kiernan

    Take a chill pilll you magot!!!! No one is forcing you or anyone else to get it so chill the F out! you FU*KIN SLURPEE NAZI!!!

    • Fooducate

      Should we chill with a slurpee, or can we do it with ice water?

    • Michael

      James, you wonderful word stylist, you! The writer of this post didn’t tell anyone to do anything. She gave some information and asked if readers wanted to make their own decision based on this information. What about that equates with the Nazis, who practiced genocide and blithely killed those who didn’t toe their very specific line of thinking?
      your friend,
      Michael Prager

  • Jane

    I missed free slurpee day but I do get them on occasion. Hey everything I eat doesn’t have to be perfect.