What Took Experts So Long to Figure This Out??? Water Helps Lose Weight

woman drinking water

It’s 2013 and only now we get the memo?

Researchers have recently published a paper in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that wanted to examine if the intuitive conclusion that consuming more water is a good way to lose weight can be proven scientifically. So they did a meta-study, which means a review of many/all previous studies, in order to decide. Here’s the big news:

Studies of individuals dieting for weight loss or maintenance suggest a weight-reducing effect of increased water consumption…

Maybe not such big news if you think about it logically. Humans need to hydrate. If we’re not drinking water, some other liquid needs to enter our body. Those other hydration choices are often caloric (soft drinks, juices, alcoholic beverages). Obviously drinking only water all day long, every single day can be boring. But it seems that in the US, we drinking too much of the other stuff, and not enough water.

“But I can’t stand the taste of water”

We hear this so often, it’s hard to believe. You can blame your parents (or yourself) for getting hooked on sugary drinks, but that won’t help you rectify the situation. There is hope though. You can gradually get your taste buds to enjoy many things, and water is definitely one of them.

The first glass of water is the hardest to swallow

Start with the simplest thing – pour yourself a glass of water and having near your work area. When you’re  thirsty, it will be easier to reach for the water than get up and go to the fridge to get a soda. You’ll find yourself taking a sip. Maybe two. Soon enough you’ll have finished your first glass of water.

Ready for more? Here are 10 additional tips to get yourself drinking more water, consuming less liquid calories, and ultimately losing weight. Good luck!

  • just had to point this out

    Two not too.

    • http://www.fooducate.com/ Fooducate

      two-che! thanks

    • Sheniqua

      Also: “But it seems that in the US, we drinking too much of the other stuff, and not enough water.”

      Need an “are” in there.

  • http://caren-fitness.blogspot.com/ Caren Bordowitz

    Check out my video review of Fooducate App that lets you grade food on the go. :)


  • kfay

    Extraterrestrial visitor: What substance sustains life on Earth?
    Human: Water.
    Extraterrestrial visitor: How much do you require for the duration of one day?
    Human: I don’t drink it.
    Extraterrestrial visitor: ….What planet do you originate from?

    There’s so much hope for the future -_-

  • johnanthonyca

    There’s a weight-loss technique I read on http://superhuman.ly which involves “drinking 1 liter of water mixed with crushed ice immediately after waking then subsequently drinking a glass of water before eating every meal”. Has anyone of you tried this?

    • kfay

      1 liter is two full water bottles; that’s a lot of liquid at one time. I don’t think it would be comfortable, especially if you eat soon after. I’ve been drinking about 8-16oz of water after I wake up (room temp or cold, but never icy) and then eat a big breakfast. That works well for me.